Casa Gracia Barcelona, Spain – Mansion Spaces and Endless Fun Activities for the Solo Traveller

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

Did you know that Barcelona enjoys around 250 days per year of sunshine? We’ve found the perfect hostel to enjoy your dose of vitamin D; at the beautiful Casa Gracia Barcelona.

This local, homelike environment is set in the most authentic neighbourhood the city has to offer - Gracia!

A brand new 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona that is mid-way between hotel and hostel. Chill on the amazing terrace and start the day with scrambled eggs. Heck, why not enjoy a meal in an old bank vault whilst you’re at it!

Are you ready?

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Barcelona is one of those cities that has to be on your bucket list for backpacking Europe. From incredible food and architecture to a vibrant nightlife and chill beaches, Barcelona has it all. I am proud to have called Barcelona my home for more than 6 years. I had the time of my life here and I want to share with you my experiences so you can make the best out of your trip.

To get the best out of your trip, an awesome hostel is a great start. I have stayed in more than 20 hostels and hotels around the city. Casa Gracia always stands out. I have sent endless friends here and it never disappoints. This is my first-hand honest review of Casa Gracia in Barcelona.

Before we go any further, here’s a personal “warning” from Casa Gracia Barcelona:

“Our house is full of so many social spaces and rooms, you might get lost!”

But honestly, is a huge choice of room types and shared spaces to suit all traveller types really a bad thing?! We think not.

With a top location, fun social events for solo travellers and exclusive hostel design, it really is a no-brainer to stay here. On Hostelz you can find all cool hostels in Barcelona Spain. You will notice; this one really stands out!!

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Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

Did you know; the Hostelgeeks LOVE Barcelona! In fact, it’s our home.

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Casa Gracia Barcelona in Review

Let’s make our way to the Barcelonan boulevard slap bang in the centre of the city. This is where you’ll find a stylish, clean boutique hostel with your name on it. Casa Gracia Barcelona is a 5 Star Hostel in the Catalonia capital because…

1. Supporting Local Events

As usual, we take sustainability very seriously when it comes to 5 star hostels.

At Casa Gracia Barcelona, their focus is primarily on providing an environment that resembles that local and homely feeling.

It’s no wonder then that they chose Gracia as a base. This just so happens to be distinctly Barcelonan and picturesque – exactly what you expect when you think of ’typical Spain’.

The staff here are overflowing with local tips and tricks, information that will surely support a local experience.

And as for the many many activities and events on the agenda every day of the week?

They just so happen to be supporting local artists/guides that are keen to spread their passion and knowledge far and wide.

From ‘forbidden’ tours of Barcelona to ‘not another tapa tour,’ you’ll be immersed in local culture, history and of course: FOOD!

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Let’s us mention too the eco-friendly side of things.

Have a good look around and you’ll surely notice the many vintage items filling the spaces. Yet, Casa Gracia’s still offers a modern blend when it comes to design.

The vintage industrial slash modern design works well because of the up-cycled furniture. It adds such character!

Up-cycled or recycled; it all makes a difference and it’s obvious that Casa Gracia has done their bit.

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

2. Ever-Changing Design

Remember when we warned you that you might get lost? Instead of scaring you off, we want to get your excited for big spaces and ever-changing design.

It’s a big place, there’s no denying it.

Solo travellers will love it because of the social possibilities, and couples can enjoy couple time in their very own suite.

Ok so we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s lay it out on the table by starting with the impressive room choices:

  • 6-bed mixed dorm
  • Single/double/triple/quad/quintuple rooms
  • Superior double room
  • Family room (6 people)
  • Deluxe suite
  • One bedroom apartment (+ deluxe option)

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The rooms are where you’ll find modern decor with a touch of old-style thanks to the HUGE original windows and hanging ceiling lights.

Move around the building and discover unique spaces for different moods and desires.

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

It’s known collectively as The Playground, and we think it’s a great way to sum up this hostel.

From quiet boutique spaces to nap, to a lively bar atmosphere – there really is a choice for that ever-changing traveller mood.

Check out and enjoy:

  • De Tranquis – lounge area
  • No Mas Te – temple of silence, light exercise & deep thinking
  • Biblioteca – large windows, armchairs & books
  • Principal – eat, plan, work
  • Petit Bis – an old bank vault, a new wine cellar
  • Terrassa – outdoor terrace
  • La Paisana – gastrobar w/ great food & drinks
  • Bis – awesome underground bar

Psst! It’s no wonder Casa Gracia is listed as one of 15 most luxurious hostels in the world.

That’s a lot to take in, so feel free to take a minute or two on the terrace to digest.

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

3. Mansion made Hostel

We’re pretty sure it’s not every day you get to say you’ve slept in a mansion at an affordable price. This unique opportunity in Spain lies purely with Casa Gracia Barcelona! Not only was this once a mansion, but it is also home to an old bank vault.

Though a small space, Petit Bis has been cleverly re-designed as a wine cellar, holding many bottles at your disposal.

“An old bank vault, a new wine cellar, what could go wrong?”

In fact, this space is uniquely available for special reserves and events for a group of friends. It cosily seats 6 people at one time, so we think this is a super fun option for a unique experience with friends.

But wait, there’s more! Over at Mig Bis, is the larger section of an old bank vault.

This is once again a place worth reserving for small dinner experiences, for a maximum of 8 people. Most of the original parts have been left in tact, creating a seriously unique place to dine.

Note: bribery and corruption matters are no longer available.

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

4. Every-day Social Scene

Never fear, fun and events are always here at Casa Gracia Barcelona! Like we already mentioned, there is something on the agenda every day of the week at this 5 star hostel.

As a freebie to settle you in, you can join a morning yoga class to kick start your day. And then it’s up to you just how social you feel like being during your stay.

It’s probably no surprise that the great underground bar, Bis, is the place to be for cool DJs and live music. Other than that, you can go crazy with all kinds of entertainment. From cinema, exhibitions, theatre, wellness and gastronomy, it’s utterly impossible to be bored.

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A strong community vibe fills the place. Probably because of the nightly dinners and pub crawls that bring everyone together. Lovely!

Then of course there are the ridiculous amount of hostel spaces to enjoy, too. No matter if you hang by yourself or with your partner, there’s room for socialising if you allow it. All it takes is a simple hola!

In the fully fitted kitchen you’ll find free tea and coffee available 24hrs a day.

Hostelz, the price comparison for hostels, also lists Casa Gracia as one of the top hostels in Barcelona. Find their complete list on their website.You can also compare hostels side-by-side.

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

5. Always at hand – the staff

The staff put in so much hard work and love that it pays off with continuous high reviews and mentions.

I mean wow, they really do so much for their beloved travellers.

Daily house keeping, organised activities, fresh linen & towels – they go above and beyond to make you welcome and comfortable.

It’s important for them for you to have a good time!

Words like “amazing”, “friendly” and “warm” are common words to describe the team.

And the cherry on top? Reception is open 24 hours a day so someone will always be around to help!

Casa Gracia Barcelona is a beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Barcelona, Spain for solo travellers

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