23 Fun Things To Do In BarcelonaBarcelona has its beach, its mountains, its amazing architecture, and of course plenty of fun things to do. If you are looking for some fun experiences around the city, here we created a list of things you can do to enjoy the Mediterranean pearl.

Additionally, we had a deep research and found more activities such as

including Must Do’s, unusual and free things to do.

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However, the list here of fun things to do in Barcelona includes some beach and water sports, as well as meet ups for meeting locals and expats. No worries, if you are a solo-traveler in Barcelona, a couple, or a bunch of friends: Here are fun things to do in Barcelona.

Last update: 24.05.2017

1. Beach Volleyball

Do you like beach volleyball? All over the beaches in Barcelona you can find public volleyball nets. If you wanna even meet some locals and expats, just ask some people already playing.

Maybe you can join for a match? Don’t be shy!

Beach Volleyball

2. Be a local in Barcelona (5 Secret & Local Tips for Barcelona)

It always feels good to discover hidden spots in Barcelona, and to feel the local vibes.

You can only download our Secret & Local Tips for Barcelona – it’s completely free! Or download it right here below.

Here we share our absolute best tips and only via this email.

We include:

  • 1 best place for paella
  • 1 local bar and
  • 3 more unique tips for Barcelona – by friends for friends
  • + basic tips on how to stay safe and what NOT to miss

This guide is for free and includes secrets we only share with friends! Enjoy :)

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Anyhow, keep scrolling!

Secret Tips for Barcelona

3. Rent a RED VESPA (like in the movies!)

This one is actually an absolute must!

Barcelona is the perfect city to discover by scooter. A scooter is the best and a Vespa most stylish way to get around the city. Instead of renting a regular scooter, you can get the more stylish experience for the same price: A hip red Vespa – like in the movies!

You can relax at the beach, drive by Sagrada Familia (make sure you purchase your ticket before to skip the line at Sagrada Familia and ride all the way up to Park Güell (you need to buy a ticket at least 1 day before for the main part of Park Güell) – all that in no time! You can rent the scooters in Barcelona per hour or per day.

This is perfect for cool couples!

Where to rent a red Vespa? We found the only awesome option:

  • The rental place is called Via Vespa, right downtown in El Born. More information at http://www.via-vespa.com
  • prices start from as low as 9€ per hour
  • You can also take GPS-guided tours with them (pretty handy and recommended!)

UPDATE: We just saw the Via Vespa offers a 15% discount only on the online bookings!

Red Vespa Barcelona

4. Cooking Classes + market tour (+5% discount)

How about food? Barcelona is a serious foodie-paradise, perfect for some cooking classes. Spain in general is famous for its exquisite cuisine. Aaaaaaand: we just love the Spanish cuisine. You can join some cooking classes around the town to impress your friends at home with a delicious Paella or Tapas.

Here is a handpicked recommendation.

The guys from BCN kitchen offer a cool combo of visiting a market and cooking class. They visit either the popular La Boqueria market or the less-known Santa Catarina. You will learn how to cook an authentic paella, spanish tortilla and more delicious Catalan food.

On the menu? Here’s what you’ll cook:

  • Gazpacho
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Seafood Paella, the authentic taste of Spain (vegetarian options available!)
  • Crema Catalana (delicious desert)
  • Pá amb tomáquet (simple but delicious Catalan way of eating bread)

We highly recommend BCN Kitchen as their courses are fun and well-made. It’s really worth it the money. Prices start from 68€.

But wait, we got our readers a sweet 5% discount for their classes.

5% discount for BCN Kitchen

The coupon code is


Bon profit and bon appetit!=)

Here is their video for some impressions.

5. Champagne Sunset Boats (our recent discovery)

This is our recent discovery – and oh boy, this one is FUNtastic!

It is the one and only Champagne Sunset Tour by Stoke Travel.

This is the #1 tip for everyone who wants to experience Barcelona at its best on a classy party cruise. Get glammed up and treat yourself to an evening of champagne cocktails, delicious Spanish specialties, great company, waitress service and superb views of the Mediterranean. Oh, and there is live music like chilled, jazz, bossa nova styles. Pretty epic!

Here’s the info in a nutshell.

