25 Coolest Things to Do in Buenos Aires – Tango, Pizza and even Kite Surfing

Things to do in Buenos Aires
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25 Fun things to do in Buenos Aires - Tango, Pizza Marathon and No Tourists Time to have some fun in Buenos Aires! After discovering the marvelous hostel Caravan BA we had a closer look around the city. In the process we tracked down the coolest hostels in the city; and found quite some treasures.

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  1. Benita Hostel – one for female solo travellers and friends
  2. Caravan BA – great for solo travellers and digital nomads
  3. Meridiano Hostel Boutique – top pick for couples

What’s to see, to do,… to explore?

Here is a big list of the coolest things to do in Buenos Aires!

In fact, this is your major list of the best fun things and activities.

Why? Because we simply love to live it up!

But you might have already noticed that.

Ultimate list: Fun Things To Do in Buenos Aires…

But let’s get back to Buenos Aires.

How about we start with something „very Argentinian“: FOOTBALL!

1. LIVE real “Futbol”

OH yes, we just had to start with this classic one. And although it’s quite a cliché to say “Argentinians are crazy about football”, well, that one is 100% true!

Actually, this one would be on the list not to miss in Buenos Aires: Football!

Sunday plan must be to go see the football team River Plate by train. It is one of the best football teams in Argentina.

And no, we are not taking any sides here. Boca Junoirs is the other big player. The absolute highlight is the derby between River Plate vs Boca Juniors. Check out the video below to get an idea.

Take the train in Retiro station and go to the stadium with all the fans, the ambience is simply awesome.

BTW if you read this and think „it’s called SOCCER“, well, IT’S NOT! 😉

2. Local Food Experience: Cooking Class

We are not talking just about eating here, but having a different food experience. Join great cooking classes in Buenos Aires.

You can join endless classes from Rooftop Barbecue & Argentinean Flavors to Palermo Food tours.

You can have a look at the different menus they offer and ask to join. Simple and tasty!

Book your Cooking Classes here

Cooking Class in Buenos Aires - it is fun

3. Enjoy a “Porteño” meal

Have an amazing lunch as “porteños” do.

Instead of eating at a trendy restaurant in Palermo, go to “Club Eros”.

It is a social club for people of the neighborhood with good prices and enormous dishes.

Tourists? Nope!

Address: Uriarte 1609

4. Do as the locals do (Maradona’s ice cream shop)

Get out of the touristic areas, and go to “Villa Devoto” neighborhood.

Rumor has it, it is the last barrio where people still take naps after lunch. You can visit the square, the library and the church.

The former ice cream shop of Maradona has just closed. Just visit the square and restaurants, bars around. This area is Maradona’s neighborhood, so maybe even a magical place for the football lover?!

Address: Fernandez de Enciso 3999, C1419ZAA Villa Devoto

5. Build a House

If you fancy helping to build homes for the needy – you can spend a weekend with “Un Techo Para mi País” organization.

TECHO is a non-profit organization which helps to build houses for people in need.

You will not only help but also feel really good and make some local buddies!

6. Back to the past

Wanna feel the 19th hundred during your stay in Buenos Aires?

Good news: you can take the old tramway in the Caballito neighborhood. The best part of this fun thin? It is free!

Find more information at the buenosaires123 website.

7. Local Market (eco products)

In case you were wondering where porteños go to buy Eco groceries for good prices and amazing quality, the answer is:

“Sabe la Tierra” Market

It takes places every weekend in different areas. Check their official schedule at http://www.sabelatierra.com

8. Keep calm and drink Mate

Besides football and BBQing, this is probably the most Argentinian thing to do in the world!

We do not know any Argentinian who does not love Mate. It is the typical Argentinian drink, a kind of tea. You might have seen it in movies or some travel-related articles already.

So, why not trying this Argentinian beverage? You will find it all around!

Some people even say it’s better than coffee…challenge accepted?

Read: 4 hacks to find design-led coffee shops all over the world.

9. Grab your Mate and have a picnic

Grab your sandwiches, your “Mate” (your travel mate and Mate drink – we had too…) and have a wonderful picnic in the park!

That is a serious fun thing to do in Buenos Aires.

We recommend to head over to the parque trés de Febrero, an urban park of approximately 400Hectares in Palermo neighborhood.

Smart Tip: it is better if you go during the week because at weekends you will find it extremely busy! But actually, why not join the locals?!

10. “Tiger” Kayak on the rivers bench

Looking for fun day trips from Buenos Aires?

Discover Delta at “Tigre” doing Kayak.

While you are here, visit “puerto de frutos” to calm down and have a nice lunch by the river.

11. Pizza Marathon

As weird as it may seem; Buenos Aires has a 5K race known as Pizza Marathon.

“Maratón de pizza” – #Muza5K.

During the Marathon you will have to decide the best pizza places in Buenos Aires. Well, obviously you will eat plenty to pizza during this journey.

The city gets really crazy to choose the best pizza of Buenos Aires!

It’s hold once a year. It is totally worth it participating. In case you are interested, you have to hurry up because subscriptions go sold out as fast as the pizza portions that day.

If you are not in Buenos Aires during the Pizza Marathon, you can always go to the winner pizza places to try their pizza – or make your own marathon!

12. Free yoga (SCORE!!!)

Loving Yoga? Great!

