Best Hostels in Lima, Peru complete guide and overview for backpackersSo we’re guessing you’re planning your next trip to Peru. You’ll certainly want to visit the capital and discover the 3 best hostels in Lima.

This is why you made all the way here.

We’ve put together this handy guide so that you’ll no longer question where to stay in Lima. We’ve found the coolest hostels in Lima, no wait, possibly some of the best hostels in Peru even!

There’s a hostel for all types of travellers including solo travellers, couples and party travelers here.

If you love a good party, you’ll enjoy our one and only party hostel. Keep scrolling!

This guide is perfect for YOU, when …

  • tired of bad and crappy hostels
  • happy to spend 1-2€ for a better experience
  • you no longer want the “young kids hostel”

Looking for 5 Star Hostels? Sadly we don’t yet have one in Lima. Yet, this guide is your tool to find the best place to stay and have a great time.

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In this Lima hostels guide we cover:

Remember, we put all hostels and sights on a map. This makes your planning easier!

Quick Introduction to Lima Hostels

Average price for a bed: A bed in a dorm can be as cheap as 6€ up to 10€ per night. A private room in a hostel in Lima starts from 20€ up to 45€ per night.

Hostels in Lima and Peru can be quite cheap when choosing dorms. This is a rough average to give you an idea. Prices always depend on season and holidays.

Please always check exact rates on or

Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

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3 Best Hostels in Lima, Peru

Before we switch to super-chilled South American time, let’s kick off and introduce the coolest hostels in Lima, Peru:

  1. Kokopelli Hostel – perfect for couples
  2. Dragonfly Hostels Lima – top pick for groups
  3. KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel – best hostel for solo travellers

1. Kokopelli Hostel (rooftop bar)

Reaching the #1 spot in Lima is Kokopelli Hostel, found in Miraflores where everything is happening.

If you enjoy shopping, dining and partying then you’re in luck.

The friendly staff can’t wait to show you the best of the city.

Book Kokopelli Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Kokopelli Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

Kokopelli Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

There’s a wide selection of room types here including:

  • Private matrimonial suite w/ bath
  • 4-8 bed mixed dorm
  • Female only dorm w/ ensuite

Newly-wed couples and female solo travellers will surely love it here. Beds come ready made and hot showers are available 24-hours.

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It’s a great place to get social, too.

You can head to the rooftop bar and join in a game of Jenga and sip on a cocktail, or pop along to one of the daily events including a free walking tour.

There are often party nights held on the rooftop with great live music and bar games. Cool!

Feel free to cook up a storm in the common kitchen. This is where you can grab your free breakfast in the morning – worth getting out of bed for!

Worried about security? Don’t be – there’s 24hr front desk staff that are there to help, and keep you safe.

Kokopelli Hostel is the best hostel in Lima for:

  • Couples
  • Female solo travellers
Book Kokopelli Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Kokopelli Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

2. Dragonfly Hostels Lima (super social spaces)

Next up is a hostel that offers nothing but affordable, comfy rooms and a perfect location.

Welcome to Dragonfly Hostels Lima.

Once again in the wonderful Miraflores, you’ll be amongst non-stop entertainment, cliff-top views and world-famous food.

Choose between private, mixed and female-only dorms.

Book Dragonfly Hostels Lima here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Dragonfly Hostels Lima one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

There’s a 12-bed mixed dorm and plenty of space for socialising, so we reckon travelling groups will feel right at home here.

Instead of privacy curtains enjoy open, sturdy bunks and colourful decoration.

Anyway, don’t hide away in the room. Head on down to the Dragonfly bar and restaurant which is open every evening from 6pm – 11pm.

This is where you can enjoy:

  • Salsa nights
  • Awesome cocktails
  • Games inc. Uno + Jenga
  • Craft beers by Nuevo Mundo
  • Burgers, Pizzas

The dedicated staff will always have your free breakfast ready on time, and are always there to provide heaps of info on the local area.

Oh and guess what? Makaha Beach is but 5-minutes away. Sea, surf and sun, here we come!

Dragonfly Hostels Lima is the best hostel in Lima for:

  • Groups
  • Backpackers
Book Dragonfly Hostels Lima here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Dragonfly Hostels Lima one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

3. KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel (small, cosy)

So come on, did you read the name and become instantly intrigued?

We did, too!

KACLLA is in fact a Quechua name for the Peruvian hairless dog. There skin is 3 degrees warmer than an ordinary canine, and for millennia they have been used for healing as a pain relief. Cool, right?

