Hello I’m Local in Haarlem Netherlands – The most Local Boutique Hostel in the world

Hello I'm Local in Haarlem, the Local Boutique Hostel

„Hello I’m Local“ - this is indeed the name of the boutique hostel in Haarlem. We at Hostelgeeks are truly passionate about unique Hostels. The „Hello I’m Local“ is unique in its design, its concept and last but not least in their phone calls. When calling the Hostel you will be greeted with „Hello I’m Local“ which is both surprising and awesome at the very same moment! You see, the Hostels brand is communicated from the hostels perspective. A review of Hello Im Local.

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  • Location Advantage and Neighborhood

    Hello I'm Local is based in the quiet Burgwalneighborhood in the center of Haarlem, an area built in the 1600s. You will be within very easy walking distance of some of the city's main sights, including the Teylers Museum and the Grote Markt (the main square in Haarlem).

    You'll also be close enough to bike to the beach. Repeating this key phrase: Bike to the beach! It’s just about 6 kilometers away, or 20 minutes of biking. (Bike rental typically costs about €12 per day, and the hostel has a place for you to leave a bike!).

    If you're traveling further around the Netherlands or simply if you want to visit Amsterdam, you'll just need to take a 15-minute train ride to get to Amsterdam.

    In fact, many travelers choose to stay at Hello I’m Local in Haarlem whilst visiting Amsterdam on a day trip.

    Full Address: 📍 Hello I'm Local, Spiegelstraat 4, 2011 BP Haarlem, The Netherlands
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room, Twin Room

    Shared Room Types available: 2-Bed Dorm, 3-Bed Dorm, 4-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Dorm, 8-Bed Female-Only Dorm, 14-Bed Dorm

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Looking for the best hostels in Haarlem? You have come to the exact right place: welcome to Hello I’m Local.

When it comes to this hostel, the name really says it all. The „Hello I’m Local“ Hostel is all about being true to its very local roots in the heart of Haarlem, the Netherlands  – a picturesque little city famous for its tulip trade, art museums, and beautiful traditional houses.

In fact, Haarlem is only a 15-minute train ride away from Amsterdam.

Find all availability and prices for Hello I’m Local in Haarlem here.

Many travelers choose to stay in Haarlem while visiting Amsterdam during the day.

We are so happy to present you a great alternative for staying close to Amsterdam. If you prefer to stay directly in the heart of Amsterdam, there are always the city’s twin 5 Star Hostels of Cocomama Hostel and Ecomama Hostel looking forward to welcome you.

Stylish with attention to details! You can find this lamp and map in one of the double rooms at Hello I'm Local

Just before you go; here are a few more guides to help you out:

Hello I’m Local Haarlem in a review …

With 12 totally unique rooms, each with their own stories and design, there are all sorts of options to make your stay exactly what you’re looking for in this friendly hostel. Even the hostel website gives off a welcoming message.

The „Hello I’m Local Hostel “ introduces itself with the sentence: „For 23 years my buildings had been empty until I gave them some tender love and care…

The Boutique Hostel claims to be „the most local boutique hostel in the world“.

In fact, this is the full name!

As always, we at Hostelgeeks had a close look.

And we have to agree with them! But it’s not just that. „Hello I’m Local“ ticks all the boxes  of a cool design hostel and is an excellent hostel you can’t miss.

1. “most local boutique hostel in the world” – not just a phrase!

Like we mentioned before, the building the hostel is currently housed in had been empty for 23 years.

When Saskia, the owner, set about converting the building into the chic hostel it is today, she made sure that every single item that went through its doors was Dutch.

That includes the mattresses, bedding, decorative objects, and even the reading material. Flip through one of the magazines you’ll find in the rooms and common areas – they’re real vintage Dutch publications from the 50s, 60s, and 70s!

Using locally produced stuff is a great way for the host to be sustainable, and we love how it gives the hostel a real sense of the community it’s in, too.

But Hello I’m Local Hostel goes a step beyond using local goods – they also re-use lamps, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and don’t use packaging while preparing their food. You can also enjoy a vegetarian breakfast upon request!

