HeyMondo Travel Insurance Review – Is it legit? Our First-Hand Experience

HeyMondo travel insurance review

HeyMondo provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. We at Hostelgeeks are an affiliate, and we will receive a fee when you purchase insurance with HeyMondo – at NO Extra cost for you. We do not represent HeyMondo.

If you are looking for the best travel insurance and are considering HeyMondo, read this article. This HeyMondo travel insurance review is based on my own personal experience so that you can know EVERYTHING about it.

Here, I’ll answer questions like: Is HeyMondo insurance legit? What kind of coverage does HeyMondo provide? Is it affordable? Do they have 24/7 assistance? How can I file a claim?

I have used HeyMondo many times (and even had to claim more than once), so I’ll give you my best tips so that you can choose the best travel insurance for your trip. 

In this article, I will also provide you with some advice on good and affordable travel insurance and how to purchase insurance if you are already traveling.

Since I like their insurance so much (spoilers), I asked HeyMondo if we could get a discount for the Hostelgeeks community, and they agreed, so there you go: get your insurance with a 5% discount.

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With Hostelgeeks, we became nomadic back in 2015, and we have tested many insurances over the years: Safetywing, HeyMondo, Axa, Iati… and many more – some of them do not even exist anymore.

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Today, we really know what to look for before purchasing travel insurance, but it was not always like that. We even traveled without insurance and had to pay thousands of euros for a single medical bill in Bali.

At that moment, we decided that we would never ever travel without (good and reliable) travel insurance again.

Travel insurance is something you buy wishing you won’t need to use it.

When looking for insurance for your trip, you should ask yourself what kind of trip you are going on. Believe me; you really want a policy covering everything you could encounter.

Ask yourself:

  • are you planning any adventure-related activities? (Diving is also considered an adventure activity for insurance companies)
  • which countries are you visiting?
  • are you bringing electronics with you?

Sometimes the reason for taking out insurance can be as basic as being forced. Several countries in the world require you to have contracted travel insurance to enter.

What should Travel Insurance cover?

Whichever insurance you choose, you must make sure that it covers medical expenses, evacuation, and luggage issues.

1. Coverage of medical expenses abroad

Here you should check that the limit is as high as possible. If you get sick and the bill skyrockets, you really want to be covered. I would say the minimum amount should be 100 000 USD. If you are traveling to expensive countries (USA, Canada, Japan,…), aim for a minimum of 500 000 USD coverage.

HeyMondo Medical expenses coverage:

  • Basic: 600.000USD
  • Premium: 5.000.000 USD
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Choose an insurance with medical expenses included

2. Emergency evacuation

For big adventures, you want to be covered for the possibility of an evacuation.

Reasons for evacuation could be a pandemic event or because you broke your leg climbing a mountain. Trust me, dispatching a helicopter to rescue you from a mountain is very expensive – even in cheap countries.

An evacuation coverage will also come in handy if you end up becoming so sick that you must cut your trip short. In this situation, good insurance will cover the cost of your flight and can (literally) save your life.

Note: Heymondo provides up to 7,000$ worth of coverage for delays, trip cancellations, and interruptions. This amount is higher than many other insurances.

3. Luggage

The insurance coverage amount you should aim for depends on what type of items and luggage you carry.

Some insurances offer the possibility of protecting electronic devices as well. Personally, it is very important for me that insurance covers electronic equipment since I travel with my laptop and expensive cameras to work on the road.

Also, you should make sure that your insurance has the following:

  • Coverage in all countries you plan to visit.
  • Customer service 24h/7.
  • Trip cancellation (you might need to pay an extra amount for this).

Luggage with electronic equipment

HeyMondo Travel Insurance Review

Let’s look at HeyMondo travel insurance and why I think it is fantastic insurance for travelers.

