Things to do in RhodesRhodes is a popular European holiday destination. It is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, in Greece. It offers plenty of activities: stunning beaches, great bars, eateries, culture, …

We collected 21 different things to do in Rhodes so you can get some inspiration for your travel. This, my dear readers, is the answer to what to do in Rhodes.

Together with the 5 Star Hostel in Rhodes, STAY Rhodes, we elaborated also Rhodes secret tips.

Here we share 5 secrets to the island.

Once in Rhodes, walk the cobblestone alleys in the Old Town. The Old Towns of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Or snap the perfect photo for your Instagram in one of the cutest town in the world, (keep scrolling to discover it).

Rhodes has a unique history, which has left its mark on all the island. Ready to discover it?

Ultimate list of  best things to do in Rhodes

To facilitate your reading, we divided this list by different sections, which you can jump simply clicking on this menu:

There’s more! Rhodes is a cosmopolitan island, due to the mix of international visitors and friendly locals. It is very common to see them inter-actuating in bars, restaurants…

After our article fun things to do in Santorini, we noticed there are many travelers interested in the Greek Islands.

Update: Download the guide to Rhodes for free and keep enjoying this island.

So, let’s have a look.

How long to stay in Rhodes?

Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese Islands.

Therefore, we would recommend staying at least 3 nights.

You can visit many islands around it, so you can consider staying longer if doing day trips.

Where to stay in Rhodes?

STAY Rhodes, the one and only design hostel on the island, is the perfect place to home base your trip. Opened in 2015, with a fresh vibe, STAY Rhodes offers lots of shared space and activities to socialize and chill with fellow travelers.

This place is recommended for:

  • solo-travelers
  • couples
  • it is also family-friendly

STAY Rhodes offers private rooms, dorms and even appartments.

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It includes clean design combining upcycled and modern elements, in-house cinema, gym, and even massages and yoga classes.

Furthermore, it has an unbeatable location. Right in the heart of the new town, just a couple of minutes walk from Rhodes Old Town. Surrounded by bars, clubs, and eateries.

But let’s get to the point. Take a drink from the fridge, put on your glasses and enjoy…

Check out their official website for prices and availability.

The cosy lounge at STAY Hostel Rhodes

List of 21 BEST Things to do in Rhodes Town

Okay, that is enough chit-chat.

You are here for the excursions to do in Rhodes, and all the cool and free
things to do in Rhodes town to the beaches.

Let us a have a detailed look on what to do in Rhodes:

Rhodes Castle in Rhodes

1. Rhodes Old Town (a MUST-visit)

The old town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Clearly a must-see for history buffs. It also offers hidden treasures for the adventurous.

The Old town has around 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name. Getting lost here is not a defeat; it’s an opportunity. This might be the very first of the many things to do in Rhodes town.

Getting lost here is not a defeat; it’s an opportunity.

It’s only a few minutes walk from STAY Rhodes Design Hostel and is definitely best explored on foot.

What else is there to visit in Rhodes town?

  • Museums
  • shops
  • bars
  • galleries
  • restaurants

All lie within its cobbled alleyways. You will also have panoramic views from the top the walls of this medieval town. That brings us to our second point on this list…

2. Walk on top of Medieval walls

Once you are in the Old Town, what about walking on top of the walls?

The Medieval walls can be explored by foot. We enjoyed this more than Dubrovnik, for instance. It is less crowded!

If interested, make sure you have a look at the official schedule and opening here.

They are seasonal.

It might seem it will be hot as there is no shade, but there is normally a breeze on the top. Let the Medieval walls in Rhodes be your catwalk, they include great views.

Good to know: The access is in the courtyard adjacent to the Palace of the Knights.

Visit the old town in Rhodes

3. Feel like a Knight – on a segway

A gorgeous medieval town is a perfect scenery for a knight adventure, don’t you think?

In fact, the most beautiful part of Rhodes Town is the so-called street of Knights. It is, as stated, beautiful, but also the most important street of the medieval town. This is where the knights and warriors spent most of their time, it’s said.

In these modern days, instead of a horse, you will ride a Segway.

A different way to explore the old town adding some fun.

During the Segway tour, you will ride your chariot to the old city gates, the Grand Master’s Palace…

Plus, as you will have a tour escort, you will get all the information about the city and the Knights Hospitaller.

Find prices for the Segway Tour here

Segway Tours in Rhodes, Greece

4. Slides or Lie at the Water Park

Beaches are gorgeous in Rhodes, but the Water Park is pure fun! Literally, a Rhodes fun park!

