3 Best Hostels in Lisbon

3 Best Hostels in Lisbon – Uncovering the Capital of Hostels with Roof-Top Pools and Suites

Prepare to be amazed by our carefully selected 3 best hostels in Lisbon. This is the full insider guide, sharing the coolest hostel in town, the party hostels and a few more travel gems.

Are you ready for awesome design, fun events and a rooftop swimming pool? It’s all here!

Your shortcut:

  1. Sunset Destination5 Star Hostel for solo travellers
  2. Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel – great for backpackers
  3. Lisbon Calling – awesome for couples
  4. Extra: Lisbon Destination Hostel

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Lisbon is a vibrant city on the west coast of Portugal. It’s a perfect location for digital nomads, solo travellers, party hostel lovers and backpackers.

In fact, we’ll talk more about the best party hostels in Lisbon, plus the best hostel in Lisbon for solo travellers later in this guide.

Cheap lodging in Lisbon is also listed here.

This guide is perfect for YOU, when …

  • tired of bad and crappy hostels
  • want to avoid the “young party kids”
  • happy to spend 1-2€ for a better experience

We condensed it all to the 3 coolest hostels in Lisbon.

We, the Hostelgeeks, have 5 Star Hostels all across the world; including Lisbon.

The are now TWO 5 Star Hostels in Lisbon: Sunset Destination and Lisbon Destination Hostel. Although we give you already the #1 in town, it was time to give you a big guide to Lisbon hostels.

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There’s also The Passenger Hostel in Porto, and more of the best hostels in Porto.

In this article we cover:

Quick Introduction to Best Hostels Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of hostels of all types. Actually, it has more than 160 hostels; at least! The quality is also very high in Lisbon and Portugal in general.

It might feel overwhelming to decide where to stay. Worry not, we are here to make it really easy for you.

Before we start with the best places to stay in Lisbon, let us give you some general and useful information:

Average price for a bed: A bed in a dorm can be as cheap as 13€. For a decent hostel, upgrade your budget up to 20€. It will be worth it since you can upgrade to a gorgeous boutique hostel or a hostel with a roof top terrace or even a pool.

The price per night is a rough average to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on season and holidays. Always check exact rates on Hostelworld.com or Booking.com. Bear also in mind, in Lisbon is very normal that accommodations raise their prices on the weekends.

Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Best areas to stay in Lisbon: Regardless Lisbon is compact and relatively a small city, the neighborhoods are very diverse and distinct. Here we summarize you the most interesting districts for us in the city center and nearby area. You will find them marked on the map below.

Central areas (the most popular):

  • Baixa: the historic center
  • Chiado: the chic shopping district which also offers many culture (and egg tarts!)
  • Alfama: the city’s oldest neighborhood and one of the most photogenic

For nightlife:

  • Bairro Alto: full of nightlife
  • Cais do Sodre: the hypsterish quarter

Lisbon Tourism Tax: Travellers in Lisbon pay €1 city tax per person per night. This tax is usually not included in the price.

How long to visit Lisbon?

You can see all of Lisbon’s highlights in 2-3 days. However, we do recommend you to spend some more days in this beautiful capital.

There are really good day trips which we are sure you will love to add to your Lisbon bucket list (find more information below).

If you have a tight budget, you can always skip the day trips and spend the time at the beach, enjoying the colorful tiled buildings, tasting good food, sipping cheap wine, and enjoying Fado music around the streets.

When is the best time to visit Lisbon?

Even though Lisbon has nice weather all year round, we would recommend you to avoid summers and winters.

Although winters in Lisbon are not too cold, it is the rainiest season.

Summers are warm, but it is the busiest time. That means dealing with many tourists. If you don’t mind crowds or you are only able to travel in July or August, go ahead. But if you can avoid it…

The perfect time to visit Lisbon is from March to early June or during September – October. The weather is warm, and you will find fewer tourists.

