Mosaic House in Prague - 0% Emissions, Castle View and Karaoke

Mosaic House in Prague – 0% Emissions, Castle View and Karaoke

Update: Since 2020, Mosaic House is no longer a hostel. Mosaic House Design Hotel changed its concept and is now a Boutique Hotel.

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This review was written and updated back when the accommodation was as true hostel.

Ahh, fairytale Prague. The city is the stuff of dreams for hostel-goers, with seemingly endless options for your stay in the city. And even better: We found the top hostel recommendation for your stay in Prague. Mosaic House Prague is a unique Eco and Design Hostel in the new town. We have done the research, and we are very proud to present to you our one (and only!) 5 Star Hostel in Prague.

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  • Location Advantages of Mosaic House

    Mosaic House Prague is located right in the charmingly cool Nové Město (New Town), very near to the Old Town. There's a tram stop just around the corner, where you can catch a tram to whisk you away to any corner of the city you'd like to visit. Their website has a handy map showing you the best stuff to do around the hostel, including sights to see, places to eat and drink, and parks to explore. The location of Mosaic House Prague is in fact that great, we included 2 secret tips of our Geeky Guide right next to the hostel!

    Good to know: The old town of Prague is beautiful, no doubt! We personally do not think that staying in the old town is a top choice. The price for everything are higher, and it has a tourism flair rather than authentic Prague experience. We think staying in the New Town is the better and more local option!

    How to get here:

    You can get here easily by public transport which runs 24/7. The Mosaic House Prague created a quick guide on how to get to their Hostel without any hassle. Whether you arrive at the Airport in Prague, the main train station, or a bus station, Mosaic House got you covered.

    Full Address: 📍 Mosaic House, Odborů 278/4, 120 00 Prag 2, Tschechische Republik
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room, Twins, Superior Double Room with Terrace, Penthouse with Terrace, Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment, Deluxe Two Bedrooms Apartment, Deluxe Three Bedrooms Apartments, Private 4 Bed Dorm

    Shared Room Types available: 4 Bed Dorm, 6 Bed Dorm, 8 Bed Dorm, 16 Bed Dorm & 26 Bed Female Dorm

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Update: Since 2020, Mosaic House is no longer a hostel. Mosaic House Design Hotel changed its concept and is now a Boutique Hotel.

Welcome to the Mosaic House in Prague! When you arrive in the large reception area at Mosaic, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and you will notice the big common area with its very own stage.

The Photogenic Mosaic House and Prague

We are Hostelgeeks, your independent shortcut awarding hostels as 5 Star Hostels. Here is more hostels in the area you will love:

Same as all the 5 Star Hostels, Mosaic House isn’t your average accommodation. You’ll be aware of that fact as soon as you walk though the doors.

Update: We wrote a detailed guide to the 3 best hostels in Prague.

#1 in this list is of course: the only 5 Star Hostel!

Art and high-end hostel in Prague

This 5 Star Hostel also offers its own restaurant that’s buzzing with guests, a fantastic experienced team, and a whole lot of events going on such as Karaoke, Concerts and more at the mentioned stage.

Of course, one of the big factors that comes into play when you choose a hostel is its location, right?!

Mosaic House is in a great spot right in the center of the New Town in Prague.

It’s in the midst of a huge choice of enticing restaurants, cafés, and bars.

We personally checked them out (we take our research very seriously!) and have the results of our careful investigation.

Find them in our Geeky Guide with 7 Secret Tips for Prague – we’re sure you’ll love them!

Also, if you love unique experiences, have a look on how we saved Prague and the Czech Republic thanks to the Escape Room Nuclear Bunker.

Mosaic House Prague is green! In fact, it is the greenest Hostel in Czech Republic and beyond!

Before we get started with the full review, we wanted to show you this 2:40 Minutes video.

It is well-made video giving you an idea of the whole hostel From its interior design, the view from the terrace and atmosphere!

After watching this video, you want to stay here right away!

Watch: All cool hostel videos of the 5 Star Hostels.

Mosaic House in Prague in a Review:

That’s just to start with.

Let’s dive in and find out why Mosaic House is our top pick for a hostel in Prague.

1. Eco Pioneers: 0% Emissions, for real!

The sustainability of a hostel is one criteria to become a 5 Star Hostel.

It’s not often that a hostel can boast that it’s the first place in its entire country to do something, but the 5 Star Hostel in Prague can!

Their big emphasis on sustainability has been seriously groundbreaking in the Czech Republic.

