Selina Hostels (with 5%-15% Discount Code)

Welcome to Selina Hostels, one of the worlds leading hostel chain. They offer hostels in more than 80 locations worldwide; from Argentina over Costa Rica, to USA as well as Europe and Israel. Below you will find a full list including all locations of their hostels.

Selina are all about an upscale hostel experience with activities, in-house bar and restaurants, and even CoWorking spaces.

We teamed up with Selina Hostels to bring the Hostelgeeks Community more unique hostels and experiences. If you love the 5 Star Hostels, you will love Selina!

Hostelgeeks readers also receive an exclusive 5% to 15% Discount on all Selina Hostels worldwide.

Unique Hostels: Selina Hostels

Where are Hostels of Selina located?

You can find Selina Hostels in the following countries:

  • Mexico and USA
  • Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama)
  • South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina)
  • Europe (Portugal, Greece, Athens, Austria, United Kingdom)
  • Israel

They have so many locations, so we decided to create a map for you. It is much easier really.

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Selina Promo Code for our Readers

We have several vouchers available for you. Please check which fits the best for your travel needs and locations. The discount changes depending on the destination.

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How to book Selina Hostels the best way?

Book Selina Hostels here

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Can you currently travel and stay at Selina?

Yes, you can currently stay at the accommodations worldwide. Countries like Mexico, USA, Portugal and Costa Rica are open and you can find flights to get there. In fact, Selina is a very popular choice and can be even sold out.

Therefore, last minute bookings might be not possible. Check as early as you can – once you have your dates and flight sorted – at

Read: Your Permission to Travel Again

Selina also implement many healthy and advanced cleaning protocols. For instance, the check-in is completely contact-less. Their new protocols are being reassessed daily according to local government guidelines. They are completely prepared to adapt protocols accordingly.

Important: If you need a COVID test before leaving Selina, they have got you covered! Head to the front desk and the staff will help you to schedule your test.

Please make sure you check your personal requirements. is a great resource to see how you can currently travel to countries like Mexico and Costa Rica.

Selina Mexico

Selina Tulum
Selina Tulum

Selina Hostels in Mexico can be found from Cancún to Tulum as well as the West Coast and Mexico City.

Our personal favorite Selina Hostel is the one in Tulum. It is located directly at the beach. It comes with a swimming pool, a hip bar, a restaurant serving delicious, Mexican food and of course, plenty of activities. Who is up for the next Yoga class? Read our full review of Selina Tulum here.

You can stay at Selina Mexico in:

Selina Costa Rica

The Selina Hostels around Costa Rica are super popular, and even travelers not staying here come over for a drink. Learn how to surf in Nosara and explore the countries impressive nature around Monteverde. You can find Selina Hotels all over the country.

Our personal favorite is Selina Jaco. Come for the surfing, sleep in the stylish tubes and stay for the lifestyle. LOVED it!

Read our complete guide to the BEST Selina hostels in Costa Rica here.

Selina La Fortuna
Selina La Fortuna

Selina USA

Selina Gold Dust Miami, USA
Selina Gold Dust Miami

The Selina USA destinations are all about parties, city breaks, remore work and culture. Sounds good, right? With properties in some of the best cities in the states, you can expect a luxurious getaway that won’t break the bank.

Here are all of the Selina USA destinations:

  • Catahoula New Orleans
  • Chelsea New York City
  • Commodore Astoria
  • Miami Gold Dust
  • Miami River
  • Chicago

Selina Ecuador

From jungle lodges to surf culture and sunrise raves by the ocean – the Selina hostel collection in Ecuador offers something for every kind of traveller.

It’s easy to discover the Andes Mountains, learn to surf and enjoy some awesome city parties all from the luxury accommodation of Selina Ecuador. The only downside is having to choose one! That’s why we suggest backpacking Ecuador for at least a few weeks.

Here are all of the destinations Selina can be found in Ecuador:

  • Amazon Tena
  • Baños
  • Cuenca
  • Montañita
  • Quito

Selina Montanita, Ecuador
Selina Montanita

Selina Colombia

Selina Cartagena, Colombia
Selina Cartagena

Visiting Colombia offers you the chance to discover beaches in Cartagena, coffee plantations in Quindio and colonial architecture of Bogota. Not to mention the opportunity to stay right on the beach in Palomino!

Selina Colombia is full of goodies for the adventurous traveller: swimming pools, yoga, CoWork and quick access to excellent local parties – the list goes on.

Selina can be found in these Colombian destinations:

  • Bogota, Chapinero
  • Bogota, La Candelaria
  • Bogota, Parque de la 93
  • Cartagena
  • Medellin
  • Palomino
  • Quindio
  • Villa de Leyva

Who stays at Selina Hostels?

Anyone who enjoys a cool and unique hostel can be found here. Since the accommodations are well-designed, offer fun activities and more often than not a unique location, these hostels are popular both for short-term and long-term travelers.

