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  • Location of Central House Hostel

    PERFECT! You are staying in the heart of Medina, which is the Old Town in Marrakech. Make sure you have a map or mark the location in your Maps Application on the phone. The Medina can be a labyrinth.

    Everything is in walking distance from here! The Old Town is the absolute best place to stay in Marrakech since you are close to the action, but at night it is quiet, and you can sleep like a baby!

    Full Address: 📍 Central House Hostel, Rodamon Riad Marrakech، Marrakech, Marruecos
  • All room types at Central House Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: Family Room for 4 People, Double Room, Superior Queen Room

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm, 6-Bed Dorms and 8-Bed Dorms (both female only dorms and mixed dorms)

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Heading to Marrakech and wondering what’s the best hostel in town?

Make it The Central House Hostel Marrakech, the only 5 Star Hostel in Marrakech. 

Important Update: Rodamon Hostel changed its name to The Central House Hostel. It is the same hostel!

Housed in a traditional Riad, The Central House Hostel is equipped with a sunny rooftop terrace, a swimming pool and lovely rooms and dorms to have a good night sleep.

In this article, we will walk you through this amazing 5 Star Hostel.

It is an extension of our complete guide of 3 best hostels in Marrakech. Here we already compared the coolest hostels in town. We even added party hostels and for backpackers to enjoy the city on a budget.

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5 Star Hostel in Marrakech: Hostel Rodamon

Before we start with the review of The Central House, here’s a bit of an insight.

The very first time we travelled to Marrakech, we have been warned: it will be stressful, busy, vendors will try to sell you anything. It won’t be your little, relaxed dream destination you see on all the instagram photos (even though that was before instagram got huge).

Anyways, we arrived with stress in our minds already.

It worked!

Since we had our mind set accordingly, we were not bothered by all the noise and hustle in La Medina.

It also helped to have a good quality hostel we could unwind and relax at: The Central House Marrakech!

The backpackers we met on the flight from Barcelona to Marrakech were staying at a super cheap hostel for 4€ only…their experience was quite different, not to say BAD!

That being said, here’s why we think you should go with a quality hostel, best the Star Hostel in town!

Here’s a great video showing you around our favorite accommodation:

Hotel or hostel – or even Riad? After all, a Riad is a traditional house in Morocco.

You’re just in luck because we give you all three: A hostel for the fun, a hotel for the quality, and a riad for the style!

Psst! It’s no wonder The Central House Hostel is listed as one of 15 most luxurious hostels in the world.

The Central House Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel

So why The Central House?

The Central House Marrakech is very much favored to be compared to hotels that offer guests’ services and facilities similar to that of a hotel.

The Central House Hostel in Marrakech offers Suites and Double Superior Rooms for those who are looking for a luxury style hostel. So better stay in supreme style.

They keep your pockets happy with great affordable deals with services similar to a hotel.
Once you come in, it will be hard for you to leave this amazing Riad in Marrakech. Giving you the homely vibes of comfortable beds clean linens, relaxing area, games and TV, and free WiFi.

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Boutique Hostels in Marrakech? Here you: A full guide by hostelgeeks

Who stays here?

Traveling alone? On a romantic couple tour? Or traveling in a group?

In our opinion, The Central House is the best hostel for female solo-travellers, couples, and groups. Even families will have a great time here!

As for the party traveller, it’s best to check out our guide to best hostels in Marrakech – with party hostels.

They have everything you might think of.

That is not to say this hostel shuts down at 10pm. No no! Enjoy your drinks at the roof top and have a great time here!

Best Hostels for Female Solo Travellers in Marrakech: Rodamon Riad

Quiet Nights at Dorms and Private Rooms

Stylish, cozy and perfectly intimate rooms for all types of travelers.

Budget-friendly family rooms and beautiful, modern, smart-looking dorm for groups.

And if you’re a group of female travelers, they have spotlessly clean shared rooms just for you, too. Of course, the hostel does not forget that it’s a girl thing to have hairdryers in the rooms.

For your optimum quality stay, each bunk bed is placed with a power socket, personal light, and dark curtains so you can still have your own private moment and space while staying inside your rooms.

All rooms at the hostel are air-conditioned and are designed with a mixture of traditional Moroccan and modern décor.

AC is especially in summer a must-have!

They also offer an en suite bathroom with a bathtub or shower while some rooms feature a seating area.

And for the amenities?

Hold your seats and prepare yourselves for amazing deals.