Transport in Lisbon: Lisbon is quite a small, walk-able city, but it is hilly. That is why, public transport is a good idea. Public transport is very affordable. While buses, funiculars, and trams are maintained with the same company, the metro is managed completely separated. To avoid confusions, buy a Zapping card or Lisboa Card. Both allow access to all the transport systems.

New to Hostels? Read our full hostel starter guide here. We especially recommend to read:

3 Best Hostels in Lisbon

Without further ado, let us introduce the coolest hostels Lisbon Portugal has on the scene!

Quick overview:

  1. Sunset Destination
  2. Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel
  3. Lisbon Calling
  4. Extra: Lisbon Destination Hostel

1. Sunset Destination Hostel (5 Star accommodation on a budget)

The Sunset Destination Hostel Lisbon is an award-winning hostel. For one, we’ve given it a 5 Star Hostel rating!

This is easily the best hostel Lisbon has to offer. Heck, we may go as far as saying it’s one of the best hostels Portugal has to offer!

Here is our full review of Sunset Destination.

It is famous for being one of the best hostels on this planet. Reasons are numerous.

How often can you afford sunset views and a rooftop swimming pool on a budget?

Official Website Sunset Destination

Compare prices and read reviews at: Our full review | Booking.com | Hostelworld

Sunset Destination Hostel one of the best hostels in LisbonSunset Destination Hostel; For us, this is the perfect hostel in Lisbon for Solo Travellers

For starters, the rooms are beautifully designed and welcome all types of travellers.

Great rooms to stay in include a female-only dorm, family room, mixed dorms and private rooms available.

The bunk beds are really cool designed, inspired by a trip to Cappadocia, Turkey. They come with your own light, fan and sockets. It even has a small basket to put your little things.

What facilities do they include?

  • Noise-deducing bunk beds
  • Large lockers
  • Personal light + small cubby
  • Linen
  • free WiFi

A luxury accommodation with budget prices.

Not that you’ll want to spend much time in your room once you see the social spaces.

Enjoy a swim anytime of the day overlooking the ocean and streets below. The Zebra Bar is also on the rooftop, so a refreshing drink is never far away.

The groovy shared kitchen area is where you will enjoy a generous FREE breakfast every morning.

And what a breakfast selection! Sandwiches, cereal, fruit, butter/cinnamon pancakes (our favorite),… plus freshly grounded coffee every morning.

Suddenly you no longer need to question where to stay in Lisbon cheap.

Every evening the chef rustles up a tasty dinner/BBQ which you’re welcome to join. Pay a small fee at the reception and reserve a spot.

As for activities? There’s almost too many to choose from! Daily events include

  • free walking tours
  • pub crawls
  • traditional Fado shows and
  • many more.

DJ nights are regularly arranged at the hostel and between 7-8pm it is free beer hour at the bar. Yes, FREE beer!

The common room and areas are made to meet people easily. We know many travelers that preferred to stay in the hostel rather than go explore Lisbon. Be careful cause the place is just so enjoyable.

Though there is no book exchange, it is a great area for catching up with your favourite novel!

Sunset Lisbon Destination Hostel sits on top of the main train station in Lisbon. How handy is that? All major attractions are easily accessible from here.

Besides being a central location, you can  secure location for not missing your train or simply enjoy the real people watching TV, What hostels hotels or neighborhoods are best to stay at in Porto and Lisbon for good nightlife and this hostel is one of the best neighborhoods to stay at in Lisbon for good nightlife and food.

Read our full review of Sunset Destination Hostel here.

Sunset Destination Hostel is the best hostel in Lisbon for:

  • solo travelers (male and female)
  • couples
  • social butterflies

Good to know: All 5 Star Hostels offer the cheapest prices on their official website. Great tip to save some €!

Official Website Sunset Destination

Compare prices and read reviews atOur full review | Booking.com | Hostelworld

Sunset Destination Hostel one of the best hostels in LisbonSunset Destination Hostel one of the best hostels in Lisbon

2. Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel (big spaces, chilled atmosphere)

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel is all about cool outdoor spaces, relaxed vibes and friendly staff.

