77+ Cool and Unusual Things To Do in Barcelona (to impress your friends back home!)

77+ COOL Things To Do in Barcelona (to impress your friends back home!)

Bon día and welcome to Barcelona and my useful full list of awesome and cool things to do in the city! Say good bye to those boring bucket lists to tick the tourist box. We put together a full list of 77+ COOL Things to do in Barcelona to let you enjoy the Mediterranean Pearl from different perspectives.

This list is for everybody looking for the unusual, different lifestyle locals enjoy in Barna (and yes, we locals call our city BARNA!).

Whether you love to enjoy free things to do in Barcelona (seriously, who doesn’t?!), unusual stuff (like undercover restaurants) and fun activities (like land-sailing).

Of course, there are also 23 fun activities Barcelona as well as 59 free things we collected. We at Hostelgeeks care highly about useful information.

This is why we had an extensive research. And as Barcelona is our home, we know the Catalan capital like the back of our hand.

Good to know: When travelling on a budget, you should also read our guide to best hostels in Barcelona. Alternatively, there are 6 epic hostels in Barcelona for partying.

In addition to this list of activities in Barcelona, we created a secret guide with 5 Secrets to Barcelona. You can download it for free!

Get ready for some cool inspiration. Shall we? Oh, btw, this list covers also many of the unusual things to do in Barcelona – for hipsters, families, couples and solo-travelers. ENJOY!

Boat Party in Barcelona - unforgettable experience!

1. Get a Private Sailing Boat

Just so you know, I take this guide very serous. This is why I kick-off this list with a unique AND cool activity: Get on a sailing boat!

In September 2019, my family and I joined the boat tour from Barcelonasailboats.com. BEAUTIFUL!!

Enjoy an amazing private boat trip with your partner, family, or friends. Appreciate the full skyline of Barcelona from the sea.

You can swim or just enjoy the breeze and the sun.

Where does the boat go to? Well, this is up to you and the weather. Let them know what you would like to see, and to do.

The skipper considers the weather, wind, and sea conditions to choose one of several sailing courses. You then board your beautiful sailboat and sail out into the sparkling open sea.

This is suitable for any type of tour including party, business, family, romantic, fishing, or navigation training.

Highlights in a nutshell

  • See the amazing views of Barcelona from the sea – for 2-8 hours
  • Jump in the water and swim in the Mediterranean sea
  • Enjoy the sun and the breeze as you listen to your own music
  • Taste delicious snacks and drinks
  • Learn to drive the boat if you like (been there, done that!)

What is included?

  • Boat rental, Skipper, and Fuel
  • Snacks
  • One drink per person – cava, beer or a soft drink
Book your Sailing Boat here

So, how does it work in detail?

You can book your private sailing trip directly on their website (www.Barcelonasailboats.com/en).

Select the duration of the trip, the number of people in your group, the date and time of departure.

You will receive a confirmation email with the details and meeting point (Port Olimpic harbour in Barcelona). After meeting at the harbour, you and your group will chat with the skipper to decide which route to take. 

2. Party Sunset Boats (our recent discovery)

This is our recent discovery – and oh boy, this one is FUNtastic! It is the one and only Champagne Sunset Tour by Stoke Travel.

This is the #1 tip for everyone who wants to experience Barcelona at its best on a classy party cruise. Get glammed up and treat yourself to an evening of champagne cocktails, delicious Spanish specialties, great company, waitress service and superb views of the Mediterranean.

Oh, and there is live music like chilled, jazz, bossa nova styles.

Pretty epic!

Here’s the info in a nutshell.

  • Tour: 2 and a half hour cruise on a double story stunning white catamaran
  • Drinks: A wide selection of Cava, champagne cocktails, beer, Spanish Sangria and soft drinks you can choose
  • Food: Traditional Spanish Paella, with a side salad
  • Views: Stunning coastal views of Barcelona
  • Style: glamorous crowd with a great vibe
  • After-Party: Free VIP club entry at a top Barcelona beach club
Check Stoke Boat Tours here

3. Cooking Class (Paella, Tapas, Sangria)

One of the best experiences while traveling to a city is to try their food. How about learning to cook it by your own? This way you can do it again once you are back home. There are so many cooking lessons in Barcelona, but in order to get a local experience we do have a super cool recommendation.

It’s a cooking course for Paella, Tapas and Sangria.

The guys from Stoke Travel run these fun cooking classes we highly recommend!

Stoke Travel for a three-hour culinary adventure where you’ll explore renowned food markets like La Boquería or the Santa Caterina Market. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you select fresh, locally sourced ingredients for your traditional Spanish dishes.