Advantages of HeyMondo

1. Simple to buy

You can buy your insurance online without the need for endless steps and questions – even if you are already traveling on the road! Just add your dates and the countries you plan to visit and choose a plan. You’ll receive the insurance policy directly in your email.

Get your 5% Discount to HeyMondo here

Note: if you are traveling already, bear in mind the insurance policy does not start immediately. It needs 24 hours to be activated. So, if you were planning to travel without insurance and activate it once you have a problem, it won’t work (actually, that plan does not work with any insurance in the world).

2. Quick and easy!

Thanks to its mobile app, you’ll have everything you need in the palm of your hand:

  • 24-hour medical chat
  • free support call
  • incident notification
  • management of incidents

3. No excess/ Deductible

A deductible is a set amount that you have to cover on your own when dealing with medical expenses. HeyMondo does not have this policy, so you’ll be covered from the very first cent you need in case you need to visit any doctor/hospital.

Some companies require that you pay for the medical expenses, and they’ll reimburse you, but with HeyMondo, you won’t need to pay anything in advance.

In case you need to go to the doctor, you will contact HeyMondo team through the app. You can also call if it is an emergency. They will send you the doctor’s details, appointment time,  and address and you’ll only have to show up at the place and time indicated.

Once you are in the hospital/ doctor, they will make you sign for every visit/test/treatment that they make you. Easy peasy, no need to pay anything at all.

On my visit to the hospital in Sri Lanka in 2021, they even gave me all medication I needed without having to pay anything from my pocket. I was so relieved – medical and financial-  as many insurances make you pay for the visits and then they reimburse you the money.

Note: HeyMondo will ask you for a report to be sure that you have been treated – just in case you do not show up but the hospital/doctor will ask them to pay a bill. So remember to ask the doctor/ hospital for a report so you can send it to Mondo via email. Do not worry much about it. If you are in a rural area Heymondo does even accept a handwritten note from the doctor explaining that they treated you on that day. The important thing is that they sign and stamp it.

Medical proof for insurance

4. Many Adventure Sports are covered in all plans

Even the most basic plan covers numerous activities. What kind of activities does HeyMondo cover?

  • Athletics
  • gym
  • activities
  • activities with undomesticated animals,
  • basketball,
  • motorboats (with driver),
  • bicycle riding,
  • canoeing,
  • curling,
  • shooting/small game hunting,
  • organized hot-air balloon rides,
  • general hiking,
  • jogging,
  • football,
  • golf,
  • pedal boats,
  • ball games,
  • beach games
  • camping activities,
  • karting,
  • kayaking,
  • jet skis,
  • snowmobiles,
  • swimming,
  • sailing,
  • orienteering,
  • paddle surf,
  • paddle tennis,
  • paintballing,
  • helicopter rides,
  • skating,
  • fishing,
  • canoeing,
  • rope bridges,
  • snowshoeing,
  • climbing walls,
  • offroading,
  • segway,
  • hiking,
  • snorkeling,
  • surfing
  • windsurfing,
  • tennis,
  • zip lines,
  • trekking at altitudes below 3,000 meters,
  • sledding in ski resorts,
  • mushing,
  • equestrian tourism

Snorkel in Sri Lanka

In Top and Premium travel insurance policies, you can expand the activities covered by including:

  • White-water rafting,
  • airsoft,
  • canyoning,
  • diving and underwater activities less than 20 meters deep,
  • bouldering up to a height of 8 meters,
  • horse riding,
  • climbing,
  • fencing,
  • caving at depths of less than 150 meters,
  • water skiing,
  • fly surfing,
  • hydrospeed,
  • kitesurfing,
  • bicycle touring,
  • mountain bike rides,
  • deep-water soloing up to a height of 8 meters,
  • quad biking,
  • rafting,
  • abseiling,
  • bungee jumping,
  • survival,
  • trekking at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters

Note: you must actively mark the sports add-on to be covered in these activities.

