34 Best Hostels in Australia – The Backpacking Itinerary (with Surf, Boutique and Prison Hostels)

34 Best Hostels in Australia - The Backpacking Itinerary (with Surf, Boutique and Prison Hostels)
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G’day and welcome to the best hostels in Australia. This diverse list covers all of the major traveller destinations in this vast country

A complete backpacking Australia guide you need to read to avoid mistakes, save money and stay in fun and cool hostels.

From big cities like Sydney and Melbourne to smaller hubs like Broome and Alice Springs.

Are these really the top hostels in Australia?

100% YES! No worries there, mate!

The quality of hostels can vary depending on your chosen destination. There are actually a lot of small, family run hostels.

We’ve covered all bases, from party hostels to 5 star hostels. And of course the all important backpacker places!

All offer something great, just find the one that suits your style.

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We are Hostelgeeks and we discover the worlds greatest hostels, including the coolest backpackers places to stay in Australia.

We’ve travelled extensively in Australia, from the East Coast, the Top End and to the Central Australian desert.

Looking for fun things to do in Australia? Check out:

Not only that, but we share with you our ultimate hostel packing list, and how to get around Down Under.

(Last updated in June, 2024)

List of cities with the Best Hostels in Australia

Enough of the nitty gritty. Let’s jump right on in to the great hostels.

Here are all the destinations we cover in this guide:

This Australia map will be helpful for you. I added all backpacker places, hostels and even itineraries I suggest. Also useful, this great guide on the best things to do in Australia.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🐨 Best Hostel in Sydney:Sydney Harbour YHA
🦘 Best Hostel in Melbourne :Space Hotel
🏝️ Best Hostel in Cairns:Bounce Cairns
🦅 Best Hostel in Alice Springs:Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn
👫 Best for Socializing in Surfers Paradise:BUNK Surfers Paradise
🥳 Best Party Hostel in Brisbane:Summer House Backpackers
🎒 Best Hostel for Backpackers in Townsville:Civic Guest House Backpackers Hostel
🦈 Best for Shark Cage Diving: Book Port Lincoln YHA here
😍 Best Boutique Hostel in Tasmania: Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse

Best Hostels in Sydney

Sydney is certainly one of the top destinations to visit. This city by the sea has great food, beaches, architecture, night life – what more do you need?

Oh yeah, great hostels! Actually, you only need ONE top hostel in Sydney. If you’re visiting the land down under, Sydney is an absolute must and a great destination to start.

Why? It tends to be the cheapest city to fly in to and you’ll meet many travellers that have done the East Coast from Cairns to Sydney.

The 3 coolest hostels in Sydney are:

  1. Sydney Harbour YHA
  2. Wake Up! Sydney Central
  3. Bondi Backpackers
  4. Stoke Beach House

Find our detailed guide to hostels in Sydney here. We also have a dedicated guide to the coolest party hostels in Sydney.

1. Sydney Harbour YHA (Sydney)

Our #1 choice in this beautiful city is Sydney Harbour YHA.

Here views over Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour can be enjoyed from the rooftop!

We love the combined heritage and state of the art facilities under one roof. Not forgetting the super social vibes that are great for any solo traveller looking to mingle.

If you want to in the heart of the city next to pubs, restaurants and live music; stay here.

Book Sydney Harbour YHA here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Sydney Harbour YHA one of the best hostels in Sydney, Australia

2. Wake Up! Sydney Central (Sydney)

Next up is another central, minimalist hostel with spacious rooms and even more social vibes.

Wake Up! Sydney Central is a great choice for those that crave a bit of ease. Easily accomplished when you have a cafe and bar on the premises.

It’s THE choice for travellers that just love planned events and activities in/around the hostel including pub crawls, yoga classes and free pizza evenings.

This is surely a top hostel for those staying in the city for a few days.

Book Wake Up! Sydney Central here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Wake Up Sydney Central one of the best hostels in Sydney, Australia
Wake Up! Sydney

3. Bondi Backpackers (Sydney)

Hopefully the name itself has got you a little excited because yes, this hostel is literally 2-minutes from the famous Bondi beach!

This is of course perfect for travellers desperate to see the beach as soon as they reach Australia.

Alongside the beach, there’s a wonderful rooftop terrace boasting awesome views. This is also where you can join yoga classes and personal training sessions.

It will be easy to find a buddy or two here that you can explore the city centre with. Bus connections will get you there in no time.

Book Bondi Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

YOGA at Sydney Bondi Backpackers

4. Stoke Beach House (Sydney)

Under new ownership, Stoke Beach House brings new minimalistic decor flavours to the hostel game in Manly Beach area.

This hostel was once known as Manly Backpackers. It now offers a new branding for surfers, yogis and divers, and anyone that enjoys an all-round everyday hostel.

