20 Best Hostels in Greece – Infinity Pools, Beachside Luxury and Cave Accommodation

20 Best Hostels in Greece, Europe
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Γειά σου! Hello! Welcome to the only guide you’re going to need to discover the best hostels in Greece.

Handpicked by us, the Hostelgeeks: you’re in for a real treat if you love sandy feet, infinity pools and unique dorm rooms.

This guide covers all of the main destinations and must-see areas. From Santorini and Athens, to Crete and Rhodes.

Are these really the best hostels in Greece?

When there are five 5 star hostels to be found, there’s no doubt. 100% YES!

For those that want to skip straight to the Crème de la Crème, they are:

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List of Destinations with the Best Hostels in Greece

Swimsuit, camera and sunscreen at the ready; let’s get this show on the road and save precious time for the beach.

The destinations we cover in this guide, in no particular order, are:

We put all hostels and backpacker places in Greece on this big hostel map. It will help a lot of planning your Greece Backpacking trip.

We also include FAQs to make sure all bases are covered.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🏛️ Best Hostel in Athens:City Circus
🌅 Best Hostel in Santorini :Caveland
🦌 Best Hostel in Rhodes:STAY Hostel Rhodes
🌊 Best Hostel in Chania:Cocoon City Hostel
🏝️ Best Hostel in Mykonos:Mycocoon Hostel
📖 Best for Relaxing in Thessaloniki:Zeus is Loose Hostel
👩‍💻 Best for Digital Nomads in Heraklion: So Young Hostel
😍 Best Boutique Hostel in Meteora: Meteora Central Hostel

Best Hostels in Athens

This capital city is a real mix of ancient and modern world, a treat for historian lovers and solo travellers.

If you’re looking for epic Greece hostels, look no further. We’ve handpicked 3 outstanding options for you:

  1. City Circus
  2. Bedbox Hostel

For even more cool hostels check out our full guide to the best hostels in Athens and the coolest party hostels in Athens.

Read: Athens budget travel guide.

1. City Circus

The quirky design at City Circus is full of character, and offers fantastic views of the Acropolis from a private rooftop terrace.

It’s no wonder then that this is a 5 Star Hostel in Athens!

With this in mind, it’s just 5-minutes from the vibrant city and area of Monasteraki.

Get sociable with the nightly events and enjoy a range of dorms that come with an ensuite.

Every guest is also entitled to a 10% discount at nearby Zampano restaurant. Score!

Book City Circus here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Full Review

City Circus one of the best hostels in Athens, Greece

3. Bedbox Hostel

It’s the rooms that really stand out at Bedbox Hostel, possibly why it’s also part of the hostel name!

Not only is there a female dorm, but a male dorm also. As for the 4-bed mixed? It happens to have double beds perfect for sociable couples.

Oh and the lockers are huge.

Enjoy an on-site bar, outdoor terrace and fully fitted kitchen if you fancy cooking.

Book Bedbox Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Bedbox Hostel one of the best hostels in Athens, Greece

Best Hostels in Meteora

Meteora is actually the name of a large UNESCO rock formation in central Greece. It’s home to six monasteries built on immense natural pillars and boulders – certainly worth seeing and voted as one of the most beautiful places in Greece!

Nearby to this jaw-clenching view are two great hostels:

  1. Meteora Central Hostel
  2. The Holy Rock

1. Meteora Central Hostel

Meteora Central Hostel is a beautiful boutique hostel nestled in a renovated house from the 1950s.

From the backyard area there is a view of the Meteora rocks. It’s the perfect place for an evening BBQ or cup of coffee.

The family that run this hostel also own the cafe bar right next door. Their hospitality will make you feel at home in no time!

It’s just 400m from the train station which links to Meteora rocks and Athens.

Book Meteora Central Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Meteora Central Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

2. The Holy Rock

Set at the foot of the Meteora peaks in a village called Kalambaka is The Holy Rock hostel.

There is a total of 28 beds spread over basic dorms.

