Cocomama Amsterdam – 1st Boutique Hostel and 5 Star Hostel in a Former Brothel

Cocomama Hostel

Ahoi and welcome to Cocomama Amsterdam, the very first boutique hostel in the city of Amsterdam. Cocomama is your perfect choice to stay in Amsterdam. The reasons for that are simple. Apart from the beautiful interior decor and design, Cocomama Amsterdam understands what their travelers are looking for: an easy-going atmosphere, cheap bike rentals, private hostel boat tours, free pasta nights, and more activities you’ll love.

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  • Location Advantage

    TOP location! It is central, but not too central to be surrounded by noise and tourists only.

    The hostel is located just 2 minutes from the Albert Cuyp Market, and 5 minutes to Museum Square. If you fancy some night life in Amsterdam, Cocomama is located only 10 minutes to the the bars, restaurants and clubs of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.

    The location is convenient as you can enjoy a non-touristic street, but being close to the hot spots nevertheless. Also, during your stay you can enjoy the Cocomama Hostel garden as well. This is very rare in Amsterdam!

    You will appreciate the location. The hostel has also a bike-rental service, use this! It is the best way to get around.

    How to get to Cocomama Hostel

    From the airport (Schiphol): Jump in the train to Amsterdam Central station. Walk out the main entrance and head to the left-hand tramstop. Take the n° 4 tram towards RAI and get out at stop 'Stadhouderskade'. This is already the street of Cocomama. Walk back in the direction the tram came from. Cocomama hostel is located approximately 100m before tramstop "Westeinde 18".

    Full Address: 📍 Cocomama Hostel, Westeinde 18 1017 ZP Amsterdam
  • All room types at Cocomama Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: Deluxe Double Bed Room, Family room for up to 5 People

    Shared Room Types available: 2-Bed Dorms, 4-Bed Dorms, and 6-Bed Dorms

    Not sure what room to pick? Our guides will help you to decide:

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When hanging out in the common area of Cocomama Amsterdam, make sure you say hi to Joop, the sweet hostel cat.

There are many reasons why Cocomama is recognized as a fantastic Hostel throughout many websites. And there are exactly 5 reasons why Cocomama is as well a 5 Star Hostel!

Fun fact: Cocomama is owned by Clink, one of the top hostel chains in Europe.

We are Hostelgeeks, your independent shortcut to the worlds best hostels; the 5 Star Hostels.

Pure Design! Thanks for being unique, Cocomama!

Before we start, pack smart…

Remember to pack accordingly for staying in a hostel – yet, do not overpack.

Here’s our full packing list, including Noise-Cancelling ear plugs and your padlocks.

Packing List for Backpacking

Cocomama Amsterdam is a 5 Star Hostel because …

We are keen to share with you here all details. Follow our foot steps.

We will give you all details on hand, so you can go out there and explore this accommodation and Amsterdam by your own.

Let’s get a cookie from the kitchen and get started.

1. Sustainable at its best

Managed by two local Dutch girls, Anika and Lotje, Cocomama opened its doors back in 2010.

Since then travelers from all over the world have fallen in love with Cocomama.

They also adopted the super-friendly hostel cat Joop from the Amsterdam shelter, and he loves to welcome the new travelers arriving at Cocomama.

If you are not into cats, no worries, he won’t bother you!

However, he is a very friendly, cuddly and lovely cat! Read more about hostel pets here.

How about we show you Joop in a photo? He’s such a lovely cat.

Joop and the stylish new common area at Cocomama Hostel

Taking Hostels to the next Level - Cocomama Amsterdam!

Sleep at Van Gogh Room, a double Room at Cocomama The Van Gogh room is a double private room with plenty of details

Back to the sustainable facts of Cocomama.

The ensuite bathrooms are stocked with body lotion, hand soap, shampoo and body wash by “Stop the water while using me” with ingredients from certified organic agriculture.

Stop the water while using me! A special conscious shampoo at Cocomama, used as well at Ecomama

The best way to get to know Amsterdam is by bike!

It may sound very touristy, but is indeed a very great local way to get around the city.

You can rent your bike directly at the hostel reception to discover Amsterdam in an Eco-friendly way.

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The photo below shows our bike we rent at Ecomama.

You can get exactly the same at Cocomama, just with the own logo.

Pretty cool!

Bike Rental Cocomama Amsterdam

2. Boutique Design – every room has a theme

Natural daylight and plenty of space are king!

Cocomama Amsterdam Hostel is a former brothel and located inside a monumental building with its own large garden out back.

There is even a history corner with interesting photos, and an original stripper pole.