Book KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

KACLLA The Healing Dog Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

It’s not the only cool thing about this hostel. Check out:

  • Free breakfast inc. fresh fruit + homemade peanut butter
  • The cosy living room – it’s just like home
  • Healing Dog Boutique shop
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Quiet reading room

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As for the rooms, there’s 6-bed mixed dorms and 2,3 or 4-bed private options. Lockers and linen are included.

A great way to meet people would be to join one of the BBQ get-togethers. Vegetarian options are also on the menu!

What’s so great about smaller hostels such as this, is that the staff have much more time for their guests. And these guys are at your disposal 24-hours a day.

In the heart of Miraflores, surf lessons, paragliding and and calming walks are at your disposal.

KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel is the best hostel in Lima for:

  • Solo travellers
  • Friends
Book KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

KACLLA The Healing Dog Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

KACLLA The Healing Dog Hostel one of the best hostels in Lima, Peru

Best Hostels in Lima for Solo Travellers

Are you travelling solo for the first time?

Perhaps you’re a female solo traveller looking for a bit of added comfort and security. We’ve got you covered, as always!

Already mentioned are two awesome hostels in Lima perfect for:

But you know, even though you’re travelling solo, you don’t necessarily always want to be super sociable. Some people travel solo because they actually love their own company.

As all of the aforementioned hostels either have entertainment and/or organised events, we want to give you a quieter option.

And the Global Family Backpackers is just that.

This family run hostel is surrounded by green parks and restaurants. There is a bar on-site, but it closes at 10pm and doesn’t host entertainment.

Each room is certainly basic, yet has that cosy homely feeling. It’s a great place to wind down in a more intimate setting.

Book Global Family Backpackers here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Global Family Backpackers Hostel one of the best hostels for solo travellers in Lima, Peru

Best Party Hostels in Lima, Peru

It would be wrong of us not to discover at least one cool party hostel in Lima.

After all, we know there are plenty of you out there that enjoy a good time. we have not just found one, but three:

  1. Kokopelli Hostel
  2. Pool Paradise Lima
  3. Pariwana Hostel Lima

Kokopelli: As mentioned earlier in this article, Kokopelli Hostel has a really cool rooftop bar.

Although not technically classed as a party hostel, they do host ‘party nights’ here which suggests they’re happy for people to let loose.

Pool Paradise: One of the coolest Lima party hostels is Pool Paradise Lima.

It is the only hostel with a swimming pool and one of the few hostels in the safe tourist district of Miraflores.

During the day it is super chill, and at night the bar opens and the party can start. Fantastic place! They also have a beer pong table, a ping pong table and activities like Quiz Nights.

Good to know: Some of their dorms have curtains for each bed, other dorms don’t. Pay attention when doing your reservation if you want a bed with curtain.

Book Pool Paradise Hostel here

Compare prices at: | Hostelworld

Best Hostels in Lima, check out the Pool Paradise in Lima, Peru

Pariwana Hostel: Another great option we came across Pariwana Hostel Lima.

It’s located in the heart of Miraflores, 10 minutes from the beach.

There are shared dorms and private rooms available – so partying couples and solo travellers can feel at home here.

Check out the funky bar which hosts a happy hour each night, and themed parties at the weekend.

During the day, join a free walking tour, chill out on the big terrace and join in a salsa lesson or trivia night. You can’t get bored at Pariwana!

Book Pariwana Hostel Lima here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Pariwana Hostel Lima one of the best party hostels in Lima, Peru

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Map of Lima Hostels + TOP Sights

Hopefully you love maps just as much as we do. They make planning so much easier!

Below we’ve pinpointed all of the hostels in Lima mentioned in this article. As you can see; they all have super duper locations.

As for things to do? There are many options you’ll spot on the map including:

  • Plaza Mayor
  • Larco Museum
  • Basilica y Convento de San
  • Huaca Pucllana
  • Park of Love
  • Park of the Reserve
  • Fortaleza Real Felipe
  • Kennedy Park

If you’re keen to join some interesting and fun activities then have a look at:

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More Epic Hostels in South America

Alright alright. By now you have found your coolest hostel in Lima, and the top hostels in Peru.

You know what, we gave written even more guides for you.

We at Hostelgeeks are here to help you to stay in safe and epic hostels around the world. Check out the finest hostels in the world, the 5 Star Hostels.

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Over to you

We hope you’re pretty excited by the selection of hostels in Lima we just delivered. Which one will you choose?!

Are you left with any questions, doubts?

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Last note: Our commitment

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Enjoy this fine hostel selection and all 5 Star Hostels.

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Best Hostels in Lima, Peru complete guide and overview for backpackers

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