5 Star Hostel Ecomama Amsterdam – Upcycled WOW-Factor

5 Star Hostel Ecomama in Amsterdam - Upcycled WOW-Factor

Ecomama Hostel is a funky eco-friendly hostel in Amsterdam, and the green sister of the 5 Star Hostel Cocomama Amsterdam. The slogan of Ecomama Amsterdam is Green, Quirky, Cozy, and Conscious Sleeping. It is clearly an invitation to every conscientious traveler out there who’s looking for special accommodation in Amsterdam.

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  • Advantage of the Location of Ecomama Hostel

    The Ecomama Hostel is located in a former travel agency, right at the end of the Right Light District and the university neighborhood. The entrance to the Ecomama Hostel is actually also a funky café called "Filter". The hostels location is quite convenient as you are close to the center, and you can get here easily by public transport.

    Best way to get around is actually by bike. Ecomama offers bike rentals for a few coins. The bikes are super comfy and they look pretty cool too. (Not like these old bikes you see everywhere...)

    Enjoying a park ride through Amsterdam, bike rent at Ecomama

    How to get here:

    When you arrive at the Airport, you can take a train directly to the main train station. Walk out the main entrance to the left until you see the blue metro sign. Walk down the stairs and take Metro n° 51, 53 or 54 - there is just one direction.
    Get out at the metro station 'Waterlooplein'. Here you have to take the exit "Waterlooplein". Cross the street towards the square in front of you, and head on straight to the street 'Valkenburgerstraat'. This is already the street of Ecomama with the house number 124. Here you will see a coffee corner called "Filter". Walk in and go to the second desk. You have now reached Ecomama Hostel.

    Full Address: 📍 Ecomama Hostel, Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • All room types at Ecomama Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: Double Deluxe Room Ensuite, Double Superiour Room Ensuite, Private cabin for 2 people

    Shared Room Types available: Female 7-bed Dorm, 5-bed Dorm Room, Experienced traveller 8-bed Dorm, El Cheapo Budget 12-bed Dorm

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The huge vintage-styled common area including a big kitchen, cozy seating area, and even a tepee for having out. It is the perfect place to meet your fellow travelers.

And the uniqueness of the green Ecomama hostel continues inside its sleeping rooms. The dorms and private rooms come in a creative, industrial design. Each room at Ecomama Amsterdam is designed for the different types of travelers.

Those hostel room types include

  • “Boys are smelly-Travelers”
  • “Better sorry than safe – travelers”
  • “Luxury with an attitude-Travelers”
  • and 16 more!

You can find all room types and prices for Ecomama and all hostels in Amsterdam on Hostelz.com. It is a Hostel Price Comparison website that helps you save money.

Fun fact: Ecomama is owned by Clink, one of the top hostel chains in Europe.

Swing it at Ecomama Amsterdam Lounge and open-kitchen at Ecomama Hostel

Design private room Boutique Hotel Ecomama Amsterdam

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Besides this wonderful place, see as well Cocomama, the 2nd 5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam.

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Towards the south you find Rotterdam and its 5 Star Hostel Ani&Haakien. Give it a read as well, we are sure you will be interested in that city and place too.

Hostel Ecomama Amsterdam is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Join us on our detailed review.

We have visited to bring you this exclusive insight. We share the perks of its location, what (and what not) to expect and how to get the best out of your dutch city experience.

Psst! It’s no wonder Ecomama is also listed as one of 15 most luxurious hostels in the world.

5 Sterne Hostel Ecomama in Amsterdam - Upcycled WOW-Faktor!

1. Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Conscious – Ecomama is Green!

Just like Cocomama, this hostel is managed by locals.

The shower and kitchen run on a water saving system.

The Boutique hostel building exudes Eco-consciousness. The materials are all upcycled – bricks, teddy bears, corkscrews, have been given a new purpose and life as part of the unique furniture design.

Ecomama Amsterdam Hostel

Vintage radio in Ecomama Hostel

The 5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam has a natural stone heating system which is Eco-friendly.

Your beds will feel even more comfortable, as you will sleep in sheets of organic cotton.

The mattresses are made of only natural, sustainable materials.

Last but not least, Ecomama Amsterdam supports the social project of NGO (Niños de Guatemala), and Artis where they adopted a Margay (Leopardus wiedii).

Ecomama has its own bike rental. Super comfy bikes to get around the city in no time

Also we like to mention that the ensuite bathrooms are stocked with body lotion, hand soap, shampoo and body wash by “Stop the water while using me”.

They only use ingredients from certified organic agriculture.

This company’s products are not mass-produced and do not contain cheap ingredients from the lab.

An example: the Brazil nuts “Stop the water while using me” uses come from sustainable farming in the Peruvian rain-forest.

This provide half the annual income of thousands of harvesters and their families.

Sounds good, right?!

Quirky girls room at Ecomama Hostel Amsterdam

2. Conscious Vintage Design with Upcycled Elements

The specially designed reception desk made out of books grabs your attention right away.

You will find up-cycled materials all over the hostel such as chairs made out of old clothes, cable drums refurnished as tables, and, somewhat ironically, old books turned into bookshelves.

Each room at Ecomama Amsterdam tailors a different type of traveler.

The rooms are named as

  • “Better sorry than safe”
  • “I prefer no roommates in my container box”
  • “a better world starts here”

There is also a room only for girls. The female dorm is called “Boys are smelly” – BUYA!

Read the full guide to female dorms here – including 7 pros ad 4 cons.

