How to find gorgeous Design Cafes anywhere in the world? 4 simple “Hacks” that will change your research!

How to find gorgeous Design Cafes anywhere in the world? 4 simple "Hacks" that will change your research!

How to find gorgeous Design Cafes anywhere in the world? 4 simple "Hacks" that will change your research! We love coffee. Yes, we do! We use to say we turn coffee into code, and this is certainly true.

The coffee places we hunt down offer free WiFi along with delicious coffee and/or pastries. And we love to share those places with you in our Travel Guides and on Instagram.

Many members of our Hostelgeeks family asked us how we keep finding those beautiful design Cafes.

Time to let you know!

Therefore, here is an article on HOW we do find cool design cafes around the world. It is actually nothing magic, it’s simply the experience and some tricks that work for us.

At the end of this article we also included a short intro to the coffee culture at Hostels. You might be surprised, but some hostels offer super creamy coffee in highest quality.


So, let’s talk good coffee!


1. The power of Instagram Hashtags

Our love for coffee and instagram is deep. And it’s quite cool that they come together here. Just open the app, and search for the hashtag: #coffeeCITY!

Let us give you a few examples:

And yes, it works!

As Instagram is a photo-sharing app you obviously can see the coffee place to get an idea.

Just swipe through the photos.

Coffee lovers love to take photos of the place itself as well.

Shameless note: Follow us on Instagram and share your best good-morning coffee with us!


2. FourSquare, baby!

Foursquare is a dirty little secret for everybody hunting secret tips.

You can read more about how to find secret travel tips here.

As Foursquare is not too popular anymore (did we just offend anyone?), it kept the authentic style.

At least, we think it does.

You can download the free app and start filtering for different topics like

  • restaurants
  • bars, and
  • design Cafes.

Usually, there are plenty of comments and photos.

Foursquare shows you the most popular comment on the top, which is supposed to be the most helpful one.

So far, we only had good experiences.

We also included Foursquare in our list of the 8 favorite travel apps!


3. There is an App for cool Design Cafes

Now, obviously, there is also an app for that!

The Work Hard Anywhere App is an application for the iPhone.

Here is how it works.

  1. Download the app
  2. Give permission to access your Geo Location
  3. Start browsing coffee shops in your area

Simple. As. That!

The Design Cafes are shown on a map.

You can filter the results by WiFi, coffee quality and so on.

Usually, there are photos attached. However, some cities are not yet on it, or photos are missing.



How to find cool Design Cafes in every city? 4 simple "Hacks"!

4. Ask your Hostel, buddy!

Seriously, easy as that. More than asking the hostels reception, make clear that you actually would like a cool design Cafe.

Now, usually here the receptionist needs to think first.

Give her/him a few minutes.

In our experience, she or he always came up with sentences „OH RIGHT…there is this super cosy XYZ place.“

Again, this one is pretty easy!


In a nutshell, we use these “tactics”:

  1. Instagram
  2. FourSquare
  3. Specialized App
  4. Ask Hostels

The Coffee Culture at Hostels

Putting the gorgeous coffee places aside, there are also 5 Star Hostels which come with awesome design Cafes inside.

The Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin serves one of the best coffees in town, and so does the We_Bologna in Bologna, Italy.


The breakfast at both Wallyard Concept Hostel and Combo Hostel in Bologna is extra and not included in the price.

Question is: is it worth it?

We give you a very clear: YES!

The coffee is great in both hostels, the quality of the food exceptional.

Therefore, we highly recommend to take it as an extra!

Imagine how AWESOME this combination is for us at Hostelgeeks.

Stunning hostel + top coffee = love!

The Oxotel, one of the coolest hostels in Chiang Mai has an own in-house coffee bar which is open to public.

Locals love, travelers love it! It is one of the hippest design Cafes in Chiang Mai.

So whatever you do, do not miss this!

Oxotel Chiang Mai, Design Coffee shop and 5 Star Hostel

Also, the Hektor Design Hostel comes with an in-house coffee lounge.

A chic place to hang out, and plan the itinerary of the day exploring Tartu, Estonia.

The coffee lounge at Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu

Summary on Design Cafes

We also tried to find a cool website to find unique design cafes. So far, we couldn’t find any. Do you have any recommendations?

Do you have your own way to find cool coffee places?

We NEED to know.

When you have good WiFi in your coffee shop, type in your tips and hacks below.

Apparently, that’s another way to find cool coffee places.

Happy coffee sipping!

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How to find gorgeous Design Cafes anywhere in the world? 4 simple "Hacks" that will change your research!

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