14 Gorgeous Coffee Shops in Da Nang, Vietnam (Daily Design Shot and WiFi fast as lightning)

12 Gorgeous Coffee Shops in Da Nang, Vietnam (Daily Design Shot and WiFi fast as lightning)

Vietnam has a strong and deep coffee culture. And Da Nang is no exception here. There are many beautiful coffee shops in Da Nang.

But, where are the best Coffee shops in Da Nang?

While visiting the city for more than two weeks, we had to check out several places.

We stayed at Memory Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Da Nang. We had a few questions that needed answers.

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(This is not a tourist guide)

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Where is the best coffee in Da Nang?

What are the best places to work?

And what’s the most gorgeous Design Café in Da Nang?

It was not easy – at first. Once we got in the groove, we discovered so many coffee hubs.

Many coffee places in Da Nang come only with low, small tables and tiny chairs.

Looking for a place where also working was comfortable was not as easy as you might think.

Since we are working on the road for you, our dear reader, we wanted to find coffee shops in Da Nang with awesome WiFi and to fix our daily design shot. We prefer smaller coffee shops over CoWorking spaces.

That being said, there are a few CoWorking spaces in Da Nang. Just ask Mr. Google.

This is our ultimate list of design-led coffee shops in Da Nang, perfect for Digital Nomads and coffee lovers.

Some of them offer as well yummy food like banana pancakes.

We collected also:

List of Best coffee shops in Da Nang

We cover in this guide:

  1. Golem Coffee Shop
  2. BonPas Bakery & Coffee
  3. Joy Box (former 85 Design Cafe)
  4. Hide Out Café
  5. Memory Hostel Café
  6. 43 Factory
  7. Boulevard Gelato and Coffee
  8. Cong Caphe
  9. Sugar & Spice
  10. Six on Six Café
  11. Pool House
  12. Bookaholic Hostel and Café
  13. Cloud Garden
  14. Den Da Coffee (closed)
  15. Full map with all cafés on it
  16. How to use this guide

So again, we spent more than two weeks in this city.

Da Nang is a perfect hub to experience modern Vietnam. It gives you an idea where the country stands and where it is heading. It’s more authentic than bustling Ho Chi Minh City, and less rough than the capital of Hanoi.

Also, it is the bigger brother of Hoi An. And although Da Nang offers a lot of cool things to do, Hoi An outshines it with its beauty and fame.

We felt instantly welcome and home in Da Nang.

Somehow, it is a tiny Vietnamese version of Barcelona. I can’t really pin down why, but there was this special vibe.

Things to do in Da Nang, Vietnam

However, let us talk about the best cafes in Da Nang.

The order of the coffee shops is random. I enjoyed all of them. And yet, I have 3 favorite coffee places here.

My top 3 cafes are mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Just take a cup, and fill it with coffee to get in the mood for a great day out. This article is also perfect for coffee shop design.

1. Golem Coffee

Just a few steps away from Memory Hostel in the city center, we’ve discovered the Golem Coffee by chance.

We simply walked by and saw the small, cute entrance with the sign:

„Coffee and board games“

You had us at coffee…and board games.

We are simple people, really!

The coffee quality is very good and they offer a vary of different choices:

from traditional Vietnamese-style coffee to Latte and Cappuccino.

It is also a great place for the night to hang out with your new friends at Memory Hostel.

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Working and having fun at Golem Cafe, Da Nang
Working and having fun at Golem Cafe, Da Nang

2. BonPas Bakery & Coffee

Another one we found by chance. We were driving to the super cool Dragon Bridge and instantly had to stop when we saw this place.

The coffee shop is more a bakery shop than a Coffee place.

Coffee was okay, but we had better. They have also pastries. There is two of them, please refer to the map below.

If you are looking for great coffee, just choose any other place from our list.

BonPas Bakery & Coffee

Talking about Dragon Bridge, did you know that the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spits real fire?

Here is our video. In our review of Memory Hostel you can find more details.

And FYI: From the roof top terrace at Memory Hostel you can spot the Dragon Bridge. PRETTY AWESOME!

The view from the roof top terrace at Memory Hostel

A traveler enjoying Memory Hostel with the Dragon Bridge in the background

3. Joy Box (former 85 Design Cafe)

Update: 85 Design Café is now called Joy Box. Still awesome, same location! I will keep referring to it as “85 Cafe”

Ladies and Gentlemen, after my favorite Coffee shop in Barcelona, I finally found my favorite Coffee shop in Da Nang:

 Cafe 85 Design is an absolute dream!

The 85 Design Cafe is build out of 4 former shipping containers, put together to a piece of art and design.

This is an exceptionable piece of coffee shop design.

