Urban Jungle Hostel in Málaga – Fresh and Green Boutique Hostel in the Heart of the city

Urban Jungle Hostel in Málaga - Fresh and Green Boutique Hostel in the Heart of the city

Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to Urban Jungle Hostel; the absolute best hostel in Málaga center. Here, in the South of Spain, right on the coast line we have our beautiful small boutique 5 star hostel in central Málaga.

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  • Top Location Advantage

    You cannot beat the location of Urban Jungle Hostel. Seriously!

    Located in the historic centre of Malaga, the Picasso Museum and Alcazaba are just a 1-minute walk away. This hostel offers an airport shuttle to make your journey easier. Otherwise you can opt for the train or bus for a couple of coins. You see, you don't have to worry about the location here. This is your best hostel in Malaga in the city center, no doubt.

    There's also quite a lot of fun bars around and some yummy tapas places; Ask the staff for their best tips. You will love 'em!

    Full Address: 📍 The Urban Jungle Hostel, The Urban Jungle Hostel, Calle Niño de Guevara, Málaga, Spain
  • All room types at The Urban Jungle Hostel 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: The Shabby cabin (Double Room), Deluxe Double Room called La Cabaña, Budget Double Room The Hippy Room

    Shared Room Types available: Dorms from 4-Bed dorms to 8 Bed Dorms including The Blue Vibes 8 Mixed, The green 8 Mixed, The Tropic 8 Mixed, The Flamingo Vibes Female Only Dorm, The Pink Flamingo 4 Female Only Dorm, The Burgundy Queen 6 Female, The Jungler 8 Mixed

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This brand-new, fresh, green accommodation is certainly the top choice in the city. Urban Jungle Hostel know how to make travellers feel at home; organised family dinners, free rooftop welcome drink and activities galore.

We dedicated a big guide to the best hostels in Málaga. With not surprise at all, Urban Jungle Hostel is on top of the list.

On our third trip down to South Spain, we were looking for the perfect answelr to where to stay in Málaga on a budget and in style. We made it, hurray!

This is our review of The Urban Jungle Hostel, what to expect, and a few insights.

3 Best Hostels in Málaga, Spain - Welcome to the Jungle

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Here’s our guide to the best hostels in Spain, including itinerary and hidden gems.

Urban Jungle Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel because…

Honestly, there are many reasons to choose this hostel in Málaga.

We’re keen to show you exactly why we love it so much!

Take off your shoes and follow us to the rooftop. Lay in the hammock as you have a read of all the details below. You’ll love the green design just as much as we do, no doubt. It is time to get started.

1. Sustainability

Hopefully by now you’ll understand how seriously we take sustainability, and Urban Jungle Hostel support us beautifully.

The name itself suggests this is a super green hostel, right?

For starters, the building in which Urban Jungle stands is a unique, original building and protected by the government.

Respect has been granted by incorporating an original exterior and modern interior design. Some of the rooms still have wooden beams on the ceiling. Gorgeous.

Wondering why everywhere is so sparkling clean? That’s thanks to the toxic-free cleaning products. It makes a big difference to accommodation that is cleaned daily.

Alongside that, recycling is taken seriously. Be mindful which bins you throw your rubbish in!

This is a good time to mention that the staff at Urban Jungle Hostel organise many fun, social activities. Join in tapas tours, pub crawls, flamenco nights and walking tours in Málaga.

What makes this even more special is that local providers are supported – a great example of local sustainability.

2. Design Hostel in Malaga

Can we be cringe-worthy-obvious here and tell you that this hostel is all about a jungle design. It’s green, green, green!

Honestly, it’s just beautiful. Mainly because it is not OTT.

The jungle design is tasteful, complimenting the modern design and leaving a fresh, crisp feeling.

Head to the rooftop and bar to really appreciate the lush green plants. It’s impossible not to relax fully here.

Alongside this jungle feel, there is a touch of boho-chic with up-cycled furniture and a few vintage high-end pieces.