Skydiving experience in Interlaken, Switzerland

5. Cancellation insurance

The Trip cancellation part (you must select it to activate it) has coverage for more than 39 causes of trip cancellation, including:

  • medical Health Complications,
  • medical quarantine decreed by health authorities
  • theft of documentation within 24 hours of the day of entry that makes arrival impossible
  • Non-granting of visa for unjustified reasons (not because you forgot to apply for it)

6. Excellent partners

If you have never heard of HeyMondo, let me tell you that they have been in the travel insurance market since 2016. Furthermore, they have AXA as a partner, one of the world’s biggest insurance companies. That means no matter where you travel; they will have a good and reliable insurance partner ready to help you.

7. Covid-19 coverage included

All travel insurance plans from HeyMondo include the following:

  • Medical expenses due to covid infection. It also includes medically prescribed PCR tests.
  • Medical transportation and repatriation if the return trip is affected.
  • Extra lodging expenses due to medical quarantine are also covered, but only when testing positive and prescribed by a doctor if it prevents you from returning home on the scheduled date.

Note: If you test positive for coronavirus during your trip and have to extend your stay at the destination, the insurance covers up to $900 of extra expenses.

In addition, if you add the Trip Cancellation guarantee (you must actively mark it), you’ll get the following:

  • coverage for positive COVID-19 before the start of the trip,
  • death or illness of a family member due to COVID-19,
  • illness or death of the traveler due to Coronavirus,
  • contagion by Covid-19 and PCR test during the trip (with medical prescription),
  • mandatory medical quarantine (close contact).

What is not covered with HeyMondo?

As with any insurance (medical or travel), pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered. That does not mean that you cannot buy insurance. You will be able to buy the insurance, but your pre-existing medical condition will not be covered.

There are also general exclusions where travelers will not be covered (not by HeyMondo or any other insurance):

  • engaging in criminal or illegal activities
  • claiming for belonging left unattended
  • intoxicated due to drugs
  • being under the influence of alcohol
  • putting yourself in danger (deliberately)

What HeyMondo insurance choose?

To avoid mistakes by choosing the wrong package, you must have an idea of ​​what you want your travel plan to cover. It would be frustrating to encounter a problem or accident and then find out it’s not covered because you chose the wrong insurance plan.

Important: With any insurance, you need to read and understand what is covered and, more importantly, what is NOT covered.

Be sure to ask clear questions and share your travel plan and intentions about the activities you want to perform. You are not doing yourself a favor if you plan to go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure trip, but you get the lowest insurance that does not cover the majority of your activities. 

Let’s see their different packages and explain the differences in their Single trip, Annual Multi-trip, and Long Stay insurances.

Single trip

Simple travel insurance that covers a timeframe from a couple of days’ getaways to months of travel. They offer Medical, Top, and Premium coverages, which I will explain in a minute.


For those planning many trips throughout the year (where they travel and come back home), this policy is valid for 1 year. Be aware that every trip must be shorter than 60 days. They also have long-stay insurance if you plan to travel for longer than 60 days in a row.

If you plan to take more than 4 different trips throughout one year, this policy will make you save money on your travel insurance.

HeyMondo Medical

The most basic product. It is one of the best value-for-money medical insurance on the market. The coverage of medical expenses is up to $500,000.

Remember, you won’t have to pay anything in advance, and you will be covered from the start till the end of your medical issue.

Nevertheless, this insurance policy only covers medical insurance, so I would only choose it if you are living semi-permanently in another country.

Get Heymondo Insurance here

HeyMondo Travel Insurance Price

Let’s have a look at the different prices and coverages for a Single trip.

HeyMondo Medical

It only covers 2/3 of the minimum things we mentioned that should be basic in your insurance plan: medical expenses up to $500.0000 (emergencies and dental included) and emergency evacuation.

HeyMondo Top

Best value for money. For just a few more bucks, you get luggage coverage, electronics, and personal liability…

In this policy, medical expenses are covered up to $2.500.0000.

