Selina CoWorking and CoLiving – How does it work?

Selina CoWorking and CoLiving - How does it work?

What if you could mix the hostel lifestyle with a community work environment in epic locations around the world? We want to introduce you to Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking, which together become Selina CoLive.

Forget a long commute. Forget spending a monthly fortune on a tiny apartment you’ve found on Airbnb.

Instead, meet your travel tribe and connect through work, play, food and exploration – all under the same roof!

Selina is one of the world’s leading hostel chains. They offer an upscale hostel-hotel experience, plus a fantastic CoLive month-by-month rental package.

In this guide we cover the ins and outs of Selina CoLive. Find all your questions answered so you can focus more time and energy on deciding which hostel to visit first. You can find the Selina Hostels in North America, Central and South America, as well as Europe in Israel. In our map below we added all locations you can find Selina Hotels and Hostels.

Let’s jump right in and discover:

What is Selina CoLiving or CoLive?

Alright, first things first. Let’s make sure you’re up to speed with what exactly is Selina CoLive, and what it means to be part of Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking.

For one thing, all of these names are pretty similar and we’ll be using them interchangeably.

A really quick, simple definition of each one:

  • Selina CoLive = A month by month rental program set up by Selina (covered in this article in great detail)
  • Selina CoLiving = Simply, you staying and taking part in a CoLive program at one (or more) Selina hostel

What’s the difference between Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking?

Basically, CoLiving encompasses a month-by-month rental program which includes accommodation, CoWork spaces, all hostel amenities, events etc – this article covers this in much more detail.

CoWork, on the other hand, relates to the spaces set up at Selina hostels for travelling digital nomads to use during their stay. A regular backpacker, only staying for a few days, can use the CoWork spaces at an extra cost on top of their booking fee.

Check Selina Hostels here

Selina CoLiving or CoWorking? Sign for for Selina CoLive and enjoy the best of both worlds

More about Selina CoLiving

Selina CoLive, or Community Living, is a lifestyle, travel, work and hospitality platform.

The CoLive program has been set up to create the possibility of flexible living between beautiful locations across the globe. It’s every location-independent worker’s dream!

For those that like to travel, work in a community, meet people from all over the world and enjoy fantastic CoWork spaces and amenities, signing up for Selina CoLiving is something to seriously be considered.

Selina CoLiving is perfect for digital nomads that can take their work wherever they go.

Forget renting a small, overpriced apartment in the city – live and work in a gorgeous hostel in an exotic location instead. That’s pretty enticing, right?!

Work, play, eat, travel - Life at Selina CoLive hostels

How does Selina CoLive work? (+ costs)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose the part of the world you want to explore
  2. Select your desired room type
  3. Pay a $100 deposit to secure your CoLive spot

A staff member of Selina will contact you via email as soon as possible to arrange all the details of your trip.

Yep, that’s the gist of it. Keep reading for a deeper look at the ins and outs of Selina CoLiving.

Available packages

When choosing your CoLiving experience at Selina, it is important to know they have limited amount of memberships and they do offer 2 different packages:

Selina CoLive: this is the monthly package for digital nomads, remote workers and travelers. You buy a monthly membership which contains 30 nights that must be used in a row. It is possible to location 3 times in that month, but there is a minimum stay of 3 nights in each hotel.

Selina CoLive Flex: 30 nights at Selina – redeemable on your terms.

Diff. between Colive and Colive Flex – CoLive allows guests to live in up to 3 Selina locations around the world for a continuous period of 30 nights. CoLive Flex allows guests to buy a bulk number of 30 nights and redeem them up to 5 months after their first check-in date. With CoLive Flex, guests must stay a minimum of 3 nights at each location.

Costs & Additional Charges

How much does Selina CoLiving cost? This is an obvious question we had and for sure you have too.

Starting at just $405/month per person, travellers can enjoy a month-by-month rental program in a Selina hostel of their choice. Prices really depend on the location. Latin America is cheaper than the US, for instance. Below we list the current prices.

