Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu – Minimal design, maximum effect!

Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu - Minimal design, maximum effect!

Minimalist, Masculine, fresh! Welcome to Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu, Estonia. This unique budget accommodation invites guests to the cool, young city of Tartu up in North-Eastern Europe. We are keen to introduce you to Hektor Design Hostel. Follow us through a strong, innovative, and high-quality hostel.

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The young and vibrant student city now has its very own 5 Star Hostel. Of all the best hostels in Tartu, you will find Hektor on top of all of them! We are Hostelgeeks, and we award 5 Star Hostels all over the world.

We visited Hektor and brought you back a detailed review and why this is your perfect place to stay in Tartu, Estonia.

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Have a good night sleep at Hektor Design Hostel Tartu

If a Hostel could better fit a gender, the Hektor Design Hostel would represent a strong, male model.

This is how the architects and designers saw it right from the beginning.

The 5 Star Hostel is located inside an old and nostalgic commercial space and warehouse. From the outside, you are greeted by a modern anthracite block with white-framed windows, modern yellow doors and a big sign: HEKTOR design hostels!

Opening the doors, you will be greeted by a clean, eye-catching design.

Strong, male, and minimalistic - this is the building of Hektor Design Hostel from the outside

The short story behind the hostel name

We always love to talk about the stories behind the hostels.

The name of Hektor Design Hostels has a curious background story. The building appears strong, clean and polygonal from the outside. This is why the owner and architects were looking for a strong, male name to associate it with the hostel.

Criteria was: A male name, international, easy to remember and to pronounce.

They had many names on the table and chose to call the hostel „Hektor“ because  as a lucky coincidence, the owner‘s dog, a black German shepherd, is also named Hektor.

The Hektor Design Hostels comes with a cool, and fresh design.

But also, they didn’t hold back on adding extra facilities at this boutique hostel, such as:

  • modern gym
  • yoga room
  • steamy sauna
  • wash & dry your clothes in the laundry room
  • communal kitchen for any kind of cooking
  • foosball
  • movie nights with friends in the lounge
  • vintage books in the library
  • the stylish Hektor Café

The Hostel Library at Hektor Design Hostel

Before we start, pack smart…

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The Hektor Design Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Let us jump into the details of the best hostel in Tartu. There is a lot to discover when walking around this stylish property.

Here is the latest video. Walk through the accommodation and get an idea of the city and things to do in Tartu.

Here you can find more hostel videos.

1. Empowering Neighborhood and City

The building of Hektor Design Hostels is enormous.

Was it built for being a hostel?

Not exactly – the Hostel is located inside a former commercial space & warehouse, built in the 1950s.

The building has its own, unfortunate history; once it was a department store, and did not succeed. Another investor tried it with a shooting ground in the basement – no success there either.

The owner of the Hektor Design Hostels is a real estate developer.

Before starting over with the building, the owner traveled a lot. He stayed in hostels in western Europe (e.g. in Berlin & Barcelona), and he had a close look on what the new, modern hostel is up to.

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Red vs. blue! Minimalistic design at Hektor Design Hostel

Bunk Bed Twin Room on the left, and a single room on the right - Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu, Estonia

The decision was final: opening a hostel, right here in Tartu!

So, he and Jan Skolimowski, architect and friend, traveled through Europe again, and stayed at hostels as well as Hotels to get better, deeper ideas.

They questioned how to make both design and the service itself minimalist, yet functional and unique?

They took the old, misfortune building and turned it into an inviting and convenient living space.

Most of the elements used in the interior design are customized, and handmade furniture is used; locally produced by independent furniture manufactures.

Stylish, minimalistic! The bed rooms at Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu are just to relax!

Hektor Design Hostels included the city of Tartu in their marketing activities as much as possible.

They sincerely believe that the vibrant, youthful city of Tartu is an attractive and aspiring destination for all types of travelers.

They actively support the city’s marketing campaigns by providing free prizes (such as free accommodation) and collaborate with local tour guides (providing both traditional and extraordinary tours, e.g., street art tour).