HeyMondo Premium

For those planning to visit more expensive countries or get a rental car.

Please note you can always add more Adventure sports, higher electronics value, or special trips (cruises).

Medical expenses coverage: up to $5.000.0000.

Travel insurance HeyMondo prices

Insurance comparison plans & prices

Here is a complete table so you can compare travel insurance plans at a glance. As you can see HeyMondo has unbeatable quality for the price.

  SafetyWing Older Provider HeyMondo
Prices $42/4 weeks $118/4 weeks

$105/4 weeks

Trip cancellation No Yes
(Both plans – Standard and Explorer)
(except Medical plan)
Extending Coverage Automatic renewal (if setup) Manual Manual
Deductible Yes, up to 250$ No No
Evacuations Political evacuations and natural disasters Political evacuations and natural disasters Political evacuations and natural disasters
Extreme Sports Does not cover many extreme sports Covers many sports

scuba diving at + 10m)

Does cover many sports. You can expand the activities covered if you need to.
Personal liability No cover Covered
Age Limit


until 69 years until 64 years until 49 years
Electronics insured No Yes

(amount varies on your selected plan )


(you must select it )

Rental car excess No cover Covers loss of car rental key and Rental car excess Yes on Top Plan
Emergency dental treatment Yes – up to $1,000 Yes
(amount varies)

(amount varies on selected plan)

Medical emergency evacuation Yes Yes Yes

Please note we are trying to keep this list up to date. Always check first with the insurance directly if the information is still valid. Last update May, 2024.

How to claim to HeyMondo

You only know if insurance is good when you have to make a claim. I had to claim more than once with Mondo insurance and I must say it was super smooth – if I compare it with other insurance. Of course, theft or luggage claims are a bit annoying, as you will have to claim it after it happened and provide documents and statements. The medical claims are good with HeyMondo because you won’t need to pay anything out of your pocket.

Let me explain to you what you should do if you need to claim HeyMondo:

Theft claims

1. Make your claim through the HeyMondo app attaching all the documentation you can:

  • police report,
  • list of stolen belongings,
  • prices of the items and
  • purchase tickets.

Photos where you appear with the stolen items also help to estimate values in case you cannot collect the tickets – even though tickets are much better and faster accepted.

Please note you will need a police report. If you do not have it, the claim won’t go through. It is also essential to know that situations where you left your belongings unguarded are not considered theft. 

2. Wait to receive HeyMondo’s reply with the following steps. They will let you know if they need any additional information or if the claim goes through and the amount you will receive. 

3. You will receive the agreed amount in your bank account weeks after the claim is accepted. I do recommend you ask them for an estimated receiving date so you do not waste your energy thinking about when you will receive the money. Make an alarm on your phone and double-check that you got it.

Packed things ready for your trip

Luggage claim

In case you miss a flight, or your bags are lost or stolen, you can use the HeyMondo app to make a claim.

1. Open a claim in the Mondo app.

2. Upload the supporting documents: flight tickets, booking confirmations, proof of payment… in the app. The team might ask for missing files or more evidence documents if they need to.

3. Once the claim is accepted, they will contact you to confirm they have all documents needed.

4. They will inform you that they will reimburse you for what you already spent and indicate the quantity that will appear in your bank account. They might ask you to provide a bank statement and that bank statement must indicate the same name as the insurance person on the policy.

5. You’ll receive the reimbursement in a period of 3-8 weeks.

Important: Note that planned trips will not be reimbursed if they have not been paid ar you have proof of payment.

How to claim lost luggage

Medical claims

In case you need to go to the doctor /hospital, follow these steps:

1. Contact Heymondo through the app (or call) to let them know you need a doctor. If you call you need the policy number, so I do recommend checking it before contacting them. When contacting through the app, they can see the policy details.

2. They will need some (hours) time to check and make an appointment with the nearest available doctor for your problem. Provide as many details as you can if you are in rural areas. If you have no idea worry not, they will find a specialist for you.

