16 Best Hostels in Denmark – from Vikings, Bunkers and two Clashing Seas (Travel outside the Tourist Box)

16 Best Hostels in Denmark - from Vikings, Bunkers and two Clashing Seas (Travel outside the Tourist Box)

You are thinking of backpacking and are looking for the best hostels in Denmark? You have come to the perfect place. We have spend an entire month backpacking Denmark and stayed at the hostels all over the country. From simple budget hostels to absolute top-notch luxury hostels, Denmark offers a lot.

Let me tell you as well: considering travelling around Denmark, and not just Copenhagen, is a fantastic idea. And I am here to tell you: Do it! Denmark is not a super touristy place and this is the kind of place you will love to see when you are sick and tired of the touristic hotspots like Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome.

As you can imagine, after one month, we have seen a few cool places. No worries, as always, we share all the good stuff with you. To make your life even more easy, we have created a handmade map with ALL our top places, hidden beaches, ww2 bunkers, and villages to see.

Of course, we also wrote up a first-hand guide to the best hostels in Copenhagen here.

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Råbjerg Mile - one of the most interesting light house to visit in Denmark

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Best hostels in Denmark

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This guide is perfect for YOU, when you…

  • are tired of crappy hostels!
  • want a social Hostel to actually meet people
  • are happy to spend $1 to $2 more for a much better experience

Quick Introduction to Denmark

Average price for a bed: Quite pricey for European standards, yet a budget option. A bed in a dorm can be as cheap as 20€-35€ per night in winter and easily up to 50€ per night or more in summer. This is a rough average, just to give you an idea.

Prices always depend on the season and holidays. Please always check the exact rates on Hostelz.com or Hostelworld.com.

Check-In and Check-Out: The average check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm), while the Check-Out time is before 11:00 (11 am). Hostels usually offer luggage storage in case you arrive earlier or leave later. Make sure you check if luggage storage is free or if there is an extra cost.

🎁 New to Hostels? Read our guide to staying in a Hostel for the First Time here. We especially recommend reading:

Overview: Best Hostels by Traveler Type

⭐ The Best Hostel in Denmark:Steel House
🦸 Solo Traveler: Next House Copenhagen
🙎‍♀️ best for Female Solo Traveler: Woodah Boutique Hostel
🎣 Fishing lovers:Danhostel Ebeltoft
🥾 Hiking lovers:Blokhus-Hune Hotel
👩‍❤️‍👨 Couple Hostel: Hostel Rudbøl
👨‍👩‍👦 Family Hostel: Givskud Zoo
👩‍💻 For Digital Nomads: Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B
🎒 for Backpacker:
Danhostel Ringsted
👫 For Socializing:Danhostel Fjaltring
🚴 Biking lovers:Danhostel Rønde
16 Best Hostels in Denmark - from Vikings, Bunkers and two Clashing Seas (Travel outside the Tourist Box)
Many interesting places to visit in Denmark; we share all the good places we have seen – outside the tourist box!

List of Best Hostels in Denmark

1. Steel House, Copenhagen

Steel House is one of the best hostels in Copenhagen.

Their setting is industrial chic, as can be seen in the rooms sporting raw elements, rustic interiors, and soft textures. This hostel is affordable and as luxurious as a fancy hotel, and offers both private and dorm rooms. The dorms are divided into ‘For All’ and ‘For Women’, meaning you can choose to sleep in an only female dorm. Dorms can also be booked as private rooms. You can whip up a quick snack in the shared kitchen, watch a movie at the cinema, maintain fitness levels at the in-house gym, go for a refreshing swim in the indoor pool, or play with your new friends in the games room.

Read: Coolest party hostels in Copenhagen.

Book Steel House here

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Steel House Common Space

Steel House Swimming Pool

Steel House Dorm

2. Next House, Copenhagen

If you’re keen on enjoying everything Copenhagen has to offer AND staying in an epic luxury hostel, it will be very hard to beat Next House Copenhagen.

It happens to be right next to the Copenhagen Central Station, which is the central hub for all public transport in the city. There is a superb selection of room types here, which attracts a wide range of traveler types. There are a bunch of facilities that support a social experience, too. There is a very special balance of a cool atmosphere, quality-conscious staff, and curious souls staying here. 

Book Next House here

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Next House Common Space

Next House Dorm

3. Woodah Boutique Hostel, Copenhagen

If you are looking for a quaint, charming hostel, Woodah Boutique Hostel in Copenhagen is just what you need!

