Best Hostels in Cusco, Peru - the complete guide and overview for backpackersGet ready to immerse in the once capital of the Inca Empire and enjoy the absolute best hostels in Cusco, Peru. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t envy you.

Let us help you create wonderful memories at only great Cusco hostels.

Shortcut for you:

  1. Nao Victoria Hostel – great for couples
  2. Pariwana Hostel Cusco – a top pick for solo travelers
  3. Kokopelli Hostel Cusco – one for groups

This guide offers our very own hand-picked selection of fun and cool hostels. It’s the vibes, design, and comfort that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

This guide is perfect for YOU, when …

  • tired of bad and crappy hostels
  • want to avoid the “young party kids”
  • happy to spend 1-2€ for a better experience

This guide will help you pick the best hostels in Cusco depending on your travel style.

Quick Introduction to Cusco

The average price for a bed: Hostels in Cusco cost 7€ – 11€ per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room starts from 15€ up to 53€ per night. Hence, this is a rough average just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check the exact rates on or

Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11 am). Similarly, hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

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The 3 Best Hostels in Cusco

Let’s jump right into the best hostels in Cusco:

  1. Nao Victoria Hostel – Best Hostel for Couples
  2. Pariwana Hostel Cusco – Best Hostels for Solo Travelers
  3. Kokopelli Hostel Cusco – Best Hostels for Groups

We put all three accommodation on the map, you will find the map at the end of the article.

1. Nao Victoria Hostel

Nao Victoria Hostel is a real mix of colonial and modern, with recently renovated dorms that offer a much-appreciated privacy curtain and under-bed lockers.

Choose this one of the best hostels in Cusco if you’re in need of some peaceful, chill time.

The lovely paintings on the walls add a cozy vibe. There are many small touches around the place, actually.

From here, the famous Plaza de Armas in the Historic Centre of Cusco is just a few steps away. Therefore, all of the main attractions are within walking distance.

Alongside well thought out dorm rooms, there are also private rooms available.

All privates have their own bathroom, and dorm beds come with a personal light and sockets. Not forgetting that privacy curtain, too!

You’ll be glad to know that breakfast is included here. What a great way to start the day!

Reception is open 24/7 which means no curfew if you’d like to head out in the evening.

Good to know: for long-term travelers, there is a maximum stay here of 14 days.

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Couples
  • Female Solo Travellers
Book Nao Victoria Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Nao Victoria Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru Nao Victoria Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru

2. Pariwana Hostel Cusco

If you’re looking for a livelier atmosphere, affordable price tag and superb location; choose Pariwana Hostel Cusco.

This place is all about creating different social recipes to get conversation and happy times flowing.

Easy to be social when there’s…

  • Daily activities (free walking tours, salsa lessons, trivia nights)
  • Free board + arcade games
  • Funky bar w/ Happy Hour + weekend parties

Want to chill and let the conversation come naturally? Head to the big terrace area.

There are many rooms to choose from here, and they’ll suit all types of travellers.

Mixed dorms range from 4-14 beds. Consequently, friends have a spacious twin option and there are also triple and double rooms.

Amenities worth mentioning here, including:

  • Free breakfast + all day coffee
  • Restaurant w/ Peruvian meals
  • Common kitchen
  • 24/hr reception
  • TV room

Be sure to contact the hostel in advance and ask them about their airport transfer if you’d prefer this over local transport.

As a result, Pariwana Hostel Cusco has everything a good hostel should (and more).

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Solo travellers
  • Backpackers
  • Social butterflies
Book Pariwana Hostel Cusco here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Pariwana Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru

Pariwana Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru Pariwana Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru

3. Kokopelli Hostel Cusco

For our #3 recommendation in the best hostels in Cusco, we mix the first two together and have here a hostel that offers a chill space and place to mingle all in one.

Kokopelli Hostel is within a unique 200 year old house just 2-minutes from Cusco’s main plaza area.

To those who like their peace and privacy, snuggle up and hide away in the awesome pod-beds. Also, they’re so spacious!

In contrast, when you feel the need to integrate, head on down to the Pisco bar in the evening for cocktails and drink/food events.

As an in-betweeny, there’s a great courtyard-style room with chairs, info boards and tons of space. The wall-art is pretty cool, too.

Almost some of the rooms have cool inclusions such as a bath in the 10-bed dorm and two double-bed bunks in the 4-bed ‘matrimonial private’ – oo err!

What else can the Kokopelli team tempt you with?

  • Included breakfast w/ fruit
  • Happy Hour promotions at the bar
  • Pool, Fusball and Ping Pong tables
  • Restaurant from 7am-11pm
  • Garden w/ hammocks

Should you fancy sticking around, ask about the volunteer opportunities in the bar. This is a great way to get to know the local area better.

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Groups
  • Sociable couples
Book Kokopelli Hostel Cusco here

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Kokopelli Hostel Cusco is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru Kokopelli Hostel Cusco is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru Kokopelli Hostel Cusco is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru

What about cheapest hostels in Cusco?

