3 Best Hostels in Jasper – Explore Jasper National Park & Maligne Canyon

Best Hostels in Jasper Canada

Jasper is a beautiful alpine town nestled in the heart of Canada’s Alberta province. The snow-capped Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park, lush green forests, alpine meadows, and breathtaking glaciers make this town a popular tourist destination spot.

Travellers from all over the globe come to this enchanting place to witness the outstanding beauty of nature. Other than the mountains, Jasper is also popular for its abundant wildlife. It features Alberta’s tallest mountain and stunning Spirit Island- making it a nature lover’s paradise on Earth.

And the best part about all this is that you will be able to witness all the amazingness this area has to offer while staying in some of the best hostels in Jasper Canada.

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Our favorite hostels in Jasper are:

  1. HI Jasper - best for solo travelers
  2. HI Athabasca Falls Hostel - best for backpackers
  3. Jasper Downtown Hostel - best for couples

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The gorgeous town offers many fun-filled adventures, with sightseeing being one of the most popular tourist activities. The stunning views of the Maligne Lake, Dark Sky preserves, and Medicine Lake will surely enchant your senses. You can take a cruise tour to explore the beauty of these lakes.

Jasper national park is yet another famous landmark. Rent a Harley Davidson and take a tour of the park, where you will be able to witness the wildlife’s glory at its peak. This national treasure is home to elk, mountain goats, marmots, beavers, and bighorn sheep.

Imagine visiting the largest non-polar ice fields in the world. Columbia Ice fields are a MUST-see on your trip to Jasper. For a thrilling experience, explore the ancient Athabasca Glacier on an Ice explorer or take some stunning photos in front of the Athabasca Falls.

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  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

If you wish to experience the national park’s best views, hiring a tour guide on Jasper Sky Tram is the best option. Since Jasper boasts stunning water bodies, lakes, and rivers, you can also kayak, canoe, or raft here. Take advantage of the Maligne Lake Boat Tour or play golf in Lodge’s stunning golf club, ranked as number 1 in Canada, for a memorable experience.

No matter if you are a solo traveller, a backpacker, or a couple- visiting Jasper is always a magical experience. The fresh, crisp air touching your face, the stunning city views, and the Rocky Mountains will make your stay even more special and memorable. If you are looking for a place with vibrant city life, modern restaurants, and lively bars, staying downtown will be a great option.

To assist you in finding the perfect accommodation that will create the most convenient discovery experience, we’ve created a list of the best hostels in Jasper Canada. With its help, you’ll be able to pick the ideal lodging option that will answer your individual needs.

What we cover in this article?

  • cheapest hostels in Jasper
  • best hostels in Jasper for solo traveler
  • more hostels in Jasper worth a mention
  • backpacking tips for Jasper
  • discounts and promo codes
  • How to book?
  • All hostel and sights on a map
  • FAQ
  • Flights
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    Quick Introduction to Jasper

    Average price for a bed: Hostels in Jasper cost 29€ – 37€ per night for a bed in a dorm. A private room starts from 85€ up to 120€ per night. This is a rough average just to give you an idea.

    Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check exact rates on Hostelz.com or Hostelworld.com.

    Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check-Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

    Best time to visit Jasper : Jasper is a great destination for all seasons, but the best times to visit are from June to mid-September. During these periods, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and take in breathtaking scenery. 

    Safety in Jasper : Jasper is safe to visit. Like in any other country that you visit, make sure to be extra vigilant and take extra care of your belongings. You also want to avoid walking alone in dark places at night. 

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    The 3 Best Hostels in Jasper are …

    Let’s jump right into the coolest hostels in Jasper .

    1. HI Jasper – best for solo travelers
    2. HI Athabasca Falls Hostel – best for backpackers
    3. Jasper Downtown Hostel – best for couples

    These are our favorite hostels in Jasper . We want to make your life even easier, so we put all accommodations on a map for you. We even added our own tips for favorite restaurants, things to see, and more.

    Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

    🦸 Solo Traveler: HI Jasper
    🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: HI Jasper
    👩‍❤️‍👨 Couple Hostel: Jasper Downtown Hostel
    👨‍👩‍👦 Family Hostel: Jasper Downtown Hostel
    🎒 Backpackers: HI Athabasca Falls Hostel
    👩‍💻 For Digital Nomads: Jasper Downtown Hostel
    🧘 Cozy Hostel: HI Jasper

    1. HI Jasper

    This is one of the best hostels in Jasper Canada that boasts magical views of the alpine town. 