Dump your bags and enjoy the social spaces instead. There is a balcony, lounge, atrium and backyard. There’s also a shared kitchen and TV if you feel like lounging.

Book The Holy Rock here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

The Holy Rock is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

Best Hostels in Thessaloniki

Let’s head now to a beautiful Greek port city where Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history merges together.

Check out these gorgeous hostels on offer…

  1. Stay Hydrid Hostel
  2. Zeus is Loose Hostel

1. Stay Hybrid Hostel

This downtown joint is hip, safe, cozy and part of the urban life and music scene. It’s evident in the design!

Whether you’re a solo traveller, part of a couple or family, there is a great room option for you. The 4-bed mixed dorm also has disability access. Fantastic.

The rooftop offers great space and views. There is also a shared kitchen.

Several great bars and taverns are close-by. Just across the street you’ll find a family friendly restaurant.

Book Stay Hybrid Hostel here

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Stay Hybrid Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

2. Zeus is Loose Hostel

If you fancy a bit of swanky design in the midst of downtown Thessaloniki, Zeus is Loose Hostel is sure to impress.

You’ll literally be sleeping on the most vibrant square of the city, overlooking a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Honestly, the huge windows in the common areas and rooms offer fantastic views.

All of the rooms – 4-6 bed dorms, twin and doubles – come with a private ensuite. There’s a female only option, too!

Enjoy access to vending machines, a spacious kitchen, foosball and an awesome cafe-bar at the very top of the hostel. Grab a cocktail and relax, you deserve it.

Book Zeus is Loose Hostel here

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Zeus is Loose Hostel, Thessaloniki is one of the best hostels in Greece Zeus is Loose Hostel, Thessaloniki is one of the best hostels in Greece

Best Hostels in Crete

Let’s now head to the birthplace of Zeus and the largest island in Greece. From fine-sand beaches to white mountains, including well known Mt. Ida.

We’d like to introduce you to some great hostels in Heraklion (the capital of Crete) and Chania. We even have a full guide to the best hostels in Crete Island.

This collection also includes a fabulous 5 star hostel, Cocoon City Hostel.

  1. So Young Hostel (Heraklion)
  2. Intra Muros Boutique Hostel (Heraklion)
  3. Cocoon City Hostel (Chania)
  4. Kumba Hostel (Chania)

1. So Young Hostel

The best hostel in Heraklion, So Young Hostel, is centrally located and offers a stylish, boutique design with eco-friendly materials.

Mixed dorm rooms are cosy with 6-8 beds. Female solo travellers can opt for a ladies only room, with either 4 or 6 beds. Each bed has a curtain and sturdy ladder. Couples also have the option of a private double with ensuite.

By far the best place to chill is on the rooftop terrace. Sun, laze and meet people here – easy.

There is a free bus to Amoudara beach from here. Great nightlife and shops are surrounding the hostel, so getting around is easy.

Book So Young Hostel here

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So Young Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe So Young Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

2. Intra Muros Boutique Hostel

Coming in a close second is the slightly more sociable Intra Muros Boutique Hostel.

The rooftop area is superb – the ideal place to enjoy a sunset beer with new friends.

What else is there?

  • Indoor & outdoor lounge areas
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Instruments & board games
  • Book exchange

Rooms are large, bright and come with a privacy curtain, linen and towel. Bonus! Get ready for the best night’s sleep of your hostel life.

Book Intra Muros Boutique Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Intra Muros Boutique Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe Intra Muros Boutique Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

3. Cocoon City Hostel – 5 Star Hostel

Vivid colours and shapes are what initially catch your eye at Cocoon City Hostel. It’s modern, stylish and rather hip!

A coffee bar and big shared kitchen space are what make this 5 star hostel friendly and sociable. It’s also ideal for reading a book or catching up with your work.

Enjoy a 5-minute stroll to the Chania harbour. It happens to be the place for buzzing nightlife and great food.

Honestly, there is so much more to say. Best you have a read of the full guide to Cocoon City Hostel.

Book Cocoon City Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Full Review

Cocoon City Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe Cocoon City Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

4. Kumba Hostel

When an African girl and a Cretan guy decide to open a hostel together, you get Kumba Hostel!