This newly remodeled building screams calm and collected, designed perfectly for those that wish to relax.

There’s a range of mixed dorms and female-only that vary in size. Some even come with an en-suite.

Twin and double private rooms also have the option of an en-suite for a few more coins.

The usual luxuries are included:

  • linen,
  • locker (remember to bring your own padlock!),
  • curtain and
  • high-speed free WiFi.

Remember to bring your own towel to avoid complimentary services (like towel rental).

Here you have a direct link to our hostel packing list.

Book Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel one of the best hostels in Lisbon

Guests are welcome to cook their own meals in the full equipped kitchen, or head to the restaurant area just 10-minutes walk away.

Important: not to be mistaken with Hub New Lisbon Hostel – sister hostel of Hub Patio.

The shared dining area is spacious, and joins up with the on-site bar.

It’s the outside lounge area that really makes this hostel great.

Jump in one of the oversized hammocks, watch a movie or enjoy a game of pool. How could you possibly get bored?

Make sure to fill up on the free breaky before you head out of the day.

Located slap bang in the centre of the city, trains and metro stations are just 2-minutes away.

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel is a good hostel in Lisbon for:

  • Backpackers
  • Friends
Book Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel one of the best hostels in Lisbon

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel one of the best hostels in Lisbon

3. Lisbon Calling (quirky design, home away from home)

On offer a bit out of the heart of Old Lisbon is a 250 year old building housing the beautiful Lisbon Calling hostel.

Have a quick look at the pictures to really get a feel for how cool the design is here.

Expect to find raised sleeping platforms, warm colors and themed rooms.

Book Lisbon Calling here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Lisbon Calling one of the best hostels in Lisbon

All of the dorms are mixed, each with a different theme. They certainly are quirky in style!

Private rooms are lovely and big, with a shared bathroom.

Lisbon Calling wanted to create a homely feeling, so bathrooms are shared for all.

Don’t worry though, there are dedicated HIS and HER toilets and showers.

The living room is representative of an typical homestead – cosy, colorful and calm.

The  common areas (living room and kitchen) creates the best vibe. It’s a space where you can just chill, cook nice meals or have dinner together with other guests. Sit at the long table and star making new friends!

Read: how to make friends at hostels

It’s the perfect place to chill and chat to your new family. The vibes at the hostel are great – super chill, friendly people. Definitely not a party hostel.

And the staff is really helpful. Don’t be shy and ask them anything you want to know about Lisbon!

The communal full equipped kitchen is attached to the living space, so why not cook together and enjoy a meal?

Good to know: this hostel doesn’t arrange any activities, perfect for anyone looking for downtime.

If you are into social hostel events, go with the Sunset Destination. It is our #1 recommendation above.

The hostel entrance might no be easy to find at first sight. It is located on an old building that looks like an apartment and there is no big sign with the name on it, so make sure you get the address marked on your map, ask them for the directions on an email (or simply open the map we created below).

It is not in the city center, but it is located less than 10 minutes walking from Praca do commercio, around 5 minutes to the neighborhood Cais do Sodre (nightlife district) and near the metro to take you directly to the airport.

Lisbon Calling is the best hostel in Lisbon for:

  • Couples
  • mature travelers
  • Digital nomads
Book Lisbon Calling here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Lisbon Calling one of the best hostels in Lisbon

Lisbon Calling one of the best hostels in Lisbon

#4 Extra: Lisbon Destination Hostel

Roll up, roll up! Welcome to Lisbon’s second 5 star hostel, Lisbon Destination Hostel.

We just couldn’t resist adding it to our collection, and you’ll soon understand why.

In fact, we wrote up a full guide to Lisbon Destination Hostel that you should check out.