If you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you wanna save every penny, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Cusco.

  1. Open Hostelworld with full list of budget places to stay in Cusco
  2. Order the listing by price

Simple as that. Hence, make sure you use then the other filters and rank per price.

Also keep a close eye on the ratings, especially the “extreme ratings”. Meaning, the best and worst. These ratings can give great insight on what to expect.

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Best Hostels in Cusco for Solo Travellers?

What is the serious, best hostels in Cusco for solo-travellers?

As we already mentioned, we highly recommend Nao Victoria Hostel as a great choice for solo women.

It’s quiet, safe and centrally located.

#2 in our best hostels in Cusco guide for solo travellers has to be Supertramp Hostel Cusco.

This is an eco-driven place offering relaxing hammocks and large outdoor terraces with fantastic views of the city and surrounding mountains.

For a nice change the location is in San Blas.

The Bohemian district is home to local musicians, craft stores, yoga schools and bars.

Even more, we hear the breakfast is awesome, maybe because the coffee they serve is fresh and delicious.

Book Supertramp Hostel Cusco here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Supertramp Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco for solo travellers

Party Hostels in Cusco?

Without doubt the best place to get the party started in Cusco is at Pariwana Hostel Cusco.

Certainly it’s unlikely that you’ll be left sitting in the corner alone when there are daily organised activities, Happy Hour at the bar and weekend themed parties.

What’s great is that it’s possible to book a small dorm or private room and secure a good night’s sleep, too.

Book Pariwana Victoria Hostel here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Pariwana Hostel is one of the best hostels in Cusco, Peru

More Cusco Hostels worth to mention

Furthermore, to assist you further in making the right choice for the best hostels in Cusco, we give you three more other hostels you can choose from.

Because we want the best for you, we took an extra mile to give you not only the best but also the coolest hostels to stay in Cusco.

Here are the three interesting and worth to know hostels you might want to check.

1. Wild Rover Hostel Cusco (Soundproof Bar)

If there is one thing you should look forward to in Wild Rover Hostel Cusco is their amazing sky view from the balcony.

Enjoy the morning view and have a great breakfast or simply grab an ice cold beer and be amaze with the sunset on their balcony. Either way, we are sure you’ll definitely love it.

While aside from their amazing balcony view, you also wouldn’t want to miss to try their soundproof Irish bar. You got that right, soundproof!

To fully give guests the rest that they deserve, away from the dazzling party music, the hostel has built its own private building intended for all the fun.

Live music, happy hour specials, and amazing DJs, all for you to dig in every day, ’til late night. Or if you’re into sports, they have big wide screens, perfect to watch all sports events around the world.

So if the party runs through your blood, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee you a thrilling party experience in Cusco.

Perks at Wild Rover Hostel Cusco:

  • FREE WiFi
  • Soundproof Irish Bar
  • Spanish Tutorial

And if you’re into more fun, Wild Rover Hostel Cusco offers exciting games you can participate in.

Play a game of pool, fuse ball, Ping-Pong or foot volleyball. Win or lose in a game, doubtless, you will win new friends.

Another, they also have activities that you may have an interest in like beer pongs, Spanish tutorials or even learn how to Salsa.

Also, you can try the sumptuous home-cooked meals offered at the hostel in case you don’t want to leave the premises. They offer a very cheap daily menu that starts from less than $5.

Rooms are equipped with guaranteed the most comfortable beds in Cusco. Each bed is installed with your own personal light and sockets. Plus your own safety deposit box to keep your belongings.

So if you’re looking for a cool hostel that can sustain your hype and energy, we are sure Wild Rover Hostel Cusco will certainly keep you busy and running.

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Party Travelers
  • Groups
Book Wild Rover Hostel Cusco here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Engage to more outdoor activities at Wild Rover Hostel Cusco Join the exciting activities at Wild Rover Hostel Cusco Kill the night and join the party at Wild Rover Hostel Cusco Experience the amazing view at Wild Rover Hostel Cusco

2. The Point Hostel Cusco

Offering guests plenty of outdoor seating areas and hammocks with a great view of the mountains, we give you The Point Hostel Cusco.

Certainly the hostel that perfectly fits your chance to explore Cusco during the day and enjoy the nightlife of the city.

Just a 5-minute drive to the main bus station and a 5-minute walk from Cusco’s main square. The Point Hostel Cusco gives you great access to the most popular destinations in the city.

Things to expect at The Point Hostel Cusco:

  • FREE WiFi
  • Bar
  • Spanich Gallery

And to make you worry less, just a few blocks from the hostel are pubs, cafes, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers and general amusement of the Plaza de Armas.

Just stepping out from the hostel places you to numerous establishments that will give you a taste of Cusco.

Hence, in case you like to stay in the hostel, you may get your meals and sandwiches at The Horny Llama Bar and Restaurant. They serve daily continental breakfast with coffee and tropical fruits.

