Superbude Hamburg in Review

Superbude St. Pauli in Hamburg – A concert for Breakfast in Hamburg

Black and yellow, cosy and social engagement - the Superbude St Pauli in Hamburg is a unique hostel on many levels. During your breakfast there may be a live concert and your chair can be an actual wheelbarrow. At Superbude Hamburg many things are different. A review. *This article contains affiliate links*

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood of Superbude St Pauli

    The hostel is located in the district called Altona-Altstadt, where you are in walking distance to the best bars and clubs in town! The Hostel is surrounded by many shopping opportunities, and the famous Sternschanze is a short 10 minutes walk away. The main station of Hamburg is a short 6-minute ride with the S-Bahn from Superbude St Pauli. We love the area as it is Hamburgs most alternative, cool neighborhood with so many bars and restaurants, street food vendors around the corner.

    Arriving by car? No problem. Around the corner there are many parking spots, available from 6€ per day. Just ask at the reception and they will hand you over a paper of options for parking. We parked only 3 blocks away.

    beach in Hamburg

    Location Superbude Hamburg

    Full Address: 📍 Superbude St. Pauli, Juliusstr. 1-7, 22769 Hamburg, Germany
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    Private Room Types available: Double Room, Triple Room, Quadruple Room, 5-Bed Room, and the ASTRA Rockstar suite for 6 people

    Shared Room Types available: 4-Bed Dorm

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We are Hostelgeeks, and we are passionate about unique hostels. And not just that. We love hostels with character, this feeling and this little bit of extra that makes an accommodation simply stand out.

The Superbude St Pauli in Hamburg is such a place.

Gooooood morning from the best hostel in Hamburg

Welcome to the most amazing Hostels in the world: the 5 Star Hostels.

We are excited to introduce you to Superbude Sankt Pauli in Hamburg City, Germany. The sister-hostel is Superbude St Georg.

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The design-led hostel is located in Hamburg’s hippest neighborhood, St Pauli. No doubt, you will have heard of the famous football club FC Sankt Pauli.

Superbude shows their love for the city, design, street art and music all over the place. There are lyrics printed on walls, design elements like boxes and ropes from the harbor everywhere.

There is a fantastic video showing you around the accommodation. Just click and kick-back. It’s a nice walk around the hostel, from the reception to the kitchen club and rooms.

In addition, there is a 50 m long yellow wall in the lobby incorporating most functions needed for the hostel while giving a nice touch of color.

The hostel-hotel really takes the hostel game to a new level.

Combining high quality standard with a great sense of humor and style.

Design lounge at Superbude Hamburg

Our favorite at the Superbude Hamburg their Astra Rockstar suite, which is made for up-and-coming bands.

The giant bed for 6 people (by the way: most likely the biggest bed in Europe) can be converted into a stage, giving young artists a space and an audience to perform their music and a place to crash at the same time.

The location is just great, you are in walking distance to the best bars and clubs in town, ask the staff for their favorite one and start exploring!

The area is called Schanze.

The hostel in Hamburg has it all – and we mean seriously everything: Design, character, charm, top location,  …

Our Superbude Breakfast

The Superbude Hamburg in review

Let’s get a waffle with real Nutella from the breakfast buffet, along with a good coffee. It is time to dig into the details. WHY is Superbude Hamburg one of the best hostels in Hamburg, Germany?

We will walk with you through the details….right after we finished our Nutella waffle!

1. You can’t be more green than that

These guys are super green!

Apart from only using electricity from renewable energy, they have a super economical heating system, only use LEDs for their special energy saving light design, save water wherever they can and almost stopped printing altogether (and if they have to it’s obviously on recycled paper).

They even have anti-allergenic mattresses and special eco cleaning supplies.

To complete all this, of course, they waive small packing materials for their delicious breakfast buffet (try the waffles!).

Instead, they offer coffee from a local roastery, tea from organic farming, and fair trade produce from local farms and family-owned businesses.

With all this, they still look super stylish.

It is just another proof: A fabulous design and being Eco-friendly can fit.