3. You will get an email with the address and time of the appointment. If it is an urgent issue, you can call them and let them know you need it fast. Bear in mind even though you have 24 hours assistance there might be some delays due to time difference.

4. Show up at the doctor/ hospital. They will double check that there is an appointment under your name and let you know where to wait. You won’t have to make any payment out of your pocket, only sign some documents as proof you received the treatment and ask for a report so you can send it to the insurance afterward. 

Note: I took some photos of the different scans the doctor requested just in case Heymondo would ask for them, but they only asked for the doctor’s final report with my name on it and the doctor’s signature to double-check that I was there and received the treatment.

Medical proof for insurance

Accident (Medical) claims

In case of an accident, there might be no time to call and contact the insurance before going to the hospital. In that case, make sure you document all the possible details: police accident statement, hospital report, requested treatments, and most important – all bills!  You will need to provide all documents in your claim.

I do recommend contacting HeyMondo as soon as possible to let them know you are in the hospital (if possible), as they might be able to take over all the invoices from that moment and you won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket. If it is not possible, just keep all documents and make the claim on the app once you are able to.

Important: do not wait long to make the claim.

Accidents while traveling

HeyMondo Travel Insurance Discount

As I told you in the beginning, I have a 5% discount from HeyMondo for the Hostelgeeks community. You just have to book your insurance through this link or by clicking on the button below.

On the top of the page, it will appear the message: 5% off for being Hostelgeeks reader.

Get 5% discount on your Mondo insurance here

You can also get an extra discount on special dates like Black Friday. They usually offer an extra 15% discount on Black Friday, so if your travel plans are solidified,  take advantage of that extra discount. If you have not planned any trip yet, you can always get our 5% discount.

HeyMondo Discount

Purchase HeyMondo travel insurance with discount – Step by Step

Purchasing HeyMondo travel insurance is very simple. It can take just a couple of minutes, but I recommend you take your time and read through all the coverages you have included in the plans you selected.

Steps to purchase HeyMondo with discount

1. Visit the HeyMondo website in this link – you’ll see there is a message on the top that says you have a discount for being our reader.

2. Select single trip or multi-trip.

Heymondo single trip vs multitrip quote

3. Input your country of residency and the destinations you plan to visit.

Buy steps travel insurance heymondo

4. Press ‘get a quote’, and you’ll see the different insurance plans available. Now you just have to select the plan you want and input your card details to purchase it.

Diferent insurance Plans heymondo

FAQ about HeyMondo

Here I’ll walk you through common questions you should ask yourself before purchasing your first insurance.

Does HeyMondo Travel insurance cover Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes! All travel insurance plans from HeyMondo include COVID-19. They also include:

  • Medical expenses due to covid infection and medically prescribed PCR tests.
  • Medical transportation and repatriation if the return trip is affected.
  • Extra lodging expenses due to medical quarantine are also covered, but only when testing positive and prescribed by a doctor if it prevents you from returning home on the scheduled date.

Note: If you test positive for coronavirus during your trip and have to extend your stay at the destination, the insurance covers up to $900 of extra expenses.

Can you get insurance if you are already traveling?

Yes! You can get your health insurance whenever you want. However, bear in mind that the insurance will not start immediately after you purchase it. There is a waiting period from the time you buy the policy until your cover starts.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. As far as I know, no travel insurance exists that covers pre-existing conditions.

How does this work to make a claim with HeyMondo?

Super easy through the app! You just need to open your HeyMondo app and follow the claim path. Remember you will have to upload/ attach supporting documents like medical statements, bills etc.

HeyMondo Travel Insurance Review – final words

I hope this clarifies any doubts or questions you have about the HeyMondo travel insurance. I think it is one of the best travel insurance in 2024. If you have any questions I did not answer here, ask them in the comments below. I will answer as soon as possible!

Safe travels,

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