3 Best Hostels in Hoi An, the most Picturesque Village in Vietnam (and what nobody else tells you!)Finally, we made it to the most picturesque village in Vietnam: Hoi An. This is your complete, handmade guide to the absolute best hostels in Hoi An.

Usually we only highlight the 3 top places to stay. Yet, for Hoi An we had to look a bit more outside the box. It is really not as easy as “THAT is the absolute best”. It really depends on you and your travel style.

Hoi An is fairly small, surrounded by rice-fields and about 5 km from the beaches. We will give you several options for Hoi An Hostels. Besides, we will also share what we do NOT like about this village and what you should know before you head here.

This guide is perfect for YOU, when …

  • tired of bad and crappy hostels
  • love unique hostels
  • don’t mind spending 1€-2€ more for a better experience

What we cover in this article:

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Quick Introduction to Hoi An Hostels

Average price for a bed: Cheap as usual in Vietnam. A bed in a dorm can be as cheap as 4€ per night. A private room starts from 12€ up to 25€. This is a rough average just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on season and holidays. Please always check exact rates on Hostelworld.com or Booking.com.

Check-In and Check Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3pm), while the Check Out time is before 11:00 (11am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

Location: Although it is a small village, the hostels are spread out the area. You can either stay at the beach-side, near the rice paddies or the central area of the Ancient Town. No worries though, in this guide we list cool places to stay in Hoi An at all of these spots.

Touristy: If you expect Hoi An to be romantic, tranquil with a bit of tourism, well, brace yourself. Hoi An is THE most touristy area you will experience in Vietnam. At peak season it is incredibly packed; we find this quite annoying. The bridge is full and you have to walk slooooooowly…

However, the mornings and after sunset are the best time to enjoy. This is when the city clears up from the tourists crowds. The perfect time to get your beautiful travel photos.

Scams: When there is tourism, scams are usually not far. Same goes for Hoi An. The village is known for tailor-shops, but there is a bunch of bad ones and obviously over-priced ones. You will be approached by street vendors a lot. Then there is an “entrance fee” for the ancient town – which is BS. Read more on tips for Hoi An.

New to Hostels? Read our full hostel starter guide here. We especially recommend to read:

Best Hostels in Hoi An:

  1. Tribee Bana – top backpacker-party place with best location
  2. Leo Leo Hostel – easy-going hostel with top location
  3. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – “Western-Style” Party Hostel with pool and tours (location is ok)
  4. Under The Coconut Tree – Beach Hostel for chill-out

P.S.: again, in this guide we cover not 3, but 4 places to stay.

1. Tribee Bana – Top backpacker hostel with best location

Number one on our list is Tribee Bana.

The Tribee Family runs 3 hostels, and we consider Tribee Bana the coolest one.

It comes with a top-location, perfect to explore Hoi An day and night. You can walk to the local food market in 2 minutes, and you are standing on the Japanese Bridge in 5-10 minutes.

Perfect location; check!

On top of that, we like their perfect fusion of homestay and backpacker hostel.

It has the lovely family vibe of a Vietnamese Hostel and at the same time the backpacker ambiance. They organize the family-dinner several times a week, depending on the guests staying here.

You can expect a free, unlimited breakfast, free mouthwatering street food tour (we highly recommend to join), and much more social activities like pub crawls.

Book Tribee Bana here

Compare rates at: Hostelworld | Booking.com

Best Backpackers Hostel in Hoi An

2. Leo Leo Hostel – easy-going hostel with top location

Leo Leo Hostel is the more calm, easygoing version of Tribee Bana. If you are looking for hostels in Hoi An to chill and explore the Ancient Town slow-paced, stay at Leo Leo.

The also run the great family-dinner we always enjoyed. Their billiard pool table and everything around is the place to mingle, have a drink at night.

You can expect clean, spacious rooms and a cool roof top terrace with a view over a party of the ancient town.

Book Leo Leo Hostel here

Compare rates at: Hostelworld | Booking.com

Best Hostels in Hoi An; Leo Leo Hostel - easy-going hostel with top location Hostels in Hoi An, Vietnam - the roof top terrace at Leo Leo Hostel in Old Town Hoi An

3. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – “Western-Style” Party Hostel

If you are looking for a “western-style” backpacker hostel with party, bar and swimming pool, go with Vietnam Backpackers.

The hostel is run by Australians, and they know their business: a fun vibe, party-ambiance and cool tours like the boat tours. Some of the rooms overlook rice paddies behind the accommodation.