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Upcycling design at its best: Superbude Hamburg

Eco-Friendly Hostels! Even a towel can change the world - at Superbude St Pauli

Besides their eco-friendly installations, the accommodation also comes partly with an upcycled design.

Let us talk about this in the 2nd criteria: The hostel design!

2. Charming design heaven in yellow

It is inspiring to see how industrial elements can be turned into an outstanding interior design. The creativity of Superbude St Pauli is remarkable.

Upcycling design at its best: Superbude Hamburg

At Superbude Hamburg you will get a design hotel for a hostel budget.

There are several creative references to the close harbor like ropes and materials used for transportation, giving the hostel an authentic character, while still appearing young and fresh due to their yellow color scheme.

There are hanging rails made of scaffolding, tiny anchors hold your towel and portable lamps that look like they came straight from the harbor.

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In the lobby, they even have converted upcycled wheelbarrows, oriental carpets and cable drums into a cozy seating area.

To show their love for Hamburg even more, they made a wallpaper from old magazines showing pictures and stories about the city next to quotes from local bands printed to the walls.

We aren’t the only ones with this opinion, Superbude keeps winning awards for their outstanding design! The architects and interior designer from Dreimeta are the responsible behind the design.

A big round of applause, please!

3. The authentic Character and love letter

Putting all the design, style and great facilities aside, the character is it what makes this Hostel absolutely outstanding!

Let us give tell you a short story.

During our research, we came across many blogger reviews for this stylish accommodation.

There is one special review, summarizing everything Superbude stands for. Juli is the blogger girl behind

As it is written in German, here is the story in a nutshell:

During her trip to Hamburg, Juli experienced a sad breakup. Quite understandable, that left her back with a mixed feeling about the whole Hamburg trip. This included the Superbude Hotel. As a blogger, Juli was supposed to write a small review about the hostel in exchange for a sponsored stay. But well, due to the unfortunate circumstances, she contacted the managers, apologizing and that she’d be happy to pay for her stay. She just didn’t want to remember the trip to Hamburg anymore – just leaving it behind.

And the reaction?

Instead of sending her an invoice, they email her loaded with positive energy. And not just that. A few days later, Juli received a mini-package with flower seeds for different colorful flowers. The attached letter wrote “as a cheer-up and with the best wishes for a colorful spring”.

Juli did not write a review of the hostel, but a love letter!

It started with a simple sticker, now so many amazing hostels cover our laptops

4. Growing strawberries & local stamp of approval

Superbude is located right between Sternschanze and St. Pauli and their cooperation with local clubs, bars, and theaters could get you on the guest list for the best party in town.

All these amazing places are just around the corner and the staff will be happy to recommend their favorite spots.

In their lounge you’ll always meet locals who come for the great drinks at the bar and to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere or the live music.

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We will always say it:

You know a hostel must be outstanding, when it has the local stamp of approval.
– Hostelgeeks

You can rent a bike or a long board to discover the city or simply stay in, hanging out in their kitchen club, feasting on free Nutella sandwiches.

You won’t believe how socially engaged Superbude is!

They take part in “Movember” (you know, where guys grow mustaches and collect money against cancer for looking stupid), they spread seed-balls for more flowers in the city, sometimes they even grow strawberries in the rooms for their guests.

With several cooperations and their own in-house stage, they support young artists by offering them a stage and an audience. Wow!

Superbude Hamburg

5. Visiting friends in Hamburg – the Staff

Everything tells you: Make yourself at home!

Read: Superbude is as well a family-friendly hostel.

The people working are the coolest! You can feel right away that there are no classic hotel structures, and that creativity is appreciated, and the staff is asked to contribute their ideas.

Everyone there was welcoming, and we felt like we were visiting friends right away. They even share their favorite clubs and restaurants with you or invite you for a drink at their bar!

In a nutshell, it is easy to say, this accommodation is one of the most remarkable hostels in Germany.

That being said, we want to quote the staircase: we, will miss you!

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Poetry and song lyrics at the stairs of Superbude Hamburg

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