Casa Pepe, the best hostel in Mexico City

Casa Pepe in Mexico City – The Fusion of Luxury and Backpacking

Casa Pepe is a one of a kind boutique hostel in Mexico City, and of course the one and only 5 Star Hostel. It’s the perfect choice for travellers looking for a cultural hub with all the comforts of a modern, affordable hostel.

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  • Location Advantage

    The location of Casa Pepe Boutique Hostel is perfect!

    It is great area to discover Downtown of México, “El Centro Histórico”. To help you feel relaxed at being right in the center, there is 24h security. That is always good to know!

    The main square, Plaza del Zocalo, and the cathedral are only 100m away. Also a big plus, you have the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico right around the corner. There is many sights nearby.

    Full Address: 📍 Casa Pepe, Casa Pepe Hostel Boutique, República de Uruguay, Historic center of Mexico City, Centro, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
  • All room types at Casa Pepe 🛌🏾

    Private Room Types available: Family room with ensuite facilities, Deluxe queen with ensuite facilities, Superior Apartment king

    Shared Room Types available: 8-bed Dorm Room, 6-bed Dorm, Female 8-bed Dorm

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Start your day with a fresh fruit breakfast at Casa Pepe. Join a free walking tour during the day, and collapse in soft, cozy rooms at the end of it.

Sometimes we cannot believe these incredible hostels you can stay at nowadays. We love it to be overwhelmed by the awesomeness of a hostel – that’s certainly the feeling we got here, and you will too.

At Casa Pepe in Mexico City, all luxury rooms come with a private bathroom and premium bunk beds cease to shake. But of course, that’s not all.

You can expect a rooftop terrace with a bar and a swimming pool. You can expect a game’s room, a huge lounge to chill, luxury double rooms, and high-quality dormitories.

In this review, we share why Casa Pepe is your answer to where to stay in Mexico City in style and on a budget.

Update: Casa Pepe now opened a new, stunning Hostel in Puebla. Check out review of Casa Pepe Puebla here.

We love to help you organize your travels, that is why we collected also the best hostels in Mexico City. Obviously, Casa Pepe is included in this guide; right on the top as the #1 hostel in town.

Casa Pepe is a beautiful design hostel in Mexico City

The only 5 Star Hostel in Mexico City comes with plenty to space to recharge your own battery

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Your Bunk Bed with its own locker, privacy curtain as well as light and power socket. Remember to pack your travel adapter!

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Casa Pepe is awesome, because…

As always, we have tons to tell you about. There are many fine reasons to choose Casa Pepe, and we’re about to tell you all of them.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a hostel that cares about sustainability, has great design, a unique twist, awesome vibes and outstanding staff.


Soaking in the sun at the balcony at the Casa Pepe, the best hostel in Mexico City

1. Stay in Style and be Eco (because you can!)

If you enjoy local, you’ll certainly enjoy Casa Pepe.

For one thing, this hostel loves to support local tour providers. No doubt, the best way to kick-start your adventure in Mexico City is to join the free Mexicana walking tour.

Ask the friendly staff for more options, including the enjoyable Lucha Libre.

There is a system in place to reduce water by 50% of every shower you take.

Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t mean a time limit, just a maintained water pressure.

As for waste, your organic and non-organic waste will be separated. Alongside supporting the local tour providers, local artisans receive help from this particular accommodation. We know art lovers will surely appreciate the collaboration.

Best hostel in Mexico City, MexicoChoose betwen dorms or private rooms at the boutique hotel Casa Pepe in Mexico

Wanna splurge? Stay at the BEST hostel in all Mexico City; the double room at Casa Pepe

2. When a regular hostel is simply not enough

The hostel name, Casa Pepe, is based around José Vasconcelos’ view of Mexican identity. This chap was the father of the Mexican intellectual Revolution in the beginning of XX century.

An important philosopher, he also invented the Ministry of Education in Mexico.

‘Pepe’ was the nickname of José. Therefore, you’re welcome to relax at the ‘Home of Pepe’.

This is easy to do when you collapse in the awesome hanging hammock above the common area. Yep, literally!

Enjoy a magical rooftop which offers beer and a pool. Cool down in the pool, watch a film or practice your yoga if that’s more your thing. The spaces at Casa Pepe will surely please all types of personalities.

Best hostel in Mexico City - Casa Pepe

Refresh at the pool at Casa Pepe, Mexico City

Yoga classes at Casa Pepe, Mexico City

3. Casa Pepe is Unique

No doubt, you’ve come across a hostel on your travels that has forgotten about even the most basic hospitality.

This includes the 3 Bs:

  • Bed
  • Bath and
  • Breakfast

You can find these 3 basic points taken to a quality level here.

For one thing, breakfast is included, and the beds are seriously comfy, no matter which room you choose.

There is actually a fourth B at Casa Pepe. Beat!

All guests can enjoy adventure and the meeting of new people here thanks to the numerous activities.

It’s often the people you meet that really get the heart beating, after all.

Relax at the rooftop at Casa Pepe, a design boutique hostel in Mexico

Wanna play a game? Join the game nights at Casa Pepe and meet your fellow hostel mates Luxury at Casa Pepe, the only 5 Star Hostel in Mexico City

Dorm at Casa Pepe, the coolest hostel in Mexico City

Luxury Bunk Beds at Casa Pepe in Mexico City

4. 7 Free Activities and Mario Kart

Calling all social butterflies and curious cats! Casa Pepe has at least 4 activities per day on offer, which are perfect for meeting people.

Can you imagine?! No need to, it’s happening.

Every week there are more than 24 tours on offer.

For those looking to save money, we suggest joining the free walking tour. There are also 7 free activities every night!

Honestly, there’s no chance of getting bored here. Not when you have:

  • Mario Kart 64
  • Trips to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan
  • Salsa lessons
  • Lucha Libre experience

Every Saturday, the rooftop comes alive and is the place to be in Mexico City.

The best national DJs play to bring the pool party alive.

Having fun at the best hostel in Mexico City, Casa Pepe

Join the fun activities at Casa Pepe

5. Los Pepes Family

As a collective, the staff at Casa Pepe are known as “Los Pepes”. It’s more like a family, as opposed to a bunch of randoms thrown together.

Even the security guard and night receptionist are considered as part of the team – exactly how it should be.

More than 40 Pepes are waiting to make you laugh and enlighten you on what Mexico City has to offer.

Delicious food at the great hostel in Mexico City Casa Pepe

Ask the staff at Casa Pepe for recommendations

Last but not least, we have found a great video taking you around this beautiful hostel.

The video about Casa Pepe is in Spanish; a good chance to get your Spanish language going. You can also turn on English subtitles.

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