Usually you have a wide mix of

  • backpackers
  • digital nomads
  • solo-travelers
  • couples

Who does not stay at Selina: Super budget backpacker do not stay here. Selina comes usually with a higher price tag, yet it includes so many perks that it’s worth it. Yet again, if you are on a very tight budget, Selina might be out of that range.

Whether you are a digital nomad, a travel-addict, an adventurous backpacker, or a surfer looking for paradise, Selina are the right place. From global cities to urban hubs, remote locations, and off-the-grid destinations, develop a deeper connection with the world when you stay at Selina.

With rooms to suit high-end travelers, backpackers, solo explorers, and groups, they provide an accommodation solution for every budget. From luxury lofts to comfortable suites, micro-rooms, and even hammocks, embrace the option to stay your way.

Selina Tamarindo

The Ultimate Hostel Experience

More than anything, Selina provides its guests with an unparalleled experience. It gives travelers the best places to go, activities to do, rooms to stay. It allows nomads to live their lives in absolute authentic experience as they travel and work abroad indefinitely.

Selina uses its broad knowledge of the local community and culture in more than 60 destinations worldwide. From the urban lifestyle to the heart of the Amazon forest, they make sure that they are getting everything and more of what you paid for. They take wanderlust to a level of their own.

Selina is one of the best hostels chains in the world as far as we’re concerned.

How to book Selina Hostels?

You can book them all on the major booking portals like Hostelworld and We wrote a complete guide on the best hostel booking sites with all its pros and cons. You can also use to compare hostels prices at Selina and any other hostel worldwide. It is a free website to use and you can save good money.

Compare all Selina Hostels here

Special Offers for CoLiving at Selina (30 days from $405)

Have you heard of the CoLiving concept?

You can basically stay on a monthly basis at all Selina accommodations for a discounted rate. It is a month-by-month rental program starting from just $405/month. You can additionally use all the CoWorking spaces as well as join their activities and get discounts at the bar, restaurant and other extras.

We wrote a detailed article on how Selina CoLiving works.

Instead of staying in a boring Airbnb, you can stay at an exciting hotel and CoWorking space and get all the benefits.

Selina vs Other Hostels

Below you find our detailed hostel guides for all major cities and destinations in the world. We compare only the absolute 3 best hostels in each destination. After all, you only need ONE great hostel!

We compare Selina vs other hostels in cities like Tulum, Lima, and Athens.

Common Questions / FAQ

Below, we collected the most common questions about Selina Hotels, also known as Frequently Asked Questions.

Are Selina Hostels worth it?

Yes, they are! They are a high standard Hostel Chain, offering as well CoWorking space, Restaurant, Bar and number of activities. It is recommended for Solo-Travellers, Backpackers and Digital Nomads.

How to get a Discount at Selina Hotels?

Readers of receive an exclusive promo code for Selina Hostels and Hotels on all reservations. This discount code is valid for purchases made in 2024. The Promo Code for Selina can be found above.

How to book Selina?

You can book on the major booking sites like Hostelworld and Additionally, you can book your accommodation directly at, the official website. Here we have received a special discount code for our readers.

Does Selina offer Hotels or Hostels?

Selina is a global luxury hostel chain offering beds in dorms as well as upscale private rooms. Therefore, Selina offers both Hotel and Hostels.

Why are Selina Hostels more expensive than other hostels?

Each destination is different. Generically speaking, Selina Hostels offer much more than a regular backpacker hostel. The quality is much higher and the locations are unique. As an example, you can check Selina Tulum. It is always a good idea to compare what hostels offer and what not. That will give you a better understanding of what you get for your money.

Who owns Selina? The Humble Beginning

Selina was founded in 2007 by Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski. They were originally from Pedasi, a small fishing town in Panama. Both Rafael and Daniel are well-travelled people, and they believe that this project can change the face of hospitality around the world. They did some real estate projects in developing towns, and they then started to create a tight-knit circle of locals and travelers alike. The very first Selina was born in 2014 in Venao, a surf town near Pedasi, Panama.

Today, Selina continues to take the hospitality market to more to further lengths. What started out as a beautiful single-location by the beach has now grown into a company with 22 locations across seven countries.

How many Selina hostels are there?

You can find Selina Hotels in over 60 destinations worldwide. The hostel chain is constantly on its toes and opening new accommodations. You can find a complete list of how many Selina Hotels and Hostels there are on our map.

How to buy Selina Gift Cards?

Did you know you can actually buy Selina packages as gifts? They are a perfect backpacker gift, really.

You only need to decide how many nights you want to purchase. Choose from 65 locations worldwide. You or the one you are getting the gift card for can redeem the nights as you wish until the end of each year. You can get those gift cars online on their website.

Selina Gift Cards - perfect gift for Backpacker

All Selina Locations

Above, we added all Selina locations to the map. You can find them mostly in North, Central and South America, and a few as well in Europe and Israel.