    HI Jasper features both mixed and single gender dorm rooms with comfortable bunk beds, private lockers, and clean toilets. There is a shared lounge where you can relax and interact with fellow travellers.

    This is a 3-star hostel that also offers BBQ facilities and free Wi-Fi. From your room, you’ll see gorgeous city views and become mesmerised by the beauty of nature. The fire room lounge, game room, and media rooms are designed for relaxing and unwinding.

    Book HI Jasper here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    HI Jasper Private Bedroom

    HI Jasper Dorm

    The area around HI Jasper is particularly popular for skiing and the best part is that the hostel has a ski pass sales point.

    You can also take walking tours, play in the games room, or go to the golf club. The hostel also runs outdoor activities like picnics, bonfires, and live music sessions to entertain the guests.

    Location: The lodge is an 11-minute walk from Jasper train station, making it easy for you to travel and explore the city.

    The best choice in Jasper for

    • solo travelers
    • female solo travelers
    Book HI Jasper here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Hangout with friends at HI Jasper

    Billiards with friends at HI Jasper

    2. HI Athabasca Falls Hostel

    Nestled in the south of Jasper, HI Athabasca Falls Hostel has everything that a modern backpacker needs, which reasonably puts it on our list of best hostels in Jasper Canada.

    This rustic hostel is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies and offers family as well as private dorm rooms. Although the accommodation is pretty basic, it still carries all the essential elements required to make the guests feel comfortable.

    All the rooms have comfortable bunk beds, a patio, bed linen, and private washrooms. There is also a shared lounge with a fireplace where you can unwind and enjoy a drink after a long day of exploring the town.

    The mighty Athabasca River is near the hostel, so you can easily go kayaking or canoeing. The hostel is well-known for providing a forest cabin feel, so no Wi-Fi is available on the property. However, other services like electricity, cooking facilities, heating, clean drinking water, refrigerator, and stove are available.

    Book HI Athabasca Falls Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    HI Athabasca Falls Hostel Dorm

    Horseshoe and Leech Lakes near HI Athabasca Falls offer stunning views and excellent swimming services. You can also go skiing or mountain biking in The Fryatt Valley since it is located minutes away from the hostel.

    HI Athabasca Falls is amongst the largest wilderness hostels in Jasper National Park. It offers the perfect mountain retreat to enchant all its visitors. If you are a backpacker looking forward to staying in an exotic location, this is the perfect option for you.

    Bonus part? Downtown Jasper is just a drive away from the accommodation, and you can easily travel there to explore the streets, shops, restaurants, and bars of the alpine town.

    Location: HI Athabasca Falls is located in Jasper. It is 33 km from Jasper SkyTram and 34 km from Marmot Basin Ski Area. 

    A great choice for

    • backpackers
    • budget travelers
    Book HI Athabasca Falls Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    HI Athabasca Falls Hostel

    HI Athabasca Falls Hostel Cabin

    3. Jasper Downtown Hostel

    unique text Jasper Downtown Hostel Located right in the middle of downtown, this hostel features exquisite private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. For people travelling on a budget, comfortable dorm rooms are also available with shared facilities.

    This one of the best hostels in Jasper Canada is its central location, making it easy for tourists to access restaurants, shops, and bars. All the rooms are equipped with bunk beds, duvets, black shut-out curtains, and poly-cotton sheets for additional comfort and privacy, making this hostel best for couples.

    The accommodation offers free Wi-Fi, as well as a shared lounge where you can sit and relax. A kitchen with top-notch appliances is also available.

    Book Jasper Downtown Hostel here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Jasper Downtown Hostel Common Area

    Jasper Downtown Hostel

    Location: The Jasper Downtown hostel is just a block from the main bus station, so you can quickly hop on the public bus to travel to your desired locations. Jasper Activity & Aquatic Centre is also present nearby, making it easier for you to indulge in plenty of fun-filled activities.

    Lake Annette Beach is the most popular beach in Alberta and is situated 12 minutes from the downtown hostel. Here you can go for a good swim or stroll around the sandy shores, witnessing the alpine town’s awe-inspiring beauty.

    This is one of the best hostels in Jasper for

    • couples
    • families
    Book Jasper Downtown Hostel here

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    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Jasper Downtown Hostel Private Bedroom

    Jasper Downtown Hostel

    Best Hostels in Jasper for Solo Travelers?

