Do you follow any hostels on your Instagram account? If not, now is the time to do so. There are many amazing 5 Star Hostels out there doing an outstanding job on Instagram as well! So what do they talk about, what kind of photos do they post? We had a close look at all of our 5 Star Hostels through the Instagram filter.

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Colorful hostel! We share the Valencia Lounge Hostel

The best news: it is not simply boring photos and marketing pitches that you will find.

Instead, it is the (mostly) authentic representation of the daily life at a hostel!

New travelers arriving at the building, new friends saying good-bye, interior design, fun quotes, photos from their events – the list is endless.

It is a good recommendation to check out the instagram feed of a hostel before booking – here you will find 14 more hacks and tips for booking hostels like a pro.

Instagram Hostels

We are a huge fan of Instagram! If you have been following us here at Hostelgeeks, you will have noticed this already. Our Instagram feed is full of travel photos from the road, design spots from all over the world, our hostel guide, and – you guessed it – amazing Hostels.

Let’s have a look at +20 amazing Hostels through the Instagram Filter:

1. Valencia Lounge Hostel

Valencia Lounge Hostel is one of the most stylish hostels in Europe. It is designed by an award-winning designer team from Valencia, and known for their unique, geometric, neo-classic design.

Find our full review of Valencia Lounge Hostel here.

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2. Backstay Hostel in Ghent

It is no secret how amazed we are by Backstay Hostel in Ghent.

They do an excellent job of reminding us by regularly posting cool photos on Instagram. They take short videos of live music events, post fun photos of their travelers and keep us up to date with their newest happenings.

Did you see their swimming pool piano they had on their outdoor terrace?

Check out their Instagram feed for the video.

[jr_instagram id=”5″]

3. Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse in Tasmania

The Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse is a homely, and family-friendly Boutique Hostel in Hobart, Tasmania. The hostel is managed by Rose, Antony, and their daughter. You will find many photos of the hostel itself, guests, the family, and their pets Lily, Tuxi, and Mrs (read more about the 5 Star Hostels Pets here.)

So, let’s have a look what’s going on in Tasmania.

[jr_instagram id=”4″]

4. STAY Hostel Rhodes

STAY Hostel Rhodes is the first design-in-mind Hostel in Rhodes. It is located only a 5 minutes walk away from the beach, how cool is that?! The team of STAY Hostel uses Instagram especially during summer and high-season. We especially love the small videos they capture to show how to make a juice, how to fold your clothes, and more!

Also, the STAY Hostel Rhodes shared with us 5 secret travel tips for Rhodes which you can download for free here at Hostelgeeks!

Have a look at the Instagram of STAY Hostel Rhodes right here:

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5. Cocomama Amsterdam

The Cocomama Hostel is a cosy Boutique Hostel – and they prove it! Their instagram is definitely aimed to be social, and not a channel for pure marketing. They show you around the hostel, capturing fun photos of Joop (the hostel cat) and the must-see sights of Amsterdam.

[jr_instagram id=”16″]

6. Superbude Hamburg

The two Superbude Hostels, Superbude Sankt Georg and Superbude Sankt Pauli show their sense of humor and their personality amidst almost every post on Instagram. You will find many puns (in a combination of German and English), beautiful photos of Hamburg, artsy photos, and last but not least photos supporting charity projects! The Superbude Hamburg is not just cool, they also put a lot of effort into helping charities and people in need.

As an example, we’d like to mention the charity #morethanshelters in which they support. They built a small refugee camp on their roof top terrace at Superbude St.Georg. You could book the tent and sleep there, knowing that all the proceeds were donated to the charity of #morethanshelters!

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7. Memory Hostel in Da Nang, Vietnam

Memory Hostel in Da Nang, Central Vietnam shares lovely photos from their guests meeting the staff, and Instagram patterns of their own, remarkable hostel design. We just love it!

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8. Hostel Ani&Haakien in Rotterdam

Is that a cats apartment next to the reception? Ani&Haakien is home to the travelers exploring Rotterdam, and the hostel cat Suzy La Cubanita. The hostel rooms are designed to keep them spacious, and in a clean design. The common area is more than a living room rather than a lounge. You will find cosy sofas and seats all over the place! Another lovely details we want to mention is hostels garden with the hammock. How about joining a cinema night here?

Hostel Ani&Haakien use their Instagram to bring you their daily life to your SmartPhone.

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9. Palmers Lodge Hostels in London

The two 5 Star Hostels in London Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage and Palmers Lodge Hillspring keep it to a minimum with posts on Instagram. Here you will find upcoming events of things going on in London and a refreshing feed full of cool photos from all over the city. The team also posts photos of them enjoying different activities in the area e.g. tournaments – a clever way to entice people to come and stay!

[jr_instagram id=”12″]

10. WOW Tainan Hostel in Taiwan

We love the Instagram profile of Wow Tainan in Taiwan as they are sharing their daily social activities in a really non-selling way. It is just easy to watch and really makes us wanna go back to join them right away.

[jr_instagram id=”28″]

11. Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin

The new 5 Star Hostel in Berlin uses Instagram as often as they can, but not as often as they would like to! They are starting now to use it more frequently. On their insta-photos they focus on the social part, and you will see many travelers and locals smiling back at you. We also love the videos taken during the concerts at the Wallyard Concept Hostel. This is true Berlin, indeed!