Let’s look at the hightlights:

  • Tailored surf & dive packages
  • Free daily yoga classes
  • Lay down cinema room w/ free popcorn
  • Outside terrace with pool table
  • Hostel bar with cheapest schooner in Manly!

Not to mention healthy buffet breakfasts, daily events and pretty wild parties… the list goes on.

One more thing: the brand new bunkbeds come with a privacy curtain – that’s a bit of a rarity in Australia. Win!

Book Stoke Beach House here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Stoke Beach House is one of the best hostels in Sydney, Australia Stoke Beach House is one of the best hostels in Sydney, Australia Stoke Beach House is one of the best hostels in Sydney, Australia

Best Hostels in Melbourne

Another city on most travellers’ radar is hip and new age Melbourne.

Dubbed the sports and culture capital of Australia, it’s certainly worth putting a few days aside to explore what’s on offer here.

Here is the list of the most amazing hostels in Melbourne:

  1. Space Hotel
  2. Landing Pads Brunswick

Find our detailed guide to the coolest hostels in Melbourne here. And if you’re more into parties check out our coolest party hostels in Melbourne.

1. Space Hotel (Melbourne)

Nevermind the name; this is a travellers HOSTEL, where luxury and budget come together in harmony.

This is no doubt the #1 recommendation for style, comfort and enjoyment for a variety of traveller types.

Couples can lounge on their very own balcony in private rooms, and solo travellers can meet plenty of people in the 8-bed dorm.

Not convinced? We probably should mention the rooftop with a Jacuzzi. AWESOME!

This great hostel is a 5-minute walk to the central station, surrounded by restaurants and shops.

Book Space Hotel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Space Hotel one of the Best Hostels in Melbourne
Space Hotel

2. Landing Pads Brunswick (Melbourne)

Here’s one for the working travellers out there looking for a small, easy going place to reside.

Landing Pads Brunswick is a wonderful choice for those with a brand new working holiday visa and zero job plans. Just ask the staff to point you in the direction of the free job board.

This is less of a party place and more of a strong family home. In fact that’s exactly what it feels like – a big house share!

Be aware that this hostel is situated 20 minutes outside the CBD area of Melbourne.

Book Landing Pads Brunswick here

Compare prices at: Hostelworld

Landing Pads Brunswick one of the Best Hostels in Melbourne
Do you love to mingle? Then Landing Pads Brunswick is a perfect hostel for ya!

Best Hostels in Noosa

Noosa is one of Australia’s most popular beachside holiday destinations and is becoming increasingly popular with backpackers, and it’s no surprise why! Picture yourself surrounded by breathtaking beaches, lakes, and national parks, with plenty of activities to do and adventure activities to choose from. It’s a beach-goers paradise!

Best Hostels in Noosa

We also have an in-depth guide with more details on the best hostels in Noosa.

Best Hostels in Cairns: Bounce Hostel

Let’s leave the cooler temperatures of Victoria and head to sub-tropical Queensland where bats fly and parties commence every night of the week.

(Confused about the cities? Again, remember, we created this hostel map for you with all the cool Australia hostels.)

There are some truly jaw-dropping hostels in this part of Australia.

Top Tip: hire a car to explore the beauty of the immediate areas surrounding Cairns city.

Our favourite hostels in Cairns are:

  1. Bounce Cairns
  2. Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel and Resort
  3. Mad Monkeys Backpackers Waterfront

Find our detailed guide to the best hostels in Cairns here.

1. Bounce Cairns (Cairns)

Let’s get excited for bright, big spaces and warm smiling faces that greet you at the Bounce Cairns door.

This is certainly great for backpackers looking for a sociable time – the large hang out area and pool are designed with this in mind.

What we love is the level of luxury here.

Every room is deluxe style with an en-suite and private balcony or courtyard garden.

Cool, right?

To top it off there’s a bar on-site and breakfast is included.

Book Bounce Cairns here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Bounce Cairns one of the best hostels in Cairns, Australia
Bounce Cairns

2. Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel and Resort (Cairns)

If you’re looking for a HUGE hostel filled with nothing but party atmosphere, we urge you to check out Gilligan’s. If you are looking for hostels in Australia to get laid, well, consider this one.

Read: Netflix and Chill – The 10 Do’s and Dont’s.

This hostel is all about the thrill-seeking traveller that has bundles of energy!

Here it’s possible to…

  • Party every night of the week
  • Relax by the stunning lagoon pool
  • Enjoy a meal for $10
  • Find work in Cairns
Book Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Gilligan's Backpacker Hotel & Resort one of the best hostels in Cairns, Australia

Gilligan's Backpacker Hotel & Resort one of the best hostels in Cairns, Australia
Gillgian’s Backpacker Hotel & Resort

3. Mad Monkeys Backpackers Waterfront (Cairns)

Take a chill pill and opt for Mad Monkeys if you prefer a family atmosphere on a smaller scale.

