5 Hidden Gems and Travel Tips for Rhodes, Greece

5 Hidden Gems and Travel Tips for Rhodes, Greece

Let’s go to the beach! Rhodes covers everything a great travel destination can possibly offer – and the island has its own 5 Star Hostel: STAY Hostel Rhodes! The team of STAY Hostel Rhodes is a true expert of the island. We picked their brains about great travel tips Rhodes. And guess what?

We discovered some really hidden gems for Rhodes! We are very proud to share with you 5 cool travel tips to Rhodes. As always, this guide is written by friends for friends, including only hidden gems Rhodes!

UPDATE: New 21 things to do in Rhodes – including snorkeling, knights and hidden beaches.

We will introduce you to a authentic Greek restaurant, a bohemian bar with live music, a romantic café as well as two hidden gems outside the tourist box! You won’t need a car to enjoy all these travel tips Rhodes.

The Greek island is popular for a its gorgeous beaches, the Cristal clear water, and the great nightlife. And thanks to its history, Rhodes is the worldwide most-known Greek island.

Rhodes came to fame as the city where the majestic Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was erected. Okay, enough of that, let’s get to the hidden gems and travel tips for Rhodes.

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Enjoy Rhodes and the STAY Rhodes Hostel!

5 hidden gems for Rhodes Island

  1. An authentic Restaurant with yummy food and live music for local prices!
  2. Fun bar to get a drink in a bohemian atmosphere
  3. Romantic café to get a coffee and homemade cake.
  4. A hidden gem to enjoy the sunset and a bath – only a short walk away from Rhodes City
  5. A forgotten path! We will show you a green path, hidden somewhere in Rhodes!

STAY Rhodes Hostel – the Design Hostel!

How about combining a 5 Star Hostel with a world class beach destination? The STAY Rhodes is a fabulous design hostel in the heart of the new town of Rhodes.

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It comes in a very fresh design, combining upcycled elements with modern furniture. The STAY Rhodes has an own in-house bar and even an own cinema!

Our hostel recommendation for Rhodes offers different type of rooms from luxury to low-budget. We at Hostelgeeks especially love the caring character of the hostel.

They welcome you with a homemade lemonade, and it really makes you feel like staying at a friends home.

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More cool things to do in Rhodes

We had a look around and found more great things to do in Rhodes by Pauline travel blog. She will introduce you to some cool beaches, and leads you around the island.

STAY Rhodes Hostel in Rhodes, Greece

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