You can do Yoga for free at many different Palermo Parks. To check out places and schedules, visit the

Facebook group Yoga Gratis en Buenos Aries.

13. Back to University

Law, Medicine, Arts…. University is public and free in Argentina.

How about experiencing how students in Buenos Aires are taking a class? It can be also very interesting if you are looking to test out your Spanish level.

Our recommendation: Go to Law School. Beautiful location and instagram-able stairs to enjoy before (or after) class.

14. PM: Open Air Music

Go wild at “PM Parties”, big open air parties held a few times a year during the daylight. It is a great place to meet other people while dancing. Check out the

Check out the OpenAir facebook group for more information and details.

FUN Things to do in Buenos Aires at night

Let’s get the night started.

Here we introduce you to the coolest things to do in Buenos Aires at night.

How about a beer, some tango and a terrace? It no surprise that the nightlife here has a lot to offer.

15. Artisan beer

It is no secret, Argentinians drink beer. In fact, they love it.

Get to know a microbrewery from inside and enjoy their artisan beer at El Federal.

There are many microbrewery’s, great to grab a beer. Examples? ANTARES or BERLINA, for instance.

16. City views with a drink in your hand

Enjoy the city best views and amazing cocktails feeling at NYC at the (almost only) Skybar we’ve got – Hotel Pulitzer.

Located 13rd floor, you can enjoy their Sky bar from 5PM on-wards.

They do also organize after work events.

Sky Bar at Hotel Pulitzer in Buenos Aires

17. Tango time

This list of the coolest things to do in Buenos Aires would not be complete without Tango!

Who does not have the image of Tango when thinking about Argentina? When visiting, you should give it a try!

“La Viruta” is a well-known place for Tango lessons. The place is not beautiful decorated, but you will discover real tango classes.

Learn how to dance Tango

18. 1,2,3… Spanglish!

Improve your Spanish during your visit is a perfect idea. Nothing better than total culture immersion!

There are many different places which held a weekly language ex-change event, such as:

19. Expat Comedy

Listen to expats stories living in Buenos Aires will make your day.

It is a funny and different way to learn about the culture in Argentina, from different expat perspectives.

BA Expat Comedy Central offers a show with plenty of laughs.

And Caravan BA Hostel organizes Storytelling nights once a month.

20. Have a Blind date

We know what you are thinking…but we are talking about having a unique experience delighting a gourmet dinner in total darkness!

Go have “blind dinner” and experience unique sensations at the “Teatro Ciego

21. Original American Pub Quiz

So, nerdy Quiz Lovers, ready to test your general knowledge skills, as well as your Spanish?

Held on the second Monday of every month in La Cigala Bar, you can join the Trivia Contest.

This bar is also well-known as the place where people meet after work, so there is no Trivia Contest while you are there, it is also a nice place to have a drink.

BTW, here are our 9 favorite travel quizzes of all time.

22. A drink on a terrace anyone?

Have a good cocktail at any of the terraces the city has to offer. We leave you here 3 different places, but there are much more to explore!

  • Alaire
  • Rey de Copas
  • Bartola
  • Sans

Sip a cocktail in Paris

23. Show time – literally.

Every year it is getting more famous and well-known. However, there are 2 amazing shows you must see if you are in Buenos Aires:

  • La Bomba de Tiempo” dance show with drums at Centro Cultural Konex
  • “Fuerza Bruta” at Centro Cultural Recoleta

24. Outdoor cinema

Movie lovers, here is your favorite park! I mean…part. You can watch a movie in a park! Get more information at the official Bueno Aires government site.

There are also some bars which offer outdoor cinema, such as:

  • Crepas, in Palermo neighborhood
  • Monks, as well in Palermo neighborhood
  • Macabras, in San Telmo neighborhood

During winter time, no worries, get cozy at BAMA BAMA, or wait until BAFICI (Independent Movie Festival).

25. Sunset at the river

Enjoy the river at Peru Beach in San Isidro, located North of Buenos Aires.

You can take kite surf lessons or just have some beers waiting for the sun saying goodbye for the day…

It is just a perfect way to end your day and start the night. This is one of the top day tips from Buenos Aires.

Summary Fun Things to do in Buenos Aires

Well, you are seriously still here?! Now, that’s a surprise, but okay.

Make sure you stay at one of the coolest hostels in Buenos Aires and combine it with these coolest things to do in Buenos Aires.

In a nutshell, the 3 top hostels are:

  1. Benita Hostel – one for female solo travellers and friends
  2. Caravan BA – great for solo travellers and digital nomads
  3. Meridiano Hostel Boutique – top pick for couples

Check our full guide to best hostels in Buenos Aires here.

Best Hostels in Buenos Aires, complete guide and overview for backpackers

The city offers so many awesome activities.

No matter if day or night, Buenos Aires is a lively city where you will find events to join, places to discover and people all around with a greeting face.

We hope you like our collection!

In this list of cool and unique things to do, we did not cover any shopping in Buenos Aires. We wanted to keep this article for the activities and active traveler.

Any comments, doubts? Or any place you think we should include? Please leave us a comment below. We are always happy to discover new places.

– – –

This list has been done in collaboration with Melisa Navas, an Argentinian university student who loves to enjoy live. She explains her Full HD mindset and thoughts in her blog melisanavas.tumblr.com.

25 Fun things to do in Buenos Aires - Tango, Pizza Marathon and no tourists

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