It is located in a small independent building in Vesterbro neighborhood, the same as Steel House Hostel. The owner essentially designed this hostel to promote sustainable, local, and organic living, as evident from the surroundings and the food served in the bar and the café. There are only 30 custom-made wooden bunk cabins – each bed is craft-built and specifically designed for privacy and to ensure you get an amazing rest during the night.

If you stay here, you will get great discounts at local yoga schools in the area. An outdoor stretching area is available for relaxation as well.

Book Woodah Bouique Hostel here

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Woodah Boutique Hostel Dorm

Woodah Boutique Hostel Common Space

4. Nexø Modern Hostel, Nexø

Located in the coastal town of Nexø, Nexø Modern Hostel features single, twin and quadruple rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

There are communal kitchenettes available on every floor, as well as free Wi-Fi access throughout the property. You can use the furnished garden or lounge area to relax after a long day and hang out with other guests. Many restaurants and small shops are accessible within a 10-minute walking distance from the property.

Book Nexø Modern Hostel here

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Nexø Modern Hostel Room

Nexø Modern Hostel Garden

5. Givskud Zoo Hostel

The main reason why Givskud Zoo is considered one of the best hostels in Denmark is that it offers a private bathroom in every room, which is not something you can often find. The property is located right across Givskud Zoo’s main entrance and is 25 minute drive from Vejle and Legoland Theme Park.

There is a shared kitchen, two lounges which you can use, and a variety of board games to indulge in your free time.

Book Givskud Zoo Hostel here

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Givskud Zoo Hostel Room

Givskud Zoo Hostel Outside Space

6. Danhostel Ebeltoft

Nestled in the picturesque town of Ebeltoft, Danhostel Ebeltoft provides breathtaking views over the region’s untouched nature. It is quite a big complex, offering 44 rooms, a kitchenette, outdoor cooking facilities, as well as an on-site restaurant.

This is a perfect area to enjoy hiking and fishing activities. The hostel’s desk service can also provide information and recommendations for local attractions and restaurants.

Book Danhostel Ebeltoft here

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Danhostel Ebeltoft Room

Danhostel Ebeltoft Common Space

Oh and just so you know, Ebeltoft is one of the most beautiful villages to visit in Denmark.

Beautiful Villages in Denmark: Ebeltoft

7. Hostel Rudbøl

One of the best hostels in Denmark is situated in Rudbøl village, which is only a 10-minute drive away from Højer. Hostel Rudbøl offers several types of rooms, with both private and shared bathroom options. You can enjoy the communal kitchen and lounge areas and the courtyard setting. Since this is a popular cycling area, Hostel Rudbøl offers its guests a bike rental service.

Book Hostel Rudbøl here

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Hostel Rudbøl Room

Hostel Rudbøl Common Space

8. Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B, Rømø

Apart from the clean rooms and private bathrooms, this property also features a spacious garden, a shared lounge area and a terrace. Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B is located in Rømø Kirkeby, just 2.5 km away from the popular Soenderstrand Beach. Free Wi-Fi and a free continental or gluten-free breakfast are available throughout the property.

Book Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B here

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Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B Outside Space

Poppelgaarden Rømø B&B Common Space

9. Danhostel Ringsted

In less than an hour’s drive from Copenhagen, you will find the beautifully nestled Danhostel Ringsted, located in the historical “Amstuegaard”.

The property offers different types of rooms, all of which feature a private bathroom. There is also a shared lounge area and communal room, where you can spend your free time meeting other backpackers. The staff here is kind and welcoming, ready to answer all of your needs.

Book Danhostel Ringsted here

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Danhostel Ringsted Dorm

Danhostel Ringsted Living Room

10. Danhostel Ringkøbing

Located only 20 minutes away from the Ringkøbing train station, this accommodation offers double, triple and quadruple rooms with private bathroom access. Danhostel Ringkøbing is one of the best hostels in Denmark, offering free gym access in its on-site sports centre. Ringkøbing Fjord is only a 5-minute drive away from the property, while the North Sea can be reached within 11km.

Book Danhostel Ringkøbing here

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Danhostel Ringkøbing Room

Danhostel Ringkøbing Common Space

11. Danhostel Fjaltring

Danhostel Fjaltring offers both studio apartments and family rooms, all equipped with basic amenities and clean bed linen and towels. The property is located about 2.5 km from Bøvling Klit Beach and features a garden, shared lounge space, and a terrace. Wi-Fi is available all throughout the property, and guests can also enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast.

