28 handpicked Boutique Hostels (you instantly want to sleep in!)

28 handpicked Boutique Hostels (you instantly want to sleep in!)

Time to have a closer look on the Boutique Hostels around the world.

We are Hostelgeeks and we collect 5 Star Hostels all around the world. For every destination we select the #1 hostel and review it for our community.

Here you can find all 5 Star Hostels worldwide.

Some of the 5-star-rated hostels are as well kept in a boutique-style. Boutique Hostels are one of the 7 types of hostels. It is certainly a quality factor for the traveler in style, yet on a budget.

We want to take this opportunity to go into detail. We curated a list of 28 handpicked boutique hostels. All these accommodations come in a unique theme and design.

This is an excerpt of the 99 DESIGN Hostels you HAVE to give some attention to as well. They are stunning, and some hostels are seriously mind-blowing.

But before we get started, what is the …

Difference between Design and Boutique Hostel?

A boutique hostel is a term usually describing a more intimate, smaller property in a unique theme.

While a design-hostel describes a well and proper designed hostel in architecture and interior, a boutique-style also focuses on its atmosphere.

As we see it, a design hostel is the preliminary step to a boutique hostel.

Characteristics of a boutique hostel may be

  • intimate ambiance
  • small property with small number of beds and rooms
  • a unique design theme

Also, check out 15 Luxury Hostels around the world.

Please note: NOT all hostels calling themselves “boutique” are actually boutique-style. Some hostels now refer to this term as a marketing-opportunity. Please be aware.

Booking hostels

Just on a quick note. Read more on our incredible smart and especially simple 15 hostel booking hacks.

We are dedicated to bring you the finest hostels in the world, the 5 Star Hostels.

For all destinations without 5 Star Hostels, we sat down and wrote for you detailed hostels guides. Find all “best hostels in” guides with us.

The destinations include:

28 Boutique Hostels to fall in love with

But enough theory, we are here to get impressed, right?! Let us jump right into the list we created for you.

1. Caveland Santorini

We want to start with a former winery featuring a swimming pool and yoga classes, located on a paradise-island.

Yes, an island retreat. Sounds good? Well, it is even better. Here is our full story and review from Caveland Santorini.

Last but not least, here’s our list of epic activities for 27 fun things to do in Santorini.

Caveland Santorini

The Best Hostel in Santorini CAVELAND, a real 5 Star Hostel

2. Maverick Hostel in Budapest

Maverick Hostel is the little brother hostel of Maverick City Lodge, a well-known 5 Star Hostel in Budapest.

The Maverick Hostel is the more intimate, boutique version, catering for the relaxed travelers.

Find here our guide to the best hostels in Budapest.

Fancy secret tips? Here are our 5 secrets to Budapest.

Maverick Hostel in Budapest

3. Stay Modal, Greenville USA

Modal is a modern hostel, gallery, and coffee shop – all in one!

As a twenty bed, bespoke hostel and art gallery located in historic Downtown Greenville, South Carolina, Modal serves as the hub for traveling artisans.

Stay Modal, Greenville USA

4. KEX Hostel, Reykjavik

When traveling to Iceland, you will start your trip in Reykjavik, the capital. It won’t take long for you to stumble over KEX Hostel. Locals love it here, travelers love it, it is well known for being a hip hostel and a cool bar.

Kex is the Icelandic word for “biscuit” and a super social hostel in Reykjavik: KEX Hostel.

Basically it is an old biscuit factory down-town Reykjavik and furnished with salvaged materials and found objects from various places.

Check our full guide to the 3 best hostels in Reykjavik here.

Boutique Hostels in Reykjavik; The KEX Hostel

5. Be Lounge Hostel in Cartagena

Dear Traveler-Princess, this is for you!

Ever wondered what a 400-year-old-colonial house renovated into a modern, minimalist hostel would look like?

Welcome to Be Lounge Hostel. The clever blend of old and new offers a cosy, unique hostel in the heart of Cartagena, Colombia.

We wrote up a big guide to the 3 best hostels in Cartagena, including Be Lounge!

Where to stay in Cartagena as a solo female travelers? Be Lounge
Be Lounge Hostel

6. The NEST Boutique Hostel, Galway

Experience the best of beautiful Galway at The Nest.

The design is funky, industrial and function- al. The environment is cozy, great for hanging out, reading a book and mingling with other guests.

What about the design? Well, let us put it this way: It’s an epic boutique hostel!

The NEST Boutique Hostel, Galway

7. Captain Coconut in Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia

Located on a tiny island, near Lombok, you find this paradise. Captain Coconut rocks. On many levels.