They even included a pond with fishes and you can either sit outside in the sun, on the terrace or in side the air-conditioned containers.

Coffee quality? Top!

Café 85 Design is in the list of my top Coffee places.

A bit of a sad story: I found this place on my last night in Da Nang. We got lost in New Town, and drove-by with the motorbikes. We obviously stopped, checked it out and went for the next day to have a coffee.

Maybe it’s a good thing I found it so late. Otherwise I might have stopped looking for more awesome places in Da Nang.

12 Gorgeous Coffee Shops in Da Nang, Vietnam (Daily Design Shot and WiFi fast as lightning)

One of the best coffee places in Da Nang
4 Shipping Containers, creamy coffee and a fish pond: 85 Café design

4. Hide Out Café

Our absolute favorite! Tucked away in a small one-way street, you will only come across this place on this guide – or some other guide. Chances are seriously small you will walk by here.

The coffee is one of the best in town, reasonable prices and great staff.

Many digital nomads love to come here to get their work done. WiFi is quick! Even Vietnamese families come here, and we have even seen Tinder dates here. So if you are looking for a small, cute café for having a date, come here.

Our favorite drinks here are Latte and Coconut Coffee. ENJOY!

Good to know: The food here is excellent too! Try the Eggs Benedict or Banana Pancakes. Super Tasty!

Hideout Café; one of the best cafes to work in Da Nang Hideout in Da Nang, Vietnam

5. Memory Hostel Café

Memory Hostel is not just a 5 Star Hostel with a roof-top terrace anymore.

It is also now: A coffee house!

The reception desk moved from the 1st floor to the 2nd to make space for coffee lovers.

And it has become one of the best Coffee Shops in Da Nang already.

After endless requests if that cool-looking lobby is a café, the team finally opened one.

Get high-end café with local products and have a seat. You will love it!

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Cup of coffee at Memory Hostel Da Nang

Relax at Memory Hostel common area, Da Nang, Vietnam

Good to know: just across Memory Hostel you will find a tiny Banh Mi shop.

The owners speaks a bit of English, he’s super nice and ready to prepare a tasty Banh Mi for you.

Starting the day with delicious Bhan Ni in Da Nang. This is the little street wagon in front of Memory Hostel
Starting the day with delicious Banh Ni in Da Nang. This is the little street wagon in front of Memory Hostel

6. 43 Factory (WOW!!!)

Probably the hippest coffee on this list.

When walking by, the building already pops out. They have a bit of water, like a pond surrounding the building.

These are the coffee nerds of Da Nang too.

It is seriously a coffee factory, brewing coffee like a boss. It feels like they would handpick every single coffee bean.

They long tables are great for digital nomads too.

43 Factory is the most expensive café on this list. A (great) cup of coffee costs here around 75.000 Dong.

You always have to order on the counter and pay directly. It’s really my own preference, but I rather pay my bills when leaving.

Anyway, a wonderful place, come here!

It is also an amazing place for digital nomads in Da Nang!

Best Coffee Shops in Da Nang for Digital Nomads 43 Factory in Da Nang from the outside

7. Boulevard Gelato and Coffee

Boulevard Gelato is also right around the corner of Memory Hostel and therefore downtown.

You can have a creamy café latte and even homemade ice cream – delicious!

The Cafés are quite big here, by far the biggest we got in all Da Nang.

Also, the design is pretty awesome and quite nerdy.

They have a big keyboard on the wall.

Well, just have a look:

Boulevard Gelato and Coffee

8. Cong Caphe

The Cong Caphe is a chain of coffee shops, dotted across Vietnam.

We are big fans which is surprising as we usually do not visit chains.

However, Cong Caphe in Hanoi and the Cong Caphe in Da Nang are absolutely fantastic. It’s a local chain with 5 stores from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

Great coffee, cool design and the workers here are 100% hipster-style.

Every hipster-barista in Europe would be jealous!

The Cong Caphe we visited in Hanoi is quite small and located right at the west-lake, so outside the hustle and bustle of the old quarter in Hanoi.

Cong Caphe Da Nang is only a 3 minutes walk from Memory Hostel, right at the river bank.

It has a lovely view directly over the river.

Good to know: They have different cafés. We even tried Ginger Coffee; super tasty!

Also cool: The baristas wear hipster kind of fashion, in a Vietcong style, I’d say. The y also sell their own merchandising, like t shirts, pullovers, notebooks.

Needless to say, I am the proud owner of one of their notebooks…

9. Sugar & Spice

The entrance is quite small, yet the Sugar&Spice actually comes with 3 different floors of space to choose from.

Just keep walking up and have a seat.

They obviously have a passion for cool quotes.

They printed out their favorite ones, so it’s a cool spot as well to take some instagram shots.