Book Danhostel Fjaltring here

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Danhostel Fjaltring Living Room

Danhostel Fjaltring Outside Space

12. Blokhus-Hune Hotel og Vandrerhjem

Blokhus-Hune Hotel also offers a shared kitchen and lounge area, a garden and terrace, and a variety of room options. You will be granted a pleasant and relaxing time here, enjoying all the modern amenities this lodging provides. The surrounding area is popular for adventurous hiking activities, making this place a perfect option if you enjoy being in nature.

Book Blokhus-Hune Hotel here

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Blokhus-Hune Hotel og Vandrerhjem Common Space

Blokhus-Hune Hotel og Vandrerhjem Room

13. Lindvig Ferie – Danhostel Nymindegab

Located just 5 minutes drive from Nymindegab village, this beautiful and modern Lindvig Ferie – Danhostel offers a fully equipped communal kitchen, a shared lounge area, and a garden with BBQ facilities. All of the rooms are modernly furnished and have access to private bathrooms, which conveniently puts this accommodation among some of the best hostels in Denmark you should visit.

Book Lindvig Ferie here

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Lindvig Ferie – Danhostel Nymindegab Cottage

Lindvig Ferie – Danhostel Nymindegab Common Space

Lindvig Ferie – Danhostel Nymindegab Room

14. Danhostel Thyborøn

Danhostel Thyborøn is a 4-star accommodation that features both double and triple rooms, all of which have city views and fitted desks. Guests here can enjoy the shared lounge and terrace access, as well as the BBQ facilities. Buffet and continental breakfasts are available each morning, and free WI-Fi access throughout the property.

Book Danhostel Thyborøn here

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Danhostel Thyborøn Room

Danhostel Thyborøn Common Space

15. Danhostel Rønde

Located in the town of Rønde, Danhostel Rønde hostel offers free parking and bike rental facilities, as well as a shared garden and lounge area. Guests can enjoy spending time by themselves or hanging out with fellow backpackers. There are several room options, all of which feature a patio and garden views.

Book Danhostel Rønde here

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Danhostel Rønde Room

Danhostel Rønde Common Space

16. BOOK1 Design Hostel in Aarhus (with Indoor Mini Golf)

BOOK1 Design Hostel is one of the most popular accommodation options in the Aarhus area, offering a bar, restaurant, and shared lounge area.

Several popular spots are nearby, such as ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Den Gamle By, the Botanical Garden, Aarhus Cathedral and The Latin Quarter. The property also occasionally provides evening entertainment, which is a good choice for those looking to enrich their nightlife during their Denmark trip.

Oh, and btw: this hostel comes with a super cool bar with great food AND an indoor minigolf…yes, indoor Mini-Golf!

We also have a guide with more options and details on the best hostels in Aarhus.

Book BOOK1 by Brøchner Hotels here

Compare prices at: Booking.com | Hostelworld | Hostelz.com

BOOK1 by Brøchner Hotels Dorm

BOOK1 by Brøchner Hotels Bar

With this, we conclude our list of the best hostels in Denmark. Given the picturesque views and historical and architectural value of this Scandinavian country, we are more than sure that you’ll be up to the most amazing experience of your life. Just make sure to follow our advice and let the positive vibes of this place fill your heart and soul.

What about the cheapest hostels in Denmark?

Of course, there are always cheap hostels. But how do you actually find them? When you are traveling on a shoe-string budget and you want to save every dollar, there are ways to find the cheapest places in Denmark.

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Simple as that.

Hostelz.com is a price comparison site for hostels. They list every single one in the world and tells you exactly which website is cheaper to use.

Another smart Tip: Check what is actually included, and what is excluded. Take a closer look at the location, too. A further location might mean more costs in transport.

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We included some handy links to each of the recommended hostel. Just click on the hostel name. The link will lead you to check prices and availability.

Read: Step-by-Step guide on how to book with Hostelworld

We recommend booking your hostel as early as possible! All of Denmark best hostels are popular; especially in high-season. To make sure you end up in those stylish and good hostels, secure your room/bed as soon as you have your travel dates fix.

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Backpacking Denmark

Denmark is an absolute underrated country. Before backpacking Denmark, I did not expect much other than high prices and “nothing to do”? I mean, no one really puts Denmark on the map when it comes to backpacker destinations.

Well, I am here to tell you: Denmark is WOW! Hostels are affordable and you can see so many things outside the tourist box.

While Denmark is very well connected by train and buses as well, we do recommend renting a car. It will enrich your experience, no doubt.