The dorms are an open-space area, and the private rooms are basically cute bungalows. Everything points to the big swimming pool in the center.

Read our full review of Captain Coconut Hostel here.

Captain Coconut Hostel

8. Wunderhouse in Madrid

The Wunderhouse in Madrid is a students residence and hostel at the same time.

While the sleeping area is fairly small, the garden and building itself will make you speechless.

Download our secret city guide to Madrid, featuring 5 hidden gems.

Heading to Spain? Make sure you take our guide to the 3 best hostels in Madrid with you.

Quick overview:

  1. The Hat Hostel
  2. MOLA Hostel
  3. Sungate One

Wunderhouse, Madrid

9. Caravan BA in Buenos Aires

The newest hostel-player in Buenos Aires instantly received the 5 Star Hostel Award for excellence.

With opening their doors, the Caravan BA lifted the hostel-quality in Buenos Aires, giving it now a fab hostel choice for the Argentinian capital.

If you’re looking for us, we are chilling at the pool or playing football with our hostel-mates.

Read our full guide to best hostels in Buenos Aires here.

Find here as well 25 Fun Things to do in Buenos Aires.

Relaxing at Caravan BA Garden

10. The Passenger Hostel in Porto

One of the most gorgeous design hostels in the world is located in an actual monumental building. No kidding. The best hostel in Porto is housed inside the Sao Bento Train Station. It is impossible to miss a train here.

The high ceilings and super stylish dorms are just one for the many reasons.

If you ever wondered how to convince your posh friends to stay in hostels, just show them The Passenger. The private rooms are a dream!

We wrote a big guide on the coolest hostels in Porto. Here we compare The Passenger with the other hostels, too.

Download our secret city guide to Porto

NEW: The Passenger is also considered on of the 15 best luxury hostels around the world.

The Passenger Hostel in Porto Have you ever seen a more design-oriented hostel lounge? The Passenger Hostel in Porto Boutique Hostel par excellence: The Suite at The Passenger

11. Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin

It is really no secret, the Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin is astonishing!

Ever since they opened, the hostel is getting so many compliments and press – for its unique boutique-style.

We call it “100% Hipster-Berlin” and this is what it reflects for us.

Berlin is authentic, cool, heart-warming, stylish

– and so is Wallyard Concept Hostel.

Here is our guide to best hostels Berlin has to offer.

Wallyard Concept Hostel

12. Ostellin Genova Hostel, Genova, Italy

The building = wow!

Ostellin Hostel is located in a marvelous and characteristic building.

Its ceilings are covered with frescos and the apartment is completed with typical mosaic Genoese marble doors.

There is even an original replace in the kitchen and large windows for natural light.

Read: Best hostels in Italy put on a map

Ostellin Genova Hostel, Genova, Italy

13. Happynest Inspiration Hostel

A treasure of wisdom and neat design! The Happynest Hostel is an inspirational fountain in Chiang Rai, North Thailand.

A perfect city to get to know the real Thailand. And a perfect hostel to unwind.

Download our secret tips to Chiang Rai here.

We also wrote a big guide for the best hostels in Thailand. We all put them on a map, so you can do better planning.

Happynest Boutique Hostel Happynest Boutique Hostel

14. Madama Hostel & Bistrot, Milano, Italy

The motto: “Madama sounds like home“.

The team behind Madama Hostel & Bistrot is well-traveled, and they know what a traveler needs.

Here, Milan meets the traveler community in perfect harmony.

Join the famous “aperitivo“ and the fun Karaoke-event in the hostel, which locals love to join.

Another special feature: the hostel hosts expositions, vintage markets, live concerts and much more!

Find all the 3 best hostels in Milan, Italy.

Madama Hostel & Bistrot, Milano, Italy

15. Friday Hostel, Odessa, Ukraine

Friday – a hostel service of the new generation.

The team behind Friday Hostel told us “our doors are always open to creative, active and cheerful people“, and it is true.

Friday Hostel is a quality boutique hostel that puts a lot of effort into creating an inspiring, easy-going social atmosphere.

Friday Hostel, Odessa, Ukraine

16. The Central House Hostel in Barcelona

Top-notch , super clean rooms and an unbeatable location; this is The Central House Barcelona Gracia.

You will be staying on the top of famous Passeig de Gracia, just 15 minutes by walk to downtown and  a short walk from bustling Gracia (the perfect neigborhood for bohemians and nightlife). The Central House Hostel is great for the traveler in style and couples.

