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Dive into our FAQ section where we unravel all the curiosities and essential info about Hostelgeeks. From how we meticulously select our 5 Star Hostels to the nitty-gritty of booking your next stay, we cover it all. Whether you’re a solo backpacker, a digital nomad, a family on an adventure, or just hostel-curious, this is your go-to resource for all things hostels.

As a community of real travelers continuously exploring the globe, we’re here to share our insights, tips, and hostel wisdom gathered since 2015. Plus, get a sneak peek into our team’s diverse experiences and global perspectives – we’re dotted all around the world, after all!

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What is Hostelgeeks?

Hostelgeeks is the #1 online platform showcasing the world's best hostels under one roof. We are collecting the worlds top hostels since 2015, and are real traveler exploring the world contentiously. Read more about our story and philosophy here.

In fact, our entire team is dotted around the world. Meet our team here and say hi.

How do you select your 5 Star Hostels?

A '5 Star Hostel' excels in design, cleanliness, sustainability, social atmosphere, and exceptional staff service. Find more details about 5 Star Hostels here. We also remain the right to remove hostels in case the quality dropped. Our user and traveler has the highest priority and we only want the absolute best hostels on our website.

Are all the hostels you feature affordable?

Yes, we focus on hostels that offer great value, balancing quality experiences with affordable prices. All Hostels are still affordable. Prices always depend on season and location.

Do you have hostels listed in [specific country/region]?

We have a wide range of hostels listed across various countries and regions. Check all guides on our website for the specific locations. If you cannot find your destination in our map or list, please get in contact with us. We have hostel contacts and recommendations all over the world.

How can I book a stay at one of your recommended hostels?

You can book directly through links provided on our site, which will redirect you to a trusted booking platform. This can be either Hostelworld.com, Booking.com and Hostelz.com. We will earn a small percentage of the reservation at no extra cost for you. You won't pay a penny more! Read more in our affiliate disclosure.

Can I trust the reviews and ratings on Hostelgeeks?

Absolutely. Our reviews and ratings are based on thorough own, first-hand experiences, research, and genuine guest experiences. We keep our content as well up to date with the help of our community and writers. Even the hostels inform us when updates are required due to some changes in the hostel or destination.

Do you offer any discounts or loyalty programs for frequent travelers?

Currently, we do not offer a loyalty program at Hostelgeeks.com. We occasionally share exclusive discounts and deals in our newsletter. It is free for you to sign up.

How does Hostelgeeks ensure the safety and quality of its listed hostels?

We regularly update our listings and conduct checks to ensure our hostels maintain high standards of safety and quality. We keep our content up to date with the help of our community and writers. Even the hostels inform us when updates are required due to some changes in the hostel or destination.

Can I find solo traveler-friendly hostels on Hostelgeeks?

Yes, many of our listed hostels are perfect for solo travelers, offering a safe and social environment. After all, hostels are about traveling cheaply and bringing people together.

Are the hostels listed on Hostelgeeks suitable for families?

We have a selection of family-friendly hostels, which you can find by using our search filters. In every guide we try to feature the best hostel in town for families. Please note that some hostels are not at all family-friendly hostels.

How can I get in touch with Hostelgeeks for support or inquiries?

You can reach us via email at info[at]hostelgeeks.com for any support or inquiries.

What is your policy on sustainability and eco-friendly hostels?

We prioritize featuring hostels that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Read more on our Editorial Guidelines.

Do you have a newsletter or a way to stay updated with new listings and travel tips?

Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter through our website to stay updated.

What differentiates Hostelgeeks from other hostel platforms?

Our focus has been solely on the best hostels since 2015. We maintain a high standard of content, service, and hostel quality, ensuring our readers have access to the world's best hostels. As a highly specialized and leading platform in the hostel industry, we share in-depth insights and the ins and outs of hostel travel. We say it with confidence that you won't find any other website with the same level of commitment and quality when it comes to hostel content.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stay at all hostels for free?

We decided that we do no longer want to stay in hostels for free. Our experiences of a free stay might differ from other guests. We have also been treated differently which might influence our overall experience and rating. Our goal is to keep Hostelgeeks.com free of any influences and are traveler-centered.

Did you really visit all hostels by yourself?

Yes, indeed. That myth is true. All our hostels we feature on Hostelgeeks have been visited by one of our team or one of our external writers, submitting photos and a first-hand review.

Can I write for Hostelgeeks?

Yes, you can write for Hostelgeeks and help us discover the worlds best hostels. Find more information on writing for us here. Please note that we receive many applications and we cannot answer all of them.