The Hostello in Verona, Italy

The Hostello in Verona, Italy – A Homely Space for Romeo and Juliet’s of the World

Once upon a time there were three siblings (and a boyfriend) that loved to travel and explore their city. One day, their dream of opening a hostel came true, and in 2018 The Hostello was born.

Sip wine in the garden, make friends at a cooking class and enjoy 19th-century design mixed with modern tones.

All this is to be enjoyed — and so much more - at our one and only beautiful 5 Star Hostel in Verona.

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  • Location of The Hostello

    The best hostel in Verona is located in the heart of the city. Main attractions such as Juliet's House, Piazza Bra and the Roman Ampitheatre are a 15-20 minute walk.

    Located on Via Venti Settembre, the main bus line passes here offering great connections to the rest of the city.

    There are many bars, clubs, eateries, shops, galleries and nightlife in the immediate area. This is because the University of Verona is located nearby.

    The Hostello, The Hostello, Via Venti Settembre, Verona, VR, Italy
  • All room types at The Hostello

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm Female Only, 6-Bed Dorm Female Only, 6-Bed Dorm Mixed, 8-Bed Dorm Mixed

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    We care about you and your hostel experience. Therefore, we created the ultimate guide to hostels, covering all topics around hosteling.

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The Hostello, nestled in the heart of ancient neighbourhood Veronetta, the likes of Juliet’s famous balcony is just a short walk away.

To stay, or not to stay? That is the question.

With a buffet breakfast, fast Wifi, board games, books and female dorms available, the real question should be, why wouldn’t you stay?

Not to mention the trendy neighbourhood boasting bars, clubs, eateries and galleries that surround the hostel.

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The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel

One of the spacious dorms at luxury hostel in Verona

We are Hostelgeeks. We collect the most amazing Hostels around the world: the 5 Star Hostels.

Our awarded hostels tick all the boxes of our transparent rating criteria.

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Yet it doesn’t stop there.

beautiful Verona

The Hostello in Review

Say hello to Mercuzio the cat on your way in and follow along. The Hostello is a 5 Star Hostel in Verona because…

1. Sustainability Matters

Put up your hand if you agree that nowadays, more than yesterday, we have to be consciously eco-friendly.

And the same goes for hostels too, right?

That’s why, recycling is an absolute must. They care about separating waste for proper collection and disposal.

It’s an easy yet effective initiative.

Furthermore, they go to lengths to prevent unnecessary pollution. For example, avoiding the use of disposable plastic and decreasing their energy wastage.

These every day tricks can be and should be followed by everyone. You have the power to make a difference during your stay at the best hostel in Verona!

The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel

2. Sleep and Chill in Style

During the process of restoration, the design idea was guided to create an accommodation describable in one single word; stylish.

Many guests have already noticed, and you will too, dear reader.

It’s unmistakable that this design hostel in Verona is oozing style!

Thanks to the support of Milan architecture firm ‘Diorama’, this 5 star hostel in Verona offers an original setting for travellers.

Check out the original elements of the 19th century building. Rafters, brick-red walls, pillars and evocative chimneys are all what gives this hostel the wow factor for design.

Let’s call it a beautiful blend of vintage and modern antique design. Perfectly complimentary to the city of Romeo and Juliet!

Small details add to this, including vintage chairs that were once in an old cinema.

Kick back, relax and lose yourself in large, bright spaces designed for socialising and rejuvenating.

The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel

Where to stay in Verona? The Hostello is a great choice The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel

3. Checking in? Speak to the Cat

What does it mean to be unique for The Hostello team?

That’s easy; to offer a hostel that feels more like a home.

The famous “home away from home” concept is what guided the team through every step of the process. It has helped them to create a magical atmosphere, making guests to feel at home the very first moment they step through the door.

In fact, it’s probably Mercuzio spreading the homely vibes. He’s the first and only cat in the world that works as a receptionist!

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Spend a convivial moment in the kitchen, walk barefoot in the garden and sip slowly a glass of Italian wine.

Because is there a better place to share a glass of wine than in Verona? We don’t think so!

Hostel Cat at The Hostello, Verona, Italy

The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel The Hostello, our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona, is a beautiful design hostel

4. Organised fun never felt so good

It’s a well-known fact that hostels are the place to get social and meet new people from around the world. And The Hostello certainly does not want to be outdone!

Thanks to the modest dimensions of the hostel, plus two fantastic shared spaces, it’s easy to connect with current and new friends.

To make it even easier, there are many fun events organised with you in mind.

From wine tasting to cooking classes, movie nights to foosball matches. With all of these options on the agenda, we’d say it’s nigh impossible to feel lonely here.

Even the rooms create a friendly atmosphere. Say goodbye to privacy curtains and hello to in-room seating areas.

If you prefer some privacy, opt for a 4-bed dorm. Each room comes with a private bathroom for that added homely vibe.

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The Hostello is a great place for socialising and our one and only 5 Star Hostel in Verona

The Hostello is a super safe hostel in Verona

5. Nice work, team

Good vibes, kindness and a smile are the three pillars of care that team stand by, no matter what.

The staff is composed of experienced travellers and young, friendly people that are beginning their work life thanks to this hostel.

In fact, it’s the brains behind this luxury hostel in Verona that will most likely greet you at the door.

Don’t you just love it when hostel owners are heavily involved?

No matter which member of staff you come across, you’ll be greeted with useful information and cool suggestions. Everyone knows deeply the city of Verona!

And no matter the moment or the language, accurate and handy tips are at hand 24 hours a day. So don’t be shy and ask away.


So there you have it. The Hostello is a fun and great place. It is the answer on where to stay in Verona on a budget.

Once you are in Verona, we highly encourage you to take a train over to the little gem of Bologna. Same as in Verona, you will eat like a queen and king here.

We are also huge fans of Venice as a destination. It is also just a quick train ride away.

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Safe travels and happy hostelling,
The Hostelgeeks

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