Spaces are divided across:

  • 5 dorms (pod beds)
  • 6 private rooms (large space)
  • Cafe bar (best coffee in town)

Located in the heart of Chania, it’s a short walk to Kapi beach and the Venetian Harbour. Central locations are the best and this one is top notch.

Book Kumba Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Kumba Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe Kumba Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

Best Hostels in Corfu

Corfu is a beautiful Greek island located off the northwest coast of Greece, in the Ionian Sea. It is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing sunsets. The island has a rich history and culture, with many Greek, Venetian and British influences.

Let’s take a look at the best hostels in Corfu.

  1. Angelica’s Backpacker’s Hostel – best for solo travelers
  2. Pink Palace – best for party lovers
  3. Corfu Backpackers Beach Hostel – best for backpackers
  4. Local Hostel & Suites – best for female solo travelers

Want to know more about Corfu? Check out our detailed guide to the best hostel in Corfu

1. Angelica’s Backpacker’s Hostel

Angelica’s Backpacker’s Hostel is a family-run hostel located in the northwest part of the island, 35 km from Corfu town and a 15-minute walk from the famous Canal d’ Amour.

It offers comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms and all necessary amenities, including a garden with a pool and sunbeds, a fully equipped kitchen, and safe surroundings.

It is a great place for solo travellers, couples, and families to stay, as it is close to the beach, busses to Corfu town, and the town of Sidari for a peaceful evening stroll.

Book Angelica’s Backpacker;s Hostel here

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Angelica's Backpacker's Hostel Dining Area

2. Pink Palace

Pink Palace is a great hostel for young travellers looking for a party atmosphere. It offers private rooms with bathroom and security lockers, and a restaurant, beach bar and pool in the yard.

There are various activities to do, and shops and cafeterias nearby. It is located 15 km away from Corfu town and the airport and provides free parking and shuttle service.

Book Pink Palace here

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Have fun and drink all night at Pink Palace

3. Corfu Backpackers Beach Hostel

Corfu Backpackers Beach Hostel offers private rooms, triple, quad, and mixed dorms with stunning sea views and private bathrooms. Free luggage storage is available and there is a laundry service for a fee. At the beach and beach bar, there are free sunbeds and umbrellas and transfer services to the airport or port are available.

The hostel also organises activities and tours to explore the island and neighbouring Albania. During off-peak seasons, guests may be accommodated at the Pink Palace, managed by the same family. The hostel is located 400 meters from the beach on the west coast of Corfu.

Book Corfu Backpackers Beach Hostel here

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Corfu Backpackers Beach Hostel Bedroom

4. Local Hostel & Suites

So if you’re heading to Corfu, choose Local Hostel & Suites – simple as that.

It’s rather different from other hostels in that the rooms come with a kitchen and common area right beside the beds. This gives it a shared house kind of feel.

Room choices are large. From male and female-only dorms, to smaller 4-bed dorms and double private.

It’s a handy 20-minute stroll or short bus ride from the port.

Book Local Hostel & Suites here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com

Local Hostel & Suites is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe Local Hostel & Suites is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

Best Hostels in Rhodes: Stay Hostel Rhodes (5 Star Hostel)

Ready for a rooftop massage and another 5 star hostel in Greece? Welcome to Stay Hostel Rhodes.

There’s a lot to say so let us sum it up nicely for you. Get ready for:

  • Fun social activities (yoga, souvlaki nights, live music, excursions)
  • Library & board games
  • Big common kitchen
  • Garden terrace
  • Hostel bar

Topped off with beautiful design, central location and great staff, you won’t regret staying here. But you may regret not staying for long enough.

This hostel is also on our list of “best beach hostels worldwide”.

Read: 21 best things to do in Rhodes

Book STAY Hostel Rhodes here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Hostelworld | Booking.com | Full Review

The cosy lounge at STAY Hostel Rhodes The dorms at STAY Hostel Rhodes

Best Hostels in Santorini

We envy you if you’re heading to Santorini. What a destination it is with beautiful beaches and a 5 star hostel that’s out of this world!