Finally when the night comes, you can also grab a few beers or have your favorite cocktail. Join the crazy party and win new acquaintances. Meet other guests from all over the world that share the same ideas as yours.

Furthermre, the hostel also features a Spanish gallery where sculpted wood details are displayed. Appreciating and promoting the artistry of the locals.

And to give the hostel the cheerful ambiance, rooms have unique decorative paintings. Giving a more artistic vibe to your stay.

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Solo Travelers
  • Small Groups
Book The Point Hostel Cusco here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Sleep at very cozy beds at The Point Hostel Cusco Enjoy indoor games like table tennis at The Point Hostel Cusco

3. The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse (Great View)

A hostel that gives you the very friendly and homely vibe, The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse.

Located in the historic center of the city, The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse is just a few minutes walk from the Main Cathedral of Cusco. Furthermore, the Central Market is also reachable just a few steps from the hostel.

Other popular landmarks such as the Coricanch (the most important temple in the Inca Empire), the Religious Art Museum and the Hatun Rumiyoc (one of the best preserved original Inca roads in the city) are just a few you can easily visit just within a short distance from the hostel.

Perks at The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse:

  • FREE WiFi
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Cooking Class
  • Panoramic View of the City

On the rooftop, you will be able to find a perfect panoramic view of the city. A bar can also be found there where you can grab an ice cold beer or cocktails.

Have the perfect chance to just chill, watch the busy city of Cusco while you take a sip of your favorite ice cold beer from the bar.

Watch the sunset and get great Instagram photos during your stay.

And to keep guests in touch with the heart Cusco, The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse offers walking tours, hiking sessions and a little history class about the local culture of the city.

They also conduct cooking classes and movie night activities you can join in if you’re not out for a tour.

Location: If you don’t feel like eating out, you can always try preparing your own preferred meals at a very nice shared kitchen since the Central Market is just within reach from the hostel.

Restaurants and cafes are also just around the corners of The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse if you change your mind.

Though remember that the hostel serves Continental breakfast every day at the rooftop. Just a perfect way to start your day. A nice great breakfast plus a wonderful morning view of the city.

And don’t you worry about missing out the newest episode on your favorite movie series on Netflix because they have it in the hostel’s common area. Catch a movie and just relax after a long tiring day outside.

Adding you a more feeling of being home away from home. And The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse just puts you exactly where you should be.

This is one of the best hostels in Cusco for

  • Female-Solo Travelers
  • Couples
Book The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse here

Compare prices and read reviews at: | Hostelworld

Don't miss the perfect view of the city at Andean Rooftop Guesthouse At Andean Rooftop Guesthouse, they serve daily continent breakfast at the rooftop Feel like home and relax at Andean Rooftop Guesthouse

How to book?

We recommend using or Hostelworld for your reservations. is the biggest and safest platform for hotel and hostels reservations. Similarly, their cancellation policy is one of the best, normally 100% refundable until 24h before the stay.

Also, Hostelworld is also super safe and the biggest booking platform for hostels.

Most noteworthy, on both platforms your credit card is 100% protected and the booking 100% confirmed.

We included the handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

Here is the overview:

  1. Nao Victoria Hostel – Best Hostel for Couples
  2. Pariwana Hostel Cusco – Best Hostel for Solo Travelers
  3. Kokopelli Hostel Cusco – Best Hostel for Groups
  4. Supertramp Hostel Cusco – Best Hostel for Solo Travelers
  5. Pariwana Hostel Cusco – Best Hostel for Party Travelers
  6. Wild Rover Hostel Cusco – Party Hostel for Party Travelers
  7. The Point Hostel Cusco – Party Hostel for Small Groups
  8. The Andean Rooftop Guesthouse – Best Hostel for Female-Solo Travelers

All of Cusco best hostels are popular; especially in high-season.

To make sure you end up in those stylish hostels, secure your room or bed as soon as you have your travel dates fixed.

Any Discounts?

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All 3 Hostels put on a map + sights

Let us have a look on the map. Below we list all three best hostels in Cusco on a map.

We also included the main tourist attractions you’ve to know in this list:

  • Plaza de Armas
  • Cusco Cathedral
  • San Pedro Market
  • Twelve Angled Stone

FYI: many of the Inca sights and breath-taking places are surrounding the Cusco city area. It is definitely worth speaking to your chosen hostel about local tours.

Otherwise, here are a few options to think about:

Flights to Cusco?

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Furthermore this new website has super cool features like a so-called radius search. Just draw a circle over Europe and find the cheapest rates for the area.

Here is our review of Kiwi.

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More guides

Alright, this is your answer to where to stay in Cusco.

We did the leg work for you and bring you more hostel guides to destinations:

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Over to you

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Enjoy this fine hostel selection and all 5 Star Hostels.

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Best Hostels in Cusco, Peru - the complete guide and overview for backpackers

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