You’ll learn to create mouthwatering treats such as paella, tapas, and sangria. Roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and get ready to cook up a storm while indulging in our delicious sangria.

These cooking classes are not just about food; it’s a cultural experience. The chefs will share insights into Spanish traditions and provide cooking tips along the way. After the cooking session, sit down with newfound friends and savor the fruits of your labor (if you’re still standing after the sangria!). Raise a glass for a toast, enjoy more sangria, and celebrate with an amazing group of people.

To top off the experience, why not continue the night with drinks in the lively Gothic Quarter bars or venture into one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs?

Book your Cooking Class here

Touch down: The Homemade Paella!

4. Visit Sagrada Familia – even if it is only from outside

You cannot miss the opportunity to see Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Emblematic Temple, even if it is only from the outside.

If you want to enter, make sure you buy the tickets ahead of time rather than queuing.

The queue can be easily 2 hours long.

Buy your Sagrada Familia Tickets here

Sagrada Familia

5. Oooooooopera-time

It is said that Opera are very expensive but if you buy the ticket in advance or to some small companies it can be very affordable. In the city center, located in las Ramblas, we find Liceu Theater, a architectural masterpiece for Theater and Operas in Barcelona.

Anther beautiful piece of architecture is the Palau de la música, shown in the photo below.

Things to do in Barcelona - Opera

6. Park Güell

Since 2014 the main area in Park Güell has an entrance fee.

Yeah, we know: BUUUUUUHH!

However, the park itself of Park Güell remains free and you can still enjoy awesome views to the city. If you fancy to enter the most popular space you can get your Park Güell Tickets here.

Although you can buy your ticket right at the entrance, at busy times it is likely you will have t come back in a couple of hours.

Therefore, seriously, buy your ticket beforehand if you really want to enter!

Buy Park Guell Tickets here

Park Güell in Barcelona

7. Visit FC Barcelona Stadium

The nostalgic and magical Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe. It is also home of what I consider the best football team in the world.

It is MUST-DO for every football fan to visit.

The museum is super interesting and the history of the football club is well presented. It is absolutely worth it to come over. It takes you around 2 hours, plus you will see the Camp Nou from the inside.

Get Tickets to Camp Nou Experience here

BTW: For the luxury experience, there are also private tours for Camp Nou.

Barca Stadium Tour

8. Visit the Funeral Carriage Museum

Curious about the funeral carriage used in the past?

You can check them out in Montjuic Cemetery Museum, they have Barcelona Funeral carriages and Hearses collection, a unique collection in Europe about carriages used in funerals.

9. Explore Barcelona on the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

The more traditional and convenient way to explore Barcelona is the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour.

You will travel on open-top double-decker buses with a choice of 2 different routes and 40 stops. This tour includes also unlimited hop-on hop-off bus ticket for the time period selected (either 1 day or 2 day), multilingual audio commentary and WiFi on board. And you can start/end the tour at any of the allocated stops. The buses come every 20-30 minutes and each route is around 2 hours.

The highlights of this tour are:

  • Visit the famous Sagrada Familia – the largest Roman Catholic Church in the world
  • See the Park Guells’ unique mosaic-covered buildings and monuments
  • Explore the Medieval streets along the Gothic Quarter
  • Experience true Barcelona nightlife at La Rambla
  • Discover the Picasso Museum
Get your Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour Ticket here

10. Improve your mood and energy with Chocolate

No, we are not saying that you must eat all chocolate on earth, we are talking about being a Chocolate wrap!

Yes, we just said that.

Have you heard about Chocolate treatments? If you would like to discover this magician and relaxant sensation, try it in one of these Centers.

11. Montjuic (the Jewish mountain)

Montjuic is Barcelona’s mountain, well, hill. It has not only a stunning view over the city and harbour, but also lot of green and playful parks.

The Montjuic hosted the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, and there are lot of parks, museums and also gardens hidden there. On the top of Montjuic you will find the Montjuic castle.

There is an entrance fee though but worth it. And you can travel to the Montjuic on the recently refurbished Montjuïc Cable Car with roundtrip ticket. 

Buy Montjuïc Cable Car Roundtrip Ticket here

12. Helicopter Ride- Barcelona from above

See the spectacular sights of Barcelona from the air!

You can charter a private helicopter ride in Barcelona starting from 79€.

