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Creepy Then Heartwarming! My Sweetest Compliment in London

Creepy Then Heartwarming! My Sweetest Compliment in London

“London is full of surprises – and so are fast-moving big cities in general. During my year in England’s capital, there was one situation that totally overwhelmed me. I was on a train to London Bridge and a guy was looking at me. I felt uncomfortable at first but what happened next blew my mind. He stood up to alight at the next station, looked back at me, gave me the sweetest smile and said: “I know this might sound a bit random but I just wanted to let you know you look stunning. Have a lovely day.“ He didn’t say it in a weird, creepy way he was just speaking his mind – obviously – and making my day by doing so. Moments like this let fast-moving cities freeze for a while.“

From Hell to Heli-pads

From monkeys climbing on my head to sleeping on train floors to cocktails on top of the world... Travelling gives you the greatest opportunities and the weirdes... Read More...
Gambia and my favorite part of it: The Children!

Gambia and my favorite part of it: The Children!

“During my trip to Gambia I found a lot of beautiful beaches and landscapes, but my favorite thing about one of Africa's smallest country is its people...specially the children! They love to ask you to teach them things and some of then even learned how to do the rock sign!“