Are you traveling to Granada in Spain? If you are still deciding if you should do so or not…just go, you will LOVE IT! Granada is one of our favorite cities in South of Spain. The Alhambra is a magnificent building, the Albaicín simply marvelous, and the food, oh boy! And right here: We share 5 Secret Tips Granada you won’ find anywhere else.

Besides introducing you to the one and only 5 Star Hostel in Granada (the Lemon Rock Granada), we also share with you 5 Secret Tips Granada. You can download those tips completely for free. We will introduce you to one of the oldest tapas bars in Granada. Also we will show you a quirky-weird-fun bar, and the most precious views over the city.

As always, we keep it non-touristic. This here is not your tourist guide. We only show you 5 recommendations – by friends for friends. Also, we have local tips for Sevilla and 5 secret tips for Córdoba.

The historic city of Granada is unique in many ways. It is a must-visit destination when visiting the Andalusian cities of Sevilla and Córdoba. The majestic Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, is watching over the city while in the background the snowy top of the Sierra Nevada appears to finish the perfect scenery of Granada.

The city looks almost like a surrealistic painting. Seriously, Granada is always worth it a trip!

Get 5 Secret Tips Granada right here:

As said, this guide includes secret tips you get by local friends! And the 5 secret tips Granada are completely for free.

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Enjoy Granada and the best-kept secrets,

Let us give you a quick preview of the Granada secrets:

  1. The world at your feet – the most stunning view view all over Granada (+ the time when to go!)
  2. An authentic tapas place with locals – the oldest tapas bar in Granada?
  3. a bohemian, quirky old café/bar in style
  4. Delicious restaurant with Mediterranean food with special daily offers
  5. Mingle with the Locals in Albaicín (the old town)

Usually, we at Hostelgeeks only include 5 Secret tips in our Geeky Guides. However, for Granada we do an exception as we think it is important.

  1. Prepare your Granada trip in Advance. Why? You need to prebook your tickets for Alhambra. We’ll go into a few details in the guide.
  2. The most obvious things to do in Granada!

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Lemon Rock Granada, the only 5 Star Hostel in Granada

Looking for a Hostel in Granada? The Lemon Rock Granada is a great hostel and bar, located in new town. The Lemon Rock Granada comes in a vintage design. It is also a bar and concert venue, very popular among locals.

We had a very close look at Lemon Rock Granada. Why is it the only 5 Star Hostel in Granada? We will tell you why!

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Lemon Rock Granada

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