Family Friendly Hostels

Hostels are a great way to connect. But it is not just only the hardcore party traveler, the 20 something who can enjoy a outstanding hostel experience. From budget backpacker, to the flashpacker up to the couple looking for the extra luxury experience. And now, there are plenty of cool-looking, cosy family hostels.

There are 7 different types of Hostels you need to know about. And some of them are absolutely recommended for families!

+34 Hostels to choose from

Who says a family vacation has to be price intensive? So, here is a list of more than 34 beautiful family-friendly hostels. With a tranquil vibe, and ambiance for families.

Some Hostels like Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof are specialized on families. They offer family rooms, and plenty of board games, and activities for families.

How to find Family-Friendly Hostels?

A family hostel usually tells it on the website.

They will offer special family rooms, and will have comments like “recommended for families”. Also, another great resource is checking the comments on booking platforms. There you can get a feeling of the hostel vibe.

Let us introduce you to +34 family hostels, and you will get an idea of what you can expect.