It is a great place for kids, families, and big groups looking for an amusement day.

The Water Park has speed slides, open and closed slides, Twisters, Kamikaze slides. Don’t worry, there are also and plenty of sunbeds for the lazy ones.

There is a free transfer bus from the city center and from the south of the island.

TIP: Bring your flip flops and don’t forget the sun cream.

Fun Park in Rhodes, GreeceFun Park in Rhodes, Greece

5. Beach Bar, Baby – Mojito Beach Bar

A bit far from Rhodes town (around 45 minutes by bus), but definitely worth the trip.

Mojito Beach Bar is located in the south of the island, only 3 meters away from one of the most beautiful pebble beaches of South Rhodes, Lachania.

This beach bar has a great atmosphere, with lounge music and FAB Mojitos.

Also, you will have the chance to enjoy a variety of snacks and menus.

There is a great mix of ages all chilling together. Yamas!

6. Visit a Crusaders Castle (unique thing to do!)

Monolithos castle, dated from 1480, is one of the few Castles left by the Crusaders in Rhodes.

The Castle was constructed to protect Rhodes from pirates and enemies.

I consider this one of the most important things to see in Rhodes.

You can only see the ruins nowadays, but it offers great views to the beach (and two islets just opposite the coast.)

To reach the Monolithos Castle, you will have a steep walk, with narrow steps. Nevertheless, the views are spectacular.

Tip: Refresh yourself afterwards in one of the beautiful beaches nearby.

a view from Monolithos Rhodes

7. Neo-classical Thermal Springs

Kallithea is known for its thermal springs.

During the Italian occupation of the island, they discovered that the water had curative properties. In 1928, they built a Spa complex.

Recently renovated, Kallithea is a pretty place to visit and bath, check out Kallithea website.

It is also a popular venue for weddings and private parties due to its beauty, so you should definitely check it out. It is also great idea for an excursion to do in Rhodes.

Good to know: The temperature of the water of the spring is 19oC


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8. Panorama Sunset and Acropolis (FREE thing to do)

Now, this is one of the many FREE things to do in Rhodes.

Monte Smith is a large park in Rhodes with includes the Acropolis of Rhodes. There you can visit the temple, the stadium and the theater for free.

This is something interesting for history lovers, but also photographers will enjoy this place. It’s also a recommended activity for families.

It is an open site, so there is no need to check any schedule. The earlier you go, the less people.

Find all opening times of the sights in Rhodes here.

Nevertheless, our recommendation is to get there to admire the sunset.

You will love the colors meanwhile you enjoy a splendid panorama of the city of Rhodes.

Acropolis Rhodes, Dodecanese island

9. Hidden Beach (please, don’t tell anyone!)

Interested in some fun excursions to do in Rhodes? Well, you are here for the sunshine, the food and the landscape. This includes the beaches in Rhodes.

Katro Petres is a charming little beach, hidden away from the busy Greek Holiday Resorts.

Seriously, keep this between you, me, and the Hostelgeeks community.

Hidden away down a little-paved path you will find the impressive Kato Petres beach.

The walk to the Kato Petres Beach is well organized and totally worth it, even if you aren’t’ planning on going for a swim.

Good to know: There aren’t any sunbeds, parasols, or merchants trying to sell you anything on that beach. Neither a Tavern or beach bar, so make sure you bring:

  • drinks
  • snacks
  • sun scram

Seriously, please do not become the lobster-burned tourist!

Pebbles beach in Rhodes

Excursions to do in Rhodes

Now that we covered this hidden beach, there are way more excursions to do in Rhodes.

10. Life’s a Beach – the best beaches in Rhodes

There are too many beaches to name them all – everybody has a favorite. Simply explore the island, we are sure you will also find yours!

Cause laying on the beach is one of the best free things to do in Rhodes, don’t you think?

We name here some beautiful beaches as your start point:

  • Tsambika: secluded, sandy beach. It offers the possibility to hire sunbeds and umbrellas. It is quiet, with lovely crystal clear waters and great views. There is a Taverna on the beach and watersports are also available, making it frequented by families.
  • Lindos: one of the most popular. Yes, Lindos Beach is touristy but beautiful and lovely.
  • Prasonisi: located at the southern part of Rhodes, this is the place if you want to try the sport for real. It is known as the windsurfer paradise. For the tranquil travelers, what better than listen to cool tunes and watch all the surfers out in the water?
  • Anthony Quinn Beach: this beach is located approximately 15km from Rhodes. It is known as one of the best places for snorkeling in Rhodes. The area is dotted with romantic coves and small bays.

