5 Local Things To Do in Istanbul – No tourist guide!

Istanbul is one of the largest city of Europe and the world, and the bridge between Asia and Europe. There are many things to do at the Bosporus, culture to discover, and history to experience. For a city this size you surely need to know where to go to find the secret spots, enjoying the Turkish culture.

We at Hostelgeeks put together in cooperation with #Bunk Taksim a Geeky Guide Istanbul, featuring 5 unique local recommendations for Istanbul. Sounds awesome? Indeed! The Geeky Guide is completely for free and includes our secret tips to get to know Istanbul by heart off the beaten path!

Get the best 5 Local Things to Do in Istanbul for free!

This Geeky Guide Istanbul includes:

  1. The most delicious Bistro for a local price with magnificent views
  2. Super local! Our favorite authentic restaurant with Ottoman imperial kitchen
  3. Shopping & hopping like the locals do
  4. Coffee shop with free workshops – what to learn about coffee?
  5. A cozy Lounge to hang out with locals with fruity cocktails and cold drinks

Cool Hostel Istanbul including a Lounge

Fancy the most awesome Hostel in Istanbul? We hear you! The Bunk Hostel Taksim with its stunning roof top lounge, and award-winning design! The hostel comes in a very modern yet traditional mix of design, and it is a almost a must to hang-out at their roof top terrace lounge.

From here you have a great view all over Istanbul. You can get Shisha, food and drinks right here – anything missing? For sure not!

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