So you are heading to Florence, Italy? There are so many awesome and fun things to do in Florence, Italy. We created this secret guide to give you access to the best activities we've enjoyed here.

On top of that, here are the 3 top things to do in Florence, Italy.

For some of these activities you HAVE to get your ticket in advance. Don't miss this!

Are you tired of touristic tips? We are! This is why we created the 5 cool things to do in Florence! You can get them only right here, only with us. Make sure you check out as well our secret tips Rome, travel tips for Bologna, and last but not least our 5 tips to discover the hidden Venice.

Florence is marvelous and so many things to see. But, as you already know, Florence is a popular tourist destination. We are Anna&Matt, the Hostelgeeks. We love to share with you always authentic travel tips. And so we share with you as well our non touristy things to do in Florence. You won’t find the David statue on our guide or the Ponte Vecchio, obviously.

Thanks to a local friend (living there since 2009), we discovered the non-touristy part. This includes small cafés to chill, local pizza places, and ice cream. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Do you want the Non-Touristy Things to Do in Florence?

If you are bored (or even sick) of touristic guides, then this guide is your solution. Simply type in your name and email. We will then send you the guide right to your inbox. Then you can also use it offline!

Enjoy the non-touristy Florence,

We will show you following hidden gems:

  1. Who wants a local pizza? Cheap and super delicious!
  2. Get a café/ smoothie here and enjoy a different view to Ponte Vecchio
  3. Vegan gelateria, lounge to chill, and even small events
  4. An unusual (and unexpected) thing to do in Florence
  5. Artsy café with great coffee and Panini

Additionally, we will give you some basic introduction to Florence. This includes public toilets, lots of espressos, and the best way to get around.

How about a preview of the Non Touristy Florence?

Alright alright…you are curious, we get it!

This is the café in Florence we recommend. Besides great coffee and delicious Paninis (and other snacks), this place is an artistic place to enjoy.

Non Touristy Things to Do in Florence

This one is our favorite Pizza we had in Florence. We even talked to the pizzaiolo. He told us, they make around 800 Pizzas a day. Experts, mhm?! You will love it.

Non Touristy Things to Do in Florence? Get the best Pizza in town

Also, we recommend you an unusual thing to do in Florence. If you want to know what that is, type in your email and name above, and download the non touristic things to do in Florence. Here is a hint what you can expect…

Street Art in Florence - Non Touristy Things to Do in Florence

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Bologna is certainly one of our favorite hidden gems in Europe. Stunning food, local prices, great vibes. Travel to Bologna, thank us later! You can find our 5 secret travel tips to Bologna here. Remember, we have also guides for Rome, and even Venice.

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More FUN Things to do in Florence, Italy

Enjoy our guide to Florence, Italy, you will love it! If you got more questions, please send us an email.

And remember: For the main sights and activities you HAVE to get your ticket in advance. Don't miss this!

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