Get ready for sunrise yoga, sleeping in a cave and island luxury on a budget.

The best hostels in Greece Santorini are:

  1. Caveland5 star hostel
  2. Bedspot Hostel
  3. Fira Backpackers Place

For great tips and tricks have a read of our guide to the best hostels in Santorini. It includes best party hostels in Greece, and fun things to do in Santorini.

Read: coolest party hostels in Santorini

1. Caveland – 5 Star Hostel

Forget hours of research on where to stay in Santorini: choose Caveland!

This former winery is now a unique accommodation where beds are found in caves and chilled vibes hang out by the huge swimming pool.

Read: Best Beach Hostels in Europe

Not only that, but there are many activities to sign up for including communal dinners and volcano tours. Just make sure you fill up on the free buffet breakfast for a big day ahead!

Caveland is a short 5-minute drive to the capital of Fira Town. This hostel is in our Yoga Hostels in the World guide too.

Book Caveland here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Hostelworld | Full Review

Caveland Santorini - Sleep in a cave, former winery, and 5 Star Hostel!
Caveland – 5 Star Hostel

The Best Hostel in Santorini CAVELAND, a real 5 Star Hostel

2. Bedspot Hostel

Having only opened its doors in 2019, Bedspot Hostel is certainly modern and crisp in design. It’s beautifully Greek with white-washed walls and a flat rooftop!

Every room has an ensuite, and they are kept cosy with 4-8 beds. Couples with love the double room.

Soak in the jacuzzi or catch some rays on the rooftop terrace. It’s a hard choice, we know.

Book Bedspot Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Bedspot Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe Bedspot Hostel is one of the best hostels in Greece, Europe

3. Fira Backpackers Place

Backpackers rejoice at this wonderful hostel that easily connects to all the highlights of Fira.

Fira Backpackers Place is metres from the main square, and has great bus links to nearby beaches.

Dorm rooms come with 4-10 beds and include a fridge and adjoined washrooms. Upgrade to a private and enjoy your very own balcony.

Wash your bag-drobe for free and chill out in the common area with TV.

Book Fira Backpackers Place here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Hostelworld

Dorm at fira backpackers place, basic hostel in Santorini
Fira Backpackers Place

Best Hostels in Mykonos

In this collection we’ve found a balance of party, relaxation and a peaceful stay in Mykonos.

Whether you’re after a beach paradise or thumping music, we’ve got you covered.

Your answer on where to stay in Mykonos is right here. The best hostels in Greece Mykonos are:

  1. Mycocoon Hostel5 Star Hostel
  2. Artemoula’s Studios
  3. Paraga Beach Hostel (closed)

Read: full guide to the best hostels in Mykonos + coolest party hostels in Mykonos

1. Mycocoon Hostel – 5 Star Hostel

Easily the best choice in Mykonos is Mycocoon Hostel.

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s a 5 star hostel because…

  • Outdoor infinity pool
  • Unique room design
  • Outdoor bar w/ terrace
  • Best view around

Small groups are certainly suited to the dorm rooms, which can be privately booked.

Just make sure you have your Instagram ready at all times for this one.

Book Mycocoon Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Full Review

MyCocoon Hostel Mykonos is a stunning design 5 Star Hostel in Greece, Europe MyCocoon Hostel Mykonos is a stunning design 5 Star Hostel in Greece, Europe

2. Artemoula’s Studios

Artemoula’s Studios has not one but two outdoor pools with a fantastic view of the sea and surrounding area.

To entice you further, there is free access to a gym and internet corner with computers.

Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, ideal for saving money and cooking during your stay.

Platis Yialos Beach is just 300m away. That means you can expect a bit more peace and quiet.

Important: There are only privare studios available here, no shared dorms.

Book Artemoula’s Studios here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com

Rooms equipped with kitchens at Artemoula's Studios Artemoula's Studios amazing aerial view

CLOSED: Paraga Beach Hostel

Love the beach and camp vibe when exploring a new place? Paraga Beach Hostel is the one for you in that case.

