3 Best Hostels in Kampot – Bokor National Park to Durian Roundabout

Best Hostels in Kampot by Hostelgeeks

When thinking about a “romantic trip”, Kampot might not be the first place that comes to mind. In reality, Kampot is hardly known anywhere globally, not even by those fortunate enough to backpack Southeast Asia. So perhaps we can do something about that!

Kampot is a famous riverfront city because of its magnificent meandering Prearek Tuek Chhu river, known for its beauty and tranquil appeal. It’s a gorgeous, enormous river flowing through the nearby countryside and reminds us more of a lake than a stream or canal.

Kampot’s somnolence is one of its main attractions. The streets are broad, there is little traffic, and it is simple to travel by foot, bike, or motorcycle. Here, life seems unhurried and mellow, with warm afternoons perfect for lounging in hammocks or cooling down in the river. It is a tranquil riverbank hideaway barely a mile or two from the beach, surrounded by a stunning array of mist-covered mountains, lush fields, jungles, and various fruit farms and plantations.

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Our favorite hostels in Kampot are:

  1. Monkey Republic - best for solo travelers
  2. The Magic Sponge - best for couples
  3. Onederz Kampot - best for female solo travelers
  4. Extra: Karma Traders Kampot - best for social butterflies

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A significant component of Kampot’s appeal is its riverbank setting at the base of the Elephant Mountains. At dusk, residents and visitors alike go to the river promenade for walks and happy hour beverages. Any vacation to Kampot must include soaking in the sunset by the river while holding your favourite drink in your hand!

Besides the best hostels in Kampot that we will list below, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of tours that pair wonderfully with your stay – from walking and biking, sightseeing and outdoor activities, and visiting pepper farms, all the way to day trips with cultural and theme tours. Most of them come with free cancellation, a bonus for you if you must make any “last moment” changes to your trip.

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  • want a social Hostel to actually meet people
  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

Bokor Mountain, at a height of one km, offers a pleasant cold retreat from the city (and the heat), and the journey up the mountain on a lovely new road is its greatest feature. Great views of Cambodia and Vietnam are frequently present, but they might also be absent if you are within or on top of a cloud. Bokor’s entrance is around 20 minutes from the city centre.

Additionally, Kampot is well-known internationally for its black, green, red, and white table pepper plantations as well as locally for its durian orchards (a giant, pointy fruit weighing up to 12 kilograms). The sole food item in Cambodia that is exported to other countries has the origin-specific label “Kampot Pepper.”

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Quick Introduction to Kampot

Average price for a bed: Hostels in Kampot cost $4 – $10 per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room has an average of around $21 per night. This is a rough average, just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on the season and holidays. Please always check the exact rates on Hostelz.com or Hostelworld.com.

Check-In and Check-Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm), while the Check-Out time is before 11:00 (11 am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Getting around Kampot: Kampot is a small city, so it is easy to get around by foot. The city is also served by tuk-tuks and motodops (motorcycle taxis). These are the most popular and affordable way to get around the city. There are also car rental services available.

Best time to travel Kampot: The best time to visit Kampot is during the rainy season, which typically lasts from June to September when the surrounding countryside is blooming. The rains usually stop in October, and temperatures can dip as low as 21 F during the chilly season that typically lasts from November through December.

Safety in Kampot: Kampot is generally a safe place for travelers, with low levels of crime. The most common crime in Kampot is petty theft, so it is important to keep your belongings secure. It is also recommended to avoid walking around at night, especially in deserted areas. 

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The 3 Best Hostels in Kampot are …

Let’s jump right into the coolest hostels in Kampot.

  1. Monkey Republic – best for solo travelers
  2. The Magic Sponge – best for couples
  3. Onederz Kampot – best for female solo travelers
  4. Extra: Karma Traders Kampot - best for social butterflies

These are our favorite hostels in Kampot. We want to make your life even easier, so we put all accommodations on a map for you. We even added our own tips for favorite restaurants, things to see, and more.

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

🦸 Solo Traveler: Monkey Republic
🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: Onederz Kampot
🥳 Party Hostel:Monkey Republic
👩‍❤️‍👨 Couple Hostel: The Magic Sponge
👫 For Socializing:
Karma Traders Kampot
👩‍💻 For Digital Nomads: Onederz Kampot
🤑 Budget-friendly:Monkey Republic
🧘 Cozy Hostel: Onederz Kampot

1. Monkey Republic

If you are looking for an old structure tucked away on a side street with a lovely garden, then the Monkey Republic is a perfect option! It also runs the greatest yoga studio in Kampot, and all of its instructors are trained professionals.

They provide a few dormitories, each with modern air conditioners. Each dorm bed has a lamp, power outlet, and curtain. There are steel lockers under the mattresses that can hold a full backpack. There shouldn’t be a need for a line in the morning because there is a private bathroom for every four beds. Additionally, they offer several recently refurbished private rooms with their bathrooms.

Location: The Old Market can be reached in less than 10 minutes on foot, and there are several ATMs in the area. Located in Kampot, just 3.1 km from Kampot Train Station, 4.2 km from Kampot Pagoda, and less than 1 km from Kampot Provincial Museum.

The Teuk Chhou Rapids is 10 km away, and the nearest airport is Sihanouk International Airport, 83 km from the property.