  • Tour: 2 and a half hour cruise on a double story stunning white catamaran
  • Drinks: Free flowing Cava, champagne cocktails, beer Spanish Sangria and soft drinks.
  • Food: Traditional Spanish Paella, with a side salad
  • Views: Stunning coastal views of Barcelona
  • Style: glamorous crowd with a great vibe
  • After-Party: Free VIP club entry at a top Barcelona beach club

For prices and schedules, check out stoketravel.com/champagnesunset

Prices start from 85€ for this tour.

6. Bike Tour with Steel Donkeys

If you like getting to know cities by bike, the alternative bike tour of Steel Donkey will be your perfect choice. Instead of getting some knowledge out of a guide book, here you can actually experience Barcelona as a real local.

You can find more information on prices and schedule with Steel Donkeys Bike Tours here.

7. Drive a kick-ass Ferrari (for only 88€!!!)

Have we ever told you about the time we drove a Ferrari through Barcelona?

Drive a kick-ass Ferrari in BarcelonaYou can seriously rent a Ferrari, and the best part: Prices start from only 88€.

Enjoy the speed of the beast, going from 0-100 in 3.8s.  You can choose to drive it on one of 3 routes, our favorite being the drive up to Montjuic and making a lap of the old Urban F1 circuit. Sebastian Vettel watch out!

Make sure you bring your own camera, you will want evidence to prove to your friends that you actually did it. You can also place your own GoPro on the car to get some cool video footage to make your friends even more jealous.


Here comes the kicker:

We got you a 5% discount for the Ferrari ride

The promo code is


Apply your discount directly at the official website drivemebarcelona.com

or simply mention the code when you are at the counter.

Good to know: This code is valid for all the luxury cars you can drive with DriveMe. This includes the Lamborghini, Ferrari, the F1 Tour and more! Awesome, right?!

8. Become a kid again at Montjuic’s hidden parks

Montjuic offers way more than just its castle and plaza espanya with the magic fountains. There are plenty of gardens and parks to discover on the way up or down the castle. Some parks even have their own “musical games/ instruments” like a human-sized whistle.

A popular and picturesque way to get up the Montjuic Cable Car.

Fun for kids and grown-ups!

9. Barcelona Pillow Fight

How about punching your friends and strangers with a pillow at a public square? The Barcelona Pillow fight is a flash mob event, attracting thousands of people every year to smash a soft pillow in any faces close. Read about Barcelona Pillow Fight here at pankchophoto.com.

10. Join a Segway Tour

Is there anything to add? A segway Tour is pretty fun, especially next to the beaches in Barceloneta. Have fun!

The most reliable guide for Segway Tours are the team from BCN.travel. Prices start from 29€.

Enjoy and keep rolling!

11. Alternative to Segway: Skating along the beach

Fancy more some skating? Be a local and hit the boardwalk with your skates. You won’t be the only one skating there – promised! Check out the SkateClub.

12. Boat Party (EPIC memory-kind of experience!)

Now, this one is for the party-traveler among us!! Here you get a crazy party with open bar of beer and Sangria, naughty games and naughty people, fun-loving DJ…do I need to say more?

Prices start from 42€.

You can find schedules, prices and more party photos with http://stoketravel.com/partyboat

Also, the tour usually goes on after the boat ride ends. You will have met new friends and going home ain’t no option!

Party Boat in Barcelona

13. Land Sailing, Parasailing Barcelona and BBQ Boats

Do you like GoKarting? Then you will love even more Land Sailing!

A land-sailing mini-yacht  is a kart with three wheels and a sail. You can start a race against your friends next to the beach. There is even an official race, just check out Land Sailing Barcelona.

There is also an advanced level for the cool kids: Parasailing.

This is for the Adrenalin-junky around us – obviously! It starts in the harbor and brings you around the coast line.

Land Sailing in Barcelona Experience Funny Friends

14. Eat, Drink, and repeat at Restaurant La Xampanyeria

This is pure fun and absolutely famous for students and expats. The Can Paixano La Xampanyeria is a tiny, hidden bar serving delicious and authentic tapas and finger-food. Important: For every food you are ordering you have to order at least on Cava as well.

You can find La Xampanyeria.

15. The most romantic retreat – AIRE Spa

There is a super beautiful Arabic Spa in the city center. Here is a list of the best spas in Barcelona.