Right on the esplanade the public lagoon is at your disposal.

Inside the hostel there’s good WiFi, hot breakfast and bicycle hire included in the price.

This is a bright, modern accommodation that was fully refurbished in 2017. Couples and small groups will certainly feel at home here.

Book Mad Monkeys Backpackers Waterfront here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront one of the best hostels in Cairns, Australia
FIFA, Card Games or just hanging out? Staying at Mad Monkey Backpackers Waterfront is fun

Best Hostels in Alice Springs: Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn

No doubt Uluru and the red centre are high up on many of our readers’ bucket lists. And luckily for you there are some truly wonderful hostels in Alice Springs!

Central, cosy and unique – all boxes ticked by the following 3 best hostels in Alice Springs:

  1. Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn
  2. Jump Inn
  3. Alice Lodge Backpackers

Find our detailed guide to hostels in Alice Springs here.

We also wrote a big guide on the best things to do in Alice Springs.

1. Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn (Alice Springs)

Undoubtedly deserved of the #1 spot is this fabulous little family run oasis.

Here we bring to you an accommodation that boasts passion, detail and local knowledge that will blow your socks off.

Every room has its own theme and the social spaces consist of a beautiful garden, pool, BBQ area and TV room. We recommend booking the Betty Bus for a truly unique stay in the Australian desert.

5-minutes from the town centre and super fast WiFi are just a few more things that make this a secret to shout about.

Book Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Alice's Secret Travellers Inn one of the best hostels in Alice Springs, Australia

2. Jump Inn (Alice Springs)

Jump Inn is a great option for the music lovers and those that appreciate a decent beer.

It’s maintains that small, intimate vibe but branches out when the bar doors open and the jam session kicks off once a week.

Female solo travellers will particularly enjoy the en-suite dorms that neighbour a large, refreshing pool.

There are private options too set away from the bar.

Book Jump Inn here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Jump Inn one of the best hostels in Alice Springs, Australia
Jump Inn the Pool….sorry, we just had to!

3. Alice Lodge Backpackers (Alice Springs)

This pretty little hostel is nestled within a quiet residential area very close to the town centre.

What’s nice about this hostel is the basic design that doesn’t cop out on comfort and cleanliness. It’s an affordable option and this is reflected perfectly.

Thanks to the small size, staff have more time to dedicate to their guests which sets it apart from the bigger places. Have a chat and enjoy a swim, you deserve it.

Book Alice Lodge Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Alice Lodge Backpackers one of the best hostels in Alice Springs, Australia
Alice Lodge Backpackers

Best Hostels in Hobart, Tasmania: Montacute Boutique Hostel

The island of Tasmania is stunning; simple as that.

It’s the perfect getaway for travellers in search of hiking, cycling and trying their hand at fruit picking.

Remember, Tasmania is not on mainland Australia. Check again the map.

Let’s take a look at the best hostels in Hobart, Tasmania:

  1. Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse
  2. The Pickled Frog
  3. The Nook Backpackers

Here’s our full indepth guide to the best hostels in Hobart.

1. Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse (Hobart)

This is THE place to stay if you’re travelling to Hobart… well actually if you’re travelling to Tasmania in general.

Family run and on the map since 2014, the owners have put serious effort in the rooms and it’s really paid off. It certainly has a hotel vibe here at hostel prices.

It’s a home and what does every home need? Pets, cute kids and warm spaces. Tick, tick and tick.

Read our full review of Montecute Boutique Bunkhouse below and find out why it’s an easy choice for our 5 star hostel in Hobart.

Book Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Full review | Booking.com | Hostelworld

Montacute Boutique Guesthouse one of the best hostels in Australia

2. The Pickled Frog (Hobart)

Aside from an awesome name, this quirky hostel offers a central location and a bunch of fun, free tours.

There’s heaps of space to relax. Grab a local beer or a cup of organic coffee and relax in one of the hammocks at the end of a long day.

Solo travellers and social butterflies will feel right at home here.

Book The Pickled Frog here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

The Pickled Frog one of the best hostels in Australia

3. The Nook Backpackers (Hobart)

Coming in a close second for the #2 spot is The Nook Backpackers.

Whilst the rooms here are nothing to write home about, the free Mt Wellington shuttle and weekly karaoke night really give this place an edge.

It always helps when there is friendly staff, and that’s no exception here.

Talk to them about bicycle hire and pick their brains on local knowledge.

Book The Nook Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

The Nook Backpackers one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Townsville: Rambutan Resort

The city of Townsville doesn’t have much to offer other than beautiful beaches, good bars and memorable hostels.

Sounds pretty rubbish, right?!

Once you’ve explored Townsville we recommend taking a trip to peaceful Magnetic Island just 6km from the coastline.

