Sunset Destination Hostel Lisbon and its Roof Top Swimming Pool

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon – Swimming Pool and Bar on a Roof Top? You got it!

The Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon is an award-winning hostel. It is famous for being one of the best hostels on this planet. Reasons are numerous. At Sunset Destination Hostel you can find an on-site bike rental service, a 24-hour self-service bar, a yummy breakfast, and a staff who loves the job and can recommend the coolest local things for you to do in Lisbon.

The infobox on Sunset Destination Hostel

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The rooftop terrace with its swimming pool at Sunset Destination Hostel is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just chill out on the rooftop terrace at the stylish Zebra Bar.

Enjoy your cocktail with your new hostel friends.

From Sunset Destination Hostel you can enjoy a, well, beautiful sunset over the bridge of Lisbon. The name is no coincidence!

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Celebrating life! This is Lisbon, this is Sunset Destination Hostel!

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Last but not least, the Sunset Destination Hostels location is unrivaled.

It is located right in the building of the main train station which makes it very convenient to come and go.

It’s basically impossible to miss a train for instance to Porto, Ferrel or Leiria.

Actually, once you’ve checked in, it’s very likely you won’t want to leave anymore.

Life is too short to be little or to spell everything correctly!

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon is a 5 Star Hostel because …

Sunset Destination Hostel really knocks your socks off.

You want a hostel with a swimming pool, a bar, and massages service on a roof top terrace? We hear you and we got you covered.

Before you go ahead and book your dream place, pack our list of the 29 fun things to do in Lisbon.

Hot off the press: sister hostel Lisbon Destination Hostel is also a 5 star hostel in Lisbon.

You may wonder what is the main difference between the two.

Here’s the difference:

  • Sunset Destination Hostel offers up a wonderful rooftop atmosphere, including a bar, swimming pool and massage area. The location is ideal, located directly above the Cais do Sodré Train Station.
  • Lisbon Destination Hostel is also located in a railway station: Rossio Train Station in Rossio square. It’s ideal for solo travellers thanks to the many activities, big shared spaces and great dorm options.

How to choose?

If I were you, compare prices for all 3 hostels on their official website, and see what room/ dorm is available for your dates.

Let’s jump into the details and see why Sunset Destination Hostel is your cosy hostel and top hostel choice for Lisbon!

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Sunset Destination Hostel is locally managed by João and his team.

The Sunset Destination Hostel has its in-house bike rental service at their guests’ disposal.

They are also growing several different herbs on its roof-top terrace you can use for free.

Apart from separating the garbage for recycling purposes, Sunset Destination Hostel has installed low flow showers with a timer in order to prevent excess water usage.

No worries, the water will be warm and you will fully enjoy your shower in any case!

The provided shower gel dispensary is a wonderful way to cut down on plastic.

If you're looking for the gardener, or the bar tender...

Being Eco-friendly does not mean you have to pay with comfort.

In fact, all 5 Star Hostels are Eco-friendly, and it is one criteria to become a 5 Star Hostel.

The latest Eco-friendly installation at the hostel was replacing the lighting system step by step with LED lights.

This means the hostel can save up to 80% of its lighting energy and Carbon Dioxide Emissions just by this one simple improvement – smart!

Who is for some chess? The common are at Sunset Destination Hostel

And the guests can help as well.

In every bathroom and room at Sunset Destination Hostel guests can find flyers in order to make the guests know that the hostel has Eco-friendly measures, and how they can participate.

One last eco-friendly thing.

Plant-based travellers will be happy to know that soya milk is available with the breakfast.

2. “Cappadocian” Bunk Beds and Hand-Crafted Design

The hostel is situated in a Portuguese heritage site that has been part of the nation’s history since 1928.

The hostel nowadays is on the top floor.

It has kept the same architectural structure.

All the new decorations and improvements come from the Portuguese Architect João Teixeira.

No regular bunk beds! The Sunset Destination Hostel has its own bunk bed design!

The famous bunk beds at Sunset Destination Hostel

Of all the improvements and design elements the one that will catch your attention the most are the creative bunk beds inspired by a trip to Cappadocia, Turkey.

Those unique, sturdy hostel bunk beds are made of recycled wood–preventing them from squeaking or shaking.

These bunk beds at Sunset Destination Hostel are truly high quality!

There’s even massage cabin kept in this “Cappadocian” design.

In total the hostels design keeps to an Eclectic Style, combining offbeat contemporary items, mixed motifs, and generous accessories.

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Get a massage from 10€ on the roof top terrace

Is that a massage table at a Hostel?!

3. Swimming Pool plus Roof Top Terrace

The most unique selling point of this 5 Star Hostel in Lisbon is the rooftop terrace area.

Here you can find a swimming pool with a vast overlook of the river Tagus and surroundings.

The newest addition is a new geodesic tent with Moroccan decorations providing guests a calm place to have a good rest. Simply inviting!

A swimming pool at Hostels is always a big plus.

Enjoying the time at the roof top terrace

Also the location of Sunset Destination Hostel is central. In fact, the hostel is located right above the main train station. They are within walking distance from basically everywhere.

Also the connection to public transportation could not be any better: Whether you need a

  • Bus
  • Subway
  • Train
  • Boat
  • Taxis

you’ve got it close by!

Cooking at Sunset Destination Hostel

4. The Perfect Meeting Point

What kind of atmosphere would you expect here? This hostel has a creative contemporary design with a roof top terrace.

And here is the kicker: it includes a fabulous swimming pool with views of the river and surroundings.

So, yeah, the ambient is super easy-going, and relaxed.

This hostel is a social spot for fellow hostel mates to connect at the hostel and to discover the city of Lisbon altogether. Get your drinks at the 24 hour self-service bar, and enjoy the sunset from the rooftop terrace.

Afterwards, Lisbon’s nightlife is awaiting you.

We love old school typewriters!

Travelers enjoying their time in the swimming pool at Sunset Destination Hostel

5. Top Staff – your Friends in Lisbon

The staff will make sure you won’t miss anything important to discover in and around Lisbon.

This hostel feels precisely like home and this is the result of the very friendly and helpful staff. And you’ll never get bored at the Sunset hostel.

There are many activities provided by the hostel we definitely recommend to join. Just check out the activity board or ask directly the staff – they will be happy to help you!

Expect the coolest activities in the city on offer here, including: local pub crawl, street art tour and foody tour ‘for the brave’. Intriguing.

We do, we really do! The common area at Sunset Destination Hostel

Who's up for a chess battle?A true design spot, the sunset hostel in lisbon!

Video of Sunset Destination Hostel

You cannot get enough? Check out the video about Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon here. The vibes, the roof top terrace, the swimming pool – an outstanding 5 Star Hostel.

Here you can find +22 more cool hostel videos.

Some of the photos of Sunset Destinations Hostel are taken by Meet You At The Bridge, official partner of Hostelgeeks.

Is Sunset Destination for you?

Young, social travellers will feel right at home here. Sunset is certainly designed for active people that enjoy being on the go 24/7.

Having said that, the rooftop and swimming pool create a perfect place for sloths. We recommend this 5 star hostel for solo-travellers and couples.

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How to book Sunset Destination Hostel?

Check out the official website of Sunset Destination Hostel.

Remember, the official website of 5 Star Hostels is the cheapest and safest place to book!

Compare all rates at

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