    What is seriously the best hostel in Jasper for solo-travelers?

    Experience the ultimate adventure at HI Jasper

    Explore Jasper and make lifelong friends along the way. With a range of exciting activities, you will never be bored. 

    Book HI Jasper here

    Check prices at:
    Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    Meet new friends at HI Jasper

    More Hostels worth a mention

    We have one more hostels worth a mention here, that could enrich your travel and hostel experience.

    HI Maligne Canyon

    HI Maligne Canyon is a small, little, wilderness hostel that is situated next to a creek and right across the road from the Maligne Canyon hike. This is a perfect place to enjoy the nature while being just a short drive away from town. The common areas and rooms are clean and warm enough for us who are not used to the Canadian cold. There are no shower facilities, running water and they only have pit toilets, all of which we already knew and that gave us the true wilderness experience. They also have a very friendly hostel manager who will give you lots of information about the area and recommendations on what to do. Even spotted our first bear onsite!

    Book HI Maligne Canyon here

    Check prices at: Hostelworld | Booking.com | Hostelz.com

    HI Maligne Canyon Dorm

    HI Maligne Canyon Kitchen

    Backpacking Tips for Jasper

    Before diving into the hostel recommendations, read the following helpful backpacking tips for Jasper to make the most of your trip.

    • Since Jasper is a popular destination spot and tourists from around the world come here for vacations, we recommend you book your accommodation well in advance. This will save you from any last-minute inconveniences.
    • Jasper features an extensive trail network for hiking. You should download hiking apps to navigate the designated area’s tracks, weather, flora, and fauna.
    • This Canadian town boasts stunning water bodies, creating the perfect opportunity for you to experience the water sports adventure. Kayaking in rivers is definitely a MUST for every visitor.
    • Do you wish to explore Canada’s national parks at affordable rates? Getting a Canada Parks Discovery Pass is the best investment you can make on your trip to Jasper. Why? Because it will enable you to get amazing discounts at numerous places.
    • For first-time visitors travelling to the National park, we recommend hiring a local guide. This will help you familiarise yourself with the area and explore its beauty efficiently.
    • The views in Jasper are magical. Consider carrying a camera with you to capture the raw beauty of the alpine town and share your pictures with friends and families.
    • Since this alpine town is home to abundant wildlife, you can spot a bear on your hiking trail. For additional safety and protection, carry bear spray with you while trekking.
    • Take a trip to Nigel to see uniquely-coloured rocks and stunning glaciers.
    • If you’ve decided to travel here, make sure that you go to The Maligne Lake for cruising. You will get to witness Spirit Island’s breathtaking beauty, and we bet you will love it!
    • Make sure that you are carrying good-quality hiking shoes while travelling to Jasper. Other essentials include; hiking poles, wool socks, a waterproof backpack, fleece jackets, bug sprays, reusable water bottles, and binoculars.

    What about the cheapest hostels in Jasper ?

    Of course, there are always cheap hostels. But how do you actually find them? When you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you want to save every dollar, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Jasper .

    1. Open Hostelz.com with a full list of all hostels in Jasper
    2. add your dates
    3. Order the listings by price

    Simple as that.

    Hostelz.com is a price comparison site for hostels. They list every single one in the world and tells you exactly which website is cheaper to use.

    Another smart Tip: Check what is actually included, and what is excluded. Take a closer look at the location, too. A further location might mean more costs in transport.

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    How to book?

    The most popular booking platforms are Booking.com and Hostelworld.com. On both platforms, your credit card is 100% protected and the booking 100% confirmed.

    We included some handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

    Read: Step-by-Step guide on how to book with Hostelworld

    We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible! All of Jasper best hostels are popular; especially in high-season. To make sure you end up in those stylish and good hostels, secure your room/bed as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

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    Our Favorite Hostels in Jasper put on a map + sights

    Let us have a look at the map. Below, we list all three best Jasper hostels on a map.

    Personally, we love to plan our trips with a map having all sights and potential hostels on it. We thought this map will help you with planning your trip too.

    In Jasper we absolutely enjoyed:

    • Dark Sky Preserve
    • Jasper National Park
    • Jasper SkyTram
    • Miette Hot Springs
    • Maligne Canyon
    • Medicine Lake
    • Pyramid Lake

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