Note: Each larger cove on Anthony Quinn Beach has a Taverna to delight fresh grilled fish.

11. Paddle Surfing in the East

When in Rhodes, it is a great moment for Paddle Surf. Personally, I am a big fan of Paddle Surf. it’s like walking on water.

The Mediterranean sea is quite flat and tranquil, and the surroundings are simply beautiful.

With your paddle board, you will be able to visit remote beaches.

Good to know: in case there are some waves, paddle surf can be quite hard. Wait until the sea is flat again.

And it becomes even better if you can combine it with meeting new people, right?

Well, we found a paddle Tour for East coast of Rhodes that covers all that. You will visit:

  • Anthony Quinn Bay
  • Ladiko Beach
  • Seal’s Cave

Also good to know: experience is not required. They include a picnic to regain your energy.

Clear water in Rhodes beach

12. Where Agean kisses Med (iterranean)

Right at the southernmost tip of the island, you will find Prassoníssi.

Now, what is that?!

Prassoníssi is the place where the Agean and the Mediterranean sea meet.

During summer time, this island is a peninsula attached to Rhodes. That is due to the water levels, which are low enough.

During winter time, when water levels are high enough, Prasonisi becomes an island.

Prassoníssimi is a great spot for sports lovers, as it is great for kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Talking about Kitesurfing, you can find also great courses for beginners and advanced levels for Kitesurfing in the north of the island, in Theologos.

Find all the information about the kitesurf courses here.

Read: 16 best winter destinations in Europe.


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13. Go High – the highest point in Rhodes

We are talking about the highest point around Rhodes, Profitis Ilias.

A great place to stop, breathe deep and take in the views when touring around Rhodes. It’s heavily forested, an area of great natural beauty.

You will find there two small hotels built by the Italians in the late 1920s, one of them recently restored.

They do offer food and drinks to visitors.

After the buildings, you will find a stone staircase which will take you up to the highest point of the mountain.

Around the area, there is a mysterious Cottage, which was used by the Italian Director Mussolini around World War II. There is also a beautiful Byzantine monastery in this area, the Aghios Nektarios.


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14. Snap a perfect postcard place – day trip to Lindos

A well worth day trip from Rhodes is Lindos.

This is a perfect excursion from Rhodes to take with the family and as couples.

With its narrow streets full of white houses, you will get plenty of photos for your Instagram feed. Walk between the old captains’ houses, feel the Dodecanese flair, and take a glimpse into the traditional buildings.

Then walk down to St Paul’s Bay with its tiny chapel, or up to the Acropolis for a history lesson.

You will notice Lindos ancient Acropolis dominates the skyline. Once on the top, look at the above layers of white, flat-roofed houses.

In the background, crystal clear sea. Majestic views over land and sea! It is really gorgeous and one of the most beautiful things to do in Rhodes.

For the comfy travelers, there are day trips to Lindos.

They organize the transfer and include a guide.

Book your trip to Lidos here

A postcard from Lindos Acropolis

15. Greek Wine anyone?

Embonas, a Greek mountain village in the center of Rhodes, is the most important grape-producing village on Rhodes. Meaning, they are the wine producers on the island.

Embonas is high up in the hills and offers beautiful views.

Of course, it’s a great place to go wine tasting, but it also has a well-deserved reputation for its simple, well-cooked food.

One of their specialties in this area is roast lamb.

The village if full of life all year round, with several tavernas.

If you happen to be there in September, they have a wine festival. Check the dates on the Greek festivals website.

16. Kameiros Ancient City

Kameiros, together with Ialyssos and Lindos, was one of the three original ‘cities’ on the island.

The Ancient city of Kameiros is now a well-excavated archaeological site, located on the west coast. It offers a panoramic view towards the Turkish coast.

Surrounded by a beautiful scene, you will sense of history.

Visit the temple, the Acropolis, and house structures of the Hellenistic period.

All the walking around will definitely make you hungry, so what about combining a visit here with a trip to the small fishing port? In

In kameiros Port, you will have plenty of fresh Seafood variety.

Boat Trips from Rhodes

Hopping on a boat is one of our top things to do in Rhodes. There are some day trips from Rhodes that obviously involve a boat.