During this 6 minute flight you will explore thousands of details, which you could never see from the ground: the World Trade Center, the Statue of Columbus, Maremagnum, the antique quarter of fishers in Barceloneta, the whole coastline till the Puerto Olimpico, the beach of Marbella and the Forum of the cultures.

Is it worth it? Yes, it really is!

Flying a helicopter along the Mediterranean coast for 79€ only is a bargain and one of the unusual things to do in Barcelona. 6 Minutes sounds like it’s a short time, but actually it’s all you need for a good experience.

Book your Heli-Ride here

13. Have an authentic Raval Experience

Raval was considered a no-go area for tourist during many years due to lot of Cabarets and nightlife. With the Olympic games in 1992, Raval has been transformed and nowadays it is a must-see Cultural hub.

Raval offers plenty of different bars and pubs to have fun in. For an authentic Raval Experience, we do recommend the bar 23 Robadors, a bar which does also offer live music.

14. Explore the Casa Milà

Discover one of the most outstanding and innovative buildings of the 20th century on a skip-the-line audio tour of the Casa Milà (La Pedrera), built at the pinnacle of Antoni Gaudi’s career.

In this tour you will:

  • Immerse yourself in the legacy of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi
  • Skip the lines and go straight inside one of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Casa Milà
  • Learn more about Gaudi’s architectural innovations at the Espai Gaudi exhibition
  • Go to the rooftop to see the whimsical chimneys up close
  • Experience Casa Milà in a unique format with a pair of mixed reality glasses
Get your Casa Milà Fast-Track Entry Ticket here

15. Anti-Karaoke in Barcelona

We have to admit we are not huge fans of Karaoke, what about you?

Join the anti-karaoke, the craziest theatrical Karaoke in Barcelona. Every Thursday in Apolo Club or every Saturday in Marula Café at 22:00.

16. Visit “Sala Gimbernat”

Sala Gimbernat in Barcelona is not only one of the most neoclassic building in Barcelona, but also the most important and well conserved anatomical amphitheater in Europe.

If you are into medicine facts, this might be an interesting place for you!

17. Visit a Flamenco Show

There are many flamenco shows all around the city. And they are really entertaining. 

The one we like the most is the Tablao Flamenco in Palacio del Flamenco, downtown. It is the MOST popular show for Flamenco; highly recommended as it is really the best one!

Book the Flamenco Show here

18. CRUISE around on a Segway Tour

Is there anything to add?

A segway Tour is pretty fun, especially next to the beaches. Have fun!

The most reliable guide for Segway Tours are the team from BCN.travel. Prices start from 29€. Enjoy and keep rolling!

Personally, I prefer bikes our even scooters. I wrote a special guide comparing the different bike tours in Barcelona.

19. Amphitheater

Talking about Amphitheater, Barcelona has even that! The Amphitheater is part of the Greek garden in Barcelona. This one is truly a hidden gem.

Amphitheater in Barcelona, part of the Greek garden at Montjuic

20. Visit the unique Barcelona Aquarium 

The Barcelona Aquarium is located in Port Vell, the city’s old harbor area, and is the world’s most important marine leisure and education center dedicated to Mediterranean undersea life. The aquarium is the perfect place to learn about the seabed and the many species that live there. See the 35 Mediterranean and tropical tanks that are home to 11,000 animals from some 450 different species.

Most spectacular of all is the immense Oceanarium, 5 meters deep and 36 meters in diameter. A transparent 80-meter-long tunnel runs through the Oceanarium, making it possible for you to walk among sharks, gilt heads, morays, ocean sunfish, and many other species.

This tour includes:

  • Skip-the-line admission to the Barcelona Aquarium
  • Early-morning priority access ticket (if option chosen)
Get your Barcelona Aquarium Ticket here

21. Hidden restaurant in a Flat

More secret restaurants?!

There is a Secret Restaurant in a flat in Gràcia where you will feel like at home.

They even offer sleepers to the clients! It is called KoKun Restaurant and it is located at Carrer Fraternitat. KoKun restaurant is managed by a chef and his partner, who is a wine expert. We are sure you will be amazed by their menus and wines.

22. Chi-Ton Souvenirs

No worries, we are not recommending buying some Sevillanas dancer to put on top of your TV. Chi-Ton Souvenirs is a Secret Restaurant, located in Carrer Provença.

In Chi-Ton Souvenirs surprise your partner convincing them you must buy something for your family. Suddenly you are in a delicious restaurant!

23. Rent a red VESPA (you know, like in the movies!)

Barcelona is the perfect city to discover by scooter.