This Eco-conscious up-cycled design will certainly inspire you to create unique designs at your own home – on budget and Eco-friendly!

Here is a guide to all different room types at hostels.

Wake up in this awesome private room in Amsterdam - Ecomama Hostel

3. Conscious Travel in Style

Who says that “ecotravel is boring?

The conscious travel concept is brilliant. Ecomama perfectly combines Eco-friendly accommodation, and a fun and social hostel atmosphere.

No doubt, we LOVE it here!

We especially love all the small details that raise awareness on how to live in a sustainable way spread throughout Ecomama hostel.

The creative decoration invites people to take their time, inspiring guests to create their own Eco-conscious home.

Couple in a private room in Ecomama Amsterdam

4 pax bedroom Hostel Ecomama Amsterdam

When you enter the Ecomama Hostel you instantly get the feeling of a special and unique atmosphere.

Check in at the Upcycled-Book reception, and slow down.

4. Honesty Box and Hip Vibes

The kitchen fridge is filled with drinks and snacks.

Just take whatever you like and leave the money in the honesty box.

Trust never felt so good!

The honesty bar in the kitchen

The big common room with plenty of different options to spend your time lead to a funky, relaxing, and hip environment, making it easy to connect to fellow travelers.

Don’t miss out on joining one of the many hostel activities.

Who is up for the Pub Crawl and the private boat tours?

And if you feel like staying in, then you will enjoy your time for sure as well.

There is even a teepee tent in the social area.

How cool is that?!

Oh oh, and here are as well our 27 fun things to do in Amsterdam.

Pretty cool stuff there, just click you through the list.

The photo below shows the beach bar we recommend. You can find it in our secret guide to Amsterdam.

Pllek Beach in Amsterdam, a hipster thing to do

5. No rush – the staff loves to help you!

Warm and welcoming, friendly and helpful!

Taking cues from the slow-travel movement, the staff takes its time at your check-in and they will point out what to do in Amsterdam on a map.

They will give you their greatest tips for what to do around Amsterdam.

Don’t be shy, say hi, and ask!

The team will suggest great places to visit.

The staff receives many compliments and comments on online reviews.

This is no coincidence.

Welcome home at Ecomama Amsterdam! You will love it here as much as we do!

So many fellow travelers and members of the Hostelgeeks community stayed at Ecomama.

A visit to remember! Hop on the swing and take quirky design photos!

Staying here? Then drop us a photo on Instagram and tag us on @hostelgeeks.

Having fun in Ecomama Amsterdam Ecomama Hotel Traveler Hostelgeeks

6 COOL Things to do in Amsterdam

In our big guide we cover 27 fun things to do in Amsterdam.

To sum it up for you, here are the 6 COOLEST things to do in Amsterdam – besides staying at this stunning hostel and renting a bike obviously 🙂

1. Amsterdam Swing

It only needs a cool WOW, so here you go. Oh, and it requires the price. It was around 19€ when we visited.

You can find current prices and schedules here.

Smart tip: You have to book your ticket beforehand, either with Tiqets here or Get Your Guide (my preferred way).

2. Escape Room (with awesome story-telling)

You and your buddies have to solve the puzzle, find the solution and ultimately the key to escape the room. It is the perfect activity for a rainy day and outside the box.

One cool escape room in Amsterdam is Locked Amsterdam. You can find a complete overview of all escape rooms in Amsterdam here.

The behind the room is simple: 20 years ago, the Russian submarine K-129 has mysteriously disappeared in the North Pacific Ocean. A journalist studying the incident disappears suddenly, and the situation gets serious.

Find out what happened to the journalist, the submarine and make sure you stay a step ahead of the Russian Secret Service…

Have a look at the video below:

3. Windmill Tour

Join a day trip to the Windmills just outside the city.

There is a 3 hour bike-tour to the windmills, along the canals. It includes as well a cheese-tasting. YUMMY!!

Find all prices for the Dutch Windmill and Cheese Tour here.

We took the photo below in Rotterdam, NOT in Amsterdam. The windmills north of Amsterdam are equally beautiful, but we did not take any good photo there 🙁
Dutch Windmills and Countryside Day Trip from Amsterdam Including Cheese Tasting in Edam

4. Boat Tour (even Pizza Boat Tours!)

There are many different boat tours and cruises. Just have a look at the find different cruises in Amsterdam.

Buuuuut…here is the way more fun experience.

Check out this pizza-and-booze-cruise.

You get hot pizza, unlimited drinks (wine, beer and soft drinks), Audio guide, and even free WiFi. Seriously, this is the cooler option!

FYI: If this is your romantic city break, there are also candle-light cruises.

5. Anne Frank Walking Tour

This may not be an entertaining activity, but certainly one we highly recommend.

The NEW Anne Frank walking tour. If you are not visiting the usually crowded Anne Frank House, then this is the tour to go.

The tour is only $27 and you can find schedule and tickets here.

Good to know: For actually visiting the famous Anne Frank House, you have to book on their website. Tickets are made available only exactly 2 months before.

6. Museums to visit

Come on, you are in Amsterdam, a haven for museum-goers and lovers.

The two main ones to visit are:

Other interesting museums are:

In our big guide we cover 27 fun things to do in Amsterdam.

Over to you

We just gave you this stun hostel and a list of epic activities to do in Amsterdam.

Do you have any questions, doubts, anything unclear?

Then please please leave us a comment. We would love to make this article as useful and informative as possible for you. Your question actually helps us to improve, so don’t be shy, we are keen to help!

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