The two coolest hostels in Townsville are:

  1. Rambutan Townsville (no longer a hostel, but resort)
  2. Civic Guest House Backpackers Hostel

1. Rambutan Townsville (Townsville)

Update: Rambutan no longer offers dorms: it is now a resort with luxury rooms only. Still fun, yet more pricey!

This super stylish resort may have you double checking your reservation.

Don’t panic; the sparkling rooftop pool, plush beds and outdoor bar and restaurant are all yours to enjoy at a fantastic price.

It’s within walking distance to the beach and cool nightlife, too.

A hot paradise for couples and solo travellers looking for the coolest accommodation in Townsville.

Book Rambutan Townsville here

Compare rates at: Booking.com

Rambutan Townsville

2. Civic Guest House Backpackers Hostel (Townsville)

Looking for a bit of peace and quiet not so close to the CBD? Look no further!

Civic Guest House is all about the friendly, relaxed environment for the laid back traveller.

The general design of bedrooms and common spaces are simple but effective. We personally love the little garden lounge area out the back.

Be sure to make use of the pool table and chess board during your stay.

Book Civic Guest House Backpackers Hostel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Civic Guest House Backpackers one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Brisbane

If the capital of Queensland is calling your name, you won’t be disappointed with the hostels you’re about to discover!

Let the river sweep you off your feet and guide you to awesome rooftops, sparkling swimming pools and a fun party hostel.

The fun hostels in Brisbane are:

  1. Breeze Lodge
  2. Bunk Brisbane
  3. Party Hostel: Summer House Backpackers

Read: full guide to best hostels in Brisbane and best backpacker hostels in Brisbane.

1. Breeze Lodge (Brisbane)

Welcome to a cozy atmosphere for flashpackers!

Breeze Lodge has a real inviting design that’s equally colourful and playful. And there’s so much space everywhere you turn!

It’s also situated on Kangaroo Point which is Brisbane’s most beautiful suburb. Cliffs nearby offer the perfect spot for a sunset every day of the week.

The rooftop and two groovy lounge areas are also worth a mention.

Book Breeze Lodge here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Breeze Lodge Brisbane one of the best hostels in Australia

2. Bunk Brisbane (Brisbane)

Your third option for a great time is Bunk Brisbane. It’s built on young, happy vibes which will soon rub off on you.

It has won many awards for staff, rooms and of course the all important on-site bar and nightclub in an ultimate location next to the famous Story Bridge.

Rooms of all types are available to satisfy couples, budget travellers and flashpackers.

Book Bunk Brisbane here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Bunk Brisbane one of the best hostels in Australia

3. Party Hostel in Brisbane: Summer House Backpackers

Right then, who’s ready for a smashing party? This ‘18-35 years only’ hostel sure knows how to set the scene for a great experience.

Take in the view from the rooftop terrace and revel in the many freebies including:

  • BBQ dinners
  • Walking tours
  • Pub crawls
  • Pancake Sundays
Book Summer House Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Party Summer House Backpackers Brisbane one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Adelaide: Tequila Sunrise

It’s time to venture to South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital. We have written a super detailed guide on the 3 best hostels in Adelaide. These are:

  1. Tequila Sunrise Hostel – best for Solo Travelers and Digital Nomads
  2. Adelaide Central YHA Hostel – best for Families and Groups
  3. Sunny’s Adelaide Backpackers Hostel – best for Backpackers

It’s often a stop off point for travellers on their way to Perth, Melbourne and even Alice Springs. Check out the hostels we’ve found that might tempt you to stay a bit longer.

The best hostels in Adelaide is Tequila Sunrise Hostel

In the top spot is a rather large hostel boasting 18 rooms with 134 beds.

So as you’ve probably guessed this is a good choice for sociable travellers.

Even Alfonso, the owner, has time for a chat. His enthusiasm for the hostel is evident and infectious.

Start your day with a stretch in the spacious rooms along with a delicious buffet of pancakes and fresh fruit. Yum!

Three times a week there is a ‘family dinner’ on offer.

This is a really great way to save money and meet people. Just make sure you get there on time as hungry mouths don’t wait around.

Super cool: over the coming months every bed is being transformed in to a privacy pod. Yep, expect a curtain, plug and reading lamp all to yourself. The brand new mattresses are also really comfy!

Other enticing perks:

  • Balcony w/ sofas (smoking permitted)
  • Quiet area, close to nightlife
  • NEW beer taps w/ happy hour
Book Tequila Sunrise Hostel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Tequila Sunrise Adelaide one of the best hostels in Australia

CLOSED: Backpack Oz (Adelaide)

A much smaller and more personal option in Adelaide is Backpack Oz. Family run by caring owners that enjoy a good reputation.

There’s a daily happy hour of $4 beers and BBQ dinners once a month that will really help settle you in.