You can relax at the beach, drive by Sagrada Familia (make sure you purchase your ticket before to skip the line at Sagrada Familia and ride all the way up to Park Güell (you need to buy a ticket at least 1 day before for the main part of Park Güell) – all that in no time!

You can rent the scooters in Barcelona per hour or per day.

Where to rent a red Vespa? You can find deals with Get Your Guide here as well as Airbnb Experiences.

Check Airbnb Experiences for Scooters

24. Enjoy a drink in a “Centre Civic”

What on Earth is that? A Centre Civic is a neighborhood meeting place for locals. They do offer some activities and courses during the years for locals, and some of them have awesome cheap bars inside.

There are some really impressive buildings as well such as Centre Cívic La Florida, a modernist building.

Others Centre Civics offer nice views, like la Farinera del Clot, which is in front of Torre Agbar.

25. Wine tasting, please!

Barcelona and Wine – that goes always together! Would you like to learn about wine? There are lot of possibilities for wine tastings in Barcelona.

Update: Since we received so many emails about our wine sommelier contacts, we thought it is easier to give you the direct link. Here is our direct trusted partner for wine tours in and around Barcelona.

Please check Barcelona-Life’s article on the best wine tours. There you can directly book via email.

“Barcelona Wine Tours” runs unique wine tours that really changed my perception of wine and how I drink it – until today!

Here is photos of us enjoying the wine tasting with Enric. It also included cheese tasting and even vinegar. It was really a top experience. This is the tour we recommend our family too 🙂

Wine Tasting in Barcelona Wine Tasting in Barcelona

26. Go green at “Can Masdeu Social Centre”

If you are interested in healthy and eco lifestyle, you could go to Can Masdeu, a social centre located in the Collserola park.

In Can Masdeu you can discover their organic garden and even take part in the workshops related to ecology, activism and perm culture.

Can Masdeu is open to visitors every Sunday

27. Open Air cinema – Beach and Montjuic

During summer season there are two open cinemas in Barcelona.

One open cinema in Barcelona is for free and located in the Barceloneta Beach. There you can enjoy a free movie with wonderful sea views front from July 9th to August 16th.

Another option for this “Cinema a la fresca” (that is how it is called opened cinema in Barcelona), located in Montjuic.

Montujic open air Cinema is not for free but is less crowded, and it includes a concert beforehand.

See the entire program of Montjuic Cinema Barcelona here.

Open Air cinema - Beach and Montjuic

28. Ice Bar Barcelona

You came to Barcelona in winter expecting cold and you did not find it?

Then you should go to Ice Bar Barcelona, where they do even serve the drinks in ice-glasses.

29. Dive in a swimming pool (overlooking Barcelona)

In summer season you can access to “Picornell swimming pool“. Located in Montjuic, this swimming pool is open for the general public.

The Olympic Games in 1992 were hold as well at the Picornell Swimming Pool.

Today it is still the place for official competitions. You can enjoy a hot day refreshing yourself, plus you can get amazing views of Barcelona.

Just have a look on the photo! Not too bad, right?!

Dive in a swimming pool with overview to Barcelona

30. Drink a Catalan Vermouth in Gràcia

Many travelers come to Barcelona to drink Sangria, but actually locals do not drink it not so often.

Locals do prefer Vermouth, which is an aromatized wine.

People drink Vermouth at midday with some chips, olives, calamaris. Just try it and decide which your favorite is!

Local Fact: If you want to do it like the locals do, only order a Vermouth on Sundays!

31. Craft Beer is big here!

Craft Beer anyone?

Barcelona offers a lot of different options. Barcelona is living a craft beer revolution. There are lot of craft beer bars, and you can also go to some breweries to participate in a Craft beer tasting. There are some specialized Craft Beer tours, but you can also go on your own and explore different bars.

Edge Brewery Barcelona - is that the sense of Humor Hostelgeeks shares?

32. Live music aka. Concerts

There are always concerts in Barcelona.

Whether it is a famous band or a local one, have a look at the TimeOut Magazine for all live music venues in Barcelona.

Plenty of them are actually for free as well.

33. Chupitos Bar – Schnaps, anyone?

Ever tried Chupitos?

Chupito is a Schnapps.

It is quite funny to drink Chupitos when you are going out, (be careful and do not drink so many if you do not want fun to disappear the morning afterwards…). The Chupitos Bar Barcelona has thousands of different chupitos ready for you.

Our suggestion: Walk in and ask for a Chupito with fire. The bar tender will actually put fire on the bar.

Fool suggestion: If you want to fool a friend, order for him or her a “Monika Lewinsky”. Let’s see what happens!

