How about combining a 5 Star Hostel with a world class beach destination? The brand new STAY Hostel Rhodes is located on the popular Greek island of Rhodes. The island is famous for its marvelous beaches, the delicious Greek food and for its medieval history. And now: for its first and only 5 Star Hostel as well!

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  • Advantage of the STAY Hostel location and neighborhood

    The location is STAY Rhodes could not be more convenient! Everything is in walking distance: The beach, old town, the port, and party streets! STAY Rhodes is located right in the heart of famous Rhodes. If you‘re feeling in the party-mood, you will find plenty of places close to the hostel to get the party underway. For the tranquil traveler there is still the cozy hostel bar and lounge, open until midnight!

    Also, STAY Rhodes is located in a quiet street of the new town, surrounded by many shops. The hostel is only a quick 5 minutes walk away from the beach, the bars and the old town, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Public transport to all spots oft the island is within 3 minute walking distance, as well. Last but not least STAY Rhodes is close to Mandraki, the touristic port in Rhodes. From here great boat excursions around Rhodes and to the neighboring islands are leaving on a daily basis.

    STAY Hostel Rhodes, Lochagou Fanouraki 19, Rodos 851 00, Greece
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room, Twin Rooms, Triple Room, Apartment for 4 people, Suite for 4 people, Private 6-bed family room

    Shared Room Types available: 6-Bed Dorm, 6-Bed Female Dorm

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Stay Hostel in Rhodes

The cool STAY Hostel is only a short 5 min walk away to the beaches in the west and east coast. It features a clean design combining upcycled and modern elements. The designers followed the concept of „design follows function“ in order to make the design functional yet pleasant!

Certainly, it seems like no compromise needed to be done. Hangers were turned into hooks, pallets into a spacious in-house cinema!

Here you can find 21 serious fun things to do in Rhodes.

The cosy lounge at STAY Hostel Rhodes

Rhodes is known for its party-atmosphere, and you can find many resorts throughout the islands. The STAY Hostel Rhodes however is not aimed to party and fiesta. The ambient is cozy and you can meet travelers of all ages, enjoying the slow-travel time and the easy-going hostel vibe.

Same hostel vibe, but different island ambient goes for Caveland Santorini, another 5 Star Hostel, located in Santorini.

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STAY Hostel has special luxury facilities and services as well, such as the mentioned cinema, the in-house gym and even massages and yoga lessons.

The inhouse cinema at STAY Hostel Rhodes

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Join us on our walk through STAY Hostel and see why this stylish budget-accommodation deserves the 5 Star Hostel award.

STAY Hostel in Rhodes is a 5 Star Hostel because …

1. Local roots at STAY Hostel

The STAY Hostel Rhodes opened its doors back in June 2015. The two owners Notis and Gesine are a Greek-German couple, both world travelers who called several places around the world home.

They decided to move together to Rhodes, Notis’ hometown. They already had the clear vision in mind to welcome travelers to the dream destination in a special accommodation: the first Design Hostel in Rhodes!

Gesine, Notis and their team care about their guests. Every guest receives a homemade lemonade as a welcome drink to feel at home from the very first moment!

At STAY Hostel you can start your day with the breakfast at the hostel lounge. Get a fresh orange juice, made with oranges from the Greek islands of course, choose between several locally-produced cheeses and taste the honey from Rhodes itself.

STAY in style: The lounge and upcycled furniture at STAY Hostel Rhodes

The bread is also worth a mention! It is produced from Zea, a typical corn from Greece. The bread is so tasty, guests keep asking where they can buy their own to bring it back home.

Surprise: The team of STAY Hostel Rhodes is always keen to improve and to go the extra mile! For summer 2016 they are planning some extra surprises for their guests! We cannot tell you what it is, but be prepared for a very local experience!

Keep an eye on our for some spoilers!

All of these small details sum up to a fantastic hostel, providing you a welcome home from the very first till the last moment!

The outdoor terrace at the 5 Star Hostel in Rhodes, Greece

2. Design follows Function – No compromise needed!

STAY Hostel Rhodes is the very first Design-in-mind Hostel in Rhodes. Gesine and Notis had a very clear vision of their design-in-mind accommodation. However, the functionalities and usability of the hostel should not be sacrificed for the design.

The very first approach was to meet the needs of every traveler staying at STAY Rhodes. Sockets, WiFi, Chairs, towel hooks, comfort and many more details had priority.

But who says that must lead to a compromise?

Have a look at the hooks; they are flipped hangers. Stylish and useful at the same time! For the female travelers, there is a 6-bed female dorm you can choose from.

We collected 3 cons and 7 pros of female dorms.

Double bed at STAY Hostel - did you notice the hooks?

Throughout the Hostel you will find design elements in different variations, yet matching. The design is fresh and clean, combining ocher-colored elements with bright wooden furniture. Fiery elements ensure a colored, modern accentuation.

Besides the very modern and bright design, you will notice as well some upcycled furniture. The in-house cinema is designed with pallets, alongside some tables and sofas. In total, 98 pallets found a new purpose as stylish furniture at STAY Hostel.

Fun story:

The ladder in the main lounge found its way to the hostel through the painter during the renovation. Gesine and Notis were looking for a vintage wooden ladder but could not find any as nowadays the ladders are made of metal. The painter working in the lounge forgot his own wooden ladder on his last day. But that’s not to say they just took it from him. They informed him about the ladder and that they would actually love to have one for decoration purposes. He gave it to them as a present and can now be admired as you delve into the many board games on offer in the lounge.

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the ladder and bar in the lounge of STAY Hostel Rhodes

3. Lemonade, Express Check-In and caring character

What makes STAY Hostel a unique one?

This Hostel in Rhodes ticks all the boxes of a social and design-conscious hostel, offering high-quality and luxury on a budget! The most unique part of STAY Hostel Rhodes however is their passion and attention to detail. The team listens carefully and aims to fit all needs a traveler could possibly have.

As a welcome-home present you receive a homemade lemonade. If you don’t want the lemonade upon check-in you get a coupon. So you can enjoy the lemonade any other time during your stay.

Guide to Rhodes

Also, you can do an express check-in. This means after a long stressful travel day you can check-in within no time and jump into bed right away! Those and many more details give you the impression of staying with a friend that cares about you!

Besides being an awarded 5 star accommodation, STAY hostel is also a kind of lifestyle-hostel.

The dorms at STAY Hostel Rhodes

4. Nightly activities – Social heart!

When it comes to Rhodes, the party-traveler is usually not that far away! STAY Hostel Rhodes is certainly not a party-hostel, but a very social one to get together and to connect with the world.

The travelers here meet up in the hostel bar, have a drink together and if they feel like it, they hit the local bars. Also, many guests get together to go out to discover Rhodes’ nightlife. You have the freedom of choice to have a tranquil night staying at the hostel or go out and explore the nightlife of Rhodes.

Work-out gym facilities at Stay Hostel Rhodes

In Summer STAY Hostel Rhodes offers many activities, every night there is something going on: From Greek dinners, live concerts, BBQs, pizza-nights, happy hours, and more. Count on it! Bare in mind that the hostel bar closes around midnight. Here is a great guide to Rhodes to get a first idea of the island.

Also, the fodor travel guide to Rhodes is a handy guide to get started.

And remember, here are 21 things to do in Rhodes – these will enrich your island experience.

Kitchen in Stay Hostel Rhodes. In the background, the pallets-cinema

The comments and reviews on major booking platforms attest the hostel to have a cosy and homely feeling. It is very easy to get into the good-vibe mood just by walking in.

 But listen up: If you are a party-animal yourself, you can stay at STAY Hostel Rhodes as well, having the time of your life.

Start your night at the hostel bar and hop over to the party and bar street, only a short 3 minutes walk away from the Hostel!

Get a massage at Stay Hostel Rhodes

The roof top terrace comes with some work out facilities. Plus, and listen carefully, you can book a massage now. It only costs 25€ for 1 hour of a professional massage – pretty sweet.

Once, a group of 18-year old party-travelers checked in, clearly looking to have the party-time of their young life. Instead of partying all night long, they ended up joining the tranquil vibe of the hostel, playing board games in the hostel and chatting with the fellow hostel mates.

STAY Hostel facade

5. Great Staff and local experts

The staff does its part to create this friendly and welcoming vibe! Throughout the rating platforms the staff at STAY Hostel Rhodes receives many compliments and extra mentions!

leave one, take one - book exchange at Stay Hostel Rhodes

A quick hostel story: Once a former guest called the STAY hostel at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night. She stayed at STAY Hostel Rhodes and although she didn’t want to, she had to leave to visit her friends in the south of Rhodes.

They were staying at an all-inclusive resort, a type of accommodation she does not like. She disliked it that much that she called up STAY hostel in the middle of the night, asking for a free bed and explained that she wanted to return ‚home‘. She hopped into a cab and drove all the way back to STAY Rhodes. She stayed!

You can find more beautiful hostel stories here.

Also, make sure you ask the hostel staff about cool recommendations for Rhodes. They know the island inside-out. They even created a small password-protected travel tips section on their website. You will receive the password to those once you check in. They put together some pretty juicy tips over there, same as the Geeky Guide Rhodes. So don’t miss out – especially as it is for free!

And who doesn’t love free and awesome recommendations?

And pssst…we have also now a brand new Santorini guide as well as 27 fun things to do in Santorini

What's cooking? The kitchen at STAY Hostel Rhodes

Last but not least, this video here gives you an idea of the island. There is some video footage showing you around including subtitles for information.

A good video to get a first impression!

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Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. It features 23 smart items you need to pack.

The main things to pack are:

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  2. eye mask
  3. key chain flashlight
  4. the right backpack, the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Pack
  5. packing cubes
  6. generic padlock
  7. quick-dry travel towel
  8. universal power adapter
  9. travel-sized toiletries
  10. The hostel address – written down
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FUN Things to do in Rhodes, Greece

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