Vietnam Backpackers Hostel is the best party hostel in Hoi An. They offer FREE Vodka & Rum everyday for 1 hour, as well as nightly events and dj’s.

Con: The location is in-between Hoi An Ancient Town and the Beach-side. We think this is not the best location, except if you are happy to ride a bike to the beach (2km) and the old town (3km).

Good to know: We love Hoi An especially at night, when the lanterns lighten up the narrow streets and the restaurants and bars are open. Therefore, we actually recommend staying in the ancient town. See our recommendation #1 for best hostels in Hoi An.

Book Vietnam Backpackers here

Compare rates at: Hostelworld | Booking.com

Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Hoi An - "Western-Style" Party Hostel Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Hoi An - "Western-Style" Party Hostel

4. Under The Coconut Tree – Beach Hostel

Hoi An is gorgeous, seriously! It is surrounded by water and endless rice fields. The beaches are around 5km away from the Old Town.

And we have found the perfect place if you beaches are more your cup of tea.

Under The Coconut Tree Hostel is a beautiful place we enjoyed. We did not stay here personally, but visited a friend who stayed here. We tried their burgers – yummy! The rooms are bamboo huts, absolutely beautiful!

You are a 50 meters walk away from the beach. You will find hammocks here and lovely street vendors offer you to kick-back at the hammocks in exchange for you buying a drink from them. Now, you would think the drinks are pricey, right!? (at least we thought so…)

He, the street vendor, only asked for 30.000 Dong for a fresh Coconut. What a fantastic deal!

So, yeah, you can also stay at the Under the Coconut tree and hop on a bicycle to visit the Ancient Town. That is our 4th recommendation for places to stay in Hoi An.

Book Under The Coconut Tree here

Compare rates at: Hostelworld | Booking.com

Under The Coconut Tree - Beach Hostel

Cheapest Hostels and Homestays

Truth be told, when traveling with a friend, many homestays can be even cheaper than staying in a hostel.

You can find cheap homestays for 10€ per night, while the coolest hostel in town might be 9€ per night per person.

That being said, hostels in Vietnam come with a lot of extras. That can be tours, free drinks, free family dinners, and other perks. Always check Hostelworld and Booking.com.

If you are not on a super-shoe-string budget and want to socialize, choose a hostel over a homestay.

Best hostels in Hoi An for Solo Travellers

In all our guides we share the absolute best hostel in town for solo-travellers. As for Hoi An, we really think it depends on you.

You have these options we gave you above. We think the best places to meet people are:

  1. Tribee Bana – top backpacker-party place
  2. Vietnam Backpacker Hostels – “Western-Style” Party Hostel
  3. Under The Coconut Tree – Beach Hostel for chill-out

Obviously, you should avoid Homestays as a solo-traveler since it will be hard to meet anyone there. Homestays are usually visited by families, couples, older couples and so on. The backpackers go usually with hostels although they can cost more.

Here’s our guide on how to meet friends at hostels and build life-time friendships.

A Coconut is always a good idea

Party Hostels in Hoi An

For partying hard, go with Vietnam Backpacker Hostels. You cannot go wrong here.

They even have FREE vodka and rum for 1 hour per day. They have Foosball, billiard pool, swimming pool crawls, drinking games, uff you name it.

Here’s a video of the place.

Tips and Things to do in Hoi An

There’s a bunch of details nobody tells you about Hoi An before going there. In this section we share tips we think everybody should know before traveling to Hoi An.


Hoi An is so beautiful. It should not come as a surprise that the tourism is booming here.

The Ancient Town is quite small, and with the increasing number of tourists, it feels like the village is run down by tourism crowds.

Especially at mid day and for sunset, the center is packed. Like, really packed.

It can be overwhelming at times. We talked with a lot of travelers coming from Hoi An, and the verdict has been diverse. Many people love it, others did not enjoy the crowds at all.

We are definitely the kind of travelers that are bothered by big crowds. So if you tick the same way, we recommend to visit the Ancient Town in the early morning, before 8-9am. 7am seems to be a perfect time to wonder around. Then, when the masses arrive you can just head out to the rice paddies or the beach.

Tourists in Hoi An Tourists in Hoi An

Paper Lanterns on the river and your Trash:

On the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, we still risk it: Please do not trash Hoi An like so many people do.

Every night you find endless street vendors selling small paper lanterns with candles. They float on the water. You pay around $1 for this paper lantern, light the candle and send your “wishes” on a journey.

Please, before you go for it and buy this paper lantern, go around the corner and look behind the main bridge Cau An Hoi. You will find hundreds of paper lanterns trashing the rivers bench. Basically, people produce $1 trash.