The CBD is within walking distance and many great pubs and cafes are nearby, too.

Rooms vary in size from 6-12 beds and there’s an option for female solo travellers that prefer single gender dorms.

Backpack Oz Adelaide one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Perth

Over in Western Australia is another striking capital city that sits where the Swan River meets the Southwest coast.

Get ready for sweeping views and endless opportunities.

The best backpacker hostels in Perth are:

  1. Hostel G Perth
  2. Spinners Hostel
  3. Fremantle Prison YHA
  4. The Shiralee Hostel

Keen for more? Head over to our full guide to the best hostels in Perth.

1. Hostel G Perth (Perth)

Hostel G Perth is not your typical hostel in Perth. This is a big place, with 290 beds spread over 5 rooms. It is also is a trendy hostel that’s affordable and accessible. It blends art, cuisine, design and community. 

The family rooms include children’s books, toys and an en-suite bathroom. The friendly staff – at hand 24/7 – can offer their expertise on city tours and local experiences. Just ask and you shall receive.

Book Hostel G Perth here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Hostel G Perth is one of the best hostels in Perth, Australia

2. Spinners Hostel (Perth)

Spinners Hostel is “Perth’s most chilled hostel.” It is very clean hostel, with good facilities, and located 20 minutes walk from the city. There is also a cozy chill area with a TV and couches. You can enjoy watching Netflix in the shared lounge area, have a drink in the alfresco garden, entertain with a late afternoon BBQ or play a game of billiards.

All rooms feature air-conditioning and have access to shared bathroom facilities with built-in hairdryers. And they have a really fast WiFi.

Book Spinners Hostel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Spinners Hostel is one of the best hostels in Perth, Australia

3. Fremantle Prison YHA(Perth)

Fremantle Prison YHA is a former prison and it offers you a historical and unique stay that has a UNESCO World Heritage status. But – this now hostel is actually a nice place to stay. 

Dorm rooms come with 4, 6, 8 and 10-beds, with a female and male-only option in the 4-bed room. There are also twin, family and double private rooms on offer.

It’s an ideal Perth backpackers hostel for those looking to meet new people.

Book Fremantle Prison YHA here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Fremantle Prison YHA is one of the best hostels in Perth, Australia

4. The Shiralee Hostel (Perth)

Our #1 recommendation offers a clean, friendly and spacious retreat during your travels.

This is a very typical Australian hostel with basic rooms and more of a focus on social areas. Great for the real budget backpacker!

Be sure to join the free food night as a perfect means to get to know other guests and friendly staff.

Book The Shiralee Hostel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

The Shiralee Backpackers Perth one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Darwin, Australia

Brace yourself for humid temperatures and croc country – this is the real Australia! It might be by the coast but this is not the place to come if you’re looking for great beaches.

Read: full guide to the absolute best hostels in Darwin!

Instead head down to Darwin recreation lagoon where a safe swimming area has been created.

The best Darwin hostels are:

  1. Youth Shack Backpackers 
  2. Mom Darwin 
  3. Darwin Hostel 

1. Youth Shack Backpackers

Youth Shack Backpackers is conveniently located in the central town, just a short stroll away from the Darwin entertainment centre. The hostel provides excellent accommodation facilities. There are private rooms, dorms with basic amenities, facilities for laundry, shared kitchen, and common room with TV, wifi etc. A large pool and an outdoor bar area are often turned into a DJ-hosted dance party by night, which makes this hostel a perfect place for nightlife activities.

The guests can enjoy the property’s gardens, and comprehensive dining options are also available. The hostel has everything you require to make your stay in Darwin comfortable. You can comfortably soak in the pool, relax on the sunbeds and enjoy a few cool drinks in the bar while hanging out with fellow travellers.

Book Youth Shack Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Youth Shack Backpackers Swimming Pool

2. Mom Darwin

Mom Darwin is one of the best hostels in Darwin, offering modern coliving and private accommodations in the city’s heart. The hostel provides guests with the best and most comfortable experience. There is a vast sun deck with two massive pools, a pool deck bar and several places to chill or party. The amazing hostel is very close to Croc Cove, so if you wish to enjoy the Territories’ famous wildlife, this is the best place that allows that.

There are newly created co-working spaces for travellers who love to work while on the go. They also host many licensed events throughout the season from May to November, making it an excellent place for those looking for a pleasant and upbeat vibe.

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Mom Darwin Swimming Pool

3. Darwin Hostel 

Darwin Hostel is a fantastic, clean, safe property offering a fun environment for international travellers. The facilities offered are designed keeping in mind the needs of the backpackers.

Private rooms and dorms are available in different sizes and have air conditioning facilities and bathrooms for convenience. The 60-bed hostel has shared female and mixed rooms for 18-35’s only and private rooms aimed at all young international travellers who love to party and socialise. All guests can use the variety of facilities offered by the hostel. 