A great choice for

  • solo travelers
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Monkey Republic Kampot Dorm

Dance all night at Monkey Republic Kampot

2. The Magic Sponge

The Magic Sponge  is best for couples since it is located in a peaceful lane, away from the noise and clamour of the riverbank. Walking to the busiest section of town and the waterfront takes only five minutes. Everything in this town is accessible on foot, although renting a tuk-tuk (widely available) is also an option. An attractive spiral staircase leads to the upper level of the historic structure. The structure is immaculately preserved and kept up.

Clean, large air-conditioned or fan rooms with lovely en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, and sinks are available in the beautifully constructed structure. All beds have top-notch mattresses and pillows for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The mini golf course, enormous 65-inch LCD TV, satellite for live sports, two pool tables, and internet TV lounge are all accessible to customers for free. Also, they are holding weekly events, such as an open-mic night on Wednesdays, a pub quiz on Fridays, and live music on Saturdays.

A variety of delectable Western, Asian, and vegetarian cuisines are available at the restaurant. Dining in the lovely Jasmine Garden, surrounded by butterflies, birds, and jasmine drifting in the air is a pleasant and pleasurable experience for breakfast, lunch, or supper. They are known for their quality food, huge portion sizes, and value for money.

Location:  The Magic Sponge Kampot Cambodia is around a 35-minute drive to Kep Beach, Prek Kampot Waterfall and Phnom Chhnork Cave. Other attractions in the area include the Kampot Pagoda, Prek Kampot River, and the Wat Sampov Pram Temple. Other activities nearby include river cruises, fishing, and kayaking.

The best choice in Kampot for

  • couples
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The Magic Sponge Kampot Cambodia

The Magic Sponge Bedroom

3. Onederz Kampot

Large garden and an infinity pool are included at Onederz Kampot . The ideal place to unwind and meet people from all over the world is the restaurant and bar, which is in front of the pool.

You won’t ever be bored in the hostel or outside because so many tours, activities, and events are available. They offer private rooms with views of the pool and various dorm rooms. There are also all-female options available, making it ideal for women travelling solo. They also have a large parking lot, so you may hire a motorcycle or a bicycle and park it there.

Location: You can visit lots of places in its vicinity! Less than a 1-kilometre distance is the Teuk Chhou Rapids, 3.2 km from Onederz Kampot is the train station, and less than 1 km is the Kampot Provincial Museum. Wat Samathi Pagoda is about 41 km from the hostel, while Kep Jetty is 25 km.

This is one of the best hostels in Kampot for

  • female solo travelers
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Onederz Kampot Dormitory

Onederz Kampot Swimming Pool Area

4. Karma Traders Kampot

Karma Traders Kampot   has a terrace, garden, outdoor pool, and communal lounge. Additionally, the hostel has a bar – about 3.7 kilometres from Kampot Pagoda. They provide free Wi-Fi access throughout the facility and lots of entertainment in the evenings! Also, the accommodations include linens.

Every morning, breakfast comprises à la carte, continental, and Full English/Irish selections. A restaurant inside the hostel serves Mexican, American, and Cambodian food.

As for entertainment, darts and table tennis are both available. Despite having high standards, they have a cheerful and joyful vibe. Be sure to check their rooftop bar and try a delicious beverage or a family supper while admiring the breathtaking sunset over Bokor Mountain.

Location: The distance between the hostel and Kampot Provincial Museum is 2.5 km, while Kampot Train Station is 2.8 km distant. Sihanouk International Airport, 83 kilometres from Karma Traders Kampot, is the closest airport.

This is one of the best Kampot hostel for:

  • social butterflies
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Karma Traders Kampot Dorm

Karma Traders Kampot Outdoor Area

Best Hostels in Kampot for Solo Travelers and Partygoers? 

We think that the best hostel in Kampot is Monkey Republic.

Monkey Republic is a great hostel for solo travelers and partygoers in Kampot. It offers dorm beds, double rooms, and a lively bar.

The hostel’s staff is friendly and helpful, and there are a number of activities and events hosted throughout the year. Plus, the location is just a short walk from the riverside and the local market.

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Monkey Republic Kampot for solo travelers

More Hostels worth a mention

At the moment, we think you are all set with the hostels we just shared with you. We always try to keep our guides super fresh and up to date. We might add more hostels worth mentioning here if we feel that it could enrich your travel and hostel experience.

Backpacking tips for Kampot 

1. No trip to Kampot is complete without visiting a local plantation! You will have the chance to sample the many pepper kinds and observe the production process. Flavours range from extremely fiery to quite sweet. Unexpectedly, the majority of these trips are free! The only expenses you’ll have are transportation to and from the plantation and any pepper you wish to bring home.

2. Get your hands on a moped and go on the trek to see Bokor National Park! You wind your way up to the peak of the national park through a picturesque path that is comparable to the Hai Van Pass in Vietnam. You’ll see the lovely Kampot region from above while climbing, and you’ll also pass a lot of monkeys and little waterfalls on the route.

3. There is a thriving night market in Kampot. You can sample all the local specialities and stock up on souvenirs and gifts to bring back home. This market, which is home to several local food vendors and is located close to the well-known “Durain Roundabout,” is the ideal location to sample a variety of Cambodian foods, including the iconic Lok Lak and Amok curry.

4. The city demands a great amount of exploring! The deteriorating architecture, which consists of houses in a combination of French colonial and Chinese styles with rotting blue and green wooden shutters and flaking yellow paint, isn’t particularly attractive; however, it is unique. Even if Kampot isn’t spotless, several streets have lovely bougainvillaea trees that bloom pink in the spring. It feels so lovely!

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Our Favorite Hostels in Kampot put on a map + sights

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