The overall design is pretty mouth-droppingly-impressive to say the least. Stay here and you’ll be sleeping inside Rossio Railway Station!

Gaze up at the clouds through the glass roof, and relax amongst lush plants in the indoor garden area.

There’s plenty to look forward to, including:

  • Free breakfast
  • Free sangria every night @ the bar
  • Pool table, badminton, ping-pong
  • Free walking tours
  • Pub crawls

Whether you fancy being sociable or not, you’ll feel quite at home here.

Each bunkbed comes with a privacy curtain so hiding away is easy, if you feel like it.

As always, the staff will not let you down. These guys are at hand 24 hours a day, so check in and security is never a problem.

Book Lisbon Destination Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Our full review | Booking.com | Hostelworld | Official website

Lisbon Destination Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal for solo travellers, couples and backpackers that love social events & big spaces Lisbon Destination Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal for solo travellers, couples and backpackers that love social events & big spaces Lisbon Destination Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal for solo travellers, couples and backpackers that love social events & big spaces Lisbon Destination Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal for solo travellers, couples and backpackers that love social events & big spaces

Best Hostels in Lisbon for Solo Travellers?

Well let us tell you we didn’t have much trouble finding suitable hostels in Lisbon for solo travellers.

We think the best hostel in Lisbon for Solo-Travellers is the Sunset Destination Hostel!

Here is two more hostels you will like when traveling on your own.

First off, let us introduce to you The Independente Hostel & Suites.

One of Lisbon’s most stylish hostels set in the liveliest neighborhood in the city.

The shared dorms come in size small, medium and large; it depends how sociable you’re feeling.

A bar, restaurant, exclusive guest lounge and garden are all part of the Independent experience.

It’s a top choice for solo-travellers looking for a quiet, yet sociable stay.

Book The Independente Hostel & Suites here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

The Independente Hostel & Suites one of the best hostels in Lisbon for Solo Travellers

But perhaps you’re a solo traveller looking to start a party with your new found friends?

In that case we recommend staying at Yes Lisbon Hostel.

The lobby is where everyone hangs out. This is also where many special events take place.

Join in on a free walking tour, famous dinner and an optional pub crawl.

The rooms are quiet and there’ll be free coffee waiting for you throughout the day.

Book Yes Lisbon Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Yes Lisbon Hostels one of the best hostels in Lisbon for Solo Travellers

Nightlife in Lisbon

You might already heard… Lisbon is well-known for its nightlife.

The most famous neighborhood for partying is Bairro Alto. With hundred of bars and plenty of young people around, you will find some group to join.

Are you an introvert? The easiest way to meet new friends is joining a pub crawl

Bars close around 2 am on weeknights and a bit later on the weekend.

Once the bar closes, the party moves on to the nightclubs, which stay open until late. Actually, most of them close after the sun comes up! It is exactly the same about the nightlife in Barcelona.

Is Lisbon a safe city to travel?

In general, Lisbon is a safe city – although it is home to a lot of pickpockets. Again, same as Barcelona, Rome or Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Drunken tourists make for a very easy target for them. Be sensible with your stuff when you’re out at night.

General advice to avoid being pick pocketed:

  • Don’t leave your stuff unattended
  • only take out what you really need
  • only use well-lit streets

There is no need to become paranoid. Just pay a bit of attention. Also, you can ask at the reception if there is any particular safety tips.

What about the Best Party Hostels in Lisbon?

Is it too predictable to say our top recommendation for the best party hostel in Lisbon is Sunset Destination Hostel?

Oh well!

You heard it before:

  • rooftop
  • swimming pool,
  • bar,
  • free beer,
  • free breakfast,
  • Lisboa central hostel.

If you can think of anything more needed for a fantastic party vibe, do let us know.

It’s as simple as that.

But okay, okay there are more options in Lisbon. Have a look at our guide to the best party hostels in the world and read about Gspot (yes, that’s a real hostel name).