Below you find a complete list of all locations like cities and countries hostels by Selina are located in.

Hostel Name City Country Continent
Selina Cancun Downtown Cancun Downtown Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Islas Mujeres Islas Mujeres Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Mexico City Mexico City Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Oaxaca Oaxaca Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Puerto Escondido Puerto Escondido Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina San Miguel de Allende San Miguel de Allende Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Sayulita Sayulita Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Tulum Tulum Mexico USA & Mexico
Selina Catahoula New Orleans Catahoula New Orleans United States USA & Mexico
Selina Chelsea New York City Chelsea New York City United States USA & Mexico
Selina Commodore Astoria Commodore Astoria United States USA & Mexico
Selina Miami Gold Dust Miami Gold Dust United States USA & Mexico
Selina Miami Little Havana Miami Little Havana United States USA & Mexico
Selina Miami River Miami River United States USA & Mexico
Selina Woodstock Woodstock United States USA & Mexico
Selina Bariloche Bariloche Argentina South America
Selina Nueva Cordoba Nueva Cordoba Argentina South America
Selina Palermo Soho Palermo Soho Argentina South America
Selina La Paz La Paz Bolivia South America
Selina Aurora São Paulo Aurora São Paulo Brazil South America
Selina Copacabana Copacabana Brazil South America
Selina Floripa Floripa Brazil South America
Selina Lapa, Rio de Janeiro Lapa, Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America
Selina Madalena São Paulo Madalena São Paulo Brazil South America
Selina Paraty Paraty Brazil South America
Selina Pucon Pucon Chile South America
Selina Bogota, Chapinero Bogota, Chapinero Colombia South America
Selina Bogota, La Candelaria Bogota, La Candelaria Colombia South America
Selina Bogota, Parque de la 93 Bogota, Parque de la 93 Colombia South America
Selina Cartagena Cartagena Colombia South America
Selina Medellin Medellin Colombia South America
Selina Palomino Palomino Colombia South America
Selina Quindio Quindio Colombia South America
Selina Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva Colombia South America
Selina Amazon Tena Amazon Tena Ecuador South America
Selina Baños Baños Ecuador South America
Selina Cuenca Cuenca Ecuador South America
Selina Montañita Montañita Ecuador South America
Selina Quito Quito Ecuador South America
Selina Arequipa Arequipa Peru South America
Selina Cusco Saphi Cusco Saphi Peru South America
Selina Cusco, Plaza de Armas Cusco, Plaza de Armas Peru South America
Selina Huaraz Huaraz Peru South America
Selina Mancora Mancora Peru South America
Selina Miraflores, Lima Miraflores, Lima Peru South America
Selina Posada Miraflores, Lima Posada Miraflores, Lima Peru South America
Selina Bad Gastein Bad Gastein Austria Europe & Israel
Selina Centavrus Pelion Centavrus Pelion Greece Europe & Israel
Selina Theatrou Athens Theatrou Athens Greece Europe & Israel
Selina Kinneret Kinneret Israel Europe & Israel
Selina Mantur Beit Oren Mantur Beit Oren Israel Europe & Israel
Selina Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv Israel Europe & Israel
Selina Boavista Ericeira Boavista Ericeira Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Geres Geres Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Milfontes Milfontes Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Peniche Peniche Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Porto Porto Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Secret Garden Lisbon Secret Garden Lisbon Portugal Europe & Israel
Selina Birmingham Birmingham United Kingdom Europe & Israel
Selina Brighton Brighton United Kingdom Europe & Israel
Selina Camden Camden United Kingdom Europe & Israel
Selina Liverpool Liverpool United Kingdom Europe & Israel
Selina NQ1 Manchester NQ1 Manchester United Kingdom Europe & Israel
Selina Jaco Jaco Costa Rica Central America
Selina La Fortuna La Fortuna Costa Rica Central America
Selina Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Central America
Selina Monteverde Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
Selina Nosara Nosara Costa Rica Central America
Selina Puerto Viejo Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Central America
Selina San José San José Costa Rica Central America
Selina Santa Teresa North Santa Teresa North Costa Rica Central America
Selina Santa Teresa South Santa Teresa South Costa Rica Central America
Selina Tamarindo Tamarindo Costa Rica Central America
Selina Antigua Antigua Guatemala Central America
Selina Atitlan Atitlan Guatemala Central America
Selina Granada Granada Nicaragua Central America
Selina Maderas Maderas Nicaragua Central America
Selina Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon Panama Central America
Selina Bocas del Toro, Red Frog Bocas del Toro, Red Frog Panama Central America
Selina Casco Viejo, Panama City Casco Viejo, Panama City Panama Central America
Selina Kalu Yala Kalu Yala Panama Central America
Selina Pedasi Pedasi Panama Central America
Selina Playa Venao Playa Venao Panama Central America