34. Sor Rita Bar – one of the craziest bars in town!

There are thousands of Bars in Barcelona and each one has his own character!

Okay, some one them are really just regular bars, but there are really cool and unique ones!

If you would like to feel like in an Almodovar movie, we do recommend to get a drink at Sor Rita Bar in the Gothic quarter.

35. Flea Markets (we love them and so will you!)

We have to admit we are big fans of flea markets.

Especially in Barcelona, these markets have a special flair. You will find 2nd-hand clothing, handmade art and jewelry. Usually, a flea market in Barcelona goes hand-in-hand with Street Food.

Here you can find all Flea Markets in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona - a Flea Market has to be on the list

36. Calcotada – Burned Onions – WHAT?!

How about burning some onions on a big fire, peel them, dip them in an orange-colored sauce and eat ’em?

Calcotada is a big tradition in Catalonia. And you know Spring is around the you see the first Calcotadas.

There are public ones all over the city during February and March.

Calcotada - Burned Onions

37. Public Theater in a Park

As you can imagine, Barcelona has quite an artistic scene.

Some actors sometimes perform a famous stage play right in a public park.

38. City Slide Barcelona

City Slide Barcelona planned to open its slides in 2015. You can stay up to date by following City Slides Barcelona on Facebook here.

UPDATE: The facebook page does not seem to be live anymore. We could not find any additional information. 🙁

39. Join a running race in Barcelona

NO, we don’t mean to join a tourist run through the old town!

There are plenty of running races being hold in Barcelona, even Marathons!

If you are a sports lover and you do like to run during your travels, why do not try to match your visit with one of these races? Here you can find all races taking place in Barcelona and surroundings  (Catalonia area).

40. Eat “Pan con Tomate”

The easiest “dish” in the world, very common in all Catalan houses, will make you realize that most of times simplicity is the best option!

Order a “Pan con Tomate” along with other tapas – thank us later!

Catalan cuisine

41. Gothic Quarter – Old Town

The Gothic quarter is the very heart of the old town Barcelona.

The tiny, narrowed streets are beautiful to walk. Walking around the Gothic quarter and you will discover the romantic streets where all people picture themselves.

Talking about “Gòtico”, as locals call the Gothic quarter, there is no way you will miss the next Must Do in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona - Gothic Quarter - Old Town

42. Walk down the famous “Las Ramblas”

Las Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona, if not even Spain.

Or even Europe?

However, stroll along the most popular street in Barcelona and enjoy the street art that is happening there. You can have lot of fun just watching and trying to figure out who is who.

The Ramblas divide the El Raval district and el gòtico. When strolling down the Ramblas you will pass by a the next must do on this list.

Extra Tip: Please make sure you pay attention to your personal belongings, as there are many pickpockets in this area.

43. Have a smoothie or fruit bowl at la Boqueria

This is a must do, but definitely also one of the cool things to do when in Barcelona!

La Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona and it really deserves to be seen, as they do offer lot of food and drink possibilities, as well as Gourmet products.

One of the best things while visiting La Boqueria is to have a fresh fruit Smoothie.

There are plenty of options, so just choose your flavor!

Smart Travel Tip: Do NOT buy the at the very first stall! Walk in, get lost, and buy a smoothie at one of the stalls inside La Boqueria. You will get a better price!

Even Smarter Travel Tip: If you stop by before La Boqueria closing time, many stalls often offer 2 smoothies for 1! SCORE!

Drink a Smoothie at la Boqueria

44. Daydream in Felip Neri Square

The damaged facade of the church in the tiny Sant Felip Neri Square reminds is a witness to the bombing during the Spanish Civil War in this part of Barcelona.

Hidden in Barri Gòtic, this square has a special, melancholic atmosphere. Just sit there and enjoy some time.

Some walking tours and bike tours have this square on their list on things to see.

Daydream in Felip Neri Square

45. Drink Cava – Catalan Answer to french champagne

Salut y forca al canut” – this is what you need to say to your Catalan bar mates and you will have new friends!

Cava is the Catalan answer to French champagne, and you can choose to drink white or rosée.

A nice and famous place to try it is La Champañería.

This famous bar is the place to be to get some street-food styled Catalan food along with the Cava.

46. Eat “Pintxos” and Tapas in Poble-Sec

“Pintxos” and tapas are very tasty, and you can discover a great and cheap selection in the district Poble Sec, one of the trendy neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Try some of them and decide what is your favorite Pintxo!