So, we had a look on where you can explore more islands by hopping on a boat. As it turns out, there’s a lot of cool activities.

17. A lovely day trip, Symi

Symi, one of several smaller islands near to Rhodes, makes a lovely day trip.

Symi is one of the closest islands, and easiest to get access too. Several boats a day head that way during the high season.

Why Symi? Well, as soon as the boat pulls into the harbor, you’ll see.

With the beautiful neo-classical architecture of its houses, set in dramatic scenery, you will be directly impressed.

While there: wander around the harbor, take a dip in the crystal clear waters and sample the Symi Shrimp, an island delicatessen.


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18. Halki – Chalki

Halki is the smallest island of the Dodecanese.

Even more secluded than Symi and only 6 km away from Rhodes, in Chalki you can still experience the antique Greece.

In the museum, you will discover a traditionally furnished house oft the old days. It’s all about tradition there!

Wander along the Harbour and enjoy a traditional coffee. Afterward, walk to one of the most amazing beaches of the Dodecanese.

Note: The water can’t get much clearer than here.

19. And here it comes… GREEK food

Greek food is well-known worldwide.

In Rhodes, there’s food for every taste and for every budget.

Of course, you will find Gyros and Souvlaki – it wouldn’t be Greece without them, right?

But let’s go a little bit deeper in the Rhodes tradition, and talk about traditional pastries.

Rhodes has some amazing bakeries, including such favorites bites as:

  • Loukoumades (a type of honeyed doughnut ball) which comes with freshly made ice cream. A really popular option if you have a sweet tooth!
  • Bougatsa: a custard pie which can also consist of cheese, minced meat or semolina.
  • Spanakopita: Spinach pie. The traditional filling comprises chopped spinach, feta cheese, onion, egg, and seasoning.

These are all great cheap street food options but don’t miss the opportunity to try so much more.

Taste a delicious Gyros, tipicall greek dish

20. Farmer’s Market

Rhodes has a Farmers’ market twice a week.

Small producers all around Rhodes and nearby islands come to sell their products.

You find

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Olives
  • aromatic olive oils
  • fruit preserves
  • herbs
  • and even jars of home-pickled capers.

The Market is held every Wednesday and Saturday. It is near the cemetery and the little beach of Zephyros.

Quick note: If you want to travel light, be careful, you will find plenty of tempting products in this market. I recommend buying some olives – they are so yummy!

21. Nightlife in Rhodes

Rhodes has long been famous, quite rightly, for its nightlife.

Whatever your taste and budget, you will find a place to suit you in the Island. From taverns and cafés to clubs, pubs, bars,…you name it!

Also, if you want to go dancing, Rhodes has more than one hundred disco-bars around the island. Impressed? Wait, these clubs are generally busy and inexpensive. And some of them offer nice views. Ideal for meeting people.

Start your night walking around the popular Bar Street (Orfanidi Street) and stop where the music suits you.

As Rhodes is a cosmopolitan location, you will also find clubs for party and dance.

The party will last until early morning, especially during summer, so… be ready for that! (easiest way? take a nap in the afternoon to refill your energy)

22. Snorkeling and Kayaking

Another awesome thing to do in Rhodes in Summer is snorkeling and kayaking. It’s the typical activity you almost have to do when traveling the Mediterranean.

You can find the Kayaking Tours here.

We did this in Malta, Menorca, Mallorca, Croatia, Greece, all over.

Rhodes is another awesome spot for Kayaking and snorkeling!

Book your kayak tour here

Snorkeling - we are huge fans of diving and snorkeling Kayaking in Rhodes - one of the funniest things to do in Rhodes

Summary Things to do in Rhodes

From culture and food to tradition or even partying, Rhodes offers many activities all over the island.

We could say, Rhodes has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Book your activities, plan your days or simply relax on a different beach every day…

Remember: We recommend to check out more tours and activities with Get Your Guide.

Also, if you are traveling around the Greek islands and Santorini is in your plans, you hit the jackpot! We collected 27 fun things to do in Santorini (and even put them on a map).

Update: find 49 photos from Santorini

Of course, we collected here some inspirational activities, but you will find much more in Rhodes.

Over to you

Do you have any questions? Any doubts?

Please please bother us in the comments. Leave us a comment below with your questions, we will help you right away as good as we can.

Your comment actually helps us to improve this article and to understand, what we have missed or could explain more detailed.

Safe travels and enjoy the Greek Islands!

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Safe travels!

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