Our Geeky Guide Berlin introduces you to 5 Insider Tips Berlin!

[jr_instagram id=”14″]

12. Gili Castle in Gili Trawangan

Photos from paradise! Gili Castle shares with you and us their daily life in paradise. Gili Trawangan, the island without cars is a small island next to Bali. The Hostel Gili Castles comes with a tower, swimming pool,  and even a climbing wall. Here you can find our small love letter to Gili Castle in Gili Trawangan.

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13. Swanky Mint Hostel in Zagreb

Swanky Mint is a stunning Hostel in the heart of Zagreb, featuring an industrial design to impress travelers every single day. The Instagram photos, however, are more the funny and nerdy ones – we love that!

Here you can expect fun quotes, fun photos, and free boobs – just kidding, only free fruit!

(you will get this joke, once you check their Instagram feed)

[jr_instagram id=”15″]

14. Marken Gjestehus in Bergen, Norway

This Instagram is seriously no fun when you would love to travel, but can’t! Marken Gjestehus, the 5 Star Hostel in Bergen posts about the beautiful destination of Bergen, and its surroundings. The posted photos really sum up the connection of the hostel with the nature – after all this is also reflected in the actual hostel interior design.

[jr_instagram id=”22″]

15. Yim Huai Khwang in Bangkok

Have you already seen the Yim Huai Khwang Hostel in Bangkok? It is a fantastic hostel with a superb interior design. However, even more impressive is their family vibe and how they make you feel at home as soon as you arrive. We always get the impression you can almost feel the kindness through the Instagram posts of Yim Huai Khwang. Quotes like “7.37 billion smile in the world – and yours is my favourite”, and photos from playing children inside the hostel are real heart-melters.

[jr_instagram id=”21″]

16. Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon

The Sunset Destination Hostel is one of the 3 Hostels in Lisbon, managed by the same owners. Therefore, you will see a mix of different hostels at the Sunset Destination Instagram channel. This instagram feed is a lovely reflection of the life style in Lisbon. The Sunset Destination Hostel has its own roof top terrace with a swimming pool! As you know (and the name itself claims), from here you can experience a beautiful sunset every night. No surprise some instagram posts show the sun saying good bye for the day!

[jr_instagram id=”20″]

17. Ecomama Amsterdam

The Ecomama Hostel in Amsterdam is the green, younger but bigger sister of Cocomama Hostel – both outstanding 5 Star Hostels in Amsterdam! It comes in an upcycled industrial design, turning, for instance, a pile of books into a reception desk.

The Ecomama team give you an idea of the interior as well as the events going on in Amsterdam via their Instagram feed. When traveling to Amsterdam, it’s a good resource for things to do in the area.

(BTW we also have our 5 Local Tips for Amsterdam for free here, and 18 Fun things to do in Amsterdam.

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18. TheBackpack in Cape Town

TheBackpack Hostel in Cape Town is one of the most conscious and sustainable hostels in the world. On their instagram they manage to keep the balance of capturing the social atmosphere inside the hostel with photos from Cape Town as well as professionally taken photos from TheBackpack hostel itself.

They also give you an idea about the social charity projects they are involved with. This is what we especially like! You, as a traveler, can even take part, and join the charity projects for a day.

Update: We also updated the Geeky Guide Cape Town, showing you 5 local tips for Cape Town for free!

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19. Hektor Design Hostels in Tartu, Estonia

Minimalistic design captured on Instagram! The Hektor Design Hostel loves to introduce you to their lifestyle, and interior – wonderful to scroll through!

[jr_instagram id=”25″]

20. Oxotel Chiang Mai, Thailand

No wonder, the Oxotel Chiang Mai has such a cool instagram feed. Their interior makes most of the work for them. Whatever corner you are taking a photo off, it will most likely look cool.

You don’t believe us? Well, check out our article about Oxotel in Chiang Mai, and check out their instagram feed.

[jr_instagram id=”24″]

21. WE Hostel Design in Sao Paulo

Let’s jump over to the other side of the ocean – and continent. WE Hostel Design loves photos of details, and they clearly have a great eye for photography! The team of WE Hostel Design in Sao Paulo impresses their Instagram followers one post at a time!

The many epic events at WE Hostel Design are captured and posted mainly on their insta-channel. You will find video snippets of the latest Jazz Concerts, photos from their food truck event, and many photos of people enjoying a drink at the hostel.

[jr_instagram id=”7″]

22. Bunk Hostels in Istanbul

How hard can it be for Bunk Hostels to post awesome Instagram photos and videos? Our hostel friends from #Bunk Taksim Hostel in Istanbul keep you posted about their roof top hostel lounge, and their social events.

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Summary of +22 Amazing Hostels on Instagram

We created this article to give you an idea of what kind of photos a hostel posts on Instagram. Instagram is a great way to see a hostel without the obligatory marketing on the top. In our opinion, the Instagram feed of a hostel tells you a lot about the establishment itself.

It can give you a feeling of the atmosphere, and the flair you will experience when staying there. In comparison with Facebook, Instagram is not a marketing tool to measure their social reach (for now at least!). This is refreshing and gives us all a welcome break – we like that!

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