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Hostelgeeks is your gateway to the finest and coolest hostels worldwide, the 5 Star Hostels. With just one click, you can find the best hostel in town, saving you time, headaches, and the disappointment of a bad hostel experience.

Hostelgeeks is designed to award 5 Star Hostels. We are an independent and exclusive travel brand showcasing the most outstanding hostels in the world. The concept of 5 Star Hostels is unique to Hostelgeeks.com!

We don’t just show you any hostel; we show you the most outstanding one in your destination. There can be only one 5 Star Hostel in every destination. Besides, we compare the 3 best hostels for any major destination in the world in our popular hostel guides.

This makes us your shortcut to the world’s greatest hostels.

And with our help, you will never stay in bad hostels again.

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Remember, we only recommend places we have visited and genuinely believe you will enjoy too.

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1. We are your hostel mates

Drop us a line; we will reply personally! This is no anonymous brand. With our help, you will never stay in bad hostels again.

Our job is to offer our travelers and community a safe, clean, and fun hostel experience!

2. Best-price guarantee

While we are not a booking platform, we give you several ways to book your place at the cheapest rate. The best platforms for booking are Hostelz.com, Hostelworld.com and Booking.com

3. Reviewed in person

We visit all listed hostels and review them personally. This is unique to Hostelgeeks. Forget other hostel guides compiled by keyboard travelers. Our reviews are first-hand!

4. Hostels Can’t Buy Their Way into the 5 Star Hostel Collection

All listed hostels are strictly curated by our team and are invite-only. Furthermore, all hostels are under constant review.

5. Exclusive hostel offers

We provide our users and fellow travelers with hostel discounts.

5. Did You Dislike a Hostel We Recommend?

Then let us know, please! This is essential, and we take it very seriously. On Hostelgeeks, you should only find great and safe hostels!

We only recommend places we or one of our network travelers have 100% enjoyed ourselves. Help us to help you and all of us to only stay in incredible hostels. Therefore, we absolutely want and appreciate this feedback.

Best Hostels in the world

5 Star Hostels, Guides, Discounts, Stories

We do all the legwork for you so you can pick the greatest hostel to stay at.

While exploring the most beautiful hostels in the world, we also check out many unique travel tips. Therefore, we decided to create unique guides with recommendations only a friend would give you: food, bars, cafés, and unique local things to do!

We share our travels on our Instagram channel and send over insider travel and hostel knowledge, wrapped up in our newsletter.

1. 5 Star Hostels

Choose your destination and find the most awesome hostel for your destination at a glance with 5 Star Hostels.


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You will never stay in Bad Hostels Again!

2. Hostel Guide

No hostel questions should go unanswered. We’ve put all our knowledge into creating our guide to hostels. Here you can find all our articles about hostels, where we share:

Hostel Packing List

3. Best Hostels In – Guides

Not all destinations in the world have a 5 Star Hostel. Unfortunately, the majority of hostels are still not of good quality. You can easily find worn-out and dirty hostels.

We aim to help our readers always find the best hostel choice for their destination.

So, we created the “best hostels in” guides for destinations without a 5 Star Hostel. We compare the 3 BEST and COOLEST hostels to stay in. And if there isn’t a cool one? Well, then we’ll tell you that too.

Find all our “Best Hostels In” guides here, such as:

4. Secret City Guides – Tips by Friends for Friends

We don’t enjoy boring city guides! And we bet you feel the same way.

Like you, we are excited about hidden gems and local secrets. We love the kind of tips a friend gives you. And that’s exactly how all our travel guides work.

All guides are written by us, locals, and expats—people who have lived in and experienced the city!

We do our best to provide you with useful information off the beaten path! And then, sometimes, we can’t keep it to ourselves, and we add even more geeky tips and extra advice.

You can find all Travel Guides here.


5 Things NOT to Do in Prague (and 7 Secret Tips for free)

5. Travel & Hostel Stories (Max. 30 Seconds Read)

We love good stories!

In fact, we love those short stories you tell your friends back home. We are eager to share with you awesome short travel stories from travelers all around the globe.

Check them out at Short Travel Stories.

We are also proud to share with you our Hostel Stories – anecdotes coming directly from our travelers at the 5 Star Hostels around the world!

We are your Hostel Friends

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