Dorm Rooms at Rodamon Hostel

Traditional Private Double Room at one of the coolest Riads in Marrakech

Where to hang? An Instagram Dream

The Central House Marrakech is well praised with their rooftop terrace and bar that gives you a perfect panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains and the Jemaa el-Fnaa Mosque.

Have your favorite cocktails and cheers to landing on the best rooftop view that beats the bustling busy street on Marrakech. Quiet and peaceful yet exciting and fun.

There is also a restaurant in the hostel that opens at 17:00 for dining services. The food is really, really good! You should dine here one night for sure! A great way to stay within the hostel if you’re not in the vibe of going out.

But wait, we have more for you!

Located in the hostel’s patio is a lovely medium size pool where guests can take a dip or plunge in while enjoying your favorite cold beer or have a taste of their flavored mint tea.

And oh, please don’t forget to try the famous Moroccan beer, Casablanca.

Great Food and Drinks at the inhouse bar at Rodamon Hostel in Marrakech

Boutique Hostels in Marrakech Roof Top Terrace, the best place to hang out for backpackers in Marrakech

Hostel Activities and Tours

Now let’s go to the hostel activities.

Obviously, when travelling to Marrakech, you might have already heard about the desert tour, trekking and other tours around the area.

Look no further because the hostel offers a great variety of tours and activities you could choose from. The hostel teamed up with a high-quality provider of tours. The prices they offer are more expensive than the ones you might find elsewhere.

However, the hostel offers these tours because they are the ones ensuring a great experience.

Personally, we never ever recommend the absolute cheapest tours you can find. Cheap comes pricey at the end!

As for Marrakech, we always booked our tour with Get Your Guide directly.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have summarized all the tours below:

1. Souks Tour

Tours start in the souks and markets of Medina, exploring fresh vegetables, spices shops, leather, and jewelry artisans.

Take a chance to see Djemaa El Fna Square where acrobats, snake charmers, and Gnawa musicians entertain you creating a very lively atmosphere.

2. Desert Tour

You can choose to have a two-day or a three-day trip to the desert.

The two-day trip takes you from Marrakech to Zagora Desert while the three-day trip brings you to Merzouga Sahara Desert. Experience riding camels, sleep in tents, do campfires, and see the famous Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah which is considered as a world heritage and famous movie location for Hollywood blockbusters like Gladiator.

Good to know: We recommend the three-days trip to the desert. It gives you more time in the actual desert.

We took the 2 days tour; and we spent more time in the car than anything else. That was a bit disappointing.

3. Trekking Tour

Hiking tours can range from one day to five days depending on which you will have to trek. All according to your level and expertise.

4. Small Village Tour and Camel Ride

Escape the bustle of Marrakech and head for the breathtaking, high Atlas Mountains and the village of Imlil.

Your local guide will ensure that you have an amazing experience brimming with traditional Berber culture and unforgettable views.

Find more information here.

5. Balloon and Air Tour

Hot Air Balloon – Our personal favorite, nothing better than going up high and see the majestic, breath-taking view of the Atlas plains while the sun creeps above the horizon, casting beautiful colors over the desert that only birds can see.

Not sure?

Have a look at this video. WOWZIE!

6. Helicopter

Okay, that escalated quickly. And obviously, this one is the most pricey option.

Pricey? Sure!

Epic experience? OH YES!

To make your travel special and extraordinary, enjoy the gorgeous perspective of Morocco in 30 minutes from the air from Marrakech to Morocco’s highest mountain, Mount Toubkhal.

7. Quad and 4 Wheelers

You could choose from more than 5 different activities and itineraries with quads and 4 wheelers from one-day trips to the Ourika Valley to five-day trips to the Sahara Desert.

Make sure you do not wear any bright cloth or cloth you do not want to get dirty. Obviously, taking the quad is a dusty activity.

Read: our best secret things to do in Marrakech here.

Quad Rides in Marrakech


Here you have it, your 5 Star Hostel in Marrakech Medina. It comes with everything you expect from an outstanding hostel.

As always, this is not your average hostel, for obvious reasons.

So if your tour includes finding yourself laughing at snake charmers, getting tribal henna tattoos, getting a hands-on scrub down in the local Hamman and dining in the Djemma el-Fna, definitely The Central House Marrakech is the one for you.

Make sure you also read through our guide best hostels in Marrakech.

Here we compare the three best hostels and even include party hostels.

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Safe travels,
The Hostelgeeks

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