Read: 3 Best Hostels in Barcelona

Rodamon Hostels Barcelona

17. The Hat Madrid

The Hat Hostel is a popular hostel in Madrid.

It comes with a neat design, catering for the modern traveler in style.

And of course, their popular roof top terrace. Come here to have a drink and mingle.

Especially a sunset is wonderful to enjoy here, with a sangria in your hand and some Spanish beats in the background.

Read: The 3 best hostels in Madrid including The Hat Hostel

The Hat Madrid

18. Galeria Isla Eco Hostel, Isla Grande, Colombia

Galeria Isla Eco Hostel, Isla Grande, Colombia

19. Cocomama Amsterdam

The very first boutique hostel in the city.

Cocomama is your perfect choice to stay in Amsterdam. The reasons for that are simple.

Apart from the beautiful interior decor and design, Cocomama understands what their travelers are looking for:

  • an easy-going atmosphere,
  • cheap bike rentals,
  • free pasta nights, and
  • more activities you’ll love.

Here is our full review with photos of Cocomama Amsterdam.

BTW do not miss out the sister-hostel Ecomama Hostel. It is one of our most favorite hostels in the world.

On that note, have some fun in Amsterdam. 29 activities to entertain yourself.

Cocomama Amsterdam

20. Casa Moringa, Santa Marta

Casa Moringa, Santa Marta

21. Oxotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our home and working space in Chiang Mai. Oxotel is a 5 Star Hostel resort in North Thailand.

We spent here 5 weeks and it always feels like home.

Oxotel is being featured among the finest magazines in the world and receives more and more awards for its excellent design.

We wrote a big guide on the best hostels in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Oxotel made if on the list, of course.

The Oxotel is also featured by Hostelnerds in an article about Hostel Architecture.

Oxotel Chiang Mai

22. La Brisa Tranquila, Santa Marta

La Brisa Tranquila, Santa Marta

23. The Sweet Life, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Cute, small, hearty!

This is the Sweet Life in Koh Lanta, South of Thailand.

The team calls the place a “community guesthouse“, reflecting the quality and the social heart at the same time. It is located right at the beach front and offers on-side one of the most popular cooking classes in Koh Lanta.

The Sweet Life in Koh Lanta

24. Ostello degli Elefanti Hostel, Catania, Italy

Located on the 2nd oor of an iconic palace from the 17th century, boasting high ceilings with frescos, door-to-ceiling glass doors opening onto five balconies that overlook busy Via Etnea and Piazza Università, the design of Ostello degli Elefanti is certainly unique.

It also offers a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of Mount Etna and the historic center.

Its extremely popular outdoor bar, open from April to November.

A hot spot among locals.

Ostello degli Elefanti Hostel, Catania, Italy

25. The Goose Cafe’&Hostel Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

The Goose Cafe'&Hostel Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

26. Onas Hostel&Suites, Córdoba, Argentina

WOW is usually the first reaction we get when introducing Onas Hostel& Suites.

And certainly, every time we step foot into ONAS, it feels impressive.

Onas Hostel&Suites, Córdoba, Argentina

27. Hostel Niniroom in Kyoto, Japan

Super cute hostel, located in Kyoto, Japan.

It is a great hostel for solo-travelers and couples looking for a tranquil hostel. We love how the travelers all get around the common area to have coffee together.

Read our full guide to the 3 best hostels in Kyoto, Japan.

Hostel nini room in Kyoto

28. Slow City Hostel, Pontevedera, North Spain

Located in an attractive 100 year old family house with a restored interior design in the 20’s original spirit.

Bright and spacious, equipped with light design furniture and nice decór.

Most of all, Slow City Hostel only offers two double rooms and one dorm. It’s tiny, beautiful and intimate.

Slow City Hostel, Pontevedera, North Spain

We keep this post always fresh. Therefore, you now find more than 28 hostels on this list.

29. Two Pillows Hostel in Malta

The first boutique hostel in Malta recently got renovated and upgraded to yet another level.

You can now enjoy a SPA in your own private room. That’s just…wow!

The common area is like a lounge, kept in a simple, clean design. We really enjoy this.

Read more about Two Pillows Hostel in our guide to top hostels in Malta.

Private Rooms in Hostels in Malta are beautiful Design Hostel; Two Pillow Hostel in Malta is the oldest Boutique Hostel in Malta

30. Long Story Short Olomouc

Hostel Packing List

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Read the full packing list here.

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Summary: 28 Boutique Hostels to admire

Be honest, how often did these hostels wow you?

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