Book Sunset Destination Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews atOur full review | Booking.com | Hostelworld

Sunset Destination Hostel one of the best party hostels in Lisbon

Best Hostels for Backpackers

There are so many reasons why we handpicked the 3 hostels above for an excellent hostel experience in Lisbon. Nevertheless, we know that if you are a spontaneous backpacker those hostels might be fully booked.

We totally recommend you to book your hostel in Lisbon as soon as you know your dates. Of course Lisbon is packed of hostels, but the greatest get reserved fast.

If you are not able to book our top pick recommendations, here you have also 5 great backpacker hostels for your Lisbon experience.

What are some good hostels for backpackers in Lisbon?

Best Hostels for Couples

When it comes to awesome private rooms, you can’t go wrong with Selina Secret Garden. This swanky hostel is located just five minutes from the most famous nightlife neighborhoods, and is set up to suit many traveller types.

“Backpackers, digital nomads, families and locals come together in our space to work, eat, and be entertained.”

We love this Selina hostel for the:

  • Yoga & wellness classes
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Specialised tours
  • Exclusive organic products for sale

The onsite CoWork space is pretty awesome, too.

Read more: Selina CoWork & CoLive – how does it work?

We’ve got you an exclusive 5% promo code for Selina Hostels and Hotels on all reservations. This discount code is valid for purchases made during 2021.

5% Promo Code for Selina

Discount Code: HOSTEL-GEEKS

valid for 2021 at Selina.com

How to apply?

  1. Visit the official website selina.com
  2. Choose your date and package
  3. Apply the discount on the payment page

That’s it! 🤓 🎉

Book Selina Secret Garden Lisbon here

Compare prices and read reviews at: Booking.com | Hostelworld

Selina Secret Garden Lisbon is one of the best hostels in Lisbon, Portugal Selina Secret Garden Lisbon is one of the best hostels in Lisbon, Portugal

What about the Cheapest Hostels Lisbon offers?

Are you looking for a cheap hostel in Lisbon? There are much more places to stay in Lisbon cheap and cheerfully.

As mentioned, there is more than 160 hostels in the city!

We only want to share with you 3 handpicked places we recommend to 100%. We love to share the finest hostels. And we only share places we would recommend to our family and friends too.

The other hostels not mentioned in this article may not reach the Hostelgeeks standards. This guide gives you a full insight on the backpacker accommodations you need.

Of course, there is a lot of super cheap places with lower quality.

This next part is important for those looking for where to stay in Lisbon on a budget.

It can be tempting to opt for the cheap places to stay in and only look for a Lisbon cheap stay. Though some of the best hostels in Portugal ask for a few extra coins.

Keep also in mind a bad location – or seemingly cheap areas to stay in – often happen to be far from the city centre and top sights.

So, what about the cheapest hostels in Lisbon? These are easy to spot.

  1. Open Hostelworld with full list of budget accommodation in Lisbon
  2. Order the listing by price
  3. pick the cheapest one

Hostelworld usually offers great rates as well as deals for backpackers.

A list of things to do in Lisbon – our Secret Guide

We wrote up a big guide to things to do in Lisbon. We wanted to create also a special guide. As it is not public, it is meant only for real travellers.

You can download the guide for free below.

  1. The best Sunset spot – (bring some snacks and drinks!)
  2. TRENDY: super delicious local food for the locals price
  3. Open Air Concerts + a top social club with many events next to the water
  4. The best surfing spot and beach for a 1/2 day trip
  5. A unique Bar for a fun night out to mingle with locals

Tip: A locals spot for lover of creativity. Meet artists, designers, and more along with many events!

Lisbon hostel guide + a list of things to do in Lisbon

Things you need to know before you go

After spending a few days in this eclectic city, we have a few fun pointers to share. Actually, we have been to Lisbon several times. We learned from our first mistakes.

Here we share them with you, so you can do better.

Book your table in restaurants in advance

One thing we wished we’d known is just how full restaurants get in the evening. A typically Portuguese thing, it seems, is small and popular restaurants.

