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In the heart of the hostel, every conversation starts a new adventure. Come and say Hi!

Founder, Entrepreneur, Traveler

My travels have taken me from the vibrant streets of Vietnam to the tranquil beauty of Spain, each destination adding a new chapter to my journey. For me, travel isn't about counting countries or ticking off lists; it's about the freedom it brings and the stories that unfold with each new adventure. At Hostelgeeks, my goal is to infuse our brand with this sense of freedom and discovery. Whether it's finding the perfect 5 Star Hostel or sharing a hidden gem in a bustling city, I'm here to ensure that our travelers get more than just a journey – they get an experience that resonates with the joy of exploration and the freedom of the open road.

Founder, Traveler, Entrepreneur

On, my team and I are on the mission to bring you the world's coolest hostels. I work location-dependently since 2015, living and breathing the nomadic lifestyle. On the road, you'll find me in any good café, enjoying an iced coffee. In a hostel, look for me at the Foosball table. If you only want to stay in great hostels, this website is for you!

Travel Writer

A Lebanese-Congolese-French-Belgian girl as likely to be found climbing a volcano in Indonesia as reading a sci-fi book by the sea in the South of France. Always on the hunt for remarkable experiences. My two favorites so far: volunteering in emergency medical services in Lebanon and solo backpacking around the world. Life is enjoyable in all its facets, from its healthy extremes to its mundane slows.

Content Manager & Community Liaison

Hi there! I'm Hana, your unseen but ever-present companion at Hostelgeeks. While I might not traverse the globe as much as my adventurous teammates, my passion for travel thrives right here, from my cozy corner in the beautiful Balkans. As a vital part of the Hostelgeeks team, I'm the one diligently working in the background. My days are filled with updating content, processing feedback from our wonderful users and hostels, and handling the many technical details that keep our site running smoothly. I'm deeply committed to ensuring that every piece of information you encounter on Hostelgeeks is not just helpful but also resonates with the authenticity of real travel experiences. Matt calls me the silent hero behind Personally, travel for me is more about depth than distance. I find joy in the hidden treasures of Europe, especially the rich cultures and breathtaking landscapes of the Balkans and South Europe.

Travel Writer

Living location independent since 2012, Kelly is on an adventure of self-expansion and new experience. She loves to write, meditate and explore the natural world. With no commitments or long-term plans, she's in it for the ride come rain or shine. Favourite destinations include Iceland, China & Australia.

Travel Writer & Free Spirit

You'll find me hosteling around the world in search of the globe's most stunning shorelines and cuisines that master the art of sweet and spicy. Spiritually barefoot, but never with a local SIM, my favorite part of traveling is connecting with people from different cultures and having my perspectives challenged. Some of my favorite countries include Nicaragua, Fiji, and Albania.

Travel Writer & WP Ninja

I'm your go-to geek in the exhilarating world of travel at With a backpack that's seen more countries than most airplanes, and a heart fiercely bitten by the travel bug, I'm here to take you on a journey beyond the ordinary. Hostels for me are not just about budget-friendly beds; they're about the people, the stories, and the memories. At, I blend my passion for storytelling with practical, insider tips to bring you the coolest, quirkiest, and most sustainable hostel experiences around the globe.

Travel Writer

Based out of Istanbul (for now), Andrew has travelled enough to know the value of a good pair of shoes and a lightweight towel. Andrew is a freelance writer who loves traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and sharing what he's learned with others.