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Selina Hostels Discount

As of February 2021, we received a special discount for our users staying at the famous Hostels of Selina. Selina is a global luxury hostel chain with over 60 hostels in South America, Central America, North America and Europe.

Find more information and the Selina Promo Code here.

Unique Hostels: Selina Hostels

We handpick the Top Hostels in each City

We cover curated ‘3 best hostels’ guides to all major and interesting cities in Europe for Backpackers and Travelers. We cover destinations like Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Athens, Rome….and so many more!

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Best Hostels in Paris, France - by Hostelgeeks
Best Hostels in Barcelona, Spain - by Hostelgeeks

More Tips and Tricks

We put together solid 15 tips for booking hostels. They cover smart booking recommendations, how to get a discount, what websites to use, you name it.

You may also want to check out our guide to the best hostel booking sites for even more tips and tricks.

Here’s our guide on how to book hostels with Hostelworld.

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Airbnb Discount

Airbnb is the greatest website to rent apartments and rooms. With our Airbnb discount code you save 35€ on your first Airbnb booking. Enjoy!

Hostel Discounts

Our Hostel Discounts 2021

Here we list all 5 Star Hostels and regular Hostels offering discounts to the Hostelgeeks community. Just click on the hostel. We will share in detail how much discount you will get on your booking and how to apply it.

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Other Travel and Backpacker Discounts

Obviously, we all need more than an epic hostel to stay at. Below we list a few useful discounts on other sites and tips for saving money:

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Skyscanner Black Friday

Last Minute Deals for Flights

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For Hostel Owners and Managers

We also have a $50 Promo Code for Cloudbeds, one of the most popular hostel software in the world.

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