Set up your own tent or stay in one their prefabricated tents with electricity, cement floor and security box.

There are also standard private and dorm rooms on offer, if you prefer.

Smile to your heart’s content thanks to the pool bar, swimming pool and access to the beach beside it.

Get a beer, get tan and enjoy the sun at Paraga Beach Hostel

Best Hostels in Paros

Paros is an island in the Aegean Sea located in the heart of the Cyclades Islands in Greece. It is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and crystal-clear waters. There are plenty of activities to do and attractions to explore on the island, such as archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, as well as plenty of water sports and beach activities.

Paros is also a great destination for those who are looking for a quiet, peaceful getaway, as there are plenty of small villages and secluded beaches to explore. 

Let’s jump right into the coolest hostels in Paros.

  1. Paros Backpackers – best for solo travelers
  2. Cheap Rooms (Jimmy’s) – best for families
  3. Hotel Paros – best for couples

Read: We have a comprehensive guide to the best hostels in Paros.

1. Paros Backpackers

Paros Backpackers is a budget-friendly hostel offering accommodation just 2 minutes from the beachfront in Parikia. This newly-remodeled hostel provides a tranquil spot for backpackers from around the world and is one of the top hostels in Paros. All of the air-conditioned dorms and private rooms are complete with a private bathroom and a balcony, some with views of the sea.

The beds come with complimentary towels that are changed every two days, and the hostel also has a communal kitchen, an internet corner with a printer, and a swimming pool with sun beds in the garden. Solo travelers can join the hostel’s WhatsApp group and get to know other guests.

The hostel is just ten minutes from the port and the old town, where there are some restaurants and a large supermarket. For sightseeing, head to Kastro Castle in the traditional Cycladic quarter, or the Archaeological Museum with artefacts from the Neolithic and Roman eras. Krios Beach is the closest beach to the hostel, or take a bus to other beaches and villages like Naoussa. If you rent a bike, Logovarda Monastery, 5km away, is a must-see, with its hand

Book Paros Backpackers here

Check prices at: Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

Paros Backpackers Outdoor Pool Area Paros Backpackers for solo travelers

2. Cheap Rooms (Jimmy’s)

Jimmy’s Cheap Rooms is situated in a peaceful area of Parikia, just a short walk away from Livadia beach. The hostel offers private rooms as well as 4-bed mixed dorms, all of which have simple furniture and ensuite bathrooms.

Guests can have a chat and relax on the rooftop balcony, overlooking the stunning sunsets. Take advantage of a 15% discount on breakfast and drinks, or try the local taverna’s extensive menu of salads and traditional meals. After dinner, enjoy a night out in the lively island town.

Book Cheap Rooms (Jimmy’s) here

Check prices at: Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

Cheap Rooms (Jimmy's) Cheap Rooms (Jimmy's) Room

3. Hotel Paros

Hotel Paros is an ideal choice for couples and families, as it provides affordable and comfortable accommodation with great amenities. Located just a 6-minute walk from the bus station and close to Livadia Beach, it offers air-conditioned rooms with TVs, as well as studios with kitchenettes.

The hotel staff are dedicated to providing excellent Greek hospitality, and can help you arrange activities such as hiking, diving, and transport to/from the airport. What’s more, the hotel’s restaurant serves delicious Greek dishes with stunning sea views. You can also explore the nearby Old Town, or take a day tour to Antiparos or another nearby island.

Book Hotel Paros here

Check prices at: Booking.com | Hostelz.com

Beacutiful view from Hotel Paros Hotel Paros Bedroom

Our Favorite Hostels in Greece put on a map + sights

Below we have put ALL of the best hostels in Greece mentioned in this article on a map.

That’s because we want to make your planning as hassle free and straight forward as possible!

We’ve marked them as follows:

  • 5 Star Hostels: Black with White Star
  • Design Hostels: Blue
  • Backpacker-Type Hostel: Orange
  • Other recommendations: Purple

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