We know it looks cute and tempting, and it is totally up to you. We just ask you to consider and have a look on the trash before you join.

Take photos, leave only foot prints!

Best Banh Mi in Vietnam: The Banh Mi Queen

Oh we love Banh Mi. You will find it all over the country. We paid anything between 7.000 Dong to 55.000 Dong. This means anything between 0.23 cents and 2.20€. No kidding. Anyways…

Hoi An is known as the best place for eating a yummy Banh Mi. The most famous place is Banh Mi Queen.

While it’s fair to say, we were skeptical at first, the food is really good and the price average. A Banh mi costs here around 25.000 Dong, so 1€. You can choose between a sandwich with meat, vegetarian Banh Mi’s are also available.

Best Banh Mi in Vietnam: The Banh Mi Queen

Best Banh Mi in Vietnam: The Banh Mi Queen


We are certainly not an expert when it comes to tailor-made clothing in Hoi An. We can only recommend you this place: Bebe Tailor.

It is a well-known and recommended clothing and tailor-shop. If you are looking to get a new suit or dress, visit Bebe Tailor to get a first idea of prices.

Entrance Fee for Ancient Town:

That was weird. The second time we entered the Ancient Town, a lady next to a ticket counter suddenly asked for our ticket. We had no idea what she was talking about. She said, we have to purchase a ticket for entering the old town.

Now, that smells like a scam, right?! Well, it is a scam – and it is not a scam. It’s Schrodingers-Scam!

These ticket stalls around the ancient town state “Please get your entrance ticket to help preserve the World Heritage of Hoi An”.

What nobody tells you: The tickets they sell are for the museums, temples and the Japanese Bridge. But sometimes, again, they check for your entrance ticket.

So, apparently there is an “official” entrance fee to the ancient town, but it’s absolutely messy and random. Even locals told us every single time, there is no entrance fee for the old town. You take one road, you pay. Take the road next to it, you don’t pay.

Good to know: Not a single backpacker we met paid this entrance fee.

Here’s more information on that entrance fee for Hoi An.

Entrance Fee for Ancient Town

Best Homestays in Hoi An – for couples

A good homestay can be pure gold. We have found many cute home stays surrounded by rice paddies. This can be your perfect place to stay in Hoi An for couples.

Besides staying in the Ancient Town or at the beach directly (see #5 below), you can also go with a cute homestay in the rice paddies.

On Booking.com alone you find more than 200 homestays in Hoi An, rated with 9.0 or higher. You see, there is a wide selection.

We stayed at The Bau Bi Retreat. You have wonderful views over rice paddies, a swimming pool, and even an airport shuttle if needed.

The double room was around 25€, but prices always depend on dates.

Compare rates at: Booking.com

Best Homestays in Hoi An - we love homestays with a view over rice paddies

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Map with all Hoi An Hostels + Sights

A map is always useful, right?! We love maps to plan our trips and city breaks.

We put all sights and hostels in Hoi An on one map.

The most popular sights in Hoi An include:

  • Ancient Town
  • Cau Chua Pagoda
  • Hoi An Night Market
  • Cầu An Hội Bridge
  • An Bang Beach
  • Phuc Kien Assembly Hall
  • Tra Que Vegetable Village
  • Phuc Kien Assembly Hall
  • Pháp Bảo Temple
  • Kim Bong carpentry village
  • Ba Na Hills SunWorld
  • Marble Mountain (half-day trip)
  • My Son (half-day trip)
  • Da Nang Dragon Bridge (half-day trip)
  • Cham Islands (half-day trip)

Find cooking classes and more tours here with Get Your Guide.

Flights to Hoi An

Hoi An does not have an Airport. The nearest and best connected Airport is in Da Nang. Da Nang is located North of Hoi An, just a 30 minutes ride away.

Many travelers fly in to Da Nang, spend one day in this big city and then take a bus to Hoi An.

We really recommend to check out Da Nang too. This city is a tiny Vietnamese version of Barcelona.

We enjoy Kiwi.com to find cheap flights all over Europe including Da Nang and Hanoi.

This new website has super cool features like a so-called radius search. Just draw a circle over Asia and find the cheapest rates for the area.

Here is our review of Kiwi.

Cheap Flights in Asia

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Over to you

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Last note: Our commitment

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Enjoy this fine hostel selection and all 5 Star Hostels.

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3 Best Hostels in Hoi An, the most Picturesque Village in Vietnam (and what nobody else tells you!)
3 Best Hostels in Hoi An, the most Picturesque Village in Vietnam (and what nobody else tells you!)

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