Ever tried an Escape Room? A Hostel-buddies game with Storytelling and European History

Ever tried an Escape Room? Review of Breakout Escape Room in Prague

Have you ever heard about Escape Rooms?

If you are into real-life games and puzzles, you will love it. Escape Rooms are the newest trend where you and your friends have the chance to turn into Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, or Indiana Jones.


You can find this type of activity all around the world.

During these real-life escape games you and your friends are trapped in a room. You need to solve the puzzles to escape the room in a certain amount of time.

We had the chance to join the Nuclear Bunker, a Real-Life Escape Room in Prague.

The day we saved Prague – Breakout Prague Escape Room

Find all escape rooms in Prague here.

No, no…wait…let’s put this in a more impressive way:

We rescued the Czech Republic!

With only 3 seconds left on the clock, we managed to escape the room. Consequently, we dramatically influenced the political developments in the Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union.

And besides this heroic act, we found more.

Here are our 5 Secret Tips Prague, the free guide to explore Prague outside the tourist box!

The Nuclear Bunker by Breakout Prague really brings the experience to life: the storytelling, the costumes, the decoration and last but not least the very creative riddles – we are big fans!

This is why we decided to introduce you this fun activity.

But before we delve into detail, let’s have a look at what an escape room is in the first place.

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Victory! The Nuclear Bunker Escape Room is a fun activity for friends!

1. What is an Escape Room?

Simply put, an Escape Room is one or more adventure-themed rooms loaded with puzzles and traps.

You and your group of friends have to solve those puzzles to find the key to escape the room in a certain amount of time, usually 60 Minutes.

Easy, right?

“If you are into real-life games and puzzles, you will love it!”

– Matt

Nowadays you will find Escape Rooms all over the world, with every type of theme and traps.

Have a look at Can Jordan solving the clues to break out of the detective room in downtown Los Angeles, USA.

If you have a few spare minutes, enjoy this hilarious video of Conan trying to solve the puzzles and driving everybody crazy while he is cheating.

2. Nuclear Bunker – great Escape Room with Storytelling

As mentioned before we especially love the storytelling of Nuclear Bunker Escape Room.

The story takes places in the 1950s in Czechoslovakia.

The second world war came to and end, Europe and the rest of the world was still a chaos, and the cold war was about to start. East and West were separated into two different political systems with Czechoslovakia being right between.

The resistance in Czechoslovakia collected some secret documents, hidden in a fallout shelter somewhere in the Czech capital. Our contact person informed us that the KGB, the security agency for the Soviet Union, was on its way to get these documents.

Luckily we received a message before them but we had only 60 minutes to find those documents.

If we did not find the documents on time and manage to escape before the KGB agents arrived, then Czechoslovakia would be lost along with our lives.

Ready to play?

3. The Traps – Easy, hard or even weird?

No worries, we will not include any spoilers here!

Obviously we are not going to tell you about the traps and puzzles you have to solve at this escape room nuclear bunker.

However, before we give you an idea of the kinds of traps you will be facing. Do you need any language skills, special knowledge about history, sights, or anything?

Before playing surviving our first escape room, these were the kinds of questions we were asking ourselves.

And at the end, the only real thing you need is logic, and curiosity.

You will be facing traps you solve by logic combination!

Check out A and B and you will get C. It could be colours, numbers, letters …the options are endless! The traps are up to the creativity of the creators behind the game. Oh, and try to remember some physics classes from school back in the day.

That might help!

That is basically it.

There are no special language skills needed, nor any special knowledge.

So, the only thing you really need is

  • a geeky buddy or buddies to join you
  • a sense of humor, and
  • a playful attitude.

Oh, and your camera!

You want to take some photos after you saved the Czech Republic. You need to claim your victory later at home, right?!

The Team at Breakout Prague will happily take some photos with/ for your afterwards.

They will also share them on their facebook page.

After we managed to find the very well-hidden documents and to escape the room, we took our souvenir pictures. We put on the military coats and posed.

I was wearing an original military coat, combined with jeans and a black t-shirt with a typewriter on it.

Back in the day, they would have killed you just by looking that ridiculous!
– my brother told me.

I guess he was right, but hey, we just rescued the Czechoslovakia from the soviet time. Where is our medal?

4. A special Experience outside the Tourist box

Are escape rooms interesting for backpackers and travellers?

We think they are, no doubt!

The 60 minutes spent at Escape Room Nuclear Bunker were extremely funny and something different, relating nicely to the city and to the history of the country, as well as Europe.

You can play the escape room nuclear bunker with up to 6 players.

But what to do as a solo-traveller?

When staying at one of the best hostels in Prague, you can simply ask your hostel-mates! The price of playing this real-life game is quite low in our opinion. So the more players, the cheaper it is.

What are the Hostels in Prague that rate at the highest level?

  1. The Roadhouse Prague – social & homely
  2. Sir Toby’s – top pick for couples
  3. Hostel One Home – best backpacker choice

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Prices from 59€ / per 6 people group

Prices are 59€ for the group. You can play up to 6 players. Meaning, it can cost as little as 9.90€ per person in a group of 6.

A bargain, right?!

Check out the prices of Escape Room Nuclear Bunker here.

Book Breakout Prague here

You can always book up to 1 day before.

However, I recommend to book as soon as possible. Do not be too spontaneous about it.

Own story: We wanted to play a room in Skopje. I figured we can be spontaneous. Well, most rooms do not open unless they have a reservation. Meaning, you cannot get them on the phone as easy.

Anyways, I called up 3 different games. One guy picked up, and we were able to play 3 hours later. Lucky! Therefore, plan a bit ahead. Especially in high season, summer. (no need to book 3 months ahead neither…)

Please note: There is more escape rooms in Prague than this one.


We did not know what to expect at all!

We checked out several Escape Rooms and every one was different.  We saw the website, the flyer, and some reviews. From the interior, and the ad it looked very interesting, no doubt.

But hey, who knows, right?!

Now that we have played the Nuclear Bunker Escape Game, we can tell you, that the game behind is even cooler and more fun than it originally looks!

We think the Real-life Escape room is a unique type of activity which is totally worth it to spend some coins on. Next time you are in Prague, bare this in mind.

We also recommend this as an activity for families. The game is not scary or anything (some escape rooms can be scary and in a horror theme!!). Especially for kids between 8 and 16 this one is super fun!

As Prague is also a beautiful winter destination, you can imagine that this indoor game is also a great chance to stay inside while having fun!

If you are looking for some special experience in Prague outside the tourist box, here you go!

We made a list of things to avoid in Prague – Escape Rooms are certainly not one of those!

Just filter on the things you are interested in.

So, ready to rescue the Czechoslovakia?

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