As cosy as this is, it’s a nightmare for spontaneous dining.

Take our advice: ring and book your table in the morning before heading out and avoid being turned away when you’re hungry. You can ask your hostel to call the restaurant when worried about language barrier.

Bear also in mind that many restaurants do a pause. They close around 2-3pm and don’t open up until around 8 pm. You won’t starve, as you can always get fast food (or other simple meals) available all day.

Public transport

This is surprisingly cheap. Buy a 24-hour ticket which covers trams, buses, metro and trains.

If you’re in no rush and don’t mind lugging your bags; take the metro from central Lisbon to the airport. It’s reliable and a good way to avoid heavy traffic.

Don’t forget your sunnies!

The Portuguese pavements are something to be marveled at. They’re super reflective and super slippery.

Expect to go blind after a few days if you don’t have sunglasses. Take your time going down the hills, especially after rain.

If you forget your sunglasses, you can buy a nice pair of sunglasses downtown. Skip the main shopping street and head to the markets. Here you can score better deals.

Panoramic views

As Lisbon is a city of hills, you will find many spots with amazing views. Among our favorites are :

  • Miradouro da Senhora do Monte
  • Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara
  • Elevador de Santa Justa

You will find all 3 spots on our map for your convenience.

Lisbon or Lisboa?

There are so many people that get confused when looking for information about Lisbon, as they find also Lisboa.

Worry not, both are talking about the same place: Lisbon in Portugal.

Or should we say, Lisboa, Portugal?!

It is not a special district, neighborhood or even a village. Lisboa is the name in Portuguese, and also in Spanish (the neighborhood country). You might hear and read both names.

So if you hear hostel Lisboa or hotel Lisboa, you now know it’s not the name of the building!

Any Discounts for hostels in Lisbon?

Currently, we have no special hostel discounts in Lisbon. We know, it’s a pity. We are always working on discounts for our readers. How about we let you know once we receive fresh discount codes?

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our newest hostel offers and tips always to your inbox.

You can find all our hostel discounts worldwide here.

Forget Lisbon hotels, find a 35€ discount for Airbnb here.

Here you’ll find places up there with comfort and design of affordable apartments in Lisbon Portugal.

Forget searching for Lisbon hotel cheap and boring; Airbnb is a hostel hotel hybrid.

Map of all Hostel Locations + COOL Sights

This map is designed specifically for you to make your Lisbon planning easier.

All of the hostels mentioned above are pinpointed on the map. Top sights in the city are also pointed out.

Looking for fun things to do off the beaten track?

We’ve put together a guide to 29 fun things to do in Lisbon that you’ll love, it includes the best Lisbon experience! We spent time in Lisbon ourselves, so this guide has been created from our own impressions.

Here are a few other ideas for you:

  1. Take a 2-hour sunset cruise
  2. Join the Lisbon essentials tour of history, stories and lifestyle
  3. Have fun on a VIP pub crawl
  4. Go and see the best Fado show in Lisbon
  5. Head to Arrabida for a Kayak Tourwe did this and it was awesome!
  6. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
  7. Castelo de São Jorge
  8. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian
  9. Nacional Museu de Arte Antiga
  10. Azulejo Museum
  11. Torre de Belem
  12. Museu Colecao Berardo
  13. Padrão dos Descobrimentos
  14. Igreja de Sao Roque
  15. Praça do Comércio

To save time we suggest taking the Lisbon Sightseeing Hop on Hop off bus.

To save money, consider buying a 24, 48 or 72-hour Lisbon Card.

Get Lisbon Pass here

Day trips from Lisbon

You can easily spend your entire trip in Lisbon and have an amazing time. Nevertheless, Lisbon has many beautiful places around which we are sure you will love to visit.

A few of the best Lisbon day trips are:

  • Sintra

The fairytale town of Sintra is one of the most popular day trips from  Lisbon. We are sure you already saw some Instagramy photos of the colorful Pena Palace.

