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Backpack Lowe Alpine

Minimal Traveler Backpack
Lowe Alpine Carry-On 40lOut of stock

Day Back

Day Backpack
Fjallraven Backpack$109.94


Travel Essentials


Rain Cover for Backpack

Backpack Rain Cover
Solid Backpack Rain Cover$7.99


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Flight ComparisonTravel Apps

Let us talk about powerful and smart resources to use when traveling.

The whole Hostelgeeks team has been travel a lot, using different apps and websites for budget traveling.

We were able to catch a flight from Barcelona to the Canary Islands for just 12€!

Not only that: we took a road trip across Central Europe, saving 70% of the transport costs thanks to an app.

Flight Comparison

The best websites to find cheap flights are:

Especially Kiwi is an incredible powerful website.

It comes with a radius feature.

Simply draw a circle on the map around your desired destination and find the cheapest connections.

You can search for cheap destinations only, and compare numerous days to fly from A to B.

Cheap Flights with kiwi

Travel Apps

MapsMe is the perfect offline app for your phone.

It works without internet connection.

Thanks to your GPS location you can find your way, wherever in the world you are.


Traveling on a budget?

Then get TrailWallet to keep track of your budget.

It is so easy to use and gives you a full, up-to-date report. There is a free version which allows you to test it, but we loved it and invested 4,99€ in the full version.


This app is a gold mine!

FourSquare is an underrated app which has been used a lot, but nowa- days less people seem interested.

This is what makes it so awesome.

It helps you to find places around, such as

  • cafés
  • bars
  • venues
  • restaurants

With this app we found so many gems and design-led coffee shops. Go for it!

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