Short Travel Stories

We love good travel stories! We want to keep it simple and to the point. Therefore, every Short Travel Story is written in less than 200 words.

Real-life Travel Stories (less than 30 seconds)

Every traveler has their own unique story he or she loves to share. It is one big important part of the travel experience.

Whether it is a funny or special story about a hostel experience, or an interesting adventure on the road. Hostelgeeks features unique stories from backpackers and travelers from around the world.

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Hardcover Books with Crazy and Fun Travel Tales

A great story belongs in a book. We had a look around and found a bunch of very interesting travel books you will love too.

Especially “How not to travel the world” by Lauren Juliff will make you want to travel the world even more. With little to no life experience like never riding a bus or even eaten beans, she goes out to explore the world. She shares her failures, her travel mistakes of full of bad luck and near-death experiences. Lauren was scammed, assaulted, caught up in a tsunami, had the brakes of her motorbike fail.

How Not to Travel The World is about following your dreams, no matter how many curveballs life throws at you. It is about learning to get out of your comfort zone, finding the humour in messed up situations, and falling in love with life on the road.

Funny and Crazy Travel Stories

When travelling the world, you will live beautiful, weird, unique and other experiences you would not believe. Bring your own travel journal and take your notes. Get your own travel journal sketchbook and simply use an app like Polarsteps. Find here our guide to best travel apps in 2021.

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Books with Crazy and Fun Stories in Hardcover

For even more beautiful travel stories, check out the following books:

How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker
A Thousand New Beginnings: Tales of Solo Female Travel Through Southeast Asia
 Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World