Pena Palace is perched atop the hill, and the gardens of Quinta da Regaleria are a mysterious place to explore.

Sintra feels like a place full of magic and mystery, with< castles, palaces, and large estates hidden among the trees of this beautiful hillside town.

The best part? It is just around a 40-minute train ride from Lisbon.

Tip: if you want to avoid crowds, go early.

Sintra, the colorful palace near Lisbon

  • Palace of Queluz

Referred as the Portuguese Versailles, Palace of Queluz features designed gardens, waterfalls, grottos (caves) and a series of decorated canals. It is one of the finest Rococo palaces in Europe.

  • Cabo da Roca

Wanna visit the most westerly point in mainland Europe? Then head to Cabo da Roca.

The steep cliffs jutting out of the ocean will give you the feeling to be at the end of the world.
This area is easy to connect to both Sintra and Cascais by Bus. You can combine the visit with any of the 2 cities.

  • Cascais

Reachable by an easy 30-minute train ride, this traditional fishing town is a popular vacation destination for locals and visitors wanting to soak up some sun.

There are two nice beaches right in town.

Want to venture out further? Rent a bike and visit:

  • Boca do Infern
  • Casa Condes de Castro
  • Casa de Santa Maria

A day trip from Lisbon: Cascais

  • Obidos

One of the most picturesque towns in Portugal. Obidos is a historic small walled town that was once owned by the Queen of Portugal.

  • Stunning beaches

If you want to change your beach setting for a day, consider escaping to one of the beautiful beaches nearby:

  • Carcavelos beach
  • Guincho beach

Flights to Lisbon?

Flights to Lisbon are easy to find and quite affordable. It always depends on your departure airport. We paid 40€ for our flight to Lisbon from Barcelona, and once again 40€ fro London to Lisbon.

The airport isn’t too far from the center. It’s possible to take the metro, bus or taxi which will take you between 30-40 minutes depending of which option you choose.

We enjoy Omio.com and Kiwi.com to find cheap flights all over Europe including Lisbon, Porto and Rome.

This new website has super cool features like a so-called radius search. Just draw a circle over Europe and find the cheapest rates for the area.

Here is our review of Kiwi.

Good to know: There is also a lot of cheap flights to Porto. Many travelers fly into Porto, stay there for 2-3 days and then take the train to Lisbon.

We also recommend flying with Qatar Airways. If you’d like more information about this company, including pros, cons and first-hand experience, read our full review of Qatar Airways.

Cheap Flights in Europe


What are the best hostels in Lisbon with private rooms?

If you love big and bright rooms and don’t mind sharing a bathroom, we recommend Lisbon Calling.

Sunset Destination Hostel offer a private bathroom in their double and family rooms, plus a more sociable atmosphere.

What about the best hostels in Lisbon city centre?

The top two hostels in our collection have a great central location:

What are the best sites for finding hostels?

We want to throw our hat into the ring: Hostelgeeks.com

Our website is focused on bringing you a handpicked selection of amazing hostels all around the world. Here you can find all our handmade best hostels in the world guides; from London to Sydney.

Other than our website, Hostelworld is always a great resource and booking platform too.

More Epic Hostels in Portugal and Europe

Right then, by now you have found your coolest fun hostel in Lisbon. The answer to the best hostels in Portugal is right here.

You know what, we have written even more European guides for you.

We at Hostelgeeks are here to help you to stay in safe and epic hostels around the world. Check out the finest hostels in the world, the 5 Star Hostels.

For more cool hostel guides around Europe, check out:

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Over to you

By now I’m sure your hostel taste buds are positively tingling.

You’re all set to go with great hostels Libson has to offer!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on the 3 best hostels in Lisbon Portugal.

Perhaps you’ve already stayed in one of the best hostels in Lisbon for solo travellers.

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Your Smart Packing List

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