Staying on budget? Stay in style! This is one dorm at Hello I'm Local Hostel, Haarlem

2. All-Dutch design

In keeping with the sustainable local emphasis, Hello, I’m Local’s approach to design is also all about keeping it Dutch.

The whole design ethos is based on creating a consistent, black and white style – which they have definitely achieved.

The whole Boutique Hostel feels light and airy, with clean white walls that create a bright, streamlined look. There are local touches dotted about the place, with the occasional old-school tile, paintings of the city’s famous tulip flowers, or even a chandelier made out of clogs!

A chandelier made out of clogs? Everything is possible at Hello I'm Local Hostel

Spot something you like?

Most things are for sale in the hostel, so just ask how much they cost and you could end up taking home a really original souvenir!

We mentioned earlier that the rooms each have their own backstory, which you will see displayed in a name tag as if it were part of a museum. Some of the rooms at Hello I’m Local share the names of famous Dutch singers, while others pay homage to noteworthy former residents of Haarlem. One of the rooms features a ‘bedstee’ – a type of Dutch bed in a cupboard so you can shut it away during the day.

You can pick and choose which type of room you would like to stay in, from cozy doubles fit for a romantic getaway to 3 big rooms you can rent out with a huge group of friends. There’s also the Girls Only Room, with a sarcastically placed ironing board on display.


A few things you won’t be able to find in the rooms, though, are WiFi, TVs, and minibars. But nooooo worries! There’s free WiFi in the living room. However, there is no TV anywhere in the hostel. Hostel life is better than anything on TV anyway!

3. It supports the local community

Every inch of the hostel has been worked on by in-town experts, including architects, interior designers, and even photographers to do the art on the walls. Owner Saskia hired a selection of up-and-coming local artists and young architecture students to get the job done.

Inside, the materials are 100% Dutch, as we mentioned above.

Your morning meal will have handmade bread and local cheese from the the nearby Doruvael farm.


This all-local attitude also extends to the community that the hostel is a part of.

The hostel takes care of his guests and neighbors.
There are quiet hours, because this neighborhood is a quiet part of town. But that’s not to put a damper on your fun; the hostel assures guests that they should have fun, just not at the cost of the local neighbors’ fun, too! Enjoy the outdoor patio fireplace and relax along to local music – until a reasonable hour.

If you do make enough noise to bother the neighbors, Saskia “will ask you to personally apologize to them and send them flowers with a note.

Become a writer and poet at the Hello I'm Local Hostel

4. Numerous Events and Poets – but no TV!

Let us talk about the social vibes at Hello I’m Local.

The most local boutique hostel in the world is the perfect place to chill out, with board games on offer every night, group dinners, and concerts put on by artists (local, of course!).

There’s no WiFi in the dorm rooms, and that’s on purpose to encourage guests to be social.

If you want to get online, you’ll have to go to one of the common rooms, and perhaps end up making friends with other travelers in the process.

That’s the same reason there are no TVs either.

The vibe here is calm and social, and everybody is friendly.

You’ll find retired couples happily chatting for hours with pairs of young backpackers regularly. This special ambiance makes Hello I’m Local a really chilled-out place.

Apart from the usual hostel events, there are also some truly unique experimental events here, too. One of those is the so-called „Geluksroute“.

Stay with us here: This „Geluksroute“ is a city event that is designed to get people to share their happiness and takes them around different properties.

Once, the hostel received poets who told bedtime stories to the guests!

Hungry? Thursty? Head over to the bar at Hello I'm Local Haarlem

5. Smiling staff

To really add the perfect finishing touch to Hello, I’m Local, the staff are truly wonderful here.

As you might have guessed, they’re all about sharing the love for their local community.

They’ll give you their best suggestions and insider tips for Haarlem, answer any questions you might have, and frequently join in on the social events.

One of their favorite things to do in the hostel, quoted from their website is “to have a local drink with local cheese by the fireplace on my patio“.

While doing all of this, they’ll always have a smile on their face, which makes it feel like you’re staying at a friend’s house.

A friend’s house with stunning design though!

Hello, we are impressed! Another double room at Hello, I'm Local!

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