We have backpacked Denmark for one month. I added all our best places to visit in the map below. This is, as always, 100% genuine traveler information, first-hand.

Places to visit: There are many things that you can see and do during your Denmark trip, the most obvious one being the country’s capital. Copenhagen features amazing architecture, a vibrant vibe and amazing nightlife, making it the top destination for every adventurous traveller. Some of the other destinations that are well worth your visit include Rudbøl, Nexø, Givskud, and many others where you can enjoy hiking, skiing or swimming.

One of the highlights when backpacking Denmark is the Greenen in Skagen. Grenen is where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea. This natural phenomenon can only be seen in a very few places around the world. Therefore watching the waves of two seas clashing, feels very special. You cannot swim here, but most likely you will experience wild seals.

Watch and Enjoy Seals in Grenen, Skagen. This little friend actually kept approaching us; he seemed to enjoy the company of people – or wanted food. It'll remain a mystery.

Endless Lakes to visit in Denmark

Churches to visit in Denmark

Weather: The climate in Denmark plays an important role in determining when will you plan your trip here. Summers here are reasonably warm, but winter months are known to be wet and incredibly cold.

Festivals: Denmark is also popular for the variety of festivals it hosts, with Roskilde being one of the most popular ones. Other important music events include Smukfest, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tønder Festival, and the Skive Festival.

Foodie Time: Traditional Danish cuisine is generally based on seafood and meat, so you shouldn’t be surprised that the majority of specialities you come across contain cod, herring, or pork. A few of the traditional dishes that you shouldn’t miss include Smørrebrød, Stjerneskud, their traditional Stegt flæsk, the variety of pastries, as well as some of the locally produced beer.

Now that you’re relatively informed about what you should expect from your upcoming trip to this Scandinavian country, let us dive deeper into our recommendations for the best hostels in Denmark.

WW2 Bunkers in Denmark: Until today you will find many bunkers along the coast of Denmark. While the history behind is sad, it is nowadays one of the most popular places to visit. You won’t find a big guide on this topic. Just check google maps for “bunker Denmarks” and you find places like

  • The bunker museum Hirtshals
  • Coastal Battery Klitmöller
  • Fallen Bunker
  • Regelbau 411 Art Gallery

Bunkers in Denmark - you will find them often!

Very few beaches are still not cleared for visiting due to unfound mines. Yes, this is true.

There is even a movie based on the true story of mine cleaning along the beaches in Denmark, named Land of Mine.

Warning: Mines at the beach in Denmark

Traffic Lights: Okay, maybe this is not a groundbreaking travel tip, but take a look at these traffic lights in Aarhus, Denmark. They have vikings in their traffic lights.

Simply awesome Traffic Lights in Aarhus, Denmark

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Our Favorite Hostels in Denmark put on a map + sights

We’re listing all the three best Denmark hostels on a map to give you an idea of the location and distances between them.

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Denmark is the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries that is widely known for its impeccable beauty that attracts visitors from all around the world. It is a place that beautifully unites the sophistication of modern cosmopolitan cities and the tranquillity of rural areas. Exploring the rich history embedded in the medieval castles and breathing in all the stunning views that its coastline areas provide will be easy if you stay in some of the best hostels in Denmark.

This country is home to plenty of UNESCO – protected World Heritage Sites that await your visit. The stunning scenery and richness of its natural beauty often put it at the top of many backpackers’ travelling bucket lists. Although Denmark is known to be highly influenced by the modern world, the ever-present medieval influences give it a unique aura that enchants every visitor that decides to set food there.

But its people make Demark stand out from all the surrounding countries. Although living organised lives, Danes are popular for their happy lifestyle. Namely, they believe that life is to be lived, so they try to spend as much time as possible outside their office. Their friendly and welcoming spirit will definitely make your trip to Denmark an unforgettable experience!


Here we share with you the most asked question:

Any questions about hostels in Denmark?


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Flights to Denmark?

Most travelers fly into Aarhus or Copenhagen. These are the most common airports. Check Ryanair.com, they offer destinations and connections here.

We use Skyscanner and Omio.com to find cheap flights and good connections all over the globe.

Skyscanner has a bunch of cool features like Multi-City Trip. Instead of doing this research step-by-step, Skyscanner offers this flight planning tool.

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Alright, this is your answer to where to stay in Denmark.

We did the leg work for you and bring you more hostel guides to destinations:

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Best Hostels in Denmark - a full guide

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