Here are a just a few of the wonderful records they’ve earned:

  • The first water recycling system in the Czech Republic.
  • The first hostel in the Czech Republic that uses 100% renewable energy.
  • The first hostel in the Czech Republic to receive the BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” certification.
  • The second grey water system including heat recuperation in the entire world.
    (FYI, “grey water” refers to waste water from anywhere but the toilet. Think waste water from sinks, showers, washing machines, etc.)

Eco Boutique shampoo - design details at Mosaic House in Prague

Staircase at Mosaic House Hostel

Mosaic House Prague is filled with all sorts of passive and active ways to be kind of the earth, from energy saving light bulbs and solar panels on the roof.

They’ve even got an interactive gallery with videos, and graphs about how much energy they save.

Nerdy and Geeky – we love that!

2. Modern Design Hostel Among Old World Charm

Prague’s old world charm draws flocks of visitors every year.

But what lots of tourists may not know about the city is that its design scene is seriously thriving right now.

And Mosaic Hostel is all about design and art.

It’s built in a boxy structure that dates back to the 1930s.

The only 5 Star Hostel in Prague: Mosaic House

When the hostel was created the architects gave it a fresh new feel with elegant new spaces.

They also restored the original theater and stained glass, both of which you can spot in the La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE.

Each one of the private rooms has a unique touch of something artsy, like a special painting, a quirky photograph, or a stylish wall decor.

Don’t miss the chance to test out the very chic cup chairs either!

The dorms are a bit more simple in style but still modern and chic. It’s not pretentious – it’s just cool. You get the mix of hotel-level comfort with the relaxed vibes of a hostel.

Wondering what’s the difference between the hostel room types?

We wrote up a full article to let you know what you’ve to consider.

3. Wait – There’s a Stage Too? Uniqueness

So you know how we were saying that this isn’t your average hostel? Well, how many hostels can you think of that come with their very own stage?

The experienced team are all about letting their guests enjoy the hostel 100%, and to help that happen they make a big effort to put on all sorts of unique events (some which take advantage of their awesome stage).

Their approach is proof that there’s no need for compromise between a design hostel and having fun.

The entrance to a great hostel experience: Mosaic Hostel

The stage area can hold up to 250 people, so naturally, the space is used for big parties and cool concerts.

There’s live entertainment every night until 2 a.m. in La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE.

Ask the staff what’s on!

That’s not to say it’s all party all the time here though. There are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the hostel.

Did we mention its gorgeous view to Prague’s castle?

Some of the private rooms and the apartments have this stunning view.

Make sure you packed your backpack accordingly.

Our hostel packing list will help you, highlighting 23 items not to miss.

Check In! This is the reception area of Mosaic House and the entrance of La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE

Lounge at Mosaic House

4. Get Connected – Karaoke, Concerts, Fashion Shows

Creating new connections and friendships is one of our favorite parts of travel, and it’s super easy to do at Mosaic House.

Like we said, there’s always something going on here, whether it’s a live band rocking the stage or a fashion show or even a corporate event.

The Mosaic House supports local bands and artists and gives them a place to perform.

La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE is the place to be for joining different gigs and live events.

The Mosaic House by Night

Mosaic House Prague - Eco Design Hostel with 5 Star Quality

They’ve got a second common area that’s perfect for travelers who are looking to kick back a bit more on their trip, where you can find stuff like Foosball to keep you occupied.

Check out the giant map of Prague on the wall here too, which is filled with excellent local tips and insider knowledge.

Check our our Secret guide to Prague!

The common areas and restaurant are spread out around the building, meaning that they’re separated just enough to let everyone enjoy the hostel in their own way.

This means travelers looking to sleep rather than stay up all night drinking Rihannaritas in the lounge can definitely get their shut-eye in – which is much appreciated!

It is great to have both options at Mosaic 5 Star Hostel!

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5. A Melting Pot of Staff

There are over 60 people working at Mosaic House from 14 different countries, who range in age from 18 to 60+.

While the staff who work at Mosaic House might be totally different from each other, they’re united in two common goals:

They love Prague and they’re enthusiastic about helping you love it, too!

The gorgeous view over Prague all the way to the famous castleArtsy touch! A private room at Mosaic House PraguePrivate bathroom at Mosaic House in Prague

While you’re staying here, do ask the staff for their own tips about what to do in the city. They’ve got some excellent secret hints to help you enjoy the city.

They may also invite you along to one of their many social events.

The staff love to go out together, including karaoke sessions, quiz nights, and retro video disco parties!

They will also be sure to help you with anything you need during your stay, including finding a cool route to go running, figuring out how to get to a pharmacy, or discovering the best local eats.

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