No wait, it’s even better than that…

Select a monthly Selina CoLive package and live in up to 3 locations around the world per month!

Prices for Selina CoLiving in Latin America

Below we list the current rates for CoLiving in Latin America, including countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Community room (bed in a dorm) Micro room (Shared Bathroom) Selina CoLiving: Standard room in Latin America Suite at Selina CoLiving and CoWorking
Community room

(bed in a dorm)

Micro room

(Shared Bathroom)

Standard room Suite


$405/month $648/month $1,080/month $1,800/month

Please note that an additional fee has been added to premium locations in Latin America for both CoLive and CoLive Flex packages.

Prices for Selina CoLiving in USA

Across the United States of America you can find Selina Hotels in following destinations:

  • Catahoula, New Orleans
  • Chelsea, New York City
  • Commodore Astoria
  • Miami x 3 (Gold Dust, Little Havana, Miami River)
  • Selina Woodstock
Selina CoLiving - even the dorms are great Regular Room at Selina Hostels Double Room at CoLiving Program with selina Luxury Suite at Selina USA
Community room

(bed in a dorm)

Micro room

(Shared Bathroom)

Standard room Suite
$846/month $1,728/month $2,880/month $5,400/month

Prices for Selina CoLiving in Europe

Selina Hostels can as well be found in European destinations. Yet, they are more popular around Latin America. For the future you can expect more Selina hostels opening up around Europe. As off now, Selina is located in following cities and destinations.

  • Bad Gastein, Austria
  • Centavrus Pelion, Greece
  • Theatrou Athens, Greece
  • Boavista Ericeira, Portugal
  • Geres, Portugal
  • Milfonte, Portugal
  • Peniche, Portugal
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Secret Garden Lisbon, Portugal
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Camden, United Kingdom
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • NQ1 Manchester, United Kingdom
Community room (bed in a dorm) in Europe Micro room (Shared Bathroom) Standard room Luxury Suite at Selina Hostels Europe
Community room

(bed in a dorm)

Micro room

(Shared Bathroom)

Standard room Suite
$468/month $936/month  $1560/month  $3240/month

Please note: We always try to keep this guide and price list up to date.

Enjoy continuous month-after-month accommodation.

As long as you can afford to pay for the next month’s rent, your Selina experience continues. And remember, you’re free to change location whenever you please, as long as it’s within the 3 locations per month rule (with a minimum of 3 night stay).

This may not sound like it is very flexible, but this package is really more for digital nomads and not for the ones constantly travelling with no break. For the continuous-traveler, check our discounts for nightly stays at Selina and many other hostels.

Flexible living between beautiful locations across the globe.

Skip to our handy map which pinpoints all of the Selina hostel locations offering Selina CoLive so you can start planning where to go first.

You can find find Selina Hostels in the following countries and continents:

  • Mexico and USA
  • Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama)
  • South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina)
  • Europe (Portugal, Greece, Athens, Austria, United Kingdom)
  • Israel

Additional Charges: Travelling with a partner or friend?

This changes things slightly when it comes to costs.

Each package on the Selina website is promoted for 1 person. It’s possible for two people to share a private room for the price quoted, but bear in mind that the second person will be required to pay an extra 25% if they wish to enjoy the Selina CoWorking space, wellness and onsite discounts.

Important: To CoLive in Mancora, Tulum, Nosara, Camden, Brighton, Santa Teresa North or Santa Teresa South you will need to pay an additional charge.

Selina Poc Na Isla Mujeres is one of the best hostels in Mexico, North America
Selina Poc Na Isla Mujeres, Mexico

What’s included in Selina CoLiving?

This is easily the most exciting part. It’s time to find out what’s included in a monthly rental program with Selina CoLive!

