Journey with Me: Kelly Diggle’s Odyssey from England to Everywhere

Hello, fellow travelers and curious souls! I’m Kelly Diggle, a wanderer at heart, storyteller by trade, and your guide to the hidden gems and hostel havens of the world. Born under the grey skies of England, my childhood was a mosaic of moves that instilled in me an insatiable itch for exploration. By 17, I was navigating the wild terrains of Botswana, a journey that marked the beginning of my love affair with the world’s vast cultures, stunning landscapes, and the simple beauty of nomadic life.

Rejecting the conventional path wasn’t a choice; it was a calling. The thought of a 9-5 life, tethered to a single spot, felt akin to caging a bird meant to fly. So, I spread my wings, diving headfirst into an odyssey that has taken me from the majestic Dolomites to the bustling streets of Beijing, and from the rugged coasts of Australia to the serene fjords of Norway. Each destination was not just a place to visit but a new chapter in my ever-evolving story.

At Hostelgeeks, I’ve found a way to merge my passion for travel with my knack for storytelling. My journey with Hostelgeeks began at its dawn, and together, we’ve grown, exploring the world’s corners and showcasing the crème de la crème of hostels worldwide. Here, I’m not just a content creator; I’m a collector of experiences, sharing my discoveries and the lessons learned on the road. My aim? To guide you to the world’s finest hostels, unravel the mysteries of each city with insider tips, and reveal the joy of travel that doesn’t break the bank.

From Words to Wonders: My New Path

While I no longer write actively for Hostelgeeks, the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of happiness through simplicity continue to guide me.

I’ve stepped back from actively writing to immerse myself in a new form of expression: creating handmade art.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of New Zealand, I now spend my days crafting pieces that reflect the pure, untouched essence of nature itself. My art is as straightforward and genuine as the materials I use—no boiling, no dyes, just 100% natural beauty.

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