Wallyard Concept Hostel - 100% Berlin and Mama's breakfast (+5% promo code)

Wallyard Concept Hostel – 100% Berlin and Mama’s breakfast in Hipsters Paradise

The WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL is a stylish Boutique Hostel, combining an industrial design with the hipster vibe of Berlin. WALLYARD (as we call it for short) goes beyond simply putting together a stylish-looking hostel - It is a lifestyle. The hostel appeals to the modern traveler, looking for a unique accommodation matching the desires of the new generation of travelers.


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And not just that. We noticed something even better!

The WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL reflects the typical and modern Berlin from the bottom to the top.

It is located in a former factory and when you sit down in the morning to have your good morning sip of coffee, you will notice a couple of things.

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The lounge and breakfast spot at Wallyard Concept Hostel

The mom of the two owners prepares a very delicious breakfast (Mama’s Breakfast Olé!), the bare walls fit great with the black benches and hanging lamps, and last but not least: there is still an old machine lingering under the ceiling.

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WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL in Berlin is an epic hostel, because…

Back in October 2014, Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin opened its doors.

Within no time, the hostel proved to be a stylish design-conscious hostel with a social and warm atmosphere.

As always, here at Hostelgeeks, we had a close look at the whole building and lifestyle. Join us on our full review.

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1. Run by a family, passion, and heart

The accommodation is up to the highest German standards in terms of isolation and Eco-friendly in-house installations.

As always, we have an eye on the sustainable and Eco-friendly efforts of the hostel.

There was no need to actually have a very close look at these things.

They evidently tick all the boxes.

„For me, sustainability refers always to supporting local economy and local business. This is what makes the difference“


This fabulous boutique Hostel in Berlin aims to provide local information and to support the local community!

True indeed.

Same as our travel guides, every recommendation you get at WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL is out of the box.

Whether you fancy a cool coffee place, some rural old DDR-styled bar or some hip clubs for the local Berliner, the Wallyard team is the one you should be asking.

The team loves to join up with local, small businesses to offer their guests some true Berlin experience.

Needless to say, they also know all the need-to-know tourist spots in the city.

The facade of Wallyard Concept Hostel

Back to the sustainable factor.

Especially as there are so many hostels in Berlin, it is inspiring and great to see that this top hostel is run by a local Berlin family and passionate team.

This place could not be any more Berlin-like!

Last but not least, the property has its own bike rental.

Highly recommended exploring Berlin.

2. Design Hostel in Berlinish Loft Style

You already noticed the hip design, didn’t you?

WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL comes in a modern design, combining boutique with Berlin Hipster and industrial design.

Just by having a glimpse at the hostels interior, you can tell the responsible designers are from Berlin.

Wallyard Concept Hostel is the only 5 Star Hostel in Berlin

The building is a former factory and same as Berlin as a city itself, you will still find contemporary witnesses.

On the ceiling in the hostel lounge you will notice some old machines from the former factory.

Instead of removing these, the designers decided to keep them and mix them up with the numerous lamp cables hanging from the ceiling.

Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin, a Lifestyle Hipster Hostel

The boxy reception desk, same as the buffet desk are made out of black glazed tiles and the green, small plants throughout the lounge are not plastic, nope!

At the beautiful design hostel in Berlin everything is real and authentic.

Sure, real flowers require more attention, but after all, the hostel is all about the details.

Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin, a Lifestyle Hipster Hostel

We arrived late to Berlin and the hostel, it was already dark outside.

When entering our room, we put on the industrial lights hanging from the ceiling – same as in the lobby.

The dimmed light adds a warm and cosy feeling to the sleeping room.

In the very first moment the dimmed light is surprising as it is not common at hostels, right?!

We at Hostelgeeks really liked it!

After all, this is the sleeping area, a complete illuminated room is not at all necessary.

Wallyard offers private accommodation as well as shared dorms.

Also, they have female-only dorms for the female travelers around us.

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The Lounge at Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin

3. Unique: 100% Berlin Vibe & Concept

If you have already been to Berlin, you are familiar with the unique vibe of the German capital.

Remember, that not too long ago, this city was divided into two different political worlds by a thick wall, barbed wire fences and armed watch towers.

Since the fall of the wall, Berlin built up the former east-side and became an international city with a special vibe.

Detailed, clean design at Wallyard Concept Hostel

The accommodation is a concept store turned into a hostel, appealing to a certain lifestyle.

When you wake up in the morning and walk in the lounge to have your breakfast, you will be greeted with the smile of the mom of the two owners.

Mama will prepare you a yummy breakfast to get your day started like a boss!

Seriously, this is how every day should start, no doubt.

Mama's Breakfast, this is how a day should always start!

There are also numerous events taking place.

In summer, the backyard is used for concerts by local bands, DJs, BBQs, and other such events.

The backyard is called „Wallyard“ as it is a former parking spot with a big wall behind. This is where the name for the hostel comes from.

In winter, the events are moved inside.

4. Berlin-ish Social Lifestyle

Alright then, the Wallyard looks stunning, but what about the social part?

Can you meet people and mingle with travelers?

Ja!!!…I mean, yes!

Besides experiencing an extremely good-looking style, it is also a social place and it starts with the breakfast, prepared lovingly by the mom of the two owners.

People love her charming and caring character delivered with a smile, the delicious coffee and waffles with Nutella – this is how a good day should start, right?!

And yes, in case you’re wondering, it is real Nutella.

Bonjour Berlin, time to explore!

We love to wake up early!

As we were sitting down in the lounge, enjoying our breakfast, more guests came in and sat down next to us.

As it turns out: the one guy we were talking to was the neighbor!

He loves to stop by to enjoy the breakfast, and he claims the hostel serves some of the best coffee in all Berlin.

We agree!

The vintage-styled breakfast tables in the lounge can be found on the left-hand side.

The three tables are separated just a little, so they give enough privacy if you prefer to have your breakfast by your own, or start chatting with the others.

During our stay, we joined a DJ session.

It is a very easy-going atmosphere, people chatting, sharing and having a drink from the refrigerator.

We talked with Mengying, a solo-female traveler from China, currently backpacking Europe.

She shared some of her stories with us, and we were happy to help her out with the next awesome hostels she would stay at – obvious, right?!

We ended up talking about languages and Ming showed us how to write „Hostelgeeks“ in mandarin.

Wallyard Concept Hostel in Chinese

5. Passionate staff and secret tips

Last but not least, the staff makes a big difference.

Even when a hostel has the greatest design on mother earth, bad staff can ruin the whole hostel experience.

Have you ever noticed anything alike?

At WALLYARD we felt welcomed from the moment we opened the white glass door and walked towards the reception.

Greeted with a big smile, you can tell the workers here truly enjoy their job.

They talk to the people like good ol’ friends, giving you recommendations for Berlin outside the box.

Whilst Matt was having a drink with Brian, a solo-traveler from France, the young receptionist came over with the words „I will hang out with you guys, if that’s okay? What did you do today?“.

Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin, a Lifestyle Hipster Hostel

Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin, a Lifestyle Hipster Hostel


It is not just us attesting that the hostel team does a superb job: travelers reviewing the WALLYARD CONCEPT HOSTEL on major booking platforms also always mention the lovely staff.

And for sure, always the mom preparing these delicious breakfasts!

Let’s put it in a simple way: Wallyward Concept Hostel rocks!

You will love the design, the people, the vibes, and most of all the breakfast.


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