In a nutshell, what you’ll receive and can expect the following:

  • Furnished accommodation
  • A Selina CoWorking space
  • A daily wellness class
  • A free welcome drink
  • Housekeeping
  • Unlimited use of the kitchen and all spaces available
  • Discounts on foods and beverages
  • Exclusive onsite rates

Furnished Accommodation

Believe it or not, it’s not only shared dorms that are an option. Choose to stay in a dorm, micro double rooms, standard double room or suite depending on your preference.

Prices will change of course depending on the room type you choose. The cheapest rate is always a community room, or shared dormitory. There’s an accommodation solution for every budget.

Selina CoLiving private room at Selina Cancun, Mexico

Selina CoWorking space

Your very own unlimited use of a CoWork space is a huge perk when it comes to getting your work done. Everyone gets

  • their own Hot Desk,
  • good lighting,
  • super fast & reliable WiFi,
  • quiet environment and
  • that all important camaraderie from fellow working nomads.

Oh, and often free coffee is thrown in!

Each CoWork space is different to match the hostel’s overall vibe and design. From beachside to jungle hideaways. Have a look at the video below. It gives you a pretty good insight.

Selina CoWorking spaces at the Selina Puerto Escondido Hostel, Mexico

Selina CoWorking spaces are set up perfectly for digital nomads

A daily wellness class

From yoga to meditation, Selina hostels offer a free daily wellness class as part of the CoLive package.

A free welcome drink

This is pretty self-explanatory, but hey, how nice is that? It’s certainly a nice way to be welcomed into your new temporary home.

Enjoy a FREE daily wellness class everyday as part of your Selina CoLive package


When staying in a private room, housekeeping service is included once a week. If you need it more often, you can always talk with the reception staff to check what can be done.

For those choosing to stay in a dorm, housekeeping is also included. In this case, the room will be cleaned more often if you are sharing the dorm with travelers. Once a week you will get fresh clean sheets for your bed.

Unlimited use of the kitchen and all spaces available

You will be able to use the kitchen as much as you want, as well as all the spaces available in the hostel.

Discounts on food and beverages

All Selina hostels have a restaurant and/or bar onsite. As a member of the CoLive community, you will get discounts on food and beverages.

Exclusive onsite rates

Depending on the hostel and destination, will depend what kind of rates you get. As an overview, expect 10% savings on restaurants, tours, surf classes and more.

Why not kick start the discounts by enjoying a promo code for Selina? Go on, it’s on us!

You can find all promo codes and discounts on hostels here.

Please note, this promo code is only valid for nightly stays and is not valid for the CoLive Selina. It can be applied to nightly stays at all Selina Hostels worldwide.

Why choose Selina?

Of course, there are other coliving options around the world, yet we would stick with Selina every time.

The other colivings we’ve come across do not have a wide range of destinations on offer, nor do they incorporate the hostel lifestyle – this is so necessary for meeting people and mixing play with work. Plus, prices are sky high for many of them!

So, we’ve already mentioned what’s included in the Selina CoLive package, but there’s even more reasons to choose Selina.

So far we’ve covered: Free WiFi, CoWork spaces, variety of rooms, discounts…

What else makes Selina accommodations so awesome?

  • Convenient location
  • Beautifully designed rooms
  • Community events
  • On-site facilities
  • Pet-friendly

Convenient location

As expected with any top notch hostel, Selina has made sure to conveniently locate their accommodations close to points of interest. Whether that’s right by the beach or in a quiet area of the city, you needn’t spend too much time or money getting to where you want to go in your spare time.

Beautifully designed rooms

Let us just take a minute to appreciate the room design of these hostels. Erm… WOW!

Community rooms offer custom design, sturdy beds, privacy curtains, tons of space – the list goes on.

Private options are large, bright and include so many homely details you’ll forget you’re actually in a hostel.

No matter which you choose, you’ll receive high-quality linens and mattresses, useful amenities and a design that scream luxurious.

Beautifully designed rooms at Selina Hostels, all the be enjoyed as part of Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking Beautifully designed rooms at Selina Hostels, all the be enjoyed as part of Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking

Community events

Whether you’re taking a day off or only have the evening free, there are always fun events taking place at Selina hostels. It’s super easy to meet people in the Selina CoWorking spaces, too.