Book Darwin Hostel here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Darwin Hostel Dorms

Best Hostels in Byron Bay

This quaint seaside town is a surfer’s paradise and attracts most of those travelling up and down the East Coast of Australia.

If you like to dread your hair and be a part of a crowded yet small community; you’ll just love Byron Bay.

Our hostel recommendations in Byron Bay are:

  1. Wake Up! Byron Bay
  2. The Aviary (closed)
  3. Aquarius Backpackers

Check out our even bigger guide to the best hostels in Byron Bay – party hostels & cool backpacker places included.

1. Wake Up! Byron Bay (Byron Bay)

Our #1 hostel in Byron Bay just so happens to be seconds from Belongil Beach – score!

You may have a hard time leaving this hostel to appreciate it however, because it has so much to offer alongside a range of rooms that suit every traveller.

Free bikes, yoga classes, pancake Sundays and live music are just a few temptations we had to mention. Oh and let’s not forget The Tree House Bar and Restaurant attached to the property.

Book Wake Up! Byron Bay here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Wake Up! Byron Bay one of the best hostels in Australia

2. The Aviary (Byron Bay)

Update: The Aviary has now permanently closed.

How do you like the sound of disconnecting from social media to make new friends around the campfire before collapsing in your very own private tent?

This is a ‘hostel’ with a twist! Forget bunk beds; this is a camping experience.

All of the usual amenities are here including Wi-Fi, communal area and kitchen. There’s also an hourly bus that stops right outside to take you to town.

The Aviary Byron Bay one of the best hostels in Australia

3. Aquarius Backpackers (Byron Bay)

This striking hostel offers outstanding rooms for all traveller types.

We think couples will especially love the superior double private!

Although it’s just seconds from the high street, you won’t need to leave as there is a bar and cafe on-site.

If you just need one temptation, it has to be the free nightly meal on offer.

Book Aquarius Backpackers here

Compare prices at: Hostelworld

Aquarius Backpackers Byron Bay one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Broome

This is a must see part of Australia.

There’s a stunning 22km white sand beach and red rocks decorated with dinosaur tracks.

It’s the perfect location for travellers that seek crazy vast nature and time to reflect.

The coolest hostels in Broome are:

  1. Beaches of Broome
  2. Kimberley Travellers Lodge

1. Beaches of Broome (Broome)

Remember that 22km beach we mentioned?

Well it’s just a short walk from our chosen #1 hostel.

Rooms here range from luxury private, family, mixed and female only dorms. It has been designed with everyone in mind.

Facilities include a bar, swimming pool and BBQ facilities, just to name a few. They even offer complimentary airport pick up!

Book Beaches of Broome here

Compare prices at: Booking.com

Beaches of Broome one of the best hostels in Australia

2. Kimberley Travellers Lodge (Broome)

Home to Kimberley tour guides; the staff here are eager to help plan your West Coast adventure.

It’s a family owner hostel so you can be rest assured a lot of passion has been put into the rooms and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy a dip in the pool, grab a beer and light the fire pit as the evening sun sets. Sounds pretty good… we’ll see you there.

Book Kimberley Travellers Lodge here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Kimberley Travellers Lodge Broome one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Surfers Paradise

Along Queensland’s East Coast lies a modern high-rise city only metres from a white sand beach.

Partygoers and lovers of typical cheesy seaside entertainment will feel right at home here.

Best places to stay in Surfers Paradise are:

  1. Budds in Surfers – best for party animals
  2. Bunk Surfers Paradise – best for solo travellers
  3. Tequila Sunrise Hostel – best for backpackers
  4. Party Hostel: Down Under Hostels Surfers Paradise (closed)

Read: full guide to our best hostels in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. 

1. Budds in Surfers

Budds in Surfers is a Gold Coast hostel with wonderful beach views.

The dormitory is a 5-minute walk from the city centre, making it tourist-friendly. Budds in Surfers is 20.9 km from Gold Coast Airport, a 40-minute cab ride.

This hostel has clean, cozy rooms. They’re air-conditioned. There are mixed and female-only dorms. Rooms, common areas, the kitchen, and the bathrooms are all well-cleaned.

The bar provides endless entertainment. You may surf at Budds, Narrowneck, and Surfers Paradise. It is ideal for beach lovers.

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Budds In Surfers Outdoor Pool

2. BUNK Surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise)

Welcome to Surfers Paradise’s newest hostel, BUNK Surfers Paradise is just 100m from the beach.

The brand new renovations ensure top notch facilities and clean living spaces. Dorms include funky custom-built bunks.

By far the main attraction here is the hot tub and sun deck. You’ll have an Aussie tan in no time!

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BUNK Surfers Paradise one of the best hostels in Australia

3. Tequila Sunrise Hostel

Tequila Sunrise Hostel is the ideal location to save money when travelling Australia.