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Getting inspired at Coffee and spicy in Da Nang, Vietnam

10. Six on Six Café

Cute little garden with a terrace, balcony as well as interior-option to sit down. The WiFi was fast as lightning.

The coffee quality at Six on Six was just great.

With smooth music in the background and fast WiFi, a great place to work for Digital Nomads in Da Nang.

The Six on Six is located fairly outside the city center, but actually close to the beach as well.

Looking for the best Coffee shops in Da Nang? We got you covered!
This coffee is a piece of heaven

11. Pool House in a Luxury Resort

Have a coffee in a luxury resort – with the beach in front and swimming pools next to you.

We head over to Pool House in the Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort.

You can just come here and ask for the pool house to have a coffee.

Sure, the coffee is more pricey than other cafés in this list, but it is certainly a worth it experience.

Fast WiFi, great coffee quality and last but not least: Super-friendly and fun staff!

Not many digital nomads come here, at all. The staff was curious about what we were doing, we ended up chatting with them a lot. You can also use the swimming pool, and you are just a step away from the beach.

Add a bit of luxury to your morning coffee cup in a resort in Da Nang, Vietnam
Add a bit of luxury to your morning coffee cup in a resort in Da Nang, Vietnam

12. Bookaholic Hostel

Last but not least, we have found another lovely hostel with an in-house coffee shop.

The Bookaholic Hostel is covered with books and lovely quotes around the topic.

A true bookaholic! A coffee always goes great with a good book, don’t you think?

You can come over just for a coffee.

Love you a Latte - Bookaholic Coffee Shop

13. Cloud Garden

A small paradise with a pond and cute design touches!

Cloudy Garden is a perfect coffee place to rest, have a coffee, read a book or work.

The barista always surprised us with a new design in the coffee cream itself.

You can tell, they really now what they are doing here!

The only downside: Unfortunately the staff sometimes loves to turn up the music.

It can be quite loud if you want to concentrate to work actually, which I personally do not like that much in a coffee shop. But again, just my opinion.

We went back here over an over again, we’ve probably spent most of our time here. So, actually, it couldn’t have been that bad! 🙂

Update: End of 2018 they had constructions, and are now a bit smaller. Still an awesome place, one of our favorites.

Cloud Cafe, one of the Best Coffee shops in Da Nang
Cloud Cafe, one of the Best Coffee shops in Da Nang

14. Den Da Coffee (closed!)

Update: Unfortunately Den Da Coffee is no longer open. We will leave it in this guide anyways, since it was a really beautiful place.

Located just across the street from Memory Hostel you can get a delicious Bhan My (a traditional Vietnamese sandwich).

Actually, that’s not what I wanted to mention…but keep it in mind when you’re hungry!

Just across the street from Memory Hostel you have the beautiful Den Da Café.

It is designed like a book store and has plenty of options to have a seat as it’s quite spacious.

You can either go up and find a seat next to the book wall. The tree right in the café is another highlight.

What about the coffee quality, I hear you ask?

GREAT! The coffee was creamy and fairly priced.

Den Da Coffee

Map with all top coffee shops Da Nang

Alright, so here you have it. You are ready to go and get your caffeine kick.

Please always refer to the map below for the location of the coffee shops. Not all places are on Google Maps or Maps.me. It can be quite confusing.

Best way to get here is with your own motorbike.

About this Guide

The first time we traveled to Da Nang was back in 2017. Good times.

We got back only 1 1/2 years later to realize, few of the coffee shops changed their name, closed down, changed design etc.

Therefore, we updated this guide and we will keep it up to date as best as we can. And, please, you can help too. If you see anything new, please leave a comment below. Feel free to promote your own, great coffee place or your favorite café in town. Thank you so much!

Good to know: Please look up the location before you go to avoid any confusion about location. It happened to us in Da Nang. Look it up, mark it in the map and go.

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Wrap it up: The BEST Coffee shops in Da Nang

So here you have it, the ultimate list of design coffee shops in Da Nang. There are many things to do in Dang. Going for a cup of coffee is one of the list.

COMING SOON: Our full list for Things to do in Da Nang. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.

My absolutely favorites cafés in Da Nang are:

Here you have all the mentioned coffee places in a map. Some of them are not easy to find. You can rent a scooter for a few $.

Do you want to know HOW we find design-led coffee shops around the world?

Check out our article „How to find Design Cafés with 4 simple hacks“.

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On our journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, we have experienced so many wonderful things.

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Do you have any questions on the cafes in Da Nang?

Or maybe the Memory Hostel in DaNang?

You also know another awesome cafe we should add? Drop us a line in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

Safe travels and happy coffee sipping,
The Hostelgeeks

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