Poble Sec is the best place to go tapas hopping. There is so many small tapas bars around. I love to take my visiting friends here for some snacks and dinner too.

Eat “Pintxos” and Tapas in Poble-Sec and get a free smile!

47. Get sun-burned at the beach

Yes, we talk about the sun-burned north-European tourists!

Go to the beach and enjoy your day so you can show off your color tan afterwards.

But please, please, please: do use sun-cream in order to avoid serious sun-burns.

We are not your mommy, but c’mon!

48. Have an Absinthe in the oldest bar in Barna

Bar Marsella is known as the oldest bar in Barcelona and it is rumored that even Picasso, Dali and Hemmingway used to go to this bar to have an Absinthe.

Just go there and ask for an Absenta (Spanish for Absinthe). But be careful, because Absinthe is a very strong drink.

If you drink too much maybe the famous ghosts may show up!

49. Get an amazing 360º city view and enjoy sunset from “Bunker del Carmel”

Bunker del Carmel is one of the best places to have a panoramic view for free!

Many music videos, ads and movies like “3 metros sobre el cielo” were filmed here.

The former anti-aircraft bunkers used during the Spanish Civil War allow you to get a 360º overview of Barcelona.

It is stunning.

Smart Travel Tip: Just bring some food, drinks and head over to Bunker del Carmel for the sunset!

Things to do in Barcelona

50. Dance until the sun rises (and start with a boat party!)

For locals in Barcelona, the real party starts only after midnight and goes until the sun rises.

Just join this party time and you will start your journey in a very differently and funny way! Anyway, isn’t it easier to find your way back to your Hostel in Barcelona during sun light?

The best way to get the night started is an EPIC boat party.

You can find schedules, prices and more party photos with https://stoketravel.com/partyboat

Also, the tour usually goes on after the boat ride ends. You will have met new friends and going home ain’t no option!

Prices start from 42€.

Check Stoke Party Boat here

Party Boat in Barcelona

51. Eat “Chocolate con Churros”

After a whole night parting, the best way to finish the night before going to bed is eating Chocolate con churros.

Churros is a typical long and thin dusted pastry (some sort of Doughnut) which can be dusted in sugar.

Normally Churros are sold together with warm chocolate.

You can find Chocolate con Churros in some Granjas (local Cafés) and Market Vans, often located next to metro stations.

Eat "Chocolate con Churros"

52. Passeig de Gràcia – Outdoor Modernist Gallery

This major avenue in Barcelona is not only an important shopping area, but also a Modernist Gallery!

Casa Batlló, la Pedrera, Casa Ametller, … are only some of the buildings you can be amazed by in Passeig de Gràcia.

53. Barcelona’s Cathedral

Remember we talked about Gothic Quarter?

The Barcelona Cathedral is dedicated to the co-patron of Barcelona and is one of the most important Gothic Symbols in the city. Barcelona’s Cathedral is located in the  Gothic quarter, so you can stroll around it after your visit.

54. Tibidabo – “Cristo Redentor” of Barcelona

Okay, okay, this is exaggerated, but hey, there is a Jesus statue on the top!

Tibidabo is the mountain overlooking Barcelona on the upper side of the city and the views from there are amazing! Just go there and you will be impressed how beautiful and perfect the city during sunset looks like!

55. Get a Daily Menu

If you are in Barcelona during the week (from Monday to Friday), eat as locals and find a good “Menú del Día” (Daily Menu).

This is a menu where you can choose one starter, one main dish and dessert for a great deal.

Even some of the restaurants include drinks and coffee.

Just look for the best option that suits you and enjoy it!

If you are wondering where to find those, well, just walk around and you will see many signs with “Menú del dia”. Bon profit!

Get a daily menu - Things to do in Barcelona

56. Order a Beer like a local

Una caña” is a glass of beer in Barcelona.

So if you want to feel like a local just order like a boss: “Una caña, por favor!”.

If you prefer something softer,  get a Clara. A Clara is a mix of beer and lemonade in Catalonia. So, speak after us: “Una Clara, por favor!”.

57. Eat a Bocadillo whenever you are hungry


In Spain it is very common to eat a roll sandwich when you are hungry, they are called Bocadillo.

There are so many different tastes.

If you are hungry, just head to a bar and ask for their “Carta de Bocadillos” (Sandwich Menu). We are convinced you will find some option which will satisfy you – vegetarians can go with the cheese sandwich, most likely the only vegetarian option.

58. Tintoreria Dontell (Restaurant behind a fake dry cleaning service)

Update: Unfortunately it seems like Tintoreria Dontell is no longer open.