From family dinners and yoga mornings, to cacao ceremonies and workshops, we’ll be surprised if you get bored.

On-site facilities

The possibilities of facilities at your chosen hostel are too many to list! Think outdoor swimming pool, movie room, library, wellness centre, shared kitchen, hostel bar…

See for yourself what kind of facilities you could be enjoying right now.


Now there’s absolutely no reason to put off a location-independent lifestyle: your fur baby can hop between awesome Selina hostels with you!

Note: Add pets to your passport for an additional $2/per night.

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Selina CoLiving Locations – Map

Selina hostels can be found right across the world in many different countries and major cities, including:

  • Latin America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile)
  • USA (New Orleans, NYC, Miami, Astoria)
  • Europe (Portugal, Greece, Austria, United Kingdom)
  • Israel

To make it easier, here is a map pinpointing ALL of the Selina hostels around the world.

At least this way you get a quick visual understanding of the destinations you can enjoy Selina CoLiving and Selina CoWorking opportunities.

Best Selina Hostels Guides

Below you find our detailed hostel guides for all major cities and destinations in the world. We compare only the absolute 3 best hostels in each destination. After all, you only need ONE great hostel!

Here’s our brand new guide to the 17 best Selina Hostels in the world.

We compare Selina vs other hostels in cities like Tulum, Lima and Manchester.

Friendly reminder: The discount code above for Selina is applicable at all of their hostels!

FAQ about Selina

Below you find frequently asked questions.

How much does Selina CoLiving cost?

Prices start from $325/month per person for a bed in a shared dorm. Prices for a private Double Room start from $650. Travellers can enjoy a month-by-month rental program in a Selina hostel of their choice.

How many Selina Hostels are there?

You can find Selina Hotels in over 60 destinations worldwide. The hostel chain is constantly on its toes and opening hostels in new locations. You can find a complete list of how many Selina Hotels and Hostels there are on our map.

Is Selina CoLiving worth it?

Yes, it really is. If you are a digital nomad and location independent, the Selina CoLiving package is something you should really consider. It combines pretty much anything you need. You will meet like-minded people, stay in unique places from beach to jungle and mountains and finally, you have a CoWorking space to get the work done.

Is Selina Hostels pet-friendly? Can I bring my dog?

Yes, Selina Hostels are pet-friendly. You can add pets to your passport for an additional $2/per night. Prices may differ and may depend on location.

Can I learn Surfing at Selina Hostels?

Yes, many Selina Hostels are located in surfing destinations. You can join the CoLive Program and learn surfing in destinations like Jaco, Costa Rica. Please check the map for all locations.

Summary: Selina CoLiving Worth it?

Is Selina CoLive worth it? Yes, it really is.

If you are a digital nomad and location independent, the Selina CoLiving package is something you should really consider. It combines pretty much anything you need. You will meet like-minded people, stay in unique places from beach to jungle and mountains and finally, you have a CoWorking space to get the work done.

As a backpacker, Selina Hostel is a fantastic place to stay for a few nights. They are usually not the cheapest hostels, and you will immediately notice why. the price is more than justified with all the things included like the activities like yoga classes, meals and of course, the quality.

For upcoming Digital Nomads, the Selina Hostels are also a very interesting place. You can easily meet more entrepreneurs and maybe even find someone to hire you for your first location independent job. We are not kidding. Especially in that space of being location independent, contacts are highly valuable. Therefore, consider staying at Selina either on a monthly basis or just nightly, it will be worth it.

Over to you – Your Experience, your Questions?

As always, we hope we covered everything and there is no question left. However, nobody is perfect and you may have still questions. We would LOVE to hear from you! You can either drop us an email or leave a comment below. The comment below is even better since it helps other fellow travelers to make this guide more complete.

Do you have your own experience at selina that you would like to share? This would be awesome! Leave your 1st hand experience below in the comment section.

Safe travels,
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