5 Hidden Gems in Rome, Italy
Photo by Joshua Earle

5 Secret Tips for Rome (we actually lived here and share our local secrets)

Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City! The Italian capital is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and you can imagine there are many things to do including lots of tourist traps. Back when we lived in Rome, we enjoyed Pizza from the stone oven, drunk espresso out of tiny, old cups, and enjoyed the most delicious Gelato you can find in Rome!

We could not resist, and set up this travel Guide with 5 Secret Tips and hidden gems to Rome for you: Free, unique, and local!


Where can you get the best Pizza, a creamy Gelato, and where in Rome can I get a coffee for a reasonable price?

We at Hostelgeeks are keen and proud to share with you our 5 cool local things you can do in Rome! This way you can enjoy Rome at its fullest, and get to know the local places! We included a few unique tours on Airbnb experiences as well.

We also put together 5 non-touristic things to do in Florence, and 5 tips to discover the hidden Venice. If you are more into hidden gems as destinations, you should take a look at Bologna. Bologna is one of our favorite hidden gems in Europe.

5 Secret Things to do in Rome, Italy

This guide with the best secrets to Rome is completely for free. All you have to do is typing in your email and name.

We will then send you over the secret things to in Rome via email.

Enjoy Rome!

Our secret tips for Rome include:

  1. get a magic view – seriously unique in Rome
  2. a 100% local pizza to taste the Pizza Rome has to offer
  3. simply the best café and cappuccino in Rome (go now, thank us later!)
  4. a place to enjoy the Italian Aperitivo with locals
  5. a relaxing paradise in the heart of Rome
  6. Extra Tip: The most creamy and mouth-watering Gelato in Rome

We hope you will enjoy the travel guide of Rome, and the city itself.

When checking out the secret tips Rome, feel free to tag us on Instagram. We always love to see travel photos!

The Must do’s in Rome

Wanna list of the Must-do in Rome? Here you have:

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