The spa has several different spa areas like the hot tub, the cold one, the salty one. You can as well book massages, hop into the sauna. And all that in a beautiful medieval-style spa under the ground of the old town. The place is called AIRE SPA and we recommend it for couples as well as friends to unwind.

Find schedules, more info and prices for Aire Spa with TripAdvisor.

Just select your dates to see availability and real-time prices.

And here’s the kicker: It even opens at spot midnight!

Good to know: Only 20 people can enter for every 2 hours. A super romantic retreat. Here is a list of 53 more romantic ideas for couples in the city.

16. Wake Boarding and Cable Ski in Montgat

Just outside the city in Montgat you can improve your Wakeboarding skills! A short 15 minutes ride with the train from Plaza Catalunya to Malgrat you can find a nice and cozy beach bar called WasaWake where you can enjoy Cable Ski.

And by the way: This place is directly located next to the train station Malgrat, and the beach. It’s worth it to spend your beach day as well! Check out Malamar Restaurant & Lounge for more info the wake boarding.

17. Yummy! Cooking experience

We’ve already covered the cooking classes and the market tour above, but here is even more. Why? Seriously, cooking and eating is a must-do here.

We joined our very first cooking class with Foodie Experience Barcelona – it was amazing!

Here is our extended review of Foodie Experience Barcelona.

We cooked Paella, handmade Sangria, and more. Prices start from 65€ minus the Hostelgeeks discount below.

Here is a list of cooking networks and classes we recommend:

5% discount for Foodie Experience Barcelona

The coupon code is


Foodie Experience Barcelona

18. Picnic Electronic Barcelona

Another great outdoor activity during summer is the Piknik Electronic, as well taken place at Montjuic. This small festival is a traditional picnic combined with electronic music. You see, Montjuic quite busy!

Piknik Electronic in Barcelona

19. Move your hips and dance some Swing at Parc de la Ciutadella

If you feel like dancing some Swing, head over to Parc de la Ciutadella. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 12:00 until 14:30 you can join BCNSwing and its Swing classes.

It is completely for free and they meet up at the Pavillon right in front of the fountain.

20. Couchsurfing Meetings

Like every other big city in Europe, couchsurfing meetings in Barcelona are quite common. Just check out all traveler meetings in Barcelona such as Tuesday Cs Weekly Language & Tapas Meeting or Monday Gràcia Meeting with Couchsurfing, just to name a few.

Check out Couchsurfing events in Barcelona here.

21. Join several neighbourhood festivals around the city

Barcelona neighbourhoods have their own street festivals throughout the year. You can have a beer at a street concert in Poble Nou, or get lost in the stunning street decorations of Gracias fest “Fiestas de Gracia”.

Find the full calendar of all the different street festivals in Barcelona on the official website here.

22. Festivals in Barcelona

There is not enough space to list all cool festivals, but these two are certainly the most important and biggest once: La Merce (every year during around 24th of September) and Primavera Sound (Summer).

23. Drive a Luxury Car + Helicopter (from 184€ per person)

In addition to the Ferrari ride (#8 in this list), we had a look on more luxury stuff. DriveMe offers more packages, combined with the luxury car ride.

20 min Drive of a luxury car + 12 min flight –  this includes 1 driver + 1 passenger.

‘Is it a bird…is it a plane…? Well it’s not exactly Superman but it is definitely the best way to see Barcelona!

Discover Barcelona in a new way with astonishing views both from the air and from inside a luxury supercar. Nothing compares to the views from behind the wheel of a Ferrari and from the windows of a Helicopter. Be one of the unique few who have seen the city like no one has seen it before and enjoy the thrill of feeling like a superstar.

And again, we got a discount for our readers:

5% discount for the Luxury Car + Helicopter:

The promo code is


Apply your discount directly at the official website drivemebarcelona.com

or simply mention the code when you are at the counter.

24. Ferrari Ride + Sailing (from 99€ per person)

20 min Drive + ​90 min Sailing, this includes 1 driver + 1 passenger.

​From horsepower to nautical knots, the Mediterranean at your fingertips like never before!

A spin in a red Ferrari California around the site of the old F1 Urban circuit. A cruise onboard a pristine sailing yacht around the central coast of Barcelona. The Mediterranean breeze, the modernist architecture and the Spanish sun.