This is quite a legendary corner. Have a look, take a photo and share it with the friends. If you share this with your family, make sure you let them know this place is a FORMER brothel…just to avoid any misunderstanding.

Wanna have a look?

Former Brothel! The history corner at Cocomama Amsterdam More background story? the history corner at Cocomama gives you some insight

The high-ceiling rooms and chandeliers make you feel like you’re in a by-gone age.

Every room is uniquely designed with different Dutch themes and the history of Amsterdam.

And there are many different private rooms and dorms you can choose from.

Which do you prefer:

  • “Forest Room”
  • “Royal Room”
  • “Big Brothel Dorm”
  • “Cheese Dorm”
  • “Anne Frank Room”

Unique Boutique indeed!

All of the rooms have their own outdoor sign as well. Here is the example of the Anne Frank room.

We created an overview of all different hostel room types. Make sure you select the room you actually want.

The Anne Frank Room at Cocomama Amsterdam

The best Hostel in Amsterdam

3. Unique Boutique and Hostel

The check-in starts with a glass of champagne. This itself makes it already cool!

The unique aspect of Cocomama Amsterdam is its well-crafted balance between a hotel, a boutique, and a hostel.

The combination of the three worlds is truly one-of-a-kind.

This hostel brings accommodation to the next level.

Whichever room you choose, we know that you’ll love its cozy interior design for sure!

Although the design part is obviously unique, the Cocomamas do not forget about vibes, showing its own unique character!

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Have a good night sleep at Cocoamama Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam

Important to remember: Only groups up to 4 people are allowed here!

The hostel is a smaller accommodation where they want to have all travelers engaged, to let people enjoy the full experience of Cocomama and Amsterdam!

If you are a group of more than 4 people, check out their Sister-Hostel Ecomama Hostel, the other 5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam.

Here at Ecomama, groups are allowed.

We even compared all the best hostels in Amsterdam. Check out our huge guide.

There are also plenty of events organized at Cocomama. Curious?

The staircase bring you all the way up in style The details matter. The classic staircase at Cocomama

Boutique hostel Dorm - In Style and on budget

4. Honesty, “Tight Ass” and Booze Cruise – The Atmosphere

Friends trust each other!

Grab a beer from the fridge and pay for it in the honesty box.

After your drink, you can join plenty of hostel events such as Tight Ass Tuesday (no confusion please, it’s beer and pasta night!), movie night, the booze cruise, and more.

We highly recommend to join their red light district tour. It is an exclusive tour for guests of Cocomama and Ecomama.

SUPER FUN and seriously interesting.

Even if you planned to stay away from that area, for whatever reason, this tour by Mo is quite educating. Mo, that is the name of the guide, shares insider information and hidden spots.


And if you fancy challenging your hostel buddies to Nintendo, go for it. Old school time!

Also interesting, we collected 27 fun things to do in Amsterdam.

Trust us when we say, get ready for some awesome days!

What's the worst thing you'd do? A fun game at Cocomama

Who is up for a Movie Night?

Also, a big aspect of the great atmosphere here is the restriction of groups – as stated above.

No groups of more than 4 people are allowed – perfect to get to know more fellow travelers!

This decision was made to get smaller groups easier connected, so everybody at the hostels can connect easily.

And: it always works!

Therefore, this accommodation is perfect for couples looking for a social hostel experience, as well as solo-travelers.

Hostel Dorm at Cocomama Amsterdam

Cocomama Amsterdam and its stylish Hostel Rooms

Enjoy the vibes a Hostel Amsterdam Cocomama

5. Superb Staff and 100% Local Tips

Forget any tourist maps or descriptions!

The owners, Anika and Lotje, and the super-friendly staff at Cocomama will give you the best local tips for Amsterdam – both in the city and its surroundings!

Welcome to your friend’s place in Amsterdam where you can hang out and get the best local tips around.

It is no surprise Cocomama Amsterdam receives many great comments and ratings on major booking platforms. This hostel is a cozy boutique hostel and nobody is anonymous here.

As mentioned before, the hostels cat Joop is another proud staff member.

He will make sure you have someone to cuddle if you need to.

You will find him mostly in the living room, and the garden.

Welcome at Cocomama Amsterdam

Little Buddha in the garden at Cocomama

Opening Video of Cocomama Hostel

Watch the Cocomama’s Opening party in a video.

Walk through the halls, dorms, and garden the first time.

Listen to Anika and Lotje, the two owners, why they decided to open Cocomama Amsterdam Hostel as it is.

Find +23 cool videos of the 5 Star Hostels.

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