Combo Bologna Hostel – 5 Star Hostel and Paradise for the Food-Lover

We_Bologna Hostel - 5 Star Hostel and Paradise for the Food-Lover

We love undiscovered destinations! Bologna is certainly one of those destinations that has managed to keep its authentic vibe. Here a piece of Italian culture can still be enjoyed. Welcome to Combo Bologna Hostel, a brand new Italian-handmade Hostel in the heart of Bologna. We at Hostelgeeks had a look at the Combo Bologna Hostel - without a doubt, you will love it!

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  • Location Advantage and Neighborhood of Combo Bologna

    We Bologna Hostel is located just a 10 min walk away from the main train station. From here you can take the fast train to Florence which takes only 30 minutes. As Bologna is more of a hidden gem city, you can stay here, enjoy the local vibe and visit Florence on a day-trip.

    The location is really great as you can really slow down and you don't have the traffic noise from the city. There is a shop nearby to get drinks for the nights, and you can order directly Pizza to the hostel (like many students do).

    Combo Bologna Hostel is also a 10-minute walk from the MAMbo Museum, the museum of Modern Art. By foot it takes you 20-minutes to the popular Piazza Maggiore Square, the University district and nightlife areas. The public transport is frequent and reliable, and we recommend that you either hop on the bus or rent a bike at Combo Bologna Hostel. We at Hostelgeeks highly recommend to rent a bike - the best way to get around!

    STOP WAR....this street art sign is at the entrance of WE Bologna
    Full Address: 📍 Combo Bologna Hostel, Via dè Carracci, 69/14, 40129 Bologna, Italy
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We are keen to share with you the Combo Bologna Hostel as the 5 Star Hostel in Bologna!

We have written a full guide to the best hostels in Bologna, Italy.

FYI: This hostel was previously called We_Bologna Hostel. It is the same property, but upgraded.

Combo Bologna Hostel Outside Space

Combo Bologna Hostel Dining Place

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Combo Bologna is a 5 Star Hostel, because …

The young and stylish Combo Bologna Hostel combines a local student accommodation with a hostel. It brings together the two worlds of students and the new generation of travelers.

Let’s get a coffee at this stylish hostel kitchen and start walking around Combo Bologna.

Why ticks it all the boxes of a 5 Star Hostel? Well, we had a close look, join us:

1. Eco-friendly and Sustainable: 100% Made in Italy

The Combo Bologna Hostel in Bologna went the extra mile to make the hostel Eco-friendly right from the very start. The hostel building qualifies as class A in energy-efficiency.

This means it has the highest standard in isolation, and energy-saving installations.

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Combo Bologna Hostel Outside_Space

Every guest receives a key card for their room. This key card is also the switch to turn on the lights. When leaving and closing the room door, the electricity turns off automatically after 10 seconds.

The design of Combo Bologna Hostel is fresh and young. Most of the furniture is tailor-made for Combo Bologna Hostel, and manufactured in Italy by the network Slowwood.

What does that mean, we hear you ask?

The Combo Bologna Hostel features a 100% tailor-made Italian design!

Combo Bologna Hostel Room

Bologna is not a very touristic city, such as Florence (find 5 non-touristy things to do in Florence), Venice, or Rome (5 Secret Tips to Rome).

It is still more authentic: you can feel the local vibe and live the real Italian experience. Combo Bologna Hostel tries to foster this by organizing cultural and musical events.

Last but not least, you can rent your own bike for Bologna here as well. We recommend this, so you can discover the city in no time!

Also, make sure you check the ultimate packing list.

We included as well some ways to stay online in Europe: The Hippocket Wi-Fi in a review.

Combo Bologna Hostel Garden

2. Fresh & Young

We already gave you an idea about the design of Combo Bologna Hostel. It is the creative product of WEG Studio, an architectural practice in Bologna. Their idea was to create an eye-catching modern building with the highest standards. A Place allowing people to enjoy the different spaces around the building.

The furniture is tailor-made for Combo Bologna Hostel, designed and manufactured in Italy! The Combo Bologna Hostel has a big “made-in-Italy“ stamp on it!

As you can see in the photos, the interior is dominated by different fresh colors. It gives the hostel this young vibe. Every room is spacious! Instead of filling up the rooms with as many beds as possible, they decided to only go for 2-bed and 4-bed dorms as well as family rooms! This is refreshing as your bed is not squeezed in between an endless number of beds!

Even the facade got a make-over. The building pops out with its modern orange-anthracite house painting.

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Combo Bologna Hostel Dorm

3. Unique: Travelers extend their stay to taste Italy

Bologna is certainly an underdog around the Italian destination.

No, wait: Bologna is a hidden gem!

Many travelers that stop by here plan a one-night stay in Bologna. But instead of leaving after the first night, many of those travelers extend their stay without hesitating. Why is that?

Combo engages the local and authentic vibe. Coming from the touristic destinations of Venice and Florence, many travelers enjoy this! They enjoy the good, non-tourist oriented restaurants and bars in Bologna.

Combo Bologna Hostel Dorm Room

4. Events: Get to know the local culture

This hostel is full of life! Combo Bologna Hostel focus‘ on music events with a carefully curated series of DJ sets and live music invites local and European artists to participate in the city’s cultural scene.

The events are truly unique as Combo Bologna Hostel keeps an eye on the cultural events in the city itself.

Combo Bologna Hostel Common Space

Combo Bologna Hostel Working Space

For common areas they have a big lounge, a kitchen, an area just for relaxing, a study room, as well as a TV room and a garden.

However, the main social area is the terrace and garden.

When the weather allows, this is the place you should join.

Also, Combo Bologna is a student accommodation. So local students stay here and mingle with the travelers. So don’t miss out and try to join the students’ life when they go for a drink. This is a great chance to get to know some local bars.

5. The extra mention of the staff

The staff here is absolutely great. You can really tell: You enjoy their job.

Besides the great design and young vibe, the staff receives many compliments. Throughout the rating and booking portals, the staff gets an extra mention and thank you from previous guests!

This really tells you something about the team.

As for insider tips for Bologna, make sure you ask the receptionist and team as well for their own bologna recommendations. They know their own city inside-out, so make use of this fact and ask!

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