A complete 2 person luxury experience waiting for you, why not?

5% discount for the Luxury Car + Sailing:

The promo code is

hostelgeeks15% D+S

Apply your discount directly at the official website drivemebarcelona.com

or simply mention the code when you are at the counter.

25. Drive + Jetski (from 109€ per person)

(20 min drive + 30 min Jetski), this includes 1 driver + 1 passenger and 1 jet ski for 2 people.

Wet and Wild in Barcelona.

Ready, set go! Drive a Ferrari and ride a jetski in Barcelona´s most thrilling experience. Kick start your Barcelona experience with a breathtaking driving experience inside a Ferrari California. Follow it up with the only appropriate way to cool off your engines – a 30 min jetski ride along the coastal front of Barcelona’s beach front. There is no other perfect way to enjoy sunny Barcelona!

5% discount for the Luxury Car + Jet Ski:

The promo code is


(Yes, this promo code is short and correct :))

Apply your discount directly at the official website drivemebarcelona.com

or simply mention the code when you are at the counter.

26. Flamenco Shows

There are many flamenco shows all around the city. And they are really entertaining. The one we like is the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes.

However, there are many around the city.

Flamenco Barcelona

27. Local “Tapas & Beers” Tours

Earlier we mentioned the cooking class. Of course you can also eat out!

Eating tapas is synonymous with a visit to Barcelona, and the aptly-named Tapas & Beers food tour will take you to some of the most authentic tapas bars in the hip district of Gracia, to try classic Spanish and Catalan dishes like razor clams, patatas bravas and Iberian ham.

If you are crazy about cerveza they also have a dedicated craft beer tour, where you get to try some of the latest regional beers with a master brewer. Night owls should check out their “Hipster’s Bar Crawl”. More info about all three tours on their website.

Tapas Tour Barcelona

28. Take a Climbing Course in Barcelona

Have you ever tried some indoor climbing? You can take a climbing course in Barcelona’s Climbat school at Monjtuic.

29. Stand Up Paddle Surf 2.0: Yoga on Paddle Surf

If you want to add an extra level of fitness to your #4 Fun Thing to Do in Barcelona, then this is your master piece. Stand Up Paddle Surf combined with some yoga lessons can be really challenging.

You can rent Paddle Surfing for 1 hour here.

For the Yoga-Paddle-Surfer, you can join Yoga-Paddle classes with the Urban Gorillas here.

30. Montjuic Cinema

Open-Air Film festival under the Barcelona Sky right at the Castle of Montjuic – do we need to say anything more? Hardly. Check out Sala Montjuic for specific dates.

31. Beach Cinema

There is also a beach-version of the open-air film festival. Feel the sand on your feet and watch movies from classic to alternative. Check out all the dates of beach cinema Lliure here.


Photo by instagram.com/cinemalliure

32. Spanish Guitar in action!

Once we were wandering around the old town and saw this big sign: Spanish guitar concert tonight in a former monastery!

We joined and it was simply amazing.

If you are into music, you will enjoy a beautiful Spanish guitar concert – no doubt about it. The one we visited was also entertaining as three musicians started to play on one single guitar. You can get some ideas for Spanish guitar concerts here.

Guitar Concerts

33. Bike Tour (on a budget)

Another serious awesome bike tour is the one provided by Stoke Travel. It is a perfect way to get more hints and tips on the city – recommended to budget traveler and the ones looking to connect with fellow travel mates. Check out the Bike tours by Stoke Travel.

Prices start from 25€.

Extra 33: Who’s up for some Stand-Up Paddle Surf?

Barcelona’s beach is actually perfect for Stand-Up Paddle Surf as the wind is not that strong like in the Atlantic coast, and the sea is calm. Rent a paddle board and get started. It will be plenty of fun so more people you are.

Extra 34: City Slide Barcelona

City Slide Barcelona is opening its slides in 2015. You can stay up to date by following City Slides Barcelona on Facebook here.

Oh, you are still here?

We thought you would be hitting the road already having some fun in Barcelona! Do you have any additional tips for more fun things to do in Barcelona? Please, please, please share it with us! We are looking forward to read your ideas and activities!

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