Last but not least, they have joined forces to re-vitalize the old neighborhood in Tartu with their next-door-neighbours, Aparaaditehas – the local heart of the creative scenery. And this brings us to the design aspect.

Welcome and Hi! The reception welcomes you with a smile!

2. Masculine, Minimalist

Personally, we at Hostelgeeks love minimalist, light design.

And this is one of the reasons the design of Hektor Design Hostels is appealing to us.

Take out the unnecessary elements, and leave only cool, minimalist elements of graphical & interior design.

The one responsible is the talented designer from Tuumik Graphic Design, situated next door at Aparaaditehas, Mr. Martin Eelma.

Do you read Mark Twain? Join the library in the ground floor at Hektor Design Hostel

The execution behind the graphical design in the highest quality was done by the artists at Stencilit, also neighbors from Aparaaditehas and Hektor Design Hostels.

You see, it is the big, creative scenery that made Hektor Design Hostel possible.

“Inside we preserved as much as possible of the original masculine structure that was once built to accommodate large volumes of commodities. From our side, we added only clearly perceptible black&white graphics so you would never get lost.”

– Jan Skolimowski, architect & partner at KAMP arhitektid

While some design hostels are playful, Hektor Design Hostel kept it minimal and playful at the same time.

The clear edges are the main characteristic of the design. The warm wooden panels and fresh colors add the perfect final touch to a trendy, modern hostel.

Design Hostel par excellence! The Hektor in Tartu, Estonia

3. Breakfast with Mr. Business Man

Hektor Design Hostels impresses us with its clear vision.

And they prove it once again: A hostel is for all ages.

Just make sure you pick the right type of hostel.

You can have your breakfast while sitting next to a basketball team, to students, to the young traveling couple, as well Mr Business Man.

Join the community kitchen and turn into a chef!

In fact, the Hektor Design Hostel experienced a raising interest of business people staying at their accommodation. The reason is simple. Unique, different accommodations are always interesting – especially if the service quality remains comparable to hotels.

After all, this is probably the reason YOU are reading about this hostel right now!

Additionally, the Hektor is a family-friendly hostel.

Let them know if you are traveling with a baby, and they will provide you a baby crib if you don’t have your own.

Hektor Design Hostel is as well family friendly

Last but not least, even the the President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid visited the 5 Star Hostel in Tartu. She enjoyed the new concept of hosteling the city has to offer now.

The President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid visiting Hektor Design Hostel

4. Locals and Travelers – hand in hand

With 112 rooms, and space for 230 guests, Hektor Design Hostels is quite a big accommodation (here is a guide to all types of hostel rooms).

You’re probably wondering, is there maybe a lack of social vibes?

Well, no!

The Hektor Design Hostels holds musical events in their cafe-lounge that also welcomes both hostel guests and local citizens with a foosball table, board games, comfortable bean bags, and a projector with a large screen for seminars, movie nights, or simply watching sports.

Let us show you some photos:

Media room, great for presentations or simply a match of foosball

Steaming Sauna at a Hostel? Sure, at Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu

The coffee lounge at Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu

Wanna work out? The Hektor Design Hostel even features a gym

The team loves to organize movie nights here.

So make sure you keep an eye on the message screen! Talking about the staff…

5. Vibrant, cool friends

The Hektor staff are young, vibrant & friendly!

Since the opening back in April 2016, the staff have been receiving not just lovely reviews and comments on online platforms, but also small gifts.

Gifts? In the form of:

  • flowers
  • chocolate
  • cakes
  • thank-you letters
  • kind words
  • and the mentioned reviews.

This feels rewarding, doesn’t it?!

What's your room? The floor at Hektor Design Hostel The corridor at Hektor Design Hostel

We always say it: the hostels staff is the face of the accommodation. And it is the staff which makes an already fantastic hostel to an outstanding one.

In fact, it makes it 5 Star!

In a nutshell: Hektor Design Hostel unites every quality factor of a high-end hostel.

So here you have the answer to the burning question where to stay in Tartu, Estonia. You will love the interior design, the warm ambiance, and certainly all the extra facilities this hostel comes with.

Come here, see it for yourself – we certainly love it here!

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