Tequila Sunrise Hostel in Surfers Paradise has 100 capsule beds.  Each bed has a locker, reading lights, a privacy curtain, and electrical outlets in its own capsule.

The hostel offers a large common area and a communal kitchen. 

This is one of the best hostels in Surfers Paradise for backpackers and digital nomads.

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Tequila Sunrise Hostel Surfers Paradise

CLOSED: Party Hostel: Down Under Hostels Surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise)

Party peeps aged 18-35 are in serious luck!

There is a dedicated Party Room here which features a pool table, PS4 and a BYO alcohol rule. Pub crawls are arranged every week, too.

The beach is a mere 150m. We suggest filling up on the free fry up before hitting the waves.

Down Under Hostels Surfers Paradise one of the best hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Canberra: The Village Hostels Canberra

So why exactly did we leave Australia’s capital city to the very end?!

In all honesty; Canberra is a pretty rubbish destination.

It’s primarily a business hub with not a lot to offer travellers when compared to the rest of the country. This includes hostels!

Still, we appreciate some of you will be curious none the less so we thought we’d better include it.

The answer to where to stay in Canberra are:

  1. The Village Hostels Canberra (this hostel previously was Canberra City YHA)

Sorry, we only found this one. It is the only one we can really recommend to you!

Note: there are a couple more options but we don’t think they match the Hostelgeeks criteria.

The Village Hostels Canberra

Being situated in central Canberra is a big plus of this YHA hostel. Stay here and you’ll be surrounded by heaps of free attractions and lively local music scene.

If you’re not too bothered about the city, make use of the pool, rooftop and underground bar.

Otherwise rent a bike and go explore the city’s main shopping hub right on the doorstep.

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The Village Hostels Canberra

UPDATE: Best Hostels in Port Lincoln: Port Lincoln YHA

For those of you brave enough to try shark cage diving with Great Whites, Port Lincoln is where you’ll want to head. It’s actually the only place in Australia where you can do so!

As for Port Lincoln accommodation?

We stayed at Port Lincoln YHA and were pleasantly surprised.

Debi and Robert have created more of a homestay atmosphere than a hostel. It’s incredibly clean, the spaces are huge and you’ll be made to feel like one of the family.

Get excited by the…

  • Large kitchen w/ oven + freezer(!)
  • Outside BBQ area w/ ping pong
  • Indoor bar + TV room
  • Cinema room
  • Cool life-size Great White + small souvenir shop

Good to know: Debi is familiar with beautiful nearby beaches, so make sure you have a chat with her.

We highly recommend shark cage diving with Calypso Star Charters. Skipper Dan has a 85% success rate and really knows all there is to know about Great Whites.

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Port Lincoln YHA - Best hostels in Australia

UPDATE: Best Hostels in Launceston: Arthouse Hostel

Other than Hobart, Launceston is the second biggest city in Tasmania and the most common stop on route to Cradle Mountain and the Overland Track.

Whilst you’re in town, we recommend staying in a 1888 heritage building, the Arthouse Hostel.

On first appearances it looks a little like a haunted house. But inside you’ll be greeted with high ceilings, huge windows and homely spaces. This felt much like a big house-share – it’s incredibly sociable.

Make use of the:

  • FREE, SUPER FAST Wi-Fi thanks to NBN and gaming router (fastest in Australia)
  • Two large common areas w/ sofas, TV, games + free tea and coffee
  • Rear courtyard w/ BBQ
  • FREE washing facilities
  • Terrace overlooking the Tamar River

If you like big dorms rooms, you’ll enjoy Arthouse Hostel.

There are female, male and mixed dorms. All of which come in different sizes of 4-10 beds. Private options have queen sized beds and are very spacious.

Note: many backpackers find work and stay longterm. Remember the building is old so it can get a little noisy.

Have a chat with owner Pete and the other staff, they’re super friendly and know the immediate and surrounding areas well.

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Arthouse Hostel, Launceston - Best Hostels in Australia

Best Hostels in Huon Valley: Pilgrim Hill

Update: This hostel has closed. We’ve kept this content here for your information.

Not too far from Hobart – 35 minutes, in fact – in a small place called Lucaston, you will find a Christian hostel called Pilgrim Hill.

This family-run hostel is 100% off-grid! Rainwater is used for the showers, and solar for power and heating.

And yes, free unlimited wifi is still available!

Note: though this is a Christian hostel, everyone is welcome even if you don’t follow a faith.

“Come enjoy warm hospitality, shared meals, and thoughtful discussions, amid the rhythms of an off-grid lifestyle.”

We love the outdoor patio kitchen that offers dining in a beautiful setting.

Looking to work on a local orchard or farm? There is a free daily shuttle to farms within a 15km distance. Sorted.

