Caveland Santorini – Sleep in a Cave and Former Winery

Caveland Santorini - Sleep in a Cave and Former Winery

WOW - this is usually the first reaction to the former winery, and now 5 Star Hostel Caveland Santorini. Have you ever slept in a cave? Okay okay, we have to calm down, the Caveland Santorini Hostel is pretty special for many reasons. We at Hostelgeeks are excited to share the new 5 Star Hostel in Santorini with you.

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  • Location of Caveland

    The bus stop is 10 minutes from Caveland and connects you to the beach, the south of the island, the airport and the port – no changes required!

    Fira town is also a leisurely 25-minute walk if you prefer that to the bus. If you fancy cooking for yourself, 2 handy supermarkets are within 10 minutes walk as well.

    However, and this is important: Renting a car or a quad bike couldn’t be easier in Santorini, is reasonably priced and is the best way to discover the island. So don’t forget your driving license! Renting a vehicle is recommended!

    Any questions about renting a car in Santorini? Just ask the Caveland staff, they'll be happy to help you out!

    Full Address: 📍 Caveland Santorini, Karterados, post Box 39, Karterados 847 00, Greece
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    Private Room Types available: Single Room, Deluxe Double Room

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Female Dorm, 6-Bed Dorm

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The island of Santorini itself is highly volcanic and back in the day, people dug into the rock for safety, turning caves into houses.

Now, with the opening of a boutique hostel that is Caveland Santorini in 2011, a complex of cave houses and terraces with beautiful views can be enjoyed!

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Here we compare Caveland with the other places on where to stay in Santorini.

You will see, Caveland is the rock star hostel #1.

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Meggy enjoying CAVELAND Hostel

The owners at Caveland Hostel have done a great job refurbishing, using local technique and adding refurbished local, antique furniture.

They created the hostel of Caveland Santorini that can be enjoyed for both short and long term stay.

The location is super handy and the social events on offer will surely get the taste buds tingling and the feet itching.

Caveland Santorini is one of FIVE 5 Star Hostels on the Greek islands and Greece after

  1. STAY Hostel Rhodes
  2. MyCocoon Hostel Mykonos
  3. Cocoon City Hostel in Crete and
  4. City Circus Athens

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Luxury Hostel in Santorini

Caveland Santorini - Sleep in a cave, former winery, and 5 Star Hostel!

Caveland Santorini is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Let’s walk together through Caveland Santorini. We get a coffee in the kitchen, take some photos from the swimming pool, and admire the view.

And once we are ready for the day, we should head out for these 27 fun things to do in Santorini.

Without any further ado, here are the 5 reasons and transparent criteria why Caveland Hostel has made it as a 5* Hostel.

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1. Island life: Eco-friendly and conscious

Caveland hostel takes Eco-friendliness to the next level!

Reusing and recycling are very important to the staff here.

It is carried out whenever and wherever possible. Especially on an island, resources are limited. The hostel understands this.

When you wander around the hostel you may notice that a lot of the furniture has been upcycled: what once was a crumbling cabinet, has now become an eye-catching centrepiece for one room – a perfect time, money and resource saver.

It’s the little things we love about a place and for Caveland, it has to be the reuse of marmalade jars as cups! On a whole, this hostel is locally managed, and we like that.

Quo vadis? The pool and sign at CAVELAND Hostel Dog-friendly hostel: One of two dogs at CAVELAND Hostel The best hostel on the island, Caveland

Caveland Santorini Design

2. Design: Personality of the hostel

Kostas, the owner of our favorite hostel in Santorini, is behind the main design ideas. He enjoys spending his time finding old, unwanted items before restoring them to fit the atmosphere and personality of the hostel.

For instance, an old cable drum has been turned into a stylish, upcycled table. Upcycling is certainly the way forward! Especially on an island, resources are limited and reusing materials is necessary.

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Private Room at Caveland Santorini

Having said that, special care has gone into preserving the original furniture and local architecture as much as possible.

As for the design of the cave complex?

They are a perfect example of typical traditional Santorini architecture and each one has its own unique shape – cool enough, we’d say.

Colorful and detailed Hostel - Caveland Santorini

3. Unique: Sleep in a cave and former winery

We think it goes without saying that sleeping in a cave is unique. Not only that, but Caveland Hostel is nestled in an old 18th-century winery which was once very popular in Santorini.

It was then transformed into a very fine hotel in the 80s, just when tourism was becoming popular in the area.

The hotel is history by now.

The hostel kitchen at CAVELAND Santorini

Caveland Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Santorini

So now what do you have?

A building full of history, caves and (how could we forget to mention) an outdoor pool! A unique combination, if we do say so ourselves. From the terrace aside, you also have wonderful views over the island.

Best to enjoy with a cold drink in the hand.

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The dorm at Caveland Hostel Santorini

Cave and dorm - Caveland Santorini The Best Hostel in Santorini CAVELAND, a real 5 Star Hostel

4. Still a Hostel: Yoga, BBQ and traditional tavern dinner

Social events are important at Caveland Santorini, so be sure to get involved.

If you are foody?

Then there’s a lot of choice: perhaps you fancy trying some local food at an organized traditional tavern dinner, or how about a good old BBQ held at their very own BBQ yard?

We also included the Yoga Sessions in the 27 fun things to do in Santorini.

Both of these events are held weekly, so it’s a good reason to stick around longer.

If you’re only around for a few days, however, then yoga classes are on offer as well as a mini yoga retreat. Make sure you ask what’s events are planned for the day.

This way you can adapt your island exploring to the hostel events – if you fancy.

What else?

Oh yes, there’s an option to join a hot spring volcano tour, try out kayaking, biking and even quad biking if you’re feeling brave. All of these trips can be booked directly at the Caveland Hostel – easy and absolutely recommended joining.

You can also compare rates for quads and cars in Santorini here.

Update: the guide to the 4 best Santorini Volcano Tours

They are our preferred way to find things to do like cooking classes and tours.

Tired out after all that excitement? Be sure to socialize and chill out by the pool, grab a book off the shelf and enjoy a donation-based coffee at the hostel. So you decide what you want to give for a coffee.

A swimming pool is always a plus in a Hostel!

GOOD TO KNOW: We have a detailed guide about the best yoga retreats in Santorini.

The views from the terrace at Caveland Santorini

kayaking, biking and even quad biking in Santorini

Private Room at Caveland Santorini

5. Good staff, good friends

Of course, like all the 5 Star Hostels, this accommodation is locally managed. The staff are travelers themselves and understand what it means to stay in a great, friendly hostel, which is why they are happy to volunteer their time to work here. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Events? Tours? Good restaurants?

The Caveland Team will help you out.

You’ll no doubt see two furry friends running around too, so if you’re a dog lover, great! If not, no worries, they are strictly kept outside.

Decent compromise, right?

Relaxing dog and guard at Caveland Santorini

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