Tintoreria Dontell restaurant looks like a dry cleaning service is one of the best places to surprise someone. The food is good, but the best about it is that you experience of “sneaking” into a secret restaurant.

59. Cinema time!

Are you a film lover and you would like to go to the Cinema in Barcelona?

Same as in Madrid, there are plenty of Cinemas in Barcelona which do offer the possibility to watch the movies in English.

Check the movies and schedules of Cines Verdi.

Super awesome summer tip: There is the summer cinema edition on Montjuic.

60. Include a siesta in your day to re-charge your energy

Not all the people in Spain do siesta, because they do have to work. But YOU are on holidays, aren’t you?

Then just get a small nap and recover your energy.

If you do it during the hottest hour of the day, you will avoid the sun a little bit and have more energy for the Barcelona’s nightlife.

The list continues with

  • roof top terraces
  • quirky coffee shops and
  • a bar with skate park

61. Enjoy a drink on a rooftop terrace

What is better than a drink on a terrace?

A drink in a rooftop terrace with some panoramic city view! There are very nice rooftop terraces in Barcelona. Some of the terraces are run by hotels where you can access if you have a drink.

No idea where to go?

Just leave us a comment and we will help you to choose!

Wanna stay at a hotel with roof top terrace near the beach? Then read this guide on the best beach hotels in Barcelona.

Enjoy a drink on a rooftop terrace

62. Visit the Statue of Liberty (no kidding!)

In the Biblioteca Públic Arus there is an actual liberty statue standing right in the middle of the library. Okay, it is small, but pretty cool!

63. A shelter from the Spanish Civil War

Fancy some history?

Visit a real bomb shelter from the Spanish civil war.

Have a look at the website of Museu Historia for more info.

64. Family-Friendly café for CHURROS con chocolate

Wanna try to the famous churros with chocolate? There is a favorite place we love to share.

It is “La Nena” in Gracia. It is a very family-friendly place with NO wifi, many board games, and a lively ambient.

65. Tibidabo for Sunset

We love this place. It is the mini version of the Rio Statue.

Well, okay, the mini-mini version, to be fair.

Not too many people actually come here, and it is a wonderful place to watch the sun say goodbye for the day.

Tibidabo Sunset

66. Get lost in Gracia, the bohemian neighborhood

The Gracia neighborhood with its Placa de Sol is the bohemian part of Barcelona.

This area is loaded with small boutique shops, small bars, cafés, quirky shops, graffiti, life, live music, passion, cool hostels, and much more.

Gracia, Barcelona

67. Turn into Hipster in Sant Antoni

Ever heard of Sant Antoni? Probably not, BUT it is the local hipster heart of the city.

It is just a short walk away from the Ramblas. So many hip cafés, shops, restaurants popped up here, the choice is (almost) endless.

It is also home of the cool Tailors Hostel, which we included in the 110 most chic design hostels.

The 3 best hostels are:

  1. Casa Gracia is best for groups and solo-travellers in luxury version
  2. YEAH Hostel is best for young solo-travellers and backpacker
  3. Pars Tailors Hostel – a great mix of party and fun backpacker place

Read: complete guide to the best hostels in Barcelona

Not a hostel fan? Worry not, you can find a hipster apartment in Airbnb too. Make sure you read first on the best neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Pars Tailors Hostel in Barcelona

68. Gorgeous monastery

The Reial Monastir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes is another gem, away from the tourist track.

This one is recommended for everyone interested in architecture, religion, and for the 2nd or 3rd-time visitor.

Reial Monastir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes

69. Ping to the Pong

We’ve to admit, we love ping pong. Many locals agree with us, and there are numerous spots to play. Basically every park has ping pong tables.

We found this useful website to find ping pong tables in every city.

70. ESCAPE Room

Ever heard of escape rooms? It is perfect for things to do when it rains in Barcelona. And yes, that happens as well!

Also, here you can find our review of the most epic escape room in Prague.

71. Drive a Skateboard inside a bar

NEVERMIND. That’s the name of the bar.

SUPER cool place, quite alternative.

It is a great place to have a drink at night, and, as mentioned, skateboard inside the bar. They actually have a pipe inside.

72. Cliff Jumping at Costa Brava

This photo looks impressive right?! We took at on the Costa Brava. To be more exact, at Playa Illa Roja.

This is the perfect place to come for a sunny, warm day. Even if you do not want to jump, it is nice to watch, and enjoy the tranquil beach vibe.