Pilgrim Hill is one of the best hostels in Tasmania, Australia

Our Favorite Hostels in Australia put on a map + sights

Phew, that’s a lot of information!

And we are proud of you made it all the way to the famous map of all the epic places to stay.

Never fear; this handy map pinpoints ALL the most amazing backpacker hostels in Australia.

It will help you get your head around the geography of this huge country.

Backpacking Australia Itinerary

Here is our recommendation for a backpacker itinerary around Australia. It is probably no surprise that Australia is huge. So the more time you have to explore, the better.

The most common route is travelling the East Coast either from north to south or vice versa.

From there it’s possible to travel along the South Coast to the West or brave the desert by heading straight through the middle.

Prepare for seriously long drive time or big expenses on flights if you decide to explore many areas of Oz.

Check the weather before you choose your route! Queensland is sub-tropical and Victoria is variable with its four seasons.

You wouldn’t want to travel to Darwin during the rainy season, for example. Unless you love 90% humidity…!

Below in the map you find our itinerary recommendation and all mentioned hostels. We marked them as follows:

  • 5 Star Hostels: Black with White Star
  • Design Hostels: Blue
  • Backpacker-Type Hostel: Orange
  • Other recommendation: Pink

(You can open the sidebar in the map to activate and deactivate groups)

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How to get around Australia?

When backpacking around Australia, there’s no doubt you’re going to need transport. Come on, walking is no option really……

Your options are:

  • Greyhound bus
  • Rental car
  • Car share
  • Flying

Greyhound bus

The vastness of Australia and its cities connect brilliantly thanks to the wonderful Greyhound bus.

It’s possible to buy different length passes that enable you to hop on and hop off any destination on route. For example; buy a week long pass and travel from Sydney to Adelaide, hopping off at Melbourne on the way.

Check out greyhound.com.au for all the information on bus routes and prices.

Rental Car

Renting a car to explore Australia is another option.

Many people opt for a van which has a bed and cooking facilities. This is a fantastic way to get around!

Sure, the initial costs are quite high, but you’ll save on accommodation and it gives you ultimate freedom wherever you go. Especially because there are tons of free roadside camping spots.

I’d recommend this if you’re travelling far distances, and stick to local buses/trams/trains within cities.

Popular rental companies include Wicked Campers and Rental Cars.

Car share (very popular)

If renting or buying a car sounds like too much hassle for you; consider hopping in someone else’s.

This is actually very popular in Australia as a means to cut costs down for everyone.

It’s a fantastic way to save on travel expenses and meet new people.

Most backpackers advertise in their car window or on message boards in their hostel – it’s never hard to find someone that’s driving huge distances, it just depends on their direction.


Short on time or can’t stand to be cooped up for hours on end?

Then I highly suggest paying a bit extra to fly from A to B.

Although I’d always suggest spending longer in one place, if you really need to see every city in Australia in three weeks, then domestic flights are a god-send.

It’s possible to find really good last minute deals, but prepare to spend a lot of money to reach destinations that are rural such as Alice Springs.

We use Skyscanner.com to compare deals. A very popular airline in Australia is Qantas.

Read here our full review of Skyscanner.com and how to use it.

Skyscanner in Review - The Best Flight Engine in the World?

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So you’ve got your Australian working holiday visa and intend of exploring this vast country as much as possible – great!

Here is a summary of all the individual Australian hostel guides we’ve put together:

Other 5 Star Hostels

Besides the listed accommodation, we also put together the best hostels in the world; the 5 Star Hostels.

We stayed in a former winery in Santorini, in a former jail-now 5 Star Hostel and many more. And we share all of those unique budget accommodations with you.

Update: We now cover as well curated 3-best hostels guide to cities with no 5 Star Hostels such as Paris, Seoul and Sydney.


By now you should have the answer to your question where to stay in Australia.

It is an amazing country and incredibly vast!

This guide is your shortcut to your hostel-picks, saving you lots of time in your accommodation research.

And for sure, it gives you the security of a top-hostel choice without any bad surprises.

Any questions?

Then please please leave a comment below. We would be thrilled to hear from you and to help a fellow backpacker.

Have fun Down Under!

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Best Hostels in Australia the complete guide and overview for backpackers

Update: Closed Hostels

Down Under Hostels on Harriet (Darwin)

It was actually quite tricky to put these two hostels in order, so we’d like to make this a joint #1 with Melaleuca. Here’s why:

  • Daily events
  • 10 person Jacuzzi
  • Free washing facilities (!)
  • Party room w/ beer pong, pool table + PS4
  • BBQ + pizza oven facilities

Choose between a range of dorm sizes including a female only. All of this close-by to the famous Mindil Beach Sunset markets.

Down Under Hostels on Harriet Darwin one of the best hostels in Australia

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