This is thanks to a design studio in Barcelona called Paglialonga Studio. Now you know who to contact about your future home design.

Even though the overall design is jungle themed, you’ll notice that each room has a slight tweak to the theme.

Names including ‘The Pink Flamingo’ and ’The Tropic’ are enough to entice you. Wanna see?

You can choose from following private rooms at this top hostel in Malaga:

  • The Shabby cabin (Double Room)
  • La Cabaña (Deluxe Double Room called )
  • The Hippy Room (Budget Double Room )

Urban Jungle Hostel offers following dorms:

  • The Blue Vibes 8 Mixed
  • The Jungler 8 Mixed
  • The green 8 Mixed
  • The Tropic 8 Mixed
  • The Burgundy Queen 6 Female
  • The Flamingo Vibes Female Only Dorm
  • The Pink Flamingo 4 Female Only Dorm

Where to stay in Malaga on a budget and in style? The answer is this 5 Star Hostel Best Hostels in Malaga - Go with Urban Jungle Hostel One of the double rooms at Urban Jungle Hostel, perfect for solo-travellers and couples Double Room at Urban Jungle Hostel in Malaga, Spain - the best hostel for couples

Dorm with Curtains and a splash of luxury and Urban Jungle Hostel

3. Unique

Remember that rooftop we briefly mentioned earlier, well, it deserves more of our attention.

It is certainly the jewel of Urban Jungle Hostel.

There is a kitchen that opens out on to the rooftop, and free tea and coffee right through the day from 8am to 11pm. It’s the perfect place to chill, sun and chat.

And yes, there was mention of a bar, too! This opens nightly at 7pm-11pm. It’s not all about drinking, but a place to gather for:

  • family dinners
  • jam sessions
  • themed parties
  • concerts

Fun Warning: you may never want to leave the hostel.

However, if you do decide to explore outside, make sure you join one of the many yours organised by the staff. These were mentioned more in detail under ‘sustainability’.

The coolest option might well be the cooperation they have with a local flamenco artist. Their shows happen every Thursday and Friday night.

Enjoy the roof top terrace at Urban jungle Hostel in Malaga

4. Fun Vibes and your welcome Drink

Honestly, if no vibes are created at the wonderful rooftop/bar area or with one of the tours, we might have to walk away with our tail between our legs.

But ok, there’s more.

Avoid that awkwardness at the bar by enjoying a free welcome drink to break the ice.

The staff at Urban Jungle really know what it means to be a traveller. So much so, they’ve created a family dinner night.

Not just once a week, but four times!

We can’t think of a better way to avoid weird vibes or small clicks – everyone is included here.

Self Catering Kitchen at Urban Jungle Hostel Malaga Urban Jungle Hostel in Málaga - Fresh and Green Boutique Hostel in the Heart of the city

5. Ask the Staff for Tapas bars

If we tell you the management of Urban Jungle are from Andalusia, does that make you smile? It should!

The majority of the staff are from Málaga city, too. Great!

Mix the two together and you have staff that know the area, and love it enough to want to stick around and share it with travellers. You’re no doubt in for a treat.

These guys are energetic, helpful and green-minded.

Without them, you wouldn’t feel half as at home in the jungle. Ask them for their best tapas around, they know their own city like no one else.

Quick Video

Last but not least, how about we show you even more?

Here’s a quick video about the best Boutique Hostel in Málaga. From the roof top terrace to the hammocks and the 1st floor. A simple video; play.

So here you have it, your unique 5 Star Hostel in Málaga, Spain. We recommend staying at least 2 nights in the city, best would be 3 nights.

There is so much to do and to see and to enjoy. Do not rush it. Kick back at the beaches, eat limit-less amount of Tapas, and soak in the culture. We particularly enjoyed the Picasso Museum. After all, Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.

Last but not least, climb the Alcazaba. It is quite obvious that this should be on your sightseeing list, absolutely worth it too.

Safe travels and enjoy Urban Jungle,
The Hostelgeeks

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