It takes you 1h and 30 min to get here by car. After enjoying the beach, don’t miss to walk into the medieval town of Pals.

Find 33 more day trips from Barcelona with One Week In.

Cliff Jumping Costa Brava

73. Waikiki Beach – Day Trip to a hidden beach

Only a 40 min ride away south of Barcelona you can find Waikiki Beach, one of our most favorite places in the area.

Here is a guide on how to get to Waikiki Beach.

Need a car? Check Discovercars. They compare the rental companies and help you get the best deal.

Waikiki Beach Barcelona

74. Street Artists at Arc de Triumf

Around the Arc de Triumf you can find plenty of street artists making those bubbles for the little kids to play with.

It’s fun to play, to watch and to take photos.

77+ COOL Things To Do in Barcelona - a Full List

75. Visit the CUBE towers in Barceloneta

An iconic sight right at the Barceloneta beach.

When wandering down the beach, you will for sure walk pass this monument.

It is quite interesting to see, and of course, it’s photogenic as well.

the cube tower at Barceloneta beach

76. 360° view with a cocktail

The Hotel Barceló Raval is located inside the cities heart.

And the terrace comes with a 360° Panoramic view all over the city. AWESOME, STUNNING, COME HERE!

77. Go Graffiti Hunting

Barcelona is very alternative, and many corners are decorated with impressive graffiti.

Okay, not all of them are nice, but keep your eyes open, you can find real gems in Gracia, Raval, and Poble Nou.

Graffiti in Barcelona

78. Have a coffee at the most beautiful café in Barcelona

Espai Joliu is our number 1 café in Barcelona.

You can get super creamy coffee, smoothies, and even delicious snacks like bread with avocado-cream.

Here is a guide on how to find great coffee shops when traveling.

How to find gorgeous Design Cafes anywhere in the world? 4 simple "Hacks" that will change your research!

79. Cheer for the local team

There is nothing left to say about FC Barcelona. It is a MAGICAL experience to listen to nearly 100.000 people cheering the names of Messi, Iniesta, and Co.

Copa Del Rey tickets are usually cheaper than regular league games. And of course, tickets for the Champions League are more expensive.

You can find all tickets directly with fcbarcelona.com.

Subscribe to their newsletter as they sent out special offers ones in a while.

Camp Nou in Barcelona

80. Sit down with the locals in Gracia

The Placa del Sol is the place to be at night.

This is where the local students, and people come together. Buy a drink in the supermarket next door, and have a seat.

Placa del Sol in Gracia

81. Wander Barcelona Beach

Yes, we mentioned that already.

This is where you will see the CUBE tower.

But go all the way from the W Hotel to the Olympic port. Although we prefer a different beach for sun bathing, it’s wonderful for walking.

Barceloneta Beach

82. Go to an Amusement Park

Tibidabo is not just the Jesus statue, there is also an Amusement Park. More than 25 different attractions are waiting here.

And yes, we say it a lot.

Same as the view from Tibidabo, the views to Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea are pretty cool!

83. Dinner in the dark

Feeling curious about how would you survive a meal if you were not able to see?

Would you like an interesting and new sensation?

Dinning in the dark will do stark your other senses, we are sure you will taste the food like never before!

84. Pim Pam!! Get the best Burger

For us, this is the best burger in Barcelona.

The place is called Pim Pam Burger. Come here, enjoy, thank us later!

8 Secrets to Barcelona? Only for friends

We created an exclusive secret guide to Barcelona, including our top recommendations we ONLY share with friends. You can download this guide for free.

All you need to do is typing your name and email, and you will get the secrets to your inbox. Simple, and smart!

Enjoy Barcelona for free: 59 Free Things

Who doesn’t love free things?!

The list of 59 free things to do in Barcelona.No need to spend an arm and a leg in Barcelona! We will show you how and where!

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Check out all 23 Fun Things to do in Barcelona.

For more unusual and cool things to do in Barcelona, read the coolest hipster Barcelona Guide and a guide by from Travels of Adam. Remember to check as well the 7 best bike tours in Barcelona.

Wrapping it up

Barcelona is huge, and offers everything from surfing, beaches, snow boarding to architecture and world class football. And food…so great food! We hope this list is a great inspiration for you.

Spending 7 days in Barcelona?

Then this guide for One Week In Barcelona comes in handy. You will find more things to do, hotels and Airbnb recommendations, as well as plenty of tips.

Did we miss anything important on this list? Please, drop us a comment.

